Cannabis treats Colitis and Crohn's


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"The medical use of marijuana has saved my colon and my quality of life." - Bruce Buckner, Crohn’s disease patient.


All Crohn's disease sufferers know that their disease is debilitating; but some are not aware that it is life-threatening and if this disease is treated traditionally with steroids and opiates, major surgery is likely to be required, later if not sooner.  Enter Medical Cannabis; the fantastic news is that cannabis-using Crohn's patients report significant relief - or complete remission - of their symptoms. They able to reduce the use of immunosuppressive medications which have limited effectiveness and feature nasty side effects.The overall body of medical evidence is now indisputable, cannabis’ active ingredients - the cannabinoids including THC, CBD and others interact with receptors on nerve cells, like keys fitting into a lock in the brain, nervous system and gut.


"Of the 30 patients with Crohn's Disease, 21 improved significantly after treatment with cannabis… " - Simon Lal, PhD, MD


Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a set of conditions that feature chronic / recurring immune  response with inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and especially the large intestine. The most common forms are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Ulcerative colitis is a disease of the bowel (colon). The first symptom of ulcerative colitis is a progressive loosening of the stool. The stool is often bloody and maybe be accompanied by   cramping abdominal pain, minor fever and severe urgency to empty the colon, anytime and anywhere.  Loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss and fatigue are common, but sufferers can be obese, eating their way "through the disorder."  


"Two-thirds to three-quarters of patients with Crohn's disease will require surgery at some point during their lives."


The leading reason doctor's don't recommend marijuana Crohn's is that they fear reprisals from the Medical Community which is dictated by big pharma who wags the dog, which is the Fed-dog.  Thankfully, as medical cannabis use becomes commonplace, more and more physicians are comfortable recommending MMJ..


Hypertension - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide - 2000- 2017



Furthermore, Marijuana is turning out to be anything but a gateway drug, rather it is an exit drug.  Cannabis medicines are being substituted by patients for steroids and opiates; 'hard" drugs which come with serious side effects and have addictive, self-harming properties / tendencies.  People new to medical marijuana don't know that non-psychoactive forms are now commonly recommended for Colitis, Crohn's and other immune system disorders.  Dosing of Cannabis Based Medicines can be oral (a candy with 50mg cannabinoids), sublingual (3 drops of concentrate under the tongue), a patch, via suppository (which may be tricky but effective), or vaping; which is a safe way to inhale cannabinoids and easy to titrate (find the optimal dose).


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"Experimental evidence suggests that endocannabinoids, molecules naturally produced by the body that closely resemble cannabinoids, compounds found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant, seem to play an important role in moderating intestinal inflammation. Studies show that IBD patients have higher levels of cannabinoid receptors in their colonic tissue. Researchers have shown that a large proportion of patients with IBD find that smoking marijuana relieves their symptoms of the disease, particularly those with low quality of life (index), had abdominal surgery, or suffer from chronic abdominal pain.." - The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (paraphrase/abstract)

"In the preliminary study, we have found that treatment with inhaled cannabis improves quality of life in patients with long-standing Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Treatment was also associated with a significant rise in patient's weight. In fact, patients overall reported an improvement in almost all aspects of their life, especially in personal comfort levels and reduced stress." - Adi Lahat, MD (paraphrase)

"None of our patients complained of any side effect that disturbed their working ability. In fact, as was shown in the results, there was a significant improvement in patient's ability to work after treatment." - Adi Lahat, MD

"Patients with ulcerative colitis reported that cannabis helps manage diarrhea.  The evidence suggests that cannabinoids inhibit intestinal secretory responses... It is equally plausible to speculate that patients perceived benefit from using cannabis to reduce pain and/or diarrhoea because the drug has a direct anti-inflammatory effect on intestinal tissue… As in other diseases, a significant proportion of both UC and CD patients reported using cannabis to enhance appetite, and the drug's orexigenic properties are well-recognized, with many individuals commonly reporting appetite stimulation or 'the munchies' after use." - Simon Lal, MD (paraphrase)

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Medical Marijuana Therapy in Crohn's - Amazing Facts

  • The average number of bowel movements decreased significantly

  • The need for surgery was reduced dramatically.

