How to tell the difference between a female, a male and a shemale cannabis plant!


Male of Female? How to Tell


Why is it super important to grow females only?  Why are male marijuana plants your deadly enemy?  Did you know there are transsexual marijuana plants.  You don't want them either.  In this article, marijuana grow expert Lex explains the basics....


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We are going to talk about sex in your plant to figure out whether it's a male or a female; its a very common beginner growers question. Now, if you've researched growing for at least an hour, you know that to grow potent marijuana, you need to grow non-pollinated females. Having a male plant growing in your grow room can be a disaster, because one male can pollinate all the females in the room and as a result, they won't produce anything with harvesting.

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Seed companies have mostly fixed this potential problem by selling feminized seeds, but once in awhile a female can still turn into a hermaphrodite, a plant with both male and female sexual characteristics. So how do you tell what gender you have and when can you tell. In terms of timing, some people wait until they go into flowering to determine gender, but growers with experience can tell much earlier.


pre-flowers and stipules of cannabis plants


You can usually tell about four weeks into the grow, using the pre-flowers with some strains takes a little bit longer, sometimes almost until flower-time, but let's start with a diagram to learn the basics.  Along the sides of the plant stock, you're going to see stipules (above) forming those are long obvious and form very quickly, you can see them right there, but then right between the stock and the branches. something new will pop out, the pre-flowers, male pre-flowers look like little balls, female pre-flowers start out as little balls, but quickly start getting too long.




Let's look at pictures in real life.  First, here's a plant with no-pre flowers on it, yet you can clearly see the stipules, but nothing else, then two little bumps will appear between the branch on the stock just, like in this picture, if you check on this bump and another week or two, especially if you check with a magnifying glass, you will likely see two little hairs just like this popping out of it. These hairs will grow and eventually become very obvious without a magnifying glass.




If you see hairs, it's a female or you'll see something like this starting to happen, the balls are getting big, but no hairs are coming. Now you know it's a male or you see something weird like this some male and some female characteristics, then you have a hermaphrodite which is no good, if you let a female keep growing it ends up looking like this eventually if you want a male keep growing it ends up looking like this.




My big word of advice, guys if you're not totally sure what you have because  you're trying to make the determination really early, just give it another week don't cut the plant down, no harm will come from waiting a little bit. Gardening is about patience, once you go through a couple growth cycles and learn the spot gender, you'll start making the gender determination faster and more effortlessly .... experience counts.

Scanning-electron-microscope images of pollen from a variety of common plants



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Sexing Cannabis Plants: Male or Female?   Lex Blazer


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Female and Male Cannabis Plants - Cannabis Seed Banks

Telling a feminine cannabis plant from a male can be tricky for the inexperienced grower. It is, however, essential to know what you're doing as early as possible. Unless you’re breeding or crossbreeding cannabis, there is little reason to have male herb  in the grow room. In this article, you can find out how to tell the difference between males and females and what to do with each of them.


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It’s possible to start telling your plant’s sex as early as pre-flowering which occurs between the fourth and sixth week of vegetative growth. Pre-flowers develop where the leaf stems join the main stem (internodes). You quite often find they develop at the fourth or fifth join (internode) down from the top of the main stem. If you’re unsure of your plants sex during this period, you will be able to tell for certain by the second week of flowering .

Grow tip: Many people struggle to tell the difference between male and feminine cannabis during pre flowering. This is quite common so don’t panic, wait until the 2nd week of flowering when the the sex organs will be more pronounced.


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Almost all growers prefer feminine cannabis plants because only females produce the coveted buds needed for medicinal purposes. Male plants have low potency and D9-THC content compared to the feminine plants, and they are kept mostly produce seeds.


Male Vs Female Cannabis Plants? Pics & Difference

One of the dilemmas of most cannabis growers is how to acquaint with Male VS Female Cannabis Plants. As we all perceived in our minds, cannabis plants can either be a male or feminine cannabis plants. In order to comprehend their differences, one must be acquainted with their hereditary functions. The male cannabis plants draw out pollens which triggers the pollination of the feminine cannabis plant. Right After the process of pollination for female, it will then engender seeds but when the circumstances are reversed and the feminine cannabis plant did not productively pollen, it will bring forth D9-THC.

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