The many marijuana products available at Amazon

You Can Now Buy Weed on Amazon --The Smoke Test

The many marijuana products available at Amazon


Ordering Marijuana is possible now on Amazon,... here is a story about an Englishman's surprisingly good experience...


I ordered some cannabis off of Amazon.  Here is it arrived today in a nice little tin. We’re going to be taking a look at buds that you can buy off Amazon right now on i-smoke Media.

This turned out this morning in a Hermes packaged. I was wondering whether it was going to come in Amazon packaging; it didn’t, this doesn’t change the fact that I ordered this cannabis from; where you can legally buy weed. I think they grow it out in Europe, of course its hemp it’s got no THC, but they then import it into the UK and sell it by the Amazon website.  So cannabis is on sale at the moment guys, the only thing is missing is the THC; this seems a bit pointless to me, but let’s take a look at this and let me know what’s inside this lovely green tin.


"If the cannabis contains appreciable amounts of CBD, then it is non-stoning - but highly medicinal." - Editor


It’s a bit disappointing to be honest, 25 pounds plus 5 pounds delivery apparently, there’s 20 grams in there, it’s all ground up.  (3/4 ounce for $45).  It smells like hemp, it smells like weed that hasn’t got a lot of THC in it, it’s got that kind of smell still, but it hasn’t got that sweet sickly smell that you get from a lot from resinous cannabis strains that we like to smoke.  

Viva la San Diego


It’s got no THC or less than 3% per cent THC; apparently haven’t seen any lab tests for it so I don’t actually know the cannabinoid content. Just poking around in here and seeing if I can find any buds at all, but now I mean it looks like it’s been completely ground up, which is a iffy.

We’re going to try two things with the weed that we bought from Amazon. First thing we are going to do is; we are going to smoke it in my cup up water pipe, that’s very easy as it’s already been ground up. Start with a little bit, not sure if this going to taste very nice guys.  

It’s better that I expected actually, it’s not bad, it’s not horrible taste I’ve tasted worse than this. It doesn’t taste that strongly, so I think that this is going to be quite good additive to splif instead of tobacco.  What I’m going to do now is I’m going to roll this into a joint, which I will smoke so the tobacco, we’re going to empty, grab some empty; I will smoke that shit, just to see what it’s like quite good tonight as nice little bonus.

So I smoked a joint and I’ve smoked a bowl of this cannabis and what do I think?

I’m actually more impressed than I was initially when I first started looking at this when I was complaining about the fact that it was ground up. I still think it would be better to see buds but the quality of this cannabis, actually considering I bought it on Amazon, it is fine to use as a tobacco substitute.

I suffer from asthma and sometimes when smoking, particularly with tobacco it can trigger asthma and nothing like that from smoking this.  So it looks to me and it seems to me like it’s good quality, of course, I’m not going to get high from it because it hasn’t got the THC in, but as a tobacco alternative have a look at this stuff, that’s what I’m going to be using it as and if I run out of weed.  I’ve definitely smoked this, you know I mean it’s not going to get me stoned, it’s not going to get me high, but it’s still cannabis and it’s better than no weed in my opinion.

I found this by searching on Amazon for hemp tea, and make no mistakes, it is the cannabis farm. In terms of the Amazon review itself the product doesn’t explicitly say that it has CBD. I did post a question publicly on the Amazon page and I’ve had a few people actually comment on that saying yes, they work, yes it’s CBD, yes it’s good for anxiety, and that’s quite interesting so people are writing this product enough that they are getting in touch and they use it and it works for them.

I hope you enjoyed my review on the hemp-bud cannabis that you can buy on Amazon. Follow us on the web at and we’re on Instagram ismokemedia, Twitter ismokemag and Facebook as well.    


You Can Now Buy Weed on - The Smoke Test

Did you know you can legally purchase weed on Amazon? Sold as Hemp Tea, these buds have 0.03% THC and supposedly 10.8% CBD, and can be legally bought in the UK. But what does it smoke like? Watch ISMOKE's video review of Weed I bought on Amazon.



*100% the same plant as weed ganja ... what ever, its just breed for different qualities?

