Tom Marino and Marijuana.  Terrible choice says the Industry.


Tom Marino - Not a Good Idea


 “This is the opposite of draining the swamp,” Dr. Andrew Kolodny, the co-director of Opioid Policy Research at Brandeis University


It was a quick study.  A lower level swamp monster type guy is apparently in line to become Donald Trump's Drug Czar.  The good news is that Marino's record shows that he's a yes man to his past bosses, he'll push whatever agenda, no matter if it involves playing the campy lead role in the 2017 release of Reefer Madness.     


"In Washington, they ruthlessly use marijuana as a tool in their game.   Very few could care less.  It's not about the people, the patients or ethical issues.  It's about power and money.   If politicians want to play the game, they need to comply with the wishes of the powers that be, unelected powers."


The hope is that Trump's appointment of Marino amounts to paying lip service to the pharmaceutical division of the shadow government.  Hopefully, as Trump gathers real power in Washington, he'll have Marino mouth off Reefer diatribe, while doing nothing against marijuana.   Three years hence, perhaps Trump will then have gained real power, and can curry favor with the 65% and counting American voters that want marijuana legalized.  This is the hope.  Wait and see.  However, if there is any real, boots on the ground effort to stomp out marijuana legalization, then Trump, whatever his real intent, has lost the War against the Swamp.  


"As drug czar, Marino will be responsible for coordinating drug control strategy and federal government funding of the Drug War." - CBS


The new drug czar, Tom Marino, apparently, is now the main man, in yet another bizarre chapter in the Federal Government's Reefer Madness saga.  Meanwhile, two out of three of Americans want marijuana legalized.  While prescription opiate drug use goes through the roof, Marino's syndicate of Swamp friends grease the wheel for access to prescription meds, while throwing sand into the marijuana industry's machinery, damaging the economy, moral, health, freedom and health of Americans.


Organic Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug - Painkillers ARE - PART I

Trump's new czar says no to marijuana, no to vaping, no to CBD.  Marino's biggest contributors are from big pharma suppliers and distributors.  He voted to protect opiate distributors from investigations, despite his state's overwhelming failure to control rampant opiate abuse.  Yes, today, it is the medical profession and pharmacy that is out of control and provides most of the drugs that lead to overdose death today.  


"What they do is back policy that creates hard drug abuse and sales, and then throw marijuana in the mix.  But people aren't buying anymore, they've cried wolf way too many times."


Marino chimes in saying, maybe you can take it in a pill, with a prescription, maybe, if we study it, maybe in ten more years.  In actual fact, this tired narrative is just a delay tactic.  This is tired diatribe, this does not sell anymore.  


"Drug overdose deaths have risen at an alarming rate in Pennsylvania, increasing 14 fold in the past 35 years, The state has the eighth highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the country, with 21.9 deaths per 100,000 residents a year. As is the case with many states, prescription painkillers and heroin appear to be the greatest source of this state crisis, accounting for nearly half of all rehabilitation admissions each year, with heroin abuse accounting for 37.8% of all admissions." - The  Marino et. al. effect.



prescription drug madness


Jeff Sessions assures Rand Paul,  State Marijuana Laws will remain intact.


Insanity is doing the same thing (Drug Policy) and expecting a different result.


It is well acknowledged that Trump does not have control of all the levers of government.  He has to cater to the powers that be, while he makes friends with the swamp, appoints some of his own people, etc.  But, Trump blew it when he appointed a guy like Marino to a very politically sensitive post, that affects so many Americans.


"Tom Marino has strong “no” vote record on marijuana, including CBD oil."


What we're talking about is the continuation of the War on Drugs, and by including marijuana in this failed equation, we're talking mutiny in the Trump camp.  


Marino, straight out of not B casting, but C casting said he's willing to consider legalizing marijuana if there were any serious studies done on the potential benefits.   This flies in the face of millions of medical marijuana patients in America that have read tens or hundreds of research reports and clinical trials, that overwhelming concluded, marijuana works better than most drugs and is less toxic.  So the people know now, without reasonable doubt, that the Federal Government is not working for the people.


People know about the US Government patents for medical marijuana.  People know about the Israeli medical marijuana program. The Feds are busted.


“The only way I would agree to consider legalizing marijuana is if we had a really in depth-medical scientific study. If it does help people one way or another, then produce it in pill form. I think it’s a states’ rights issue.” - Marino


Out of the pages of 1984, we have Marino proposing to classify marijuana users as mentally incompetent, and would be required to enter "rehabilitation" and confess to their sins.  Once the marijuana smoker was deemed to be fit to reenter society, only then could they leave the prison-hospital.  



