420 Tech- Best Vaporizers 2017- High Tech Review


420 Tech- Best Vaporizers 2017- High Tech Review


"A filmmaker, an engineer and a couple of weed affectionados meet in Uruguay of all places to share their opinion on the better Vapes out there."


"Both of you guys are experts in the cannabinoid world.  I have with me Jason, the legend, the man, the creator.  He’s an artist, a filmmaker.  Then I have my main man Jayden, who is an Internet Guru and Tech Engineer."

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420 vape review process


Mischa Pollack: You came to the right place, these gentlemen were kind to come out and meet me here in Uruguay. We are going to take you on a taste test review journey of some of the best vaporizers on the market. But first, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of vaping, which include .... when you combust any type of herb, particularly and especially marijuana. (The reason why we vape is that the temperatures are lower which avoids sucking up a lot of toxins created in the burning process.)  In weed and tobacco, there are tars in it, there are carcinogens, there are other things that you don’t want and when you light it with a flame ... you get all of it.

So with vaping, you have that control (of temperature) and you only vaporize or bring to the boiling point, those compounds  (the THC, CBD, cannabinoids & terpenes).  People that go for the THC are those people who refer to themselves as stoners, potheads or just those who like to enjoy life.

Jason: You don’t have to be a stoner to want to bring cleaner vape (smoke) to yourself, you can certainly just be a casual user, and use some this technology, use something that you have to plug in and maybe there’s a little bit of ritual and method to it.

Mischa Pollack: You can go anywhere (vape temperature) from 320 degrees Fahrenheit up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and then you have about a 100 degree buffer up to about 520 degrees where the particulate and the leaf and the tars and the other things those ignite.

Jason: If it’s something that you’re passing around then you’re not going to want to hit it high because by the time it gets to the last person.

Jayden: You don’t have enough to share

Mischa Pollack: Exactly. We can start increasing the temperature as it goes from one to the other to the other (lower to higher temperatures).

Jayden: and often you’ll find you’ll have to once you start getting to the end of that hole your vaporizing, you need those higher temperatures to get some of those compounds vaporizer the kind of packed right in the middle.

Mischa Pollack: Exactly. I’m going to give a shout-out to one of the partners of the show Triple J’s. You guys haven’t tried this go to your local store Triple J’s you get a set of 12 pre-rolled mini J’s.

Jayden: They’re so cute.

Mischa Pollack: They are the cutest thing, the quality is great, it’s for only when you only got a minute to chill of if you had a party and you want to freaking just pass them around.

Jason: I want to arrive and you know at my baseline of sober and…

Jayden: The scientific skepticism there.

Mischa Pollack: So you’re a control group

Jason: I’m a control group.

Mischa Pollack: Cheers sir. May I?

So many choices, so little time


Jayden: Yeah. Adorable and delicious.

Mischa Pollack: We’re going to start off with this guy, the Arizer Solo II. It’s hefty, it’s definitely I mean it is a solid chunk of material right there.

Jason: it’s like a lightsaber.

Mischa Pollack: Yeah, it’s like halfway between like a home unit and a portable unit.

Jayden: I don’t think I could fit this in my pocket easily.

Mischa Pollack: I know you’re a big guy. You’re a big dude.

Jason: I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s like 110 Volts, like you pull a plug out of that you plug it on the wall

Mischa Pollack: It does have like the 12 volt DC input on it so you, it comes with its own charger.  Yeah, most of these are like USB charger.

Jason: Lights are dim.

Mischa Pollack: So it comes with this glass chamber

Jayden: Like a stem.

Mischa Pollack: like a stem, which is nice because they say “oh you’re smoking out a glass” which we all appreciate, It’s kind of cool because they built the filter into the chamber so they’re like don’t use metal filters. Why? you don’t need those and according to them, it’s also the storage unit that you’re walking around with in your pocket.

Jason: So where do you store it in that?

Mischa Pollack: Sadly, I think it’s just in that.

Jason: so you can have a full, it’s loadable.

Mischa Pollack: I’m already.  So you load…

Jason: You’re at one Mischa right now.

Mischa Pollack: I’m at one Mischa and that and they kind say you had it down; pop it in, anything on. Hold it down to start, it says hi with a little smiley face

Jayden: It’s two Mischa…

Mischa Pollack: It’s a lot of information, I feel like it’s like the TI calculator of vapes.

Jayden: This is like back when I got my first Nokia with something that displayed other than just the digits.

Mischa Pollack: Yeah right, once you get there they say just…It’s Tasty!

Jayden: Try that first here.

Jason: I can taste something, did I feel it?



Mischa Pollack: That is the flaw of this episode that i don’t know how to resolve in that this is a taste in technology below by the time you pick the third piece you can’t go “oh that first piece now is it named.”


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  To purchase marijuana in California from a dispensary, delivery service, cooperative or any other source, you must have California State Cannabis ID.  The process to get MMJ ID is easy online, takes only a few minutes and your request is processed the same day and approval can be within the hour, depending on patient volumes.     

Patient's don't have to pay unless they are approved.  In 2018, recreational users will have to pay about 35% (tax) more than medical card holders, which amounts to about $80 per ounce, or easily $1000 for regular consumers and patients with chronic conditions.  




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I was really hesitant, and I went through and tried to feel this, it looks so damn good. It’s actually a real snake skin leather.  The other model comes in brown leather, that’s real leather, as well.   Anyway, they used real calf leather on that one as well, but if you were to ask me, man just go and get the snake skin, because it just looks so damn good..... Click title to read more...


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The past is finally here in the future and the collective man (at least in certain States) has now started to slowly unhinge his head from the inside of his gluteus maximus helmet and legally admit that marijuana has many more positives than negatives. Why now?

Why this, why that; yeah, I know, so much to talk about, but those discussions are for a different article. Today, and right here, is where we talk about vaporizers. It's about time that all the real talk about marijuana as a medicine (as well as a producer of so many other things) was medically and scientifically spoken on and spoken on with actual vigor, as opposed to just being written off as hippy talk, holistic voodoo or idle jibber jabber.


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