Roger Stone - Adviser to many presidents, from Nixon to Trump and many between


Roger Stone - Adviser to many presidents, from Nixon to Trump and many between.


“In all honesty, it’s time for Trump to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions to cut the shit."  - Roger Stone


Mailing Weed in Cali - How they do it.


Roger Stone, a long-time ally of POTUS Donald Trump has starting a pro-marijuana group.  He's adamantly pushing the administration to “cut the shit” on marijuana legalization.  While Stone is staunchly behind Trump and has gone through hell and high water with him on so many fronts and issues, he's nonetheless laying the boots to him on marijuana.  


"I am used to CNN acting as a propagandist rather than a news organization, but the Cable News Network’s coverage of my keynote speech to the 2017 Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in New York City last week really underlines the extent to which CNN is fake news." - Stone


We suspect that the long term friendship will remain intact, because behind the scenes, we speculate that Trump has to appease certain elements in Washington - in the short term - that want marijuana stomped out or at least interrupted, all of which, blatantly opposes Trump's near lifetime opinion that marijuana should be legal for medical and leave recreational in the hands of the states.   


the stone cold truth - an antidote for cnn


Stone, the Republican strategist from the Nixon Days to present, announced the bipartisan coalition Friday at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo in New York. The US Cannabis Coalition is holding Trump to his campaign pledge to respect states rights set aside in the constitution, their right to make their own laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana. Stone intends to create a lobby group that includes people of all colors of the political spectrum, but all agree that the War on Drugs is bad, and that legal marijuana is good for the United States of America.  


"Fake news indeed.  I also pointed out that Attorney General Sessions announced position that the DOJ should begin enforcing Federal law against possession and distribution in those states is inconsistent with the President’s position. Incredibly, CNN Reporter Aaron Smith fails to mention this conflict which was the entire crux of my remarks.   Specifically, Smith wrote “He (Stone) spent much of his speech bashing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who opposes legalization. He called out Sessions for a recent request to Congress for approval to crack down on state-legal marijuana”, which is out of context without reference to the President’s stated position in the campaign." - Stone


Stone in essence is not lobbying for anything new.  It is a return to the pre-1930's.  A return to the ethics and intent of the constitution, where is the Federal Government's duty is not to take away freedoms, but to maintain them.   For the founding fathers, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington were intimately involved in marijuana and hemp farming.  In fact, farmers were required by law to grow it, as it was an essential commodity for the military and industry at that time.




The word is that former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is joining the USCC, which aims to have marijuana rescheduled so that doctors may legally prescribe cannabis. Removing marijuana from the list of Schedule I drugs, its ruling as a narcotic like heroin must also be eliminated and  remove the antiquated roadblocks to scientific research.


“I am going to be working with a coalition of Republicans and Democrats, progressives and libertarians, liberals, and conservatives to persuade the president to keep his campaign pledge and to remind the president that he took a strong and forthright position on this issue in the election.” 



Marijuana is only legal if you play the game by the rules.



Marijuana is most probably effective against some forms of depression resulting from chronic stress, according to neuroscientists at the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions. The chemicals in cannabis (called cannabinoids) are comparable to the the body's own endocannabinoids which combat anxiety and pain.  The neuroscientists found that stressed rats responded positively to marijuana and amazingly their endocannabinoid levels also increased.

“Using compounds derived from cannabis to restore normal endocannabinoid function could potentially help ease depression and stabilize moods,” - Researcher Dr. Samir Haj-Dahmane


These findings come on the heels of a recent study that concluded that marijuana can ease chronic pain much more effectively than most conventional medications.  Another study in 2016 ound that patients who smoked marijuana experienced a 75% loss in post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.  Of course, big pharma will continue to lobby against the legalization of marijuana, because profit is their ethic, not the wellbeing of Americans.  




“Researchers from the Australian National Drug and Alcohol centre found that patients with chronic pain who used the drug said it eased their symptoms better opioid medications, which are highly addictive and can cause accidental overdoses.” - InfoWars


“The study analyzed 1,500 patients, aged in their late 40s and early 50s, who suffered from conditions including back pain, migraines and arthritis, and were being prescribed with heavy-duty opioid medications, such as morphine and oxycodone.” - InfoWars


“The uses of the cannabis plant far extend beyond ‘getting high’ — to the degree that it was ultimately ruled to be illegal in all forms thanks to mega-billion dollar corporations fearing its many uses that extend even into the realm of construction and agriculture,” “Because, as you are probably aware, industrial-grade hemp (a high-growing variety of cannabis) can be used in protein shakes, building materials, oils used for the prevention and treatment of disease, and actually does not get you high.” - Anthony Gucciardi


“As the realization within the United States comes into focus surrounding the practical and health-related uses of marijuana, especially in its ‘no high’ non-THC form that only serves to enhance one’s health and state, it’s becoming more clear than ever that a serious role exists for hemp within the U.S. and beyond.” - Infowars



420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Even though recreational marijuana use is legal in California, citizens still need a medical doctor's recommendation to buy it legally.  Fortunately, the California medical board encourages the use of Telemedicine - that is medical services delivered via the internet - for routine medical consultations - which includes the acquisition of Cannabis ID - completion of 420 evaluations and medical cannabis grow permits. Our process is 100% online and takes only a few minutes to complete - and is much cheaper than a visit to a clinic or doctor's office.  Our documents are valid in California and most parts of Nevada and are used at licensed delivery services, dispensaries, cooperatives, clinics and compassion clube.




Roger Stone Keynote Speech - Cannabis Expo - New York, New York   

Stone Rocks!!!!! ....I always look forward to talks from Roger Stone. Sensible and well-spoken, as always :)? ....Pot turns gay people straight !! IT must be made illegal!.....Well said Mr. Stone! .....Sessions looks the other way as big pharma kills millions of people with its dangerous drugs. Sessions is a criminal protecting other criminals...and they must keep that medicinal plant illegal at all costs.....The real gateway drugs are alcohol and sugar...and the establishment pushes those drugs on us, and our children. The feds are criminals.?


Benjamin Fulford - The Enigmatic


The USCC Set Out to Disrupt the Nation's Stance on Cannabis   

The USCC is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit section 527, which is the same tax-exempt status that applies to political action committees.

In the announcement at the CWCB Expo, Stone said "I am going to be working with a coalition of Republicans and Democrats, progressives and libertarians, liberals, and conservatives to persuade the president to keep him campaign pledge, and to remind the president that he took a strong and forthright position on this issue in the election."

The USCC Sets Its Sights On Disrupting the Nation's Stance on Cannabis

All this time we’ve been wondering who the pro marijuana voice of reason in the Trump’s circle would be. With so many in Trump’s campaign that are clearly prohibitionist, the chances of any real supporters seemed slimmer than ever.

Then, six months into Trump’s presidency, an incredibly stunning development has breathed new life into the hopes of marijuana supporters around the country.



Speaking at the exposition, I announced that I would be working with Democratic Party activist, marijuana advocate, and Orlando Florida trial attorney John Morgan, in a bipartisan coalition called The United States Cannabis Coalition (USCC). We will persuade President Trump to honor the commitment he made during the Presidential campaign to support state’s rights to legalize cannabis and to protect the medicinal marijuana industry in the 29 states that have legalized it.



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