Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods


Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods


“Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.”  Peter A. Levine



Linda: So, how are you, anyway?

The right strain of marijuana will probably kill your pain - more effectively than any other non-addictive medicine.


Mike: I'm fine, OK. How are you?
Linda: Me? I'm OK. I'm fine. I go along, you know. Still workin' at the market. There's a million things to do. You sure you're all right, huh?
Mike: Yeah.
Linda: What about your wounds?
Mike: There's nothin', just healed. Just the usual complications, that's all.
Linda: But we heard...
Mike: No, that's not true. A lot of guys went through it.
Linda: Oh, I'm so glad you're alive. I'm so happy. I really don't know what I feel.


PTSD, or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, is a disorder results from intense mental and physical trauma that results from warfare, sexual abuse, aberrant relationships, accidents and natural disasters.  Symptoms of PTSD include; avoidance, hyperarousal, flashbacks, social isolation, insomnia, depression and demoralization. Long term PTSD it thought to change brain chemistry, where adrenaline and stress hormones interact to create a chronic aberrant mental state.


Symptoms - Cause


  • Negativity about people, self, world

  • Inability to have a good time, lost interest in hobbies

  • Emotionally a zombie, then animated with anger

  • Lack of interest in favorite activities once enjoyed

  • Trouble with sleeping, concentration, very uptight

  • Live in fear, guilt, easily startled, paranoid, on watch incessantly

  • Self medicates with alcohol, prescription meds, illegal drugs to relax and forget


Top 5 Medications for Depression

  • Cymbalta        

  • Lexapro                      

  • Zoloft  

  • Prozac

  • Celexa

When your weed works against you.  What to do.



Cymbalta Side Effects:  A light-headed feeling, like you might pass out; blurred vision, tunnel vision, eye pain or swelling, or seeing halos.....see more ... 420EVALUATIONSONLINE PTSD on drug side effects

It the trauma is severe enough, insanity in the overstimulated mind can ensue -  if the mind is not shut down.  The mind can throw a fuse in protection and the memory of  intense trauma is removed from the conscious and buried in the subconscious.  If this memory festers in the subconscious without resolution, the stored traumatic events leak into the conscious mind, upon the stimulus of triggers, leading to flashbacks, or an ongoing or intermittent uncomfortable or anxious feelings, which lead to aberrant behavior, poor concentration, irritability and so on.  

“Using compounds derived from cannabis  to restore the body's own endocannabinoid function,  could potentially help stabilize moods and ease depression, significant improvement was observed on seven of the 12 items of the PTSD scale."  -  Dr. Samir Haj-Dahmane


Your mission on Earth


Sexual, mental and verbal abuse by parents and people in a position of authority has been a profound problem in western societies for a very long time.  Not that traditional societies don't have their problems, PTSD, is according, to the consensus opinion of cultural anthropologists, is largely a man made disease, the product of civilization.  In the process of making rules, regulations and belief system constructs, human behavior and environment are changed in ways that conflict with homosapiens innate natural ways.  


"Cannabis is associated with reductions in PTSD symptoms in some patients, and prospective, placebo-controlled study is needed to determine efficacy of cannabis and its constituents in treating PTSD."  - George R. Greer, MD


For example, in studies done on the civil war, it was found that the majority of the soldiers would not shoot the enemy, and fired into the air or did not pull the trigger at all.  This led to changes in training where recruits behavior had to be modified psychologically, through "training".  The various strategies employed by many military schools go well beyond instilling discipline, in fact, a boot camp gone wrong can be a root cause of PTSD.  


Kill the Bitch that is PTSD

In a typical case, Peter experienced debilitating PTSD, which included insomnia and ADD. He took takes Adderall to help mental focus with concentration, but the drug messed up his system so bad (stomach and intestinal issues, insomnia worse) , he added cannabis to treat the side effects.  He stopped the ADD medication all together when he discovered a CBD:THC strain that helped with his anxiety and insomnia which allowed his mental fog to diminish to the point where he discontinued the Adderall.

“It helps with school, work, and dealing with people, My mind races and marijuana helps me slow down and think things through the rather than run and hide. I can tell it's helped me because I'm sleeping much better, I'd even say normally and anxiety attacks are near zero.” - Peter


Memory loss, brain fog, needs to be cleared up.

Combat veterans have an especially high probability of acquiring PTSD; one government study reported that about 1 in 5 soldiers and officers deployed in middle eastern wars ended up with PTSD Given that cannabis is prohibited by the Feds, veterans are medicated with antidepressants and antipsychotics.  

Success rates with these pharmaceuticals in treating severe PTSD symptoms is abysmal.  All the while, there are many peer reviewed studies that clearly indicate that cannabis based medicines offer great relief (see problem solution section below with PubMed articles).  In addition, there are thousands of testimonials from veterans with PTSD on Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, reddit, and you name - that fervently testifies that marijuana works, like none other.


