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Finding the Right Strain - Marijuana Basics Clarified

"Most Veteran Pot smokers think they know a lot about their weed, Not true, suggests our not so small unofficial survey of doctors, patients and recreational cannabis smokers."  420EVALUATIONSONLINE 


We'll start with the TAKEAWAY, the goods in a nut-shell.


With the approval of your favorite medical professional, most everyone that medicate with cannabis should do the following:

  • Buy marijuana with a certificate of analysis

  • Try raw cannabis and hemp juicing

  • Try High THCV, THC:CBD balanced, and CBD high strains

  • Don't bother to figure out cause and effect without valid lab testing results

  • Try medicating both orally and by vape with all forms of medication

  • Keep it simple, use your god given common sense


This article is focused on providing a simple understanding about cannabis.  We're going to skip over the science and simple things up, so the message comes through loud and clear.  And what is the message?  Few people, including the average self anointed guru and veteran pothead really know what they're doing. Let's start with the fundamentals.  

Most people are only vaguely aware of what a cannabinoid profile is, or even what a cannabinoid is.  A cannabinoid is simply a substance that activates certain body receptors to control mood, pain, neuromuscular activity, appetite, immune response, and more. The takeaway here is that the different cannabinoids in marijuana can work very differently.  

One type of THC (V) for example causes the munchies, and another suppresses appetite and energises.  THCV is high in but a few strains and is obviously the preferred medication, that is if you want to get something done.  On the other hand, near bedtime and you've got pain to kill, the more sedating THC is what you want.



What is a cannabinoid profile?  A cannabinoid profile is a laboratory test that measures of each of the receptor controlling compounds in cannabis.  Unfortunately, most major dispensaries and suppliers are guilty of baffling you with bullshit.  Too often, they'll skimp on testing to save a buck, and refer to a similar strain that was tested at some point in the past.  

Marijuana StrainsPotent Marijuana Strains and Varieties

ACDC vs AK-47 - Which Strain is Better?

On the various web sites, if you look close, they don't tell you what's in your bud.  What you want to do, is to ask suppliers for a certificate of analysis.  If they stonewall you, move on to another supplier and even blog about your experience.  If a supplier tells you the truth, and says that we've tested the THC content, but other cannabinoids are assumed (from testing by others on a given strain), then maybe you can give this bunch a break, that is if you find their product to be good stuff.

420EvaluarionsOnline: Clients please note, you don't pay unless approved. To access lab tested medical marijuana strains in California and Nevada, patients need a licensed doctor's recommendation.  Thanks to the Medical Board of California, 420 physician evaluations for MMJ can be done 100% online using Telemedicine  This process is fast is usually much cheaper than a visit to a doctor's office or clinic.  Click here to get started.  


"The biggest problem with self anointed cannabis experts and veterans; they have a gaping hole in their methodology, they fail to firmly establish what is in their weed, and this information is too often based on heresay and inappropriate interpretation of lab test results."  W Reeves - Analytical Chemist



Smoking grass and the munchies go together like peas and carrots - so it must lead to weight gain, right?  No, not necessarily..


High THCV strains - a must to try; for those who don't like mind numbing pot and have anxiety issues.  South African strains tend to contain more THCV than average.

Pineapple Purps and Doug's Varin are somewhat rare sativa-dominant variety high in THCV. THCV, a compound known to block panic attacks, reduces tremors, and suppresses appetite.  Most varieties of marijuana have the THCV bred out of it, so if you are prone to paranoia and anxiety attacks, but like the medical results that marijuana brings, this type of strain should be at top of your to-do list for marijuana., is typically only found in trace amounts in most cannabis, but Pineapple Purps is a special variety that can express a THC:THCV ratio of 3:1. This strain is still highly psychoactive but energetic, effects are shorter lived, so patients should consider dosing with edibles or capsules for longer lasting relief.


