A snapshot of a wild and crazy life, where all directions pointed in the direction of marijuana


In a strange twist of fate, Tommy Chong has gone from playing the role of anti-hero to actual hero.  


He's done hard time in the slammer for standing up to the Fed and they made a scapegoat of him.  But that didn't work out too well for them did it?  What they did, was pour gasoline on the fire.

Then he got cancer, and layed on his deathbed and didn't want to do anything, not even have a toke.  He only waited to die. Then his wife stepped in.  She had seen enough of this sick version of Tommy and finally, more or less demanded that he smoke a joint, and get stoned, as opposed to them suffering anymore.   Tommy sparked up, and his brain turned on.  He got hungry for the first time in quite a while, then he had a good sleep.  The process of healing had begun.

Tommy was reborn at that moment.  His purpose in life became crystal clear.   Marijuana isn't there for you to get high, it is there to heal you and make you a better person.  If you're just getting blazed and sitting on the sofa all the time doing nothing, then you are abusing the god's gift and are giving guys like Jeff Sessions ammunition in his anti-human War on Drugs.   


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Despite the legalization of recreational marijuana, to buy marijuana legally in California, you need a licensed doctor's recommendation, at least until 2018.  After that, medical marijuana card holders will get a 15% (or more) discount on their medicine.  Marijuana ID Cards, 420 doctor's evaluations and cultivation permits can all be obtained online and the application process takes only a few minutes.  Documents are applicable to the purchase of MMJ at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, delivery services, cooperatives and other points of access.  


Warning: Do not adjust the color of your screen. The following was filmed in a grow room with HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights. Everything will look yellow.


Sean Evans: Hey! What’s going on everybody?  It’s Sean Evans with complex. I’m coming at you from Los Angeles and one of the area's premier cultivation facilities.

Why? We’re checking in on the inventory for Tommy Chong’s upcoming line of cannabis products, Chong’s choice and thankfully, I’m joined by the American treasure himself, Tommy how are the plants looking?


Tommy Chong: They’re looking very green and sticky…




Sean Evans: You know, you’re kind of the weed sommelier; a master sommelier is to wine. So if you’re going to put Chong’s choice on a product, my guess is that you have to really believe in it and it’s got to be a high quality product.


Editor: "Sommelier - A sommelier or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine."


Tommy Chong: First of all I’m not from Somalia, I’m from Kenya. They’re ladies, this are teenagers, they’re just beginning to bud, so they’re very sexy, look see that.


Sean Evans: and this is an OG Kush right?



Tommy Chong: It’s an OG Kush, that I tried, it was laid on me a few years ago by a couple of guys and I’m endeared to.  I mean they’re great and it turned out to be my favorite you know because it’s first of all, it was free…


Sean Evans: You can’t beat that…


Tommy Chong: You can’t beat free weed…



Sean Evans: You know what my thing is?  It’s like sometimes when I smoke, I get weird, you know, I get like socially weird and I just have to be like in  my room watching movies.  I can’t deal with talking to a stranger or something.


Tommy Chong: That’s the beauty of the Kush, the Chong’s choice, you have a choice if you want to talk you find someone who is going to listen and if you don’t, you just go in your room, if you’re lucky enough to have a room.


Sean Evans: And I am thankful…


Tommy Chong: And you know where everything is, oh yeah!


Sean Evans: You know a lot of people talk about marijuana in a party sense and certainly it does check that box, but you’re talking about it in terms more you know that the medical purpose, what do you think we are with that? just generally speaking.


Tommy Chong: You know, I just went through a cancer operation and it was very serious and it was a tough operation and I lost my urge to get high, I lost my urge to eat, I lost my urge to do anything other than lay in bed and moan, and my wife was the one that reminded me, “you go, you gotta get stoned.".   

So I would get stoned, you know with the vape pen or with a pipe and then I’d forget that I was sick and I’d remember that I was hungry, and food is probably one of the best things, you know if you’re recovering from anything, operation it was good to eat, to have a full tummy.   See when they do the plant for medicine, they don’t just use the bud, they don’t just go after the THC, they go after the whole plant, including the stalks. It was a medicine in China 5000 years ago, so as a medicine this plant is just now beginning to get its due.


Editor's note:  Actually, marijuana use was dated back to 10,000 BC in Taiwan.


Tommy Chong: These are my little munchkins…


Cannabis Clinical Research for Medical Doctors


Sean Evans: This one is cuter than what we were looking at…


Tommy Chong: You know, I like the one’s we've just looking at, these are babies, these are they haven’t developed anything yet, but they’re going to, this represents what next year you know, next  year’s crop.


Sean Evans: All right now that we’ve seen the assembly lines all the ways though, let’s go take a look at some finished product.


Tommy Chong: What? I can’t hear you, the fans are too loud.


Sean Evans: All right, let’s go out of this room Tom.


Tommy Chong: Bye Ladies… Okay!