*The botanical difference means jack shit... Especially when talking about legality. When talking about legality... the only thing that matters are the legal definitions... and the legal definitions state that cannabis Sativa and hemp are considered two entirely different plants.  The original commenter is correct, as are you. +ISMOKE

Cannabis ID Cards - A lot of bang for your buck


*Thank so much for this I have anxiety not bad anxiety but bad enough to change me. This is exactly  what I was wanting.

*I have bad asthma and when I smoked flower I had mild asthma attacks but I noticed I would sometimes spit up brown or black s*** now I smoke concentrates and my asthma attacks have worsened but my spit is clear and my lungs feel cleaner when I do a big dab, I have to use my nebulizer immediately after I'm trying to switch to edibles but it is expensive?.

*A Wolff that's because your body is addicted to the steroids you use steroids don't help and only make it worse my gp even told me this and when i asked why it ain't been changed he said would you change a multi billion product?.

*Hey, we are the original supplier, you can see the lab report (10.535mg per gram) on our website. The strain is Ferimon 12. We have a partnership with a Czech farm to produce this Mediweed as we call it.

*The seller you got this from (herbal benefits) also sells pure buds on Amazon.
Cbd is great to help you drop the tobacco addiction. Great vid. Drop us a line if you want to try the bud form.

*Hi yes it's a bit like smoking weed without THC. It's a bit harsher and the seeds would give a vile headache so you must remove them first.  I vape a mix of pure CBd and vape juice also drink tea made from our premium buds. My favourite has to be the higher strength capsules 100 mg per cap. I take 10 per day. That's a full gram of pure CBd before vaping or drinking. Think I'm getting younger by the day, lol?.

*It's hemp. It comes from the male Cannabis plant and is more for the medicinal users who want CBD instead of THC. Don't buy this expecting it to be like OG Kush lol It's not sold for that reason!?   



Your First Option - Weedmaps. an online legal marijuana community that allows users to review and discuss cannabis strains and local dispensaries. The website is similar to Yelp and contains a database with thousands of medical marijuana dispensaries and nearly one thousand strains of cannabis



*"Trafficking a Schedule I drug can result in prison time of no more than five years for the first offense under 50 grams, and continues to climb dramatically as the weight increases. "

*If you do ship marijuana and get hassled at some point, you certainly want to have a valid medical marijuana card handy, that allows for the possession, transport and consumption of medical marijuana.

* The US postal service played a significant role in the evil that is the war on drugs.  It's become common knowledge that the real criminals, the cartels that are so intertwined with many government organizations and officials at all levels did the real damage.  Meanwhile, the smaller players, little dealers and your regular Joe are the ones that get busted via the US postal service for shipping even the smallest quantities of medical marijuana.  Read more



**The takeaways from this fiasco.

a-You can buy marijuana over the internet without getting ripped off.
b-If you don't have a medical marijuana card, you can be busted for buying marijuana illegally in California.
c-Over consuming while playing loud music could attract police.
d-The police don't necessarily want to bust you, if you behave.
e-Possessing 1 ounce or less protects you from tough police action.
f-The quality of online marijuana is unknown if the supplier is unknown.

**So basically guys, I got caught buying weed online ...  me and my friend did it and it was kind of both of our doing, was really insane.  This is one of the craziest like, you know, one of the craziest stories.  

**This took place months before the first bindweed story and my friend was the one who actually bought the weed. He’s the one who showed us how to do everything, he gave us the weed suppliers web address.  He knows everything they do, like everything to do with the legal shit on the internet; he basically is an internet "genius" ... Read more


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  To purchase medical or recreational marijuana in California, you must have a medical recommendation for marijuana from a licensed California physician.  Recreational users that are using marijuana to calm down, treat their aches and pains, to sleep better and so on, may in fact qualify for a doctor's recommendation. Our online process takes users only a few minutes and your application can be approved in an hour or less, depending on patient volumes.  We also supply Cannabis ID Cards and Cultivation permits, all 100% completed online.  

Patients don't pay unless they are approved.  Documents are used within the State of California and at some locations in Nevada to purchase and legally consume (within the provisions of the law) cannabis and derived medicines at;  dispensaries, online delivery services, cooperatives, compassion clubs, clinics and other points of access.


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