Photo credit - Smoking Moldy Weed is Nothing But Bad News


Photo credit - Smoking Moldy Weed is Nothing But Bad News

You want to think twice before you play around with moldy weed..

They raided 30 grow operations and took more than four hundred fungal spore samples. Two separate types of lab tests established elevated fungal spore levels, especially during the removal of plants from the grow operations. In several cases, upon plant removal, total spore counts increased to 50,000 spores / per cubic meter,  and one sample was over HALF A MILLION spores per cubic meter. There is no doubt that some growers are poisoning their clients with mold, fungus and their toxic biological by-products." - Health and Safety Engineer

This article covers:

The ways that Moldy Pot harms your body and sabotages your health.
What kinds of Molds, Mildew, and Fungus are common  in Marijuana.
How can I see if my Weed has mold or fungus in it?
How do Cannabis cultivators test Mold and Fungus?

Michael Jackson and his  Moldy Pot - Nevermind Neverland

Good lord, you'd think Michael Jackson, would be the last person to be found dead smoking after smoking moldy weed.  This man had all the king's horses but his men simply had no clue about some basic science and biology.  Such is the fake nature of the intellectuals these days, who's fake and who's real.  


Drawing a parallel with martial arts, back in the 1990's the frauds were exposed.  Nearly all martial arts experts were dissiluational.  They really had no clue that their skills were very limited.  Their techniques worked well on people that did not know how to fight.  These experts pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.  Then enter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  They held a competition where all the different types of martial artists fought, and Jiu Jitsu won, very easily.  In fact, it was a middle weight that took out the steroid monsters with boxing, Karate, etc. backgrounds.


The number of lab positives for toxins in California weed in 2017 is ridiculous.  We normally blame MONSANTO and Big Corp for pu


Marijuana Strains and Mold


Today, the mixed martial artists know about the bullshit expert, and they know themselves about their strengths and weaknesses.  Today's doctors and scientists don't go throught this kind of test by fire.  And of course they should, when they are playing around with people's lives.  The sad fact is that 99% don't really know what they are doing, just like 99% of black belts back in the day had gaping holes in their game.  In hindsight now, it is easy to see the holes.


In the case of Michael Jackson, his physician did not know about moldy weed, nor did he check, nor did he understand the dangers, and perhaps he did not consider that it was withing his job description.  The King's men certainly did not take care of the king. .


In the case of Jui Jitsu, anyone can learn the basics and a modestly talented athlete can become a leathal weapon within a relatively short period of time, that is, if he is shown.  You too can learn about your weed, if you are shown, and stay away from fake experts and their disillusional input.  In the Jackson investigation (death) police found that Michael mistook moldy, poisonlus marijuana for "tar heroin".

"Black tar heroin is a kind of street opioid manufactured from morphine." - Wiki


While the moldy weed was not difinitively implicated in Billy Jean's death, it certainly did not medicate him to the best of health.  

Mold spores are naturally everywhere and their concentration depends on the conditions. Mold propagates best in damp, dark and moist conditions.  Houses in the tropics can be mold traps, especially in  the rainy seasons where humidity is high and sunlight is sparce.  Any kind of organic material can be a supstrate in these conditions, leather, clothes, cloth, and especially weed.  


"A few spores here and there are no big deal, its a natural thing, but thousands of spores per puff is a very big deal."


When weed becomes moldy, the spore count goes way up and these spores can easily cause autoimmune responses, allergies.  Spores can infect the lungs and even enter the bloodstream.  Some forms of mold and fungus are especially lethal, and can compromise even those with good immune systems.

A particularly toxic metabolic toxins which affects many agricultural products is Aflatoxin.  



"The aflatoxins are a group of chemically similar toxic fungal metabolites (mycotoxins) produced by certain moulds of the genus Aspergillus growing on a number of raw food commodities. Aflatoxins are highly toxic compounds and can cause both acute and chronic toxicity in humans and many other animals. Their importance was first established in 1960 when 100,000 turkeys and other poultry in the UK died in a single event. The cause of this was eventually traced to a toxic contaminant in groundnut meal used in the bird’s feed. The contaminant was later named aflatoxin."


While modern food processing and packaging methods effectively eliminate harmful mold and fungus, they overdo it and kill good fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms that are essential to healthy food.  Because of the failure of the FDA to recognize the importance of friendly organisms, their techniques for preservation, disinfsction, pesticides, herbicides are generally very bad for the quality of foods, beverages and herbs.

What you want in your weed is simply to have it dried properly.  Sunlight will kill mold naturally and can be used in moderation, as some of the ingredients break down from UV exposure.  When storing weed, you can use a dessicant (removes moisture) like sodium sulphare or even an inert powder that absorbs moisture.  

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Medical Marijuana Research Overview


A very common mold called Aspergillus inhabits most vegetable matter in small quantities, its in, leather, fibers, and Marijuana.  Just give Asper a chance and grow it will.  If left unchecked, with the right growing conditions, it will take over like a fox in a henhouse.  Rather than consult Monsanto and buy life killing chemicals, simpel sunlight, UV, and a dehumidier will do the trick.


