The many fine sexually enhancing varieties of herb.


Sexy Marijuana Tickets From Your Local Dispensary


"ULTIMATE TRAINWRECK smells like an angel  lady's parts, after she's been put through an NFL game." - quote of the year


In this article we have compiled a list of America's most sought after strains for sexual enhancement as described by "patients" from the top marijuana blogs on the internet.  


With a name like that, there's potential.

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid

THC:CBD   24%:CBD 0%

Godbud smells sexy, musky sweet and delivers an almost hallucinogenic high with some horny syrup on the side.  Leaves you totally zonked, relaxed and into it while being out of it....

The brainchild of British Columbia brainiac trust fund growers.  



Ask any girl, who sounds sexier, taxi driver, student, blogger ..... or Afghani Bullrider... say no more.

Strain: Indica

Merle Haggard, the Smoking Sage


THC:CBD 20%:2%

Happy, relaxing, feeling like you're riding a bull in slow motion, highly medicinal with major CBD values.  


sexy strains



You know some people will have to try this strain, just to see what's going on there.

Strain: Sativa

THC:CBD 10%::x%

A mellowish ticket , a bit naughty and a bit nice.  you'll get in the groove without feeling you've sold your soul to the devil.... long lasting and stress relieving.

Marijuana StrainsPotent Marijuana Strains and Varieties

ACDC vs AK-47 - Which Strain is Better?

asian fantasy is something you don't want miss



Anyone who's been to Asia is going to try this strain.

Strain: Sativa

THC:CBD  20%:1%

An arousing voyage to the exotic orient, with an uplifting, euphoric effect, tends to turn you into a hopping energizer Alice in Wonderland Bunny.

The genetics of this strain are intriguing... sometimes Asian Fantasy is called the Holy Grail of Weed, high is described as spacy, dreamy, a mini-burning man high, utter relaxing and peaceful....


love at first toke


Maybe the name will gross some people out, others will say, what the heck.

With a name like Goo, you can expect things to get messy. Calming and cerebral effects work well with the good old in-out.  Despite the name Goo, its a good way to clean out the pipes.  CBD provides an extra mellow effect, which counters anxiety and tightness in body and mind.

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid

THC:CBD 16%:0%

CBN: 1%


Our number one choice.  Highly medicinal, highly sexual, highly high.

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid

THC:CBD 22%!:7%!

"I fell in love with her, but more than that I love Granddaddy Purple.  I want to marry GP, strong,. uncontrollable sex drive, over the top,  psychedelic and introspective, but balanced as opposed to euphoric... super medicinal also."


For those who wish to go completely off the rails.  The name conjurs up the image .... a very mad, passionate, no holds barred, ultimately exhaustive and relaxing love affair.... after which, you can't move and you can't speak ..... until you're ready for another wreck.

A feel in love again strain, with high arousal, focus and happy feelings for the one you're with.  Smells like an angel’s lady parts, after she's played a full NFL game.

Cannabis Ruderalis is making a comeback of epic proportions.  


Strain: Sativa


" super scores for euphoria, energy and arousal."


playboy buddy


Terrible name for a Viagra advertisement but not likely to deter anyone with a sense of humour.

Its top-shelf genetics cater to good times.  

Strain: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

THC:CBD 18%:1%

Combo of #1 strain Blue Dream and Sour... this bud sparks arousal, euphoria, shits and giggles. Good for uplifting, social, functional, and fun sex.



Energised but relaxed sex for normal people who want a little adventure.

Strain: Indica

THC:CBD 20%:0%

CBN about 1%.

" Muscles relax, mind relaxes ,fulfilling sex, she’ll get you going, energize without making anyone all freakydeaky.”



This strain obviously had to make the list, if it was worth half a damn.

Strain: Indica  16%:1%

THC:CBD  15% :1%

A Fucking Incredible high is described as ... fucking incredible with warming body buzz from head to foot, feelings of ease with mind and body pain relief, with side effects of munchies and deep sleep. Promotes arousal, relaxation, and happy feelings, consistent with the label.

Why not start blending different strains, that  might be much better for your  unique bio-chemistry.


Fucking Incredible is used in conditions; chronic pain, stress, fatigue, and depression.



What is the first thought that would come to mind... IF a single person, you met an attractive lady at the bar who was know as the Purple Princes; and she smelled of fine wine, musk and perfume....

Strain : Hybrid

THC:CBD 15%:1%

"great for listening to music and SEX, cerebral, energising, euphoric but can be couch locking at the same time."


french smoke



Sex and chocolate, it's possible.  Take a chunk with a hunk.

Strain: Indica

THC:CBD 20%:0.3

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with creamy and dreamy chocolate is a natural.  Lots of testimonials saying wow, great sex, omg, etc.



