Huge Crappy Weed Supply in California threatens Good Organic Supply


Photo- seems like a nice crop of cannabis, but can you trust its smoke?


"People need to take personal responsibility for what they smoke, rather than rely on a semi-functional government.  Like a private eye, they should investigate their supplier, and share their findings with others.  This action alone would go a very long way to clean up the weed situation in California."  - Johnny Rodriguez


A recent glut of cheap crappy weed threatens to lower the price to the point where real, honest, organic growers can't afford to stay in business.  What to do?  While, within two weeks of recreational marijuana being fully legalized, Nevada ran out of marijuana for recreational use, this is not expected to happen in California.

With recreational marijuana now legal, thousands of outdoor grows are popping up everywhere, and a lot of them are a bad as the big corporate farms, spraying and using chemical fertilizers in abandon.


California is the eighth State to legalize recreational marijuana behind Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

As far as the public, police and governments go, marijuana has been a grand success in the states that legalized marijuana . By now, billions in tax dollars are generated from recreational marijuana legalization, dollars that formerly went into the coffers of the various mafias.

California was the first State in America to legalize medical marijuana back in1996, and last November (2016) voters finally decided to legitimize recreational marijuana too. The new laws will be set in stone come Jan 1, 2018, where the local counties must have all marijuana related procedures in place.

In Colorado and Washington, sales of recreational marijuana was about $1 Billion each.  Colorado has a population just under 6 million and Washington pegs in at just over 7 million.  Given that California's population is nearly six times that of Colorado, the math predicts Cali's recreational sales will come in at about $8 billion per annum in the very near future (a couple of years).  Year one should come in at $4 to 5 billion, which is one hell of a way to get out of the gate.

The latest date for vendors to apply for the first tranche of licenses is Jan 1, 2018, so there is a mad rush of applications, and a mad scramble by authorities and regulatory agencies to deal with all.  While it is a pipe dream to think that legalization will snuff out the black market, it's going to diminish it drastically.  This is said with confidence because many black market players are applying for legal status.  

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Right now, much of the illegal California growers sell their marijuana out of state, which is a Federal offence.  The new laws only cover licensed growers and distributors selling legal quantities of marijuana in state.  So legal producers won't want to mess with out of state sales - they are an easy target for the DEA and one bust could mean the end of their operation plus jail time.  This means that illegal growers will be the ones that cater to out of state sales.


cannabis lowers crime rate.


Cannbis and the Decline of Crime

A number of vehicles have recently been found to have millions of dollars stashed in the trunks, shipped by rail from Ford plants in Mexico.  This is the fourth time in half a year that Ford has been involved in marijuana transportation, causing obvious PR.  This tells you something of the corruption of Ford who has obviously been infiltrated by the Mexican Mafia.  With the ready availability of legal recreational marijuana, shenanigans like this will surely go down, as consumers simply don't need to buy Mexican Mafia Marijuana.


Oversupply - How could this be a Problem?

There are those out there, pros, that think that there will be a glut of weed on the market in the near future.  One reason for the excess is that many people know how profitable the marijuana business can be. One reason for the expected surplus is the rise in hydroponic cultivation knowledge, which is cold be too much of a good thing.  

The bottom line is that the total black market and legal cultivators are producing more that the expected demands Studies conducted at Oregon State found that legalization of recreational marijuana brought no notable increase in marijuana consumption, except in older teenagers who were predisposed to binge drinking, which sounds bad, except that in marijuana legal states, the incidence of DUI, overdose and domestic violence goes down significantly.  In addition, marijuana use among young teens amazingly goes down in marijuana legal states.  So, if growers are expecting a great increase in consumption when dispensaries are open to every adult, they could be in for a big surprise.  


"The reality everywhere legalization has happened in the US, consumption of legal marijuana increases while illegal decreases, with only a fraction of new customers joining the tokers club."


Most black market weed is not so bad, but some is...


weed vs alcohol


There are estimates that California is growing more than 5 times the current consumption with the rest sold illegally elsewhere.


"We are producing too much [even legally licensed outlets] are going to have to scale back. We are on a painful downsizing curve…Our organization thinks it’s probably right around eight times as much.” - Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of California Growers Association

State regulations ban imports on January 1, 2018, which is pretty much a non factor in the situation, since inter-state sales has always been illegal Federally, an issue that no state contends, so your state license cannot save you from prosecution, should you choose to challenge this law and get nailed.


parasite tax kills host


The main reason for consumers to stick with black market weed is to avoid paying taxes, which might be 20% right off the bat in sales tax - or more, and then licensed producers need to pay income tax, permits, payroll tax, etc, like any other business, and the cost of doing business legally could add 50% overall to the expenses and 50% added work to jump through all the regulatory hoops and barrels.