  • The need for steroid treatment was reduced in 22 out of 26 patients

  • Reduce the need for immunosuppressive medications

  • Cannabis exhibits anti-inflammatory properties

  • Cannabinoids influence gastrointestinal motility

  • Marijuana has an anti-diarrheal effect in most people
    Patients generally have improved appetite, and less pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue

  • Cannabis helps patients gain weight gain

  • Fewer flare-ups of less severity

  • Medical marijuana sometimes causes complete remission of Crohn’s symptoms; pain, inflammation, cramping and nausea.

  • Thousands, upon thousands of medical cannabis patients attest to the efficacy of Cannabis for conditions featuring inflammation

  • Google scholar (marijuana, Colitis, Crohn's) yields 29,000 hits

  • Marijuana may be substituted for opiates for pain in Colitis and Crohn's

  • Few medical doctors know much about medical marijuana

  • CB1 and CB2 receptor concentrations are high in the gut and respond to cannabis compounds.

  • THC “modulates the immune response of T lymphocytes” to decrease pro-inflammatory reactions

  • THC peer reviewed papers - effective against inflammation in MS, CROHN’s and arthritis.”

  • Synthetic cannabinoids prevented inflammation of the colon in mice
    CBD interrupted runaway inflammation in the bowel,

  • CBD reduces bowel musous - modulates pro-inflammatory substance - interleukin 17A.

  • 291 Israeli patients found “cannabis use is common amongst patients with IBD for symptom relief."

  • Eight weeks of THC-rich cannabis “produced significant clinical, steroid-free benefits to 10 of 11 patients with active Crohn’s disease, compared with placebo, without side effects.

  • Terpenes can mitigate undesirable side effects of THC in hyper-responders

  • Cannabis based medicines are among the least toxic of any medicinal studied

  • Colonoscopy shows efficacy of marijuana cannabinoids in Crohn's

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide - 2000- 2017


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After 11 months of diarrhea and extreme stomach pain she was diagnosed with Crohn's.  She had numerous other effects, skin ulcers and lumps on the legs, arms and elbows. Her joints were extremely inflamed and painful and walking was difficult and even impossible at times. The prescription drugs she took really didn't help much, if at all.  She described her dreadful condition, coupled with her prescription drug side effects to be the darkest hour of her life.  It seemed there was no cure and no hope.


“I made the impossible possible and cured an incurable disease with dietary cannabis!”


She was desperate and had to do something different; as adhering to the status quo meant to continue living this hellish existence until her departure from this world.  Without knowing anything about marijuana, she found several studies online and decided to try cannabis on her own.  The research suggested that daily oral doses of 60 mg CBD (does not get you high, is not a narcotic) was effective for many Crohn's and Colitis sufferers.   


“I was unwilling to surrender to the plague of emotional depression and physical defeat. I began channeling my energy into creating a unique raw cannabis based diet for healing. Within three days of taking CBD, the pain disappeared and even the side effects of the other drugs stopped. Within six months, I was completely healed of Crohn's Disease.”


A year after she thought she was cured, a colonoscopy was performed and the doctor said that her colon wall was completely restored without any traces of Crohn's. It was confirmed that she had not received any other Crohn's related treatment during cannabis therapy.  

LEAFY STRAINS - in honor of Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Awareness Week

1. Jean Guy

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3. Medicine Man

4. Hash Plant

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9. Confidential Cheese

10. K2


"I have several relatives with Crohn's Disease, all had major surgery, all had complications from the steroids and immunosuppressors. I am firmly convinced that I would be in the same condition as my relatives with Crohn's, if I hadn't used pot. The medical use of marijuana has saved my colon and my quality of life." - Bruce Buckner, a Crohn’s disease patient (paraphrase)

Move over Rover, The Big Old Cannabis Dog is Moving in.



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