A very horrible name for people that hate hard drugs, a great name for those who want to walk on the wild side and not commit a felony.  Described as the best for sex, but leaves some people a bit ragged.  With the name Green Crack, what'd you expect?

Strain: Sativa  

THC:CBD 20% :0.6%

“My wife and I love it. Seriously, sex on this strain is  the BEST ever.  But we don't sleep the best on it so it's good for the weekend, wow.”



Ancient Hindu stuff is flat out top shelf erotic.  Though skunk and sex doesn't rhyme, this strain seems to transport you into an ancient godly passionate realm, of bygone centuries.

The Total CBD informational package


Strain : Indica

THC: 22%:

"Amazing orgasm, best sex of life, got dry eyes,  super relaxing creative sex."



Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On

In Sex Pot, Mamakind tells it like it is, answering any and all burning questions regarding the pleasures of the flesh, mind & spirit and wherever the three shall meet.  She deftly helps her readers negotiate those sticky situations in which with the little help from marijuana, desire and rage collude to make sex an ecstatic event. How can role-play and prearranged signals between lovers raise the heat in a sexual encounter? And what’s a parent to do when challenged by


Arousing Strains To Help You Celebrate Valentine’s Day Right

There’s nobody we’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with than all of you Leafly fans. Thanks for making our website and app such a success! You fill the buds in our heart.  To celebrate this amorous day, here are a few strains you might want to pick up for you and your honey, as they’ve been tagged by Leafly visitors as having an “arousing” effect. Enjoy!


marijuana girl



This indica-dominant hybrid is the love child of Blueberry and Mazar.......relaxing medicine, as excellent at knocking out PTSD as it is at encouraging analingus....... VOODOO This sativa is magic indeed! ...... It’s long-lasting and stress-relieving—just the ticket to calm your nerves and keep you energized for your next friendly threesome. ....BLUE CHEESE


What's the Best Sex Pot? 4 Sexy Marijuana Tips

Cannabis has an astonishing potential as a medicine, for which the body evidence continues to pile up.  It can be used both to relieve symptoms of pain and mental trauma, as well as to actually reverse the effects of chronic diseases and ailments. But cannabis’s powers of enhancement are not confined to the medical world. The herb can also be handy in the bedroom as a potent aphrodisiac, according to a love doctor of sorts that I had the great pleasure of interviewing, named Lisa “Mamakind” Kirkman. Kirkman is a sex advice columnist, cannabis activist and author of Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover's Guide to Gettin' It On. Just in time for the lovers’ holiday, she chatted with me about such eyebrow-raising topics as why sex and pot go so well together, smoking fetishes and strains recommended for the best sex.


STRAINS - Classified as | "Good Sex Enhancement"

Strain Name: ..Pink Kush .. Grade: ... A++ ....Type: ... Hybrid ....Looks:
Although hybrid, very sativa dominant buds, dense with pink hairs hence the title pink kush, very resinous and sticky, almost looks coated in sugar .... Smell: .....Very Pungent Kush Aroma, hints of vanilla tea, similar aroma to purple her sister purple kush .... Taste: ....Very Very kushy taste, sweet almost like an over-sugared tea, with a hint of earthy tone. Very smooth Strain. ....Effects:
A Very Active Stone at first toke, however after 3 or 4 are ingested (my method Glass 2 ft. Bong) one will definitely notice her indica properties, “couch-locked” if you will. ....Potency:
For:Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Appetite, Nausea, Depression, Sex Drive, Epilepsy.


Best Weed Strains To Enhance Sexual Activity [Ask Mr. Weed.]

Your girl is smart. Sex and weed go together like, well, sex and weed. Since marijuana helps people relax and can heighten the senses (especially the sense of touch), many people find that a toke or two will get them to a higher level of sensuality. The “smokey-pokey” is one of my favorite games. And the cool thing is you don’t have to smoke a lot. A ceremonial toke with your girl to get the festivities started shouldn’t get you too high to enjoy yourself......

Growing Medical Marijuana for the First Time.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors at Home - Part II - GROWING YOUR FIRST CROP OF MARIJUANA


nice obama ass

OBAMARAMA - Goin Downtown, getting down and dirty with the Obama's


420EVALUATIONSONLINE: Many of the strains listed here can be purchased at larger dispensaries and online delivery services in California and Nevada.  While this is a fun article trending toward the recreational, good sex is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.  Until 2018, Californian's cannot purchase marijuana so a 420 doctor's evaluation is still required to purchase cannabis from any licensed outlet.  

We provide quick and affordable California physician's evaluations 100% online here.  The process takes a few minutes and your documents are approved same day.... and patients only pay if they are approved.  


420EVALUATIONSONLINE also supplies Cannabis ID and Grower's permits for use at cannabis based medicine suppliers, cooperatives, clinics, dispensaries, compassion clubs, and online suppliers of MMJ.  


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