“The drugs that they were giving them … they couldn’t get up in the mornings. Most of the guys weren’t the type of soldiers who had issues before Iraq or even in Iraq, but they bring them back and put them on these drugs, and they’re falling asleep in the chair. There was no way they could function, especially in a civilian job. So maybe marijuana is an alternative.” - Army Sergeant Gregory Westbrook 

How Cannabis Can Help Treat PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide - 2000- 2017  


Right now (2017) there is admittedly no effective medication for PTSD patients.  However, with recent developments in the understanding of the body’s  endocannabinoid system had begun to explain why cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, the active ingredients of marijuana are working so well for many PTSD patients.

An investigation by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).found that people with PTSD had abnormally low levels of anandamide, a endo-cannabinoid produced naturally in the body.  People with high levels of anandamide did not show signs of PTSD. Researchers have found that cannabinoids are Innate to all mammals, and cannabis contains analogues (THC, CBD, etc.)  that trigger receptors that control emotion, pain, cognition, inflammation, etc.

In other words, endocannabinoid deficiency is a key component in many PTSD cases.  How various nutritional and psychological factors interact with  internal endocannabinoid deficiency remains to be fully understood.  The takeaway?  Endocannabinoid deficiency may be treated, supplemented with cannabinoids to alleviate PTSD symptoms.

Medical researchers have found that the normal CB-1 receptor signaling deactivates traumatic memories and endows it with the gift of letting go forgetting, or perhaps even resolution. Deviant CB-1 signaling, found in  subjects with an endocannabinoid  (low serum anandamide), results in impaired fear extinction, aversive memory consolidation, and chronic anxiety, the hallmarks of post traumatic stress disorder.


Kids need Dads


PTSD patients should consult a medical professional experienced in medical marijuana before jumping on the band wagon to self-medicate. Patients unaccustomed to marijuana need to understand that cannabis based medicines high THC are not for everyone, that there are many other types of cannabis herb, high is non-psychoactive cannabinoids.  Some strains of weed can make things worse for some people, they become anxious and paranoid. Sometimes a ratio of 1:1 THC to CBD is best.  Some people can't take THC at all but find that after a while, the subtle CBD did the trick.

It seems that the damage caused by PTSD cannot be fully undone by medication in every case, but for many, cannabis provides respite when nothing works. There is great promise, as researchers are rapidly learning better how the endocannabinoid system works. In addition, basic research is being conducted on many other cannabinoids that exist at percent levels in the more exotic strains of marijuana.   All of this means that custom cannabis medicines could be made to treat specific individual types with PTSD.


“Always remember,with PTSD you're wounded but you've survived the battle, others didn't. You have the chance to come out the winner, no matter what happened in the past."



Mike:  I came 12,000 miles back here to get you...What's the matter with you? Don't you recognize me?...

Nicky: I love you, you're my friend. What are you doing? We don't have much time, Nick. (Nick pulls the trigger on the gun, clicking on an empty chamber) Is this what you want? Is this what you want? I love you.

Nick: (Mike pulls the trigger, clicking on an empty chamber) Come on, Nicky, come home. Just come home. Home. Talk to me. (looking at Nick's track marks).   What did you do to your arms? Do you remember the trees?  Do you remember all the different ways of the trees?

Do you remember that? Do you remember? Huh? The mountains? Do you remember all that?
Nick: One shot. (He smiles and laughs in recognition)

Mike: Nicky, Nicky, don't, Nick, no!!

Mike: One shot, one shot.(Nick pulls the trigger, shooting himself)



RECOMMENDED MMA fighter resolves lifetime issues with therapy and marijuana

During the Manhoof training camp, my dad died.   My dad and I had like a weird relationship.  We had a falling out, hadn't spoke in like 10 years.   He came to one of my fights and I found out he had cancer.   My reaction was that I really didn't care.  I hated him, like we had some really bad issues.  My buddy, took me into timeline therapy.  He said, think of a time when you were really proud, think of a time when you were really happy.  And everything seemed intense to revolve around my dad.  It was really weird, after going through it, I lost all resentment toward my father.  It was like this chip on my shoulder my whole life fell off....


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420 EvaluationsOnline:  Now PTSD sufferers can legally access medical marijuana in 28 of the 50 states in the union.  In California and Nevada, until 2018, patients will need to have legal access to medical marijuana.  Fortunately, the California Board of Medicine compassionately allows citizens to easily acquire a medical doctor's 420 recommendation for cannabis online via Telemedicine.  Our online process takes only a few minutes to input their info about conditions and symptoms.  A licensed doctor reviews the file shortly thereafter.  Clients only pay if the doctor recommends cannabis based medicines.  420EVALUATIONSONLINE provides Cannabis ID Cards, Grower's permits, renewals, to legally interact with dispensaries, clinics, police, event officials, cooperatives and delivery services.



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