How a randy weed grandma braises it right


How a randy Italian grandma braises weed right


"I had about 75 years of experience in the kitchen before I ever decided to experiment with what I call “nature’s medicinal leaf.” I only started cooking with medical marijuana five years ago. Now I use marijuana as an ingredient in order to help those who are ill and need it to heal themselves, like my daughter Valerie, who uses medical marijuana to control her grand mal seizures."


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91 year old Nonna Leveroni  Marijuana is the YouTube Nominated Queen of Italian Weed Cuisine.


"One thing I'll tell you, don't fool around with my marijuana.  I assure you that if you do, sticks and stones will break your bones. "


Grandma Nonna lives in a top secret location in the northern mountains of California with her daughter Valerie.  Amazingly, Nonna does not partake in consuming her edibles but has a fantastic time doing what she does.  


"No, it’s not for me. I only enjoy cooking with it."


How to Make Pot Brownies in Style


marijuana - a family affair


The first recipe she demonstrates is an infusion with butter to make marijuana chicken and yaki.  Being Italian, Nonna's favorite foods are naturally Italian, pasta and tomato sauce.  She explains that marijuana helps treat very ill people, especially for pain, and this is what inspires her gourmet creations.  


"To make the infusion, you can use butter, olive oil, or coconut oil (though some patients are allergic to coconut oil, so you must ask). Also, be very careful regarding the amount of marijuana you cook with as it’s a powerful medicinal product."


Nonna: Take a handful of bud and put it in a blender, preferably Indica, which creates less anxiety and has more of a body pain killing effect, as opposed to Sativa which has a head high.  For every ounce of bud, use 2 cups of butter.  If you have leaf, use double.   Pour the ground bud into a bowl with cheesecloth.   Into a large pan of boiling water, add 4 sticks or 2 pounds butter.  Tie a knot in the cheesecloth holding the chopped bud and place it in the watery buttery mixture, lower the temperature and let simmer.  


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After simmering for a few hours, let it cool to maybe 100 deg. F. , then squeeze the last of the juice out of the cheese cloth into the pan. Put the pan in the refrigerator and let the butter form as it cools.   Nonna explains that her simple method is better than using a crock pot because the temperature is more consistent and the butter product is more homogeneous.  




"My generation was fortunate enough to live most of our lives without ever eating foods infused with all kinds of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other junk. Hence our diets were pure. Then the government decided that our bodies should be protected by preservatives in our food—an idiotic idea."


Also, the crock pot method does not necessarily convert all the THC acid (decarboxylation) into active THC.  She cautions, it is better to start small because the cannabis butter is very potent.  If you do take too much, remember that you can get back to where you came from, you're not going to die......the worst case scenario (unlikely) is that you check into the hospital until the overdose feelings go away...So relax, its not the end of your life, though it may feel like it.  

What are the benefits?  The marijuana butter controls my daughter's seizures.  The medicines that my daughter took before didn't work and had horrible side effects, I would never recommend that experience to anyone.  So I am a great supporter of medical marijuana and my daughter is living proof of it.   


organic ingredients are the best


In our gardens we have a CBD section and a THC section.  We have Sativas and Hybrids, in all we have about 20 strains. Nonna's daughter Valerie is the founder of Women and Men'sHealth Alliance for Medical Marijuana, better known as WM HAMM.  Founded in 1993, this group helped pave the way for the legalization of marijuana in California and now provides medical marijuana to caregivers and patients on a donation basis.   

Patient volunteers grow and harvest their own marijuana,  In 1990, daughter Valerie was in an automobile accident, suffering head injuries, that left her with neurological damage and debilitating seizures.  At that time I was taking so many pharmaceutical drugs, I was constantly strung out, and they weren't making a difference.  When I looked into curing myself, I read reports about marijuana from the Nixon administration.  They were trying to prove how much it harmed people, and definitely not how it could help medically.  