“Once the person agrees to plead guilty to possession, he or she will be placed in an intensive treatment program until experts determine that they should be released under intense supervision, If this is accomplished, then the charges are dropped against that person. The charges are only filed to have an incentive for that person to enter the hospital-slash-prison, if you want to call it.” -  Marino, The Compliant One


the real drug threat, pharmaceuticals


Tom Marino Rap Sheet


  • Is compliant to a resurgence in the long-running “war on drugs,

  • is a rabid hardliner on drug policy.

  • nonviolent drug offenders should be placed in a “hospital-slash-prison".

  • Marino voted against amendments on three occasions that would have prohibited the U.S Department of Justice from interfering with state medical cannabis laws.

  • Voted to dis-allowed Department of Veterans Affairs doctors to give military veterans medical cannabis recommendations.
    Voted against a law to protect state-controlled CBD programs from federal crackdowns

  • has at least twice opposed industrial hemp legislation.

Presidential Candidates 2016 on Marijuana

Presidential Candidates 2016 on Marijuana - The Rest of the Story


In an interview, Marino said that the only way he would ever agree to legalizing cannabis would be after “a really in-depth medical, scientific study.” This statement reveals either the extent of his extreme ignorance of the science, or the state of medical marijuana knowledge.  




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Marijuana News Roundup: Legal Pot Could Save $1 Billion in Medicaid Expenses

The authors conclude; in the states where medical marijuana use was legal in 2014, Medicaid savings ranged from $260.8 - $475.8 million, or about two percent of total Medicaid spending, which is an average of $19.825 for the 23 states and the District of Columbia where medical marijuana use was legal in 2014. It is noted that:  Given that total sum spent observed the fee for service Medicaid-State-Drug Utilization Data for 2014 was nearly $23.9 billion, the savings related to laws were equivalent to about two percent of total spending. If all states had medical marijuana laws in place in 2014, the national savings for fee for service Medicaid would be about $1 billion.


Trump’s Drug Czar Pick Took Thousands In Donations From Drug Distributors


President Donald Trump just launched a high-profile White House initiative to combat the epidemic of opioid drug abuse.  Trump's expected selection to oversee the nation’s drug laws is a congressman, from a failed state, an opioid-ravaged district whose signature accomplishment is a bill that backed the pharmaceutical companies in their quest to maximize sales.  Marino supported legislation shielded prescription opioid distributors from law enforcement.

It is predicted that The White House will name Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa, as Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) - a position referred to as the nation’s “drug czar.”

Marino is a former prosecutor from a rural district in northeastern Pennsylvania.  The ONDCP declined to comment and Marino’s office did not respond to multiple requests for comment either.

If appointed, Marino would be the first member of Congress to be crowned Drug Czar.  Marino would come into the position after pulling in money from the pharmaceutical industry, producers and distributors of more than $150,000 in donations from the pharmaceutical industry in his political career, with about $71,000 coming from the 2016 election, according to and  in fact, the pharmaceutical sector is Marino's largest contributor.  


Drug Czar should try to avoid stupid or cruel policies

Marijuana Comes of Age - Election Cycle 2016



American political positions on drug policies range from debatable to stupid to plain cruel. Rep. Tom Marino, is likely to be the new drug czar, falls well into the  "compliant with anything cruel" spectrum.

Marino is expected to be the new head of the White House Office of National-Drug Control Policy. Like so many of President Donald Trump’s choices, this seems more a response to Marino’s reputation in Washington for taking a compliant position on drug issues rather than focus on exactly what those positions really mean.

Marino’s appointment would amount to a 180 on drug control policies, especially on the legal status of marijuana, which has been moving for decades in favor. Like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, Marino sees cannabis as a criminal-justice problem rather than a public-health issue.


10 States With the Most Drug Overdoses

While few states have been immune to the disastrous increase in overdose fatalities in recent years, it is a more serious problem in some parts of the country.  Across the country, there were 14.7 drug deaths per 100,000 people in 2014, according Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Drug overdose death rate was greater than 20 deaths per 100,000 people in ten states, with West Virginia, having the the worst rate in the country where more than 35 people died of drug overdose per 100,000.


Fentanyl, a ruthless, indiscriminate killer, taking a big toll in Ohio


Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is cheap, simple to make, easy to buy and 50 times more powerful than heroin. It is rapidly eclipsing heroin as Ohio’s most vicious killer. It is taking at least one person a day in Franklin County alone.

All drug overdoses statewide are soaring, but mostly because of fentanyl. When the tally is complete, drug overdose deaths in general likely will top 4,000 in Ohio for 2016 — a 30 percent increase over 2015.


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