Mailing Weed in Cali - How they do it.


Marijuana by Mail?


While it is not certain what the supreme court would rule on the illegality of mailing weed, many people are routinely using the USPS to ship small amounts of  weed around their home states. Less common, and criminal for sure is to ship large amounts - pounds or to another state.


As far as the USPS is concerned, generally speaking - and don't ask them to say this officially - they could care less if an ounce of weed is sent from point A to point B within a cannabis legal state.  However, the USPS reports to Washington, who still has a hard-on for weed. As such, if the USPS smells weed in a package, then they have to open it, and confiscate the goods, as of June 2018.


"If you mail an ounce of weed in California, it's technically still illegal at the Fed level, but it's also commonplace.  The law and postal service know that people ship weed in the mail all the time, but they really give a damn about small potatoes, Joe Blow with his ounce.  They're concerned with dealers. Still, they have to bust idiots who force their hand, by failing to simply wrap up (triple bag) their weed properly." - Johnny Rod

There are still way too many cases of people being in prison for the possession of cannabis in the United States of America.  Not everyone has gotten the message that the Reefer Madness is just that.




While having a valid medical marijuana ID card does not provide protection from prosecution by the Feds and their related agencies, in practice it does allow for the potential of better treatment, a slap on the wrist or simple confiscation without charges.   The reason? The medical use of Cannabis is more respected by authorities compared to recreational users.




FedEx and UPS open any package they want.  This process encourages internal fraud and increases the chance of getting busted - no matter if cannabis is legal in your home state or not.  Though the constitution and Federal law is on your side, come fair trial in the Supreme Court, right now, Federal law is what they say it is, and therefore your chances of getting busted for a properly packed (no smell) state legal amount of pot.  Such is the nature of present day USSA.

USPS, however still respects and adheres to the rule of law, which means that they cannot open a package without probable cause.  This means that if the package has no evidence or appearance of marijuana and is not shipped from or to a know criminal entity, it cannot be opened and will in practice be delivered.  Larger amounts of weed can be detected in USPS packages using a scanner for organic content. Drug dogs can sniff out single or double wrapped packages. Again, this type of screening is focused on drug dealers.

If problems do arise, if is much better to have a  medical cannabis card in hand, where say the package contains a high-CBD strain and the user has Epilepsy.  

On Reddit, people in the know advise to send lower than an ounce and don`t go over 4 ounces.  Shipping higher quantities can put you into the drug dealer category, which you definitely don't want to be, as a simple user of cannabis in a legal state.


"Use triple zip-key bags that can hold liquids to package weed."

Reddit users recommend sending the weed to a safe place and do not to put your name on the packages.  Shipping edibles can be easier and harder to detect, though vets still triple bag.

In Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan and California States where marijuana is legal, marijuana, some sellers are starting to feel free to mail feel to residents that are qualified to purchase marijuana in these States.




Can I send seeds of marijuana to myself? - TESTIMONIAL


Mailing Cannabis - Best Practices

A simple question that has not been thoroughly handled, and a quick survey did not produce any satisfactory results; How much risk do you have by sending though USPS, UPS or FedEx? And is there a preferred company for this kind of mailing?

I stay half a year in a State where marijuana is legal and the other half in a State where it is illegal. If I cannot find any way to transport my seeds, they have to be abandoned when I take a plane across the Pacific. To bring them across TSA is not possible. Therefore, the question remains, if they can be mailed without any trouble? Please supply the answer if you have the information.

Marijuana is not available in the other State, other than planting them myself, and I need them to attend my medical condition, but of course I do not want to be arrested and lose my job either. I really appreciate all the suggestions and views on this matter. Much obliged!


Shipping of marijuana and marijuana seeds - TESTIMONIAL

A large gaggle of people purchase marijuana seeds on the internet and then send them across States without major issues. Having said that, there is some risk.

If you send your own marijuana seeds, I'll be less worried if you sent marijuana itself. Just send them with other stuff together and no problem should arise.

I would take them with me on a plane. It is very doubtful that correctly bagged marijuana seeds would look strange on an x-ray scan.




TSA shield? Man, put the marijuana seeds in the center of your check-in baggage and that will not appear in the scanner, in addition, TSA is not serious.

I confess that I can be too dramatic here. But I do not see myself being in prison when I see the contents of my luggage being examined by people with badges in the TSA.



Easy solution if you are worried about odors, is using a sharpie shell, or some other type of permanent marker. These cartridges are usually made to prevent odors from passing to the outside. Most plastics can allow small particles of marijuana, that are fat-based, like marijuana to go through the outside, however, permanent marker plastic is altered chemically to prevent that odors come out.


Not to enter into specifics, however I researched a lot about herbal transportation when I was younger. The last time I did this, I traveled around Europe, when I brought a good amount of hashish and herbs from Amsterdam, going through Norway's customs, also on the train from Norway to Sweden. These countries have a low tolerance to illegal drugs transported into their country by outsiders.