"There is tipping point where taxation kills the free market and economy.  If governments across recongnize this fact, then they are deliberately trying to drive their respective economies - and people, into the ground.   Basic logic allows no other conclusion."


don't care


Until the free market ceases, (when the big money comes in buys everything) then the laws of supply and demand dictate that the supply will go up to meet demand, and overshoot.  Then the inefficient and weaker players are weeded out, and the remaining players are leaner and meaner.  The next result is the weed will be cheaper and better in quality, that is until the free market and transparency is corrupted, not that it's squeaky clean now.  


"There are bastards on both sides.  The DEA are still busting people for CBD, including mothers of epileptics, cancer patients.  Meanwhile, jackass growers are spraying and using chemical fertilizers at a rate that would make Monsanto proud.  It would nice to exile both bunches to the island of St. Helena, or the moon, maybe make astronauts of them all, and shoot them into space.  In any event, both groups need to be disarmed somehow." - Johnny Rodriguez


People cheat, organic growers spray, labs are faking test results.  It they want to, they can improve transparency in testing, and growing.  Round robin - random testing of product, massive fines for using pesticides, and transparency is execution of policy will allow for an even playing field, the field where wealth is created - in any commodity, business, or economy.  


Another dent in commercial suppliers is the fact that recreational users may grow 6 plants legally, which might bite into dispensary sales by 10% perhaps.  On the other hand, as the elderly across the country increasingly get the message; marijuana is good for them, legal consumption may rise by 10 to 20% right there.  Also, many baby boomers are turning to some of the less stoning and highly medicinal CBD strains out there, which adds to demand.


"CBD is the second most common cannabinoid found in most types of cannabis, it is non-psychoactive but highly medicinal and moderates - balances the psychoactive effects of THC." - 420EOL Note

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420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  California 420 Evaluations, Licensed Doctor's Recommendations, Grow Permits, Cannabis ID in minutes 100% online - used at dispensaries, delivery services, cooperatives, cannabis clubs and other points of access.  Patients don't pay unless they are approved.




How can I find a lawyer to advise me on my cannabis business?   

Click on the city below, and scroll down the page to the lawyers section.

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What will the results be of excess marijuana in California?

"Well, for one thing, it will most likely result in very cheap prices as vendors try to get the products off of their hands. It may clean out the markets and separate the wheat from the chaff, as only the most efficient and best marijuana companies remain. Realistically, there is going to be too much marijuana and many growers who are new to the market are going to be decimated. "

"Black market marijuana sellers will actually do well for a year or two, as they are used to the business and will probably sell their product across state borders to places where it is still illegal, and can make a profit in this manner.Saying this, black market marijuana sales will be on the decline. Though some will never join the regulated industry, the amount of black market marijuana sales is going to be drastically reduced in California and in the States that follow in the footsteps of recreational marijuana legalization.:"


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Medical Marijuana ID Online - California -  2018 Rules


Where can I get a Medical Marijuana Card in California in 2018?

In 2018, you still can either get your medical marijuana ID either online or at any licensed doctor's office.  Even your family doctor would prefer that you  go online, because many physicians would still like to remain officially anonymous.


Patients don't have to get an ID card to be covered by California Marijuana laws, but a State ID card may provide an extra measure of protection against arrest. Patients and caregivers can obtain state ID cards through the health departments of the county where they live or online.   Often, the online solution is cheaper and faster.

This state ID card system still has safeguards to protect patient privacy. Cops and employers cannot track down patients through the registry system.  The Patient's’ ID Center in Oakland offers ID cards for all California residents that are recognized by most collectives and police. Additionally, online doctors offer ID cards that may be verified.


Online is definitely the best, fastest and easiest way to go.  You only need one piece of California ID and a credit / debit card to apply. Renewing your medical marijuana recommendation and ID only takes a few clicks using a very easy to use application.  You want to use an online medical marijuana document service that has been around for a while.


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The goods; buying, possession, firearms, children, divorce, out of State use, employers, drug tests ....
The lowdown on California's MMJ laws, regulations, buy, sell, possession, firearms, children, divorce, employers, drug test, arrest, criminal record....

``The California State CANNABIS ID card system safeguards patient privacy.`` - California NORML

What am I legal to do now in regard to marijuana in California?

As of Nov. 9th cannabis became legal to use - for any adult above 21 years of age.  

California adult residents can:
• Possess, transport, obtain or donate cannabis to other adults - the amount cannot exceed one ounce of plant material or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis, like hash, oil, etc..
• Cultivate up to 9 plants per home or possess the marijuana harvest by of these plants (subject to "reasonable regulations" by municipal governments).

Retail sales for adult use will begin Jan 1, 2018. In the meantime, Prop 215 patients need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase at medical marijuana collectives and dispensaries.
Do I still need a doctor's note - recommendation in June-Dec 2017? ..........


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