Pineapple Purps Basic Cannabinoid Profile

  • THC 12%
  • THCV  4%
  • CBD 0.2%
  • Other cannabinoids and terpenes: See Lesson #2

Doug’s Varin is another rare sativa that was bred for high THCV, a psychoactive cannabis compound that has anti-anxiety, anti-tremor, anti-appetite, energising properties.  Strangely, the outstanding properties of this strain should be in great demand, but for some reason, it's hard to get high THCV strains today.  

These high THCV strains are also high terpene strains.  How can you tell?  Terpenes are strongly aromatic and evaporate.  They are easily detected by the nose, smelling of pineapple, pine, citrus, mint and even petroleum.  


The Miracle of Trichomes

Trichomes, where the bulk of the cannabinoids, THC, THCV, CBD, and terpenes reside.


High CBD Strains

Anyone that uses cannabis has to try either CBD with THC or high CBD strains and compare it with their mono-THC strain experience.  CBD is non-psychoactive and is known for its pain, relief

anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, bone mending, anti-nausea properties.  The average person finds marijuana with equal quantities of both CBD and THC to be greatly preferable to THC only strains.  It's the difference between feeling happy and just plain weirdo.

Cannabis Profile Delux


Must Try Example 1:1 CBD:THC

  • Strain Mango Haze
  • 14% THC and 16% CBD
  • Effects: Highly medicinal, psychoactive relaxing, happy,a night weed


Must Try Example mono-CBD

  • Example Strain, Charlotte's Web
  • 0.3% THC and 15-20% CBD
  • Effects: Non-intoxicating, relaxing, highly medicinal for some conditions
  • Warning: High doses of CBD makes some people dizzy.  Start slow



  • CBD might work best with a little bit of THC, rather than near zero.  
  • High CBD weed can be cut with high THC weed to achieve a 1:1 ration

It would be interesting to find a strain high in both CBD and THCV, as their properties suggest possible the highest balanced, happy medicinal experience?  Medical researchers could cut Charlotte's Web with Doug’s Varin and achieve a ratio of roughly 1:1:1 THC:CBD:THCV.  We'd love to see what the results of that clinical trial.



Common marijuana strains are predominantly high in THC and little else.  Until recently, the evolution of most marijuana western strains was in the hands of, can we say potheads?  Pothead is defined as a person that loves his dope, strong (THC) and often.  While marijuana is not less addictive than alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and hard drugs, pot heads are well known for medicating.  Unfortunately, most strains out there cater to a minority of people that can tolerate THC well, and have subsequently smoked so much that they crave a dose that puts the average flat on their back.





This crowd of outliers are in their own biochemical category.  Anyone who enjoys strong weed, with 20+% THC is capable of "handling" high doses of the psychoactive compound.  However, their preferred dose is neither desirable nor recommended to the general population.  The rate of interaction of THC with the receptors, (CB1 in particular) can vary by ten times or even more.  While the LD50 (lethal dose) is so low that physiological damage is impossible in practice, the super potent mono-strains of THC are not palatable, don't deliver either a superior recreational nor medicinal experience.


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Our 420 recommendations, Cannabis ID Cards, and Grower's permits are accepted at all licensed dispensaries, delivery services, online suppliers, clinics and cannabis clubs in California and most of Nevada.



Females Build Up Tolerance To Marijuana Faster Than Males, Study Finds

Interesting study, but take the results with a grain of salt, unless you are a female RAT, because experiments are done on female RATS.  

“It’s not entirely predictive, but if you become rapidly tolerant to a drug, you may be at greater risk for developing an addiction,” Professor Rebecca Craft

CBD Strains - A Vast Selection at Leafly

A comprehensive list of CBD strains, however, in too many cases, valid laboratory analysis of the cannabinoids is sorely needed.

What are Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are the compounds that make up the cannabis plant, with THC and CBD being the hot ones right now...scientists have now found over 120 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and are finding more each day....because research has been denied on this plant, we are only now able to do research ...


Cannabinoid and Terpene Testing at SteepHill Lab

Below, find a cannabinoid and terpene profile of a medical marijuana strain called Pineapple Purps.  Basically, you have a high THCV strain with interesting bonus terpene values.  If you try Pineapple Purps and don't feel energised, then we ask, did you look at a valid certificate of analysis?


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