Revolutionary. Trump approves state marijuana rights in writing.  Dumbfounded cannabis industry applauses loudly. Jeff Sessions is defanged.


“Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states’ rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana, Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the Department of Justice’s rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado’s legal marijuana industry.” - Colorado Senator Cory Gardner


Yes, your president, Donald Trump revealed his hand, and delivered on his campaign promises.  On April 14 or thereabouts, he committed in writing; to allow the states to legalize marijuana.  The industry experts, shakers and movers, while dumbfounded is in celebration mode. In this article we revisit the background to this monumental presidential decision, that may permanently reverse the Federal Government's eighty five year position against Cannabis.


Donald Trump finished near the very top of the most marijuana friendly politicians back in 2016, according to a very in depth analysis taking into account their actions and statements dating back forty years.  Hillary Clinton finished near dead last, because she and her husband Bill's actions while in power were highly anti-marijuana, where the rate of incarceration for minor cannabis offenses went up 400%. Then there was Obama, who oversaw the raiding of dispensaries in a three year reign of terror against everything cannabis.  Of course the Bushes were no better and did their very best to wreak havoc on weed loving Americans.


Today, you can drink till your liver gives out, smoke until you're on a respirator, get a deadly prescription for opiates from your doctor, but Jeff Sessions wants to throw you in the slammer for a joint.    No longer is debate required about the ethical logic of the powers that be.


Everyone knows, or at least ninety percent of educated Americans and seventy five percent of Americans across the board think that smoking marijuana recreationally should be legal, and is not harmful.  Yes, it is now recognized that it's all about money and power. Cannabis is a competitor to cigarettes and booze, because pot use is associated with a drop in consumption of alcohol] and hard drugs, that is according to cannabis legal State statistics.  There is mounting evidence that CBD, a non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, really helps moderate cravings which in turn makes it much easier to quit smoking.




drug arrests by year graph


Then there is the prison, judicial, law enforcement end.  Private prisons are a big business and nonviolent drug offenses are the major source of clients.  Back in the day, when alcohol was legalized after prohibition in the 1930s, the massive anti-booze enforcement agency had little to do.  


When the foes of cannabis got together - the pulp and paper industry, the petroleum industry, the cotton industry - and wanted to get rid of the competition, the former anti-booze law men conveniently shifted to anti-marijuana.  It should be noted that while booze was illegal, cannabis was legal, and then the 180 degree change. Booze itself was taken off the market because farmers were making their own biofuel, alcohol as fuel for their tractors. Prohibition ended when American farmers switched to gas one hundred percent, as the goal was accomplished.




Donald Trump has not raided the dispensaries like Obama.  Donald Trump's regime has not incarcerated more Americans on petty marijuana charges.  Donald Trump has not stopped the States process of making cannabis legal, both recreational or medical.  Trump does have tons of enemies, especially in the press, a press that backed Obama, Bush, Clinton.


Trump has just now waived off attack dog Jeff Sessions.  Sessions himself is a piece of work, as he was a lobbyist and backer of Cigarette companies, and even fought in court against lung cancer victims who sued the manufacturers for misleading them about the harmful effects of tobacco.


So when we talk about the cannabis legalization battle, it leads us directly into what is wrong with America today.   

 Sorry that you have to be Canadian to get cannabis medical insurance



Donald Trump's background many people don't' know is that he got kicked out of home by his dad and was sent to military school.  While at military school, Donald thrived under the disciplinary system and became a squad and sports team leader. He likes a fight and was known as a power hitter in baseball who preferred to put the ball through the opposition rather than knock an easy double.  


“With the President now reiterating this commitment, it is time for Congress to do its part and swiftly move forward bipartisan legislation that explicitly provides states with the authority and autonomy to set their own marijuana policies absent the fear of federal incursion. Doing so would not only follow through one of Trump’s campaign promises, but it would codify the will of the overwhelming majority of Americans.”- NORML director Erik Altieri


Donald Trump owned many casinos, built in New York for forty years.  He knows the mob. He knows booze and drugs, though not even his enemies say he's every consumed.  Trump has a reputation as being pragmatic and a ruthless businessman when push comes to shove. On the other hand, he's spoken highly of by the many people he's befriended over the years.   He's taken care of some homeless people and ex employees that have fallen upon hard times, under the radar, over the years.


“The president made it clear that he supported the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Attorney General Sessions’ actions repealing the Cole memo—for which I applaud the Obama administration—directly contravenes the president’s position.” - Roger Stone - former advisor to Donald Trump and Richard Nixon


Twenty years ago Trump explained in no uncertain terms what he thinks about Drugs.  He would legalize them and take the profits out of the gangster's hands, and wipe a generous portion of this scum off the face of the earth.  Ten years ago, he came on board with medical marijuana, saying it had benefits. Meanwhile, he came out against the recreational use of cannabis, but not necessarily from a law point of view, but a good for your point of view.  In his campaign for the presidency, Trump said he would leave Cannabis regulation and governance up to the states, saying let's look at Colorado, they have "a lot of problems with it.:"


Distilling it all down, navigating the smoke and mirrors that come along with Trump, we see that he's done nothing against cannabis smokers or businesses, except to perpetuate a host of anti-cannabis regulations still stuck in Federal policy.   It may be that he appointed Sessions or at least let him bark his Reefer Madness statements to appease his enemies.


Its that what we're seeing, Trump has defanged Mad Dog Sessions while blowing smoke up the butt of the foes of Cannabis?


Ideally Trump could just legalize Cannabis at the Federal level and be done with it, but with that said, he has not stepped in and now expedited the process for all the states to legalize cannabis, if they wish, all the while Trump has held the foes of marijuana at bay.


Let's wait and see how this plays out, Trump just may have made Weed Great Again.




Jeff Sessions, Anti-Weed Crusader, Was a Shill For Big Tobacco


The new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is concerned about marijuana. Yesterday he said that he doesn’t want it to be “sold at every corner grocery store.” You can’t get weed at many corner stores just yet, but there is a product at those stores that kills about 400,000 Americans each year. And Sessions has vigorously defended the interests of that product. I’m talking, of course, about tobacco.

With more states legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, the newly confirmed Attorney General says that he’s concerned about the drug. Sessions says it’s about health. But back in the 1990s and 2000s, he wasn’t so concerned about the real health epidemic of cigarettes.


“States can pass whatever laws they choose,” Sessions told a crowd at the National Association of Attorneys General meeting yesterday. “But I’m not sure we’re going to be a better, healthier nation if we have marijuana being sold at every corner grocery store.

Blatant diatribe hypocrisy,  pay for play Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions: Marijuana Is "Only Slightly Less Awful" Than Heroin




Trump Makes Deal to Protect States with Legal Cannabis


President Trump makes deal to protect states with legal cannabis. The Washington Post reported on Friday that the president had reached an agreement with Sen. Cory Gardner, a Republican from Colorado.


Gardner also said the President had committed to changing federal law to give states the lead in cannabis regulation permanently. Consequently, the Senator will now allow DOJ nominations to proceed through the Senate.

“Furthermore, President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states’ rights issue once and for all. Because of these commitments, I have informed the Administration that I will be lifting my remaining holds on Department of Justice nominees.”

Final Hit: Trump Makes Deal to Protect States with Legal Cannabis
During an interview on Friday, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said that the President “does respect Colorado’s right to decide for themselves how to best approach this issue.”  





Jeff Sessions - letter below, on the payroll of the Cigarette companies.

 jeff sessions tobacco



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