Sean Evans: Jesus!


Tommy Chong: This is the final product, Chong’s choice take a handful, this way you got to do you know like you’re in the Cheech and Chong movie… (Smelling) yeah!  Maybe… oh shit! Another one fell in my pocket.


Sean Evans:  So let me ask you this, you know, it’s easy to romanticize your journey right?  But you’re a guy kind of got the shit kicked out of you for this for quite sometime. You actually did a hard time for selling paraphernalia.


Tommy Chong: Yeah, it was a racist law to begin with…


Sean Evans: Sure!  Absolutely!


Tommy Chong: It was a racist law designed to take over where prohibition, prohibition ended and they had all these law enforcement guys around with guns and nothing to do, so they made pot illegal and they call it marijuana because to demonize it, you know, because before it was marijuana, it was called hemp and there’s a place all over America named Hempstead.

Hempville, Hemp this, Hemp that!  You know, in New York especially where they used to, the government made people grow Hemp because it was a beautiful cash crop, rope for the sales and a canvas for painting and fro sales and, so when it was made illegal, Du Pont you know the plastic people..




Sean Evans: Yeah! Yeah!


Tommy Chong: Come in and took over that market and we were left to invent ways of growing the finest bud in the world which we have.  


Sean Evans: What about you personally?  You know, I’m sure that you think of this as a kind of a beautiful development. Is there any part of you that’s resentful or angry or maybe some of the people in institutions that sit your way?


Tommy Chong: That’s one thing about pot, you smoke up, and you forget who you’re mad at, you know.




The Fed threatened his wife and son, what a bunch..  


Sean Evans: Do you think maybe going after Tommy Chong kind of helped create a legend?


Tommy Chong: Absolutely! Absolutely, it was like it was ordained.  I had a choice, I didn’t have to go to jail because they really didn’t have anything on me.  My name was Chong Bongs, that’s all they had, but they threatened my wife and my son and I just couldn’t imagine myself visiting my wife in jail for me selling Bongs. So I said no, I’ll take the hit. I accidentally stumbled on a way to do time in jail and the best way to do time in jail…




Sean Evans: You had been hacked…


Tommy Chong:  It is so weird that people leave you alone, but I did start,  I was a tango dancer before I went in, so I’d practice my tango on the basketball court and I would have people gather around and watch Chong dance.  You know and just tango, you get tango pose you know and then you walk and you got to walk a certain way.   I was walking in this with an old biker!  There’s a bunch of bikers among the Mongols and Hells Angels, they’re all gathered laughing, looking at me and it’s Steve he laughs. “Hey! Chong you don’t have to dance alone, I’ll dance with you.”.

All this, he has a big supremacy tattoo, everything, so what I did, I walked over to him and I did this here, I did these here and he went, he freaked out, he got all homophobic and he just went crazy. Well, he became my best friend in the joint, he became my teach. We had so much fun because I told him, I said, OK!   You’ve been incarcerated, you know almost all of you life, how do you do time?”

You know the trick is playing games. You always play games and you bet on stupid things. You’ve had things, like pushups on demand. Yeah, one time I beat him playing pool and he owed me 20 push ups on demand and a demand meant if you were in the mess hall or wherever you were, if you felt like telling…

Researchers - No question that cannabis CBD and THC kills cancer



Sean Evans: give me 20!


Tommy Chong: No, never to 20, give me 2, and speaking of weed, when I was there I got offered weed everyday I was incarcerated.


Sean Evans: And you didn’t smoke right?


Tommy Chong: No!


Sean Evans: That whole time.


Tommy Chong:  Because he would offer me weed, they weren’t very cool about, the government they offer me weed and then about half an hour later I get called into central, into the central office for pepitas.


Sean Evans: They set you up.


Tommy Chong:  Yeah! They were so (fucked). They’re trying to set me up.


Sean Evans: But know you, you had the last laugh.


Tommy Chong: Yes, I did.


Sean Evans: People want Chong’s Choice.


Tommy Chong: Would you like a sample?




Sean Evans: Yeah!  Somebody, a wise man once said that it’s better when it’s stolen, it's better when it’s free.


Tommy Chong:  Put the one that I know you put in your pocket, but you can put it in this little bag here.


Sean Evans: Thank you, Tommy.


Tommy Chong: There you go, because that’s what I’m going to do with the one I had in my pocket. Actually, this is good for the wife too. My wife always blames a cat when we're walking with pot, did that cat peed in the house again?


Sean Evans: Thank you, Tommy.


Tommy Chong:  You’re what?  Oh by the way, we’re unveiling Chong’s choice at the Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino on February 6.


Sean Evans: I got you, Tommy.


Tommy Chong: Thank you! Don’t forget.


There you have it.  A snapshot of the life's events that consistently pushed one man to his fate.  To become a Peter Pan of Medical Marijuana.  Now, onto you, where has been life pushing you?



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