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Photo - Fox News - Senior Police Officers Switch To Cannabis Law (Your side)


My choice of marker Pen was an edding 800 that worked perfectly for 1/8-ounce storage, it was made of metal tube with a plastic cover. I used to backpack though EU, so after taking the ferry crossing the border, they put me in a van with other people and a dog sniffed though all our stuff without finding anything.

Oh, that brings me to college time. I Kept some pens in the backpack, along with other stuff and a marker. You can even remove the marker cap and it does not bring attention to it. It needs a little practice, but you can open the marker top cover.

Just pack the marijuana seeds in your check-in bag and put some in one of the pants...

I do not worry about anything. Make sure not to send them in a normal parcel, as envelopes go through a sorting machine that smashes the seed.

Or just have the marijuana seeds in your pocket they are so small that no one will notice when you go through TSA.

Good suggestion. In the back of the pant pocket, they look like cotton fibers, or even a better choice is to put them together with peanuts or similar.

Just imagine confusing it and eating the marijuana seeds.

An acquaintance of mine sent me marijuana seeds in CD or DVD boxes, it worked very well.

Travel with confidence. Take a pepper container, put the marijuana seeds mixed with pepper, travel with it in your bag.

Take a bag of granola, seeds and other stuff and place your marijuana seeds and just throw in your luggage.

Use a postal card and place the marijuana seeds inside. In addition, send by UPS where a warrant is required to verify the packaging. But no one will look into an envelope.

In general, there are checkpoints where they use sniffer dogs, etc. Marijuana on international flights is not exactly the safest thing to do, as some countries forbid any kind of agricultural products.

At home terminals, dogs are usually only searching for bombs. That said, if some dog is sitting next to your purse, better look for a lawyer.

The USPS needs a warrant. UPS does not need them.

That's true? I`m thinking about legal problems or the overall cost. Is there a reason for the paranoia? "Transport of agricultural products through state lines"? Or can they just pass my address information to the local police?

Every local news, from time to time, says that a fellow was taken in with some Marijuana plants in his house, "with a value of $ 40,000 USD." Various equipment and a gun found after having gone through all the personal belongings. I`m a little nervous, but it's probably not that I do not take a calculated risk to make sure the drug that pleases me better for my medical condition. I realize that many places have very relaxed attitude to Marijuana nowadays, but this is not the case for this destination State.

And the sender's address? A False one, so that I can deny knowledge of the parcel if I am caught?

So, just a game of chance, the USPS is a better company for it.

Yes, they are better, a night mailing if you want to guarantee. USPS is the least to look inside packages from all the large shippers, according to the word in the street, because they are government but it is just a rumor. Although they don`t have the best rates at night so I use them every time.

I send kgs of Marijuana on a regular basis. I had acquaintances carrying airtight containers hidden in their plane luggage. People really overestimate the government's competence in these things - they have a hard time getting Marijuana and less chance of catching seeds. Something small, light, odorless and difficult to identify as a marijuana seed is completely safe.

Put it in your shoes.

Take a packet of sunflower seeds, make a hole the size of the marijuana seeds and place the seeds, cover the hole with transparent tape

Sending Marijuana seeds I had no problem with it, just put it in a plastic case and you'll be fine or something similar. To be honest, they do not care for seeds.

For who buys online: they sell the seeds as objects for collection, which are not confiscable, plus the fact that Marijuana may be illegal in some states, but the seed is not, so as long as they don’t germinate, you are fine. Hell, some are even used IN bird feed.

Thank God for Prop 64 and Sane Marijuana  Laws





Question: I seek advice on how to ship the marijuana or e-cigarette cartridges by posting them. I will be in Asia with no access to a good grass. I wanted to send by post before arrival. I saw that a tiny letter is the best way with them vacuum packed. My objective is to make e- cigarette when over there. Would o-pen cartridges be less detectable than wax form? Should the o-pen be vacuum sealed? Would the form raise suspicion? If by wax form and mix it with the propylene glycol to place into an electronic cigarette. Would it be better?

Well, you will need them to be vacuum packed, Mylar bags plus a printer. Now, with gloves, place the wax on parchment paper and place it in the bag, don't touch the outside, remove the gloves and use new ones now, take the bag and seal it inside a Mylar bag and seal it, with that procedure you have an odorless bag and that cannot be seen inside.




CANNABIS 101 Can You Get Away With Mailing Cannabis Through the USPS


“Hear ye, hear ye!” July 26th, 2016 is the 241st anniversary of the most venerable of U.S. institutions, the United States Postal Service. You’ll no doubt recognize agency members by those timeless navy blue shorts and the eagle logo on the side of their trucks. The USPS has been making deliveries for nearly two and a half centuries, yet there’s a lot about this organization that people don’t know. Namely, what is the risk of mailing or shipping cannabis through the U.S. Postal Service?

Unsurprisingly, postal inspectors play a key role in helping wage the nation’s war on illegal drugs. Their work to identify and prosecute major drug mailers and intercept illegal drug proceeds that traffickers attempt to send through the mail is well-known. But we know what you’re thinking: how many of those billions of packages being mailed each year contain cannabis? Are people "getting away with mailing" cannabis? Is it worth risking the consequences?



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