"Valerie’s father and I have always supported WAMM. And as for my daughter—well, she is and has always been a remarkable young woman. From the time she was a child, Valerie was compassionate and caring.".


I was so desperate, I tried marijuana in an experiment anyway, primarily smoking it, In about three and a half weeks I began to notice a difference in my seizures.  I quit taking pharmaceuticals and began to call cannabis my medicine.  Now we provide in a collective sense, marijuana on a donation basis, so people with little money can have the same access as someone that can donate more.  


Italian dinner with plenty of THC


Do the different strains work differently?  Yes, people are very unique, For example, with purple Indica, it is effective for pain relief, nausea, neurological disorders, and it can make you hungry.  Notice that it is beautiful and fragrant.  Sativa seems to be more beneficial to women, and are associated with a mind high.  Personally, I don't use Indica as much, I prefer the Sativas. In the CBD garden we have some lovely plants.  


"Those of us still around now—in our late 80s and 90s—know we were the lucky ones who ate foods that were as nature intended, instead of letting preservatives destroy our bodies’ natural immune systems."

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid that is not psychoactive.  In these plants, the CBD is quite high and the THC is low.  These have a CBD:THC ratio of 18:1,  CBD strains are anti seizure and anti-inflammatory, a neuro protectant, and it is particularly effective in cancer.  There are many cases of remission.  Having a patient involved in their own healing process works wonders on its own.  It never ceases to amaze me the healing properties of the plant, and not just the bud, the flowers, stem and even roots.

Let's make some cannabis juice.  A lot of people think the leaves are just a byproduct, but they're very special.  When I drink juiced leaves, it feels like I've oxygenated myself, it is a wonderful feeling.  I feel energised, not like coffee, it is a cleaner feeling, kind of like a wheat grass high.  Just pick a couple of handfuls of leaves and wash them.  Throw in a carrot and an apple, some chopped ginger, and put the whole lot through the juicer.  


Marijuana infused ice cream could not be resisted

For People that Love Gourmet Edibles



Out comes a thick green juice, full of THC acid and other phytonutrients.  The acid is not psychoactive and works more mildly and is especially good for children with seizures.  You can taste everything in the mixture, the apple, carrot with the cannabis for sure.   This juice won't make you high, but it's cured my friend's asthma nearly, and she hardly has to take any medication.  

So what's for supper tonight, chicken cacciatore and yorki?  Well, let's start chopping garlic, ginger,  and a some of nature's medicinal leaf.  First, you put a half cup of marijuana butter in a saucepan and cook the chicken in it.  add in mushrooms and cook until the chicken browns, then just before taking it off the stove, add in some green olives, and add in some white wine.  But Grandma says she will not be eating any marijuana infused goodies, as she does not need it and doesn't like to get high.  Interestingly, though there is a lot of butter, there is not much of a cannabis smell.  

After the meal is cooked and served, Nonni, daughter and the strapping young fellow sit down and eat the delicious meal.  Grandmum does not eat a bite, but fondly enjoys serving her prized daughter and new favorite son.  But whoops, in GM's exuberance, she puts too much pot in the ice cream dessert.  But no problem, despite being blindsided by GrandMa, the suddenly stoned dinners end their evening with gaggles of giddy laughter.    


Doctors Evaluations Online  Quick Legal Doctor's Recommendations


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Cooking with medical cannabis is a great way to take your medicine, no?  To buy the best lab tested strains of marijuana in California and Nevada, you're going to need a medical marijuana evaluation by a licensed doctor.  However, you don't need to make an appointment and go in person to a clinic, everything can be done online.  Our California Board of Medicine compliant online process only takes patients a few minutes to describe their symptoms and conditions, and basic personal data.  Shortly after, a licensed physician evaluates your file the same day.  Patients only pay if they are approved.  


Documents include 420 recommendations, marijuana ID cards, grow permits, renewals.


A doctor's recommendation allows patients to purchase, consume and transport (within your home state) from dispensaries, cooperatives, compassion clubs, delivery services and cannabis clinics.


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