Why not start blending different strains, that  might be much better for your  unique bio-chemistry.


By blending different strains correctly a more optimal individualized medicine can be created.


"Patients ask, can mixing strains make a better medicine?

Rec users ask, can mixing strains make for a better high?"


 The answer to both these questions is a definitive yes.


There are many forms of cannabis based medicines and recreational substances.  There are various forms of hash oil, dabs and butter, hash itself, kief, and hundreds of different strains of marijuana to choose from.  The main ingredients in cannabis are the phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and an assortment of minor organic and nutritional substances.  


"A mixture of Charlotte's Web and Doug's Varin might deliver one of the most sane, inspired and medicinal highs of all time."


Recreational users that love to get high or like to smoke a joint to unwind, in many cases are actually self medicating for an underlying condition, like stress, depression, trauma or even subconsciously for a physical disorder such as pain and headache.  A study of marijuana smokers who went cold turkey found that many of the subjects got nasty headaches.  At first, migraine was thought to be a withdrawal symptom, but it turned out that marijuana had been treating a pre-existing condition.

Why not grow the Best ?  World's Strongest Sativas



Whatever the case, recreational marijuana is now legal in many parts of the United States and for many, they need not have a medical rationale to smoke pot.  Whether a person is using marijuana recreationally or medically, they should ask themselves, what are the positive and negative effects of marijuana.  Do I sometimes feel too spaced out?  Was there a cottonmouth effect?  Was there any anxiety or paranoia associated with weed use?  Did I get too energised or sedated?  Did my grass suppress or enhance my appetite.  



It turns out that different kinds of marijuana have all of the sometimes opposing effects listed above.  And the pot you're smoking can very likely be improved upon.   It is widely known that synthetic marijuana doesn't provide nearly as good of results as whole herb cannabis.  We can, however find strains marijuana strains that are predominantly high in different cannabinoids and terpenes, the ingredients that are medicinal and psychoactive.  Now we have strains that are high in either THC, CBD, THC and CBD, or THCV, CBC, and CBG which allow us to add a little of this and a little of that, to produce a herbal blend that caters to your uniques as a human being.  







Growing Medical Marijuana for the First Time.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors at Home - Part II - GROWING YOUR FIRST CROP OF MARIJUANA


There are more than 