" Aspergillosis is an infectious disease caused by Aspergillus.  This common mold, which infact is actually a fungus,  lives everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. We all breathe in Aspergillus spores every day but we norally don't get sick.  People with weakened immune systems or lung diseases are at a higher risk of contracting health problems due to Aspergillus; allergic reactions, lung infections, and even infections of organs."


Symptoms include:

  • Runny nose

  • Headache

  • Reduced ability to smell

  • Weight loss

  • Wheezing

  • Shortness of breath

  • Cough

  • Fever

  • Stuffiness

  • Diarrhea

  • Other symptoms can can spread from the lungs to otherbody parts


Anyone that  has smoked marijuana regularly has inhaled mold spores from marijuana and few realize that mold could have affected them a little to a lot (see above symptoms of mold poisoning)


"Small amounts of mold spores have little effect on people with properly functioning immune systems, however, even the healthiest of individuals will get still get a royal headache if they smoke moldy pot.   Of course, those with asthma, AIDS are especially at risk."



Mold grows in Marijuana because of a well know phenomenal called moisture lock.  If Cannabis is harvested when it is moist and plastic wrapped, then the conditions for mold growth are perfect.  Just store this weed in the dark or out of the bright lights and you're farming mold.

Good growers know what good MMJ Manufacturing Practices are and take the necessary steps to deal with mold.  


  • Adequate lighting
  • Adequate airflow
  • Humidity control
  • Drying after harvest
  • Packaging
  • Use of non-toxic dessicants, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Monsanto and such are no-go options for agricultural produce of any kind.


OZONE - the no pesticide, no herbicide solution.


Argon and Nitrogen are found in abundance in the atmosphere and are most effective in the control of micro-organism growth - including mold.  Nitrogen and Argon gas to fill package headspace is definitely non-toxic and recommended.  It is also very cheap.

With that said, in this day and age the IQ is probably down appreciably and common sense is probably nearing an all time low, due to a dysfunctional educational system, where professors have never done anything that realtes to the real world.  In the marijuana world, you want to take up the motto, show me, not yak, yak, yak.

Some growers are not too bright or don't give a shit.   In either case, you can be stuck with moldy weed that could have been tamper with.   A stupid and shady trick is to add water to increase the weight.  Under the new California laws, this kind of activity probably won't fly for long.  The rational for adding water (as supermarkets do with their produce), is @ $300 an ounce, a 10% increase in water (3 grams) weight is $30.  And make no mistake about it, in a few days this weed will start to mold.

Never bury your weed in shoddy plastic bags and infact, never bury your weed at all.  If you have to resort to long term storate of weed, make sure that it is in vacuum packed bags or have and airtight seal (preferably with nitrogen) and your weed is very well dried. .  The THC and other cannabinoids will degrade in time and with exposure to light, but THC converts to an interesting psychoactive compound called cannabinol, which provides a more mellow and relaxing effect, common to North African Hash.


"If you do bury your weed, be sure to use a vessel that is airtight, fully dry your pot, include a desiccant (sodium sulphate is perfect) and include an antifouling agent."



Interestingly, some terpenes found in some Marijuana strains have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties.  People are starting to play around with peppermint, tea tree oil, oregano, cinnamon, and clove oils stop mold growth while enhancing the medicinal and recreational effects of the final product.  


"Stay away from growers that have all the patented answers, the big factory, the squeeky clean everything, including toxic sanitization and product destroying preservation methods."



You can pretty much tell if there is apprectiable Mold with the naked eye.  Even better is to invest $25 in a 10x magnifying glass.  Using a black light (looks purple actually) is recommended as the near ultraviolet radiation the whiteish mold glows a distinctive green.


"We entered a total of 30 indoor marijuana grow operations (IMGO) with law enforcement investigators in order to determine potential exposures to first responders.  After plant removal, spore counts increased to levels above 50,000 spores/m(3) with one sample over 500,000 spores/m(3)"



  • It smells moldy!  like piss or like a cat
  • There are black or dark green spots
  • A black light test indiucates green mold grow
  • Visual grey green cotton candy appearance is mold
  • Trichomes (bud glands) under the magnifying glass look like crystals - not cotton candy sheit



"If you look a moldy weed under a magnifier, you'll see a spider web covering the bud. It's white or gray, but can be other colors.  The "hairs" (dried flower pistils) or "crystals" (trichomes) are not mold and neither of these forms a cotton candy like web."


"I've kept bags for months in dry locations without any mold."

"Either way, don't smoke moldy weed, it could leave you with a headache, or worse, a systemic fungal infection, or a nothing, a pass in Russian Roulette. Better not to risk it for a bag of grass."




Mold needs ten % humidity to survive.  Cultivators should harvest, if at all possible, in dry conditions.  Plants should be ventilated several days before H-day.  Plants can be dried or cured in jars.  Be careful if you wish to rehydrate overly dried buds, as adding too much water will make for an excellent breeding ground for mold.

While it's never advisable to smoke moldy weed, if you are paranoid about slight contamination, then baking in an oven at 300 deg F will knock out much of the mold.  But be aware, some spores can survive even nuclear blasts.  You should know that some molds and their byproducts,  aflatoxins can be even more toxic in edible form, so using moldy Cannabis in edibles is no sure fire solution.   At the end of the day, just take the proper precautions and avoid mold issues all together.  


"Some people think that using a water pipe will remove mold from the smoke, but that's dellusionary..  About 15% of spores are removed and 85% is absorbed by you."



Many mold spore types can survive in fire and even space.



You will get a headache and fever.  You will have mold growing in your lungs that becomes the size of mothballs.  Then you will need surgury to pull them out, that is, if your physician diagnoses the condition before you die.


If you look closely at the buds, the trichomes appear very dense and resemble mold to the untrained eye.  Powdery substances or crystal like material is not mold, its the good stuff, the trichomes - high in CBD, THC and terps.  If it looks like cotton candy like and furry, that is  mold.


No way Hose.  The whole bag is contaminated.  But you can give it to your worst enemy... and avoid being on camera.


It depends.  Naturally occuring substances are fine.  Most of the approved chemicals are not safe.  You can use thyme or various kinds of terpenes have worked for some organic conscious growers.  A dessicant like sodium sulphate is good, this material does not foul the marijuana and sucks up the moisture to the point where it is impossible for mold and fungus to grow.   There are chemical agents that in theory are not toxic, but the FDA is so compromised that they need a total internal audit to reevaluate what is really safe and what is not.   

420EvaluationOnline:  If you want to legally buy properly tested, mold free cannabis, you're going have to buy it from a licensed grow operations, dispensary, cooperative or Cannabis club.    Licensed providers of Medical Marijuana to need verify that you are a  Medical Marijuana with a recommendation from a California Physician.  In 2018, any adult will be able to buy lab tested cannabis but the non-medical users may have to pay as much as 35% in state and local taxes.  You can get a licensed medical cannabis ID card and evaluation here, 100% online and the process normally takes patients only a few minutes.  Note too that patients don't pay unless they are approved.



How to tell if you're smoking moldy weed, and what to do about it!

Aspergillus is a fungus, the same fungus which can grow on cannabis plants. The fungus's spores are in the air we breathe, however an individual with a weakened immune status may be susceptible to aspergillus infection.  Aspergillosis is a group of diseases which can result from aspergillus infection and includes invasive aspergillosis, ABPA, CPA and aspergilloma. Some asthma patients with very severe asthma may also be sensitized to fungi like aspergillus.


Moldy Weed  By J Vandermeer

Most mold spores will have little effect on people with normal immune systems. If the mold is bad enough to cause problems, effects are usually respiratory breathing problems and flu like symptoms such as coughing, diarrhea and vomiting but can be more severe in people with other health conditions and/or a poor immune systems.


Moldy Weed – Effects, Causes, Detection, and Prevention

Moldy weed is a bigger problem than most people think. It’s more common than laced weed and can occur at any time if there’s enough moisture. Anyone who has smoked weed more than a couple of times has probably inhaled mold. Some molds are harder to detect and prevent than others. But fear not, after reading this post you’ll know what to look for and how to prevent mold from growing on your weed.  Smoking moldy weed is dangerous and in extreme cases can cause death. People with immune system issues, asthma, or respiratory issues are at the greatest risk.


How can you tell if your weed is moldy

if my weed has mold on it what would it look like? would i kno for sure that it has mold on it. the weed i had looked like it had a little bit of white on it, almost like little hairs, but kind of hard to notice. idk if it was mold or not. If it was mold and i smoked it would i experience the symptoms soon after or would they occur over a long period of time?

Ever seen bread mold?  Mold on cannabis looks similar, althought he colors are different. I've heard of whitish, greyish, greenish and brownish mold growing on weed, although all I've only seen grey-green looking mold.little hairs are a good thing. Tiny little white or cream-colored mushroom-shaped thingies are called trichromes or crystals. They are concentrated THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids, not mold.

A mycotoxin (from the Greek fungus poison) is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and animals. The term 'mycotoxin' is usually reserved for the toxic chemical products produced by fungi that readily colonize crops. One mold species may produce many different mycotoxins, and several species may produce the same mycotoxin.

Aflatoxin B1 is an aflatoxin produced by Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus. It is an incredibly potent carcinogen with a TD50 of 0.0032 mg/kg/day in rats. This carcinogenic potency varies across species with some, such as rats, seemingly much more susceptible than others, such as monkeys. Aflatoxin B1 is a common contaminant in a variety of foods including peanuts, cottonseed meal, corn, and other grains; as well as animal feeds.   Aflatoxin B1 is considered the most toxic aflatoxin and it is highly implicated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in humans.  In animals, aflatoxin B1 has also been shown to be mutagenic, teratogenic,and to cause immunosuppression.





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