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Wow. The past is finally here in the future and the collective man (at least in certain States) has now started to slowly unhinge his head from the inside of his gluteus maximus helmet and legally admit that marijuana has many more positives than negatives. Why now? Why this, why that; yeah, I know, so much to talk about, but those discussions are for a different article. Today, and right here, is where we talk about vaporizers. It's about time that all the real talk about marijuana as a medicine (as well as a producer of so many other things) was medically and scientifically spoken on and spoken on with actual vigor as opposed to just being written off as hippy talk, holistic voodoo or idle jibber jabber.


Just thinking about all the subtext as to the why now - damn it! I'm doing it again; I apologize, but as an advocator and an activist of this cause since I was just a smidgen over my first double digit Birthday it just rubs me the wrong way when all of a sudden the powers that be just grant us this salvation without any more push than we have been giving them for decades. Whatever, right? Many of us can now even buy weed online.


Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, yea? Many of us can now buy weed online for our cannabis vaporization - which is the safest way to inhale it. In the paragraph above I said second ish wave of this science, and I said it for two main reasons. The first reason is because it is actually some very old World science that was pretty much all but forgotten when newfangled things that were much more easy and seemingly better took over the technology e.g fire not Sun rays. The second reason is because even when the method stated to gain impetus again in the mid nineties it was still at a fetal stage of
development; or should I say advancement. I'll never forget the first time I saw a glass piece with a monocle attached to it. Too bad I lived in Michigan and that shit could barely even work during our Summers.

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Let's fast forward a bit to the facts. I first came across vaporizers as they are know today at a festival I was playing at. The lighting engineer had this little box with what looked like a glass anal plug in it and a dial. As he packed up a separate chalice style glass bowl with stitched Moroccan fabric dressing the hose he turned the dial and said that we had to wait for the green light. The light turned green, he pressed the bowl to the donger and I hit that shit. Before I took the toke he had warned me that I wouldn't feel like I was getting anything, but not to let that trick me into hitting it harder. He was right; I didn't feel like I was getting anything but I did have a pleasant taste in my mouth. I listened to my friend, guide and light engineer and just continued to take slow pulls and was amazing at the big brain cloud I let out with no burn or heavy feeling in my lungs or throat at all! This is really the only positive spin I could give the non smoker to sell them on vaping, but honestly smoking is still a nasty habit. I am a smoker of everything but pole and I love it, but if you are not then why start now?

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Byproducts from the chemical reaction of vaporizing the flower are pretty much nil in comparison but what does that really mean? Does this make it safer than eating some charred meat from off the grill? Dietary arguments aside, the plain and simple fact is that we are still testing, but the answer is almost assuredly yes, it is the safest way to inhale. At the very least we can say with all scientific certainty that the level of tar that is inhaled by the patient using some sort of vaporizer is, on average, 10 times less than a more regular or "traditional" way of smoking the medicine.




Back to my first vape experience; when the light turned red again I exhaled actual smoke - sorcery! How could I breathe this dragon's breathe without fire!? Hahaha. I'm just joking; I know the logistics; not too many people are ignorant enough to think that everything has to be seared to cook. Pot science really should have kept in closer contact with food science over the centuries - just kidding; they did, it was just the great oppression of freedom and killjoy laws during Industrial Age that slowed the former. Ugh Charlie Brown! So much to get sidetracked on with discourses such as these.


Okay, so ... vaporizers are by far the cleanest and most waste free way to consume your medicine on any level. Actually that's a lie; I mean, I wrote "consume" and not ingest which could include other more effective ways of getting the medicine into your bloodstream but let's face it; how many people are up for suppositories be them in a social or non - social setting? Smoking, eating, snorting, intravenous and in the poop shoot: that is how the cookie of effectiveness crumbles. Obviously the slowest forms of absorption are the first two, which also happen to be the most prevalent and socially acceptable.


Although, as probably all of you know, eating the medicine takes quite a bit longer to take hold and results in a different sort of cure. Longer, long story short (and withholding any more side bars) vaporizing is the way to go for a quick, tidy, and least obtrusive dose both in negative affect to lungs and stank of clothes and areas. By heating the herbs to a level that creates a minimum of carbon you save yourself and all those around a sob story or reason to bitch at you about cancer. And no matter if you are vaporizing actual flowers or oil, the waste and possible fire hazards from flaming embers are significantly reduced if not zeroed out all together.

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In the last six or so years with all the e cigs  in doctoring and development of the cross use has soared and vaporizing one's medicine has become easier and more affordable than ever. Let's face it; how easy is it to get away with hitting the pens at shows or other places that frown upon such behavior? You done hit it and quite it before the person next to you even smells anything! No more having to smell like a burn out or hood rat after taking your medicine just because you didn't shower and change your clothes afterwards.The bottom line of vaporizing your medicine is that it is very tasty and as far as "smoking" the flower the negative effects of marijuana on lungs are extremely diminished.

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Now, of course this applications does have its pitfalls: like the limitations and/or bulk of a vaporizing kit at your place. Timing and continuity of these sometimes very expensive machines are a roll of the dice. Then, when you go into the portables you start talking about environmental waste for all the one time use things and that's not to negate the fact that you are carrying it around with you at all times. Just because it's legal [for you] doesn't mean it can't end up being a problem with our ever fickle "law enforcement." In the end, if this is to be your chosen method of administration then the chooses only widen as to the best vaporizer to buy. I can help you with that as well.

420 Tech- Best Vaporizers 2017- High Tech Review



Honestly my friends, to me, the main deciding factor here is whether you like to smoke or not. If you are not a smoker of anything then I would still say give it a whirl but only because inhaling this particular medicine is more immediately effect than eating it. See how you like it, but if your pain or whatever ailment doesn't require a quick dose and you are not a smoker of anything then you may not like the feeling. Vaporizing is certainly not the same thing as setting something on fire and inhaling its smoke but it still could be uncomfortable for you. You know you, you do you and try some if you are thinking about going down this route. However you decide to take your legally purchased marijuana is up to you; all I do is help you to make a better informed decision.


If you are a smoker of things then you already know what's up and I don't need to sell you on shit - do your lungs a favor and vape, whenever possible, over singeing. We won't all be iron lungs forever and every hit counts; both for mental and physical health. In the end it is up to you to find what you are looking for after all this research. Just make sure you find a reputable company like I did in Insomnia Collective.


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