Strange, exotic and unusual strains from around the world.


Ten of the most interesting and unique strains on the planet, chosen for their exotic attributes and outstanding medical potential, the future of cannabis..


We present here, ten of the world's most exotic cannabis strains - coupled with great medicinal potential.  Growers and researchers are just scratching the surface.


While most are familiar THC rich weed, ith large, fragrant flowers and the classical seven pronged leaf, some strains will force a rethink, what is the cannabis plant really all about?  There are marijuana strains high in other cannabinoids, with highly differing effects.  Some strains don't even vaguely resemble classical marijuana.




Australian Bastard Cannabis  or ABC  is almost unrecognizable as a species of marijuana. This strain first appeared on the radar in the 1990s, and it’s background remained a mystery.

This most exotic of strains produces small, funky, three-pronged leaves. While most cannabis strains grow more bush or tree, ABC grows like shrub..

ABC isn’t the most psychoactive strain, but the cannabinoid profile begs to be studied.  It's said that ABC is being bred - albeit with great difficulty - with other strains, and the resultant cannabinoid profile is bound to be interesting.  Aussie bastard is extremely hardy and is frost resistant, making it a valuable addition to the cannabis gene pool.




There are 2 MUTANT strains of cannabis in known existence and they are both from Australia.
The first is the one you refer to that is called ABC - hardly any trichome production...very weak in potency...most fan Leaves from normal plants are more potent.  If you want to get high off ABC, forget it.

A second Aussie strain called Dizzy is also very heavily mutated and looks nothing like the normal marijuana. Infact, even police often recognize dizzy plants as marijuana. Dizzy grows only in the tropics and has high potency.  The plant can grow high and resembles vines.   

ABC x Flo hybrid report: Buds smoke clean, with a light, spicy flavor. The high is Sativa-like, soaring & euphoric, and stronger than expected. This strain is worthy of further experimentation and breeding. With more breeding ABC could become the ultimate camouflage strain.  


Please cheese me like I do you.




BF Blue Cheese,or “Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese” is a 100% pure indica strain created by crossing the set of  infamous Skunk #1 X UK Cheese X Blueberry. This dank, stinky strain sports THC levels of 18-20% and a moderating CBD level of about 1.5%.


BF Blue Cheese high is described as a slow creep, and then the bear jumps on your back.  You're hid with a warm body buzz with a feeling of sedated mental clarity.


BF Blue Cheese has an aroma of blueberry cheese with an earthy sweet blueberry taste and cream cheese aftertaste. Buds are spade-shaped dark forest green with rich purple overtones and trichomes and hairs thickly covered in resin.


Blue cheese is particularly popular in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and pain.  

Growing Medical Marijuana for the First Time.

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Pink Goo Marijuana



Pinkman Goo sports unique pink and purple coloration.  This exotic variety produces medicinal resin droplets (goo) that resemble sap from a tree, hence the name Pinkman Goo.  The “goo” is resin that seeps from the leaves of this cannabis variety  is so rare that even seasoned growers are blown away.


Believe it or not, Pink Man Goo came to life when the woman found three marijuana seeds in a tin can behind the refrigerator at the family home.  The woman's brother planted the seeds and voila, Pankman Goo was born, or rather discovered.  Lab testing reveals that the pinky resin from Pinkman Goo is 4% higher in THC than resin from non-gooey bud. Overall, PG THC pegs about 18%.  The leaves are beautiful purple-rimmed with dense purple tinted buds.  The overall effects of this bud are peaceful and relaxing with an earthy aroma.


Black Beauty strain



Black Beauty is so named for its dense, dark black-purple buds. Black Beauty has an equally exotic cannabinoid profile with moderate THC values & about 7% with a world class 4 percent THC- V.  THC-V is a relatively rare cannabinoid that works pretty much opposite to THC in many respects.  THC-V is psychoactive but suppresses appetite and invigorates as opposed to delivering a case of the munchies and couch-lock.   The mixture of THC and THCV plus several terpenes delivers effects described as energising, uplifting, happy, and creative.  Some people, however, report great difficulty in linear thinking, which makes focusing a problem.  


A peculiar feature of this strain is that it flowers given an 18 hour light cycle.  The plant has strong tendencies to produce hermaphrodites, which sport yellow banana-like hairs.


Medically, THC-V has captured the attention of researchers worldwide for its proven ability to lower blood sugar and mitigate the symptoms of Parkinsons in animal models and trials.  We'd love for someone to study a mixture of a high-CBD strain with Black Beauty for Parkinson's and other difficult to treat disorders.  These are uncharted but probably safe waters to navigate, given the inherent non-toxicity and non-harmful nature of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Malawi Gold Strain



"Topping out at 15 feet, this is a beast of a breed! A thick tree filled with wispy feathery leaves and beautiful flowers reaching to the stars. Breeding seed stock combined with Zamal of La Reunion yields 20+ feet and broad leafed monsters."


Malawi Gold is an uncommon, hard to find  landrace strain native to the central African country of Malawi.  Malawi Goldis produces an unusual central flowering stem (cola) two feet tall.

Buds are of amber/gold, king sized, highly-resinous.  Tribal folk grow the herb traditionally and it's seriously potent and is considered to be one of Africa’s best Sativas.  It's also one of Malawi's biggest cash crops.  

As a tropical variety of cannabis, it is adapted to 12 hours of sunlight throughout its life cycle, which means its flowering phase is very long.  Given proper lighting and nutrients, this strain is a vigorous grower.   It's also mold resistant due to its adaptation to the wet and dry seasons of its native homeland.  

Malawi gold's THC content is pegged at about 16% plus or minus.  CBD values are low.  Other cannabinoid data is sparse.  Effects are reported to be cerebral, creative, euphoric, happy, social, which obviously makes it a great candidate for mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, that is, if you are THC tolerant. Flavors are described as flowery, woody, earthy with citrus overtones.


Why not start blending different strains, that  might be much better for your  unique bio-chemistry.


Frisian Duck Strain


"If you walk like a duck, smell like a duck, think like a duck, then you've surely been smoking Frisian Duck."

This Dutch strain is well suited for urban environments.  Frisian Duck qualifies as a strange and exotic strain due to its leaves that look more like webbed duck feet than traditional cannabis.   Its appearance makes it a favorite for those who wish to grow their herb incognito.

The strains Frisian Dew and Ducksfoot were crossed to produce Frisian Duck.  It is a high-yield variety that sports giant purple buds.  This moderately potent strain seems well suited for level headed folk who seek trouble-free, effective, natural medication.

"I Loved This Strain!!! Taste Reminded me of drinking Cranberry Juice on the Holidays!!! Not to mention how Gorgeously Purple the Buds where!!! <3 <3 <3 ....Note: Not super potent though! Still Good!!!" - Leafly

Dougs Varin THC-V high strain for Diabetes



"This mysterious strain that came out of no-where, seems set to make medical marijuana history."

Doug’s Varin is a mystery strain.  We know it comes out of California at some point, but the who, what, when remains an enigma.  This strain resembles Harlequin somewhat, but on closer inspection, its CBD values are much lower, however, its THC-V values are among the highest ever recorded.  

THC-V has become a "cutting edge" cannabinoid, as researchers have isolated its properties, which include significant energising, anti-diabetic, anti-obesity and tranquilizing properties.  Doug’s Varin has tested at 19 % THC and 15 % THCV, making it a sleeping giant, a strain that is sure to march up the marijuana sales charts, due to the intense interest of researchers, patients and recreational users.   


Master Kush Strain


"After a joint of Master Kush, I'm not even sure what reality is right."


It's a trip to hashish-Yogini land of never-never.  Master Kush looks like a standard marijuana strain, but looks are deceiving.  Under the hood, is a 16 cylinder engine.  Normally marijuana cells, (and almost all other life forms) have two sets of chromosomes.  Master Kush has four sets of chromosomes!  Each chromosome contains DNA, and sections that code enzymes and proteins, which catalyze all aspects of growth and activity.  With four chromosomes instead of two, we're obviously talking about some serious genetic diversity and expression.  More chromosomes mean larger cells which require more cellular fluid, most of which is water, electrolytes and a soup of amino acids.


Master Kush genetics come from a set of Hindu Kush landraces, and the final product was created by western selective breeding.  The taste of Master Kush is similar to charas hash; earthy, pungent and bitter-sweet. Effects are described as relaxing, happy, sleepy, sedating but euphoric.  This night weed contains mostly THC and little of the other cannabinoids, making it a niche-strain for happy sedation of THC tolerant individuals.


"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, life is but a dream."






Weirdest Most Exotic Cannabis Strains?

What are cannabis strains with the most bizarre shapes and colors?   Finola is weird because it's so straight - Ducksfoot has odd webbed leaves
There's a variety that has purple veins on the leaves, that's cool (don't know the name)- auto's are weird, only recently existed - super auto's are weird, exist since 6-7 years too - Codominant Small Ruderalis and Large Czechoslovakian Ruderalis... 50 percent of the hybrids of both plants are codominant, which means they are neither auto nor superauto phenols but a precise 50/50 mix, like kind of Huge Auto's 2 meters tall, but they don't side branch properly because they are budding and vegging at the same time.


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Blue Dream, Haze, OG Kush, Diesel, Purps. Very kind bud, but getting tired of seeing the same marijuana strains over and over? The good news is it pays to grow what nobody else is growing, or what they’ve never even heard of! I’ve been digging hard to find marijuana that’ll give you cache and cash, and here are some lesser-known strains we don’t see enough of:  CannaSutra, from Delta-9 Seeds: This innovative Dutch seed company is on the rise as it focuses on rare landrace and hybridized strains.  Among their best is CannaSutra, a mostly-Indica that comes from a mix of Reclining Buddha and Sensi Star....


15 Exotic Strains Of California Marijuana

Shout outs my buddies over at NugPorn for providing me with these cool pictures of various exotic California marijuana strains.  Here are some great strains that may not be so exotic to you if you live in California or Amsterdam where various strains or plentiful. You aren’t going to find real cannalope kush in your average hood. Enjoy....



Strange strain, strange website, intriguing and confusing.


420EVALUATIONSONLINE?:  To purchase traditional or exotic strains in the States of California and Nevada, until 2018, citizens must possess a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed doctor.  We supply grow permits, cannabis ID and doctor's evaluations 100% online.  The process takes only a few minutes and your approval is normally the same day.  Patients only pay if they are approved.  Our documents are accepted by dispensaries, cooperatives, cannabis clinics, delivery services and other suppliers of cannabis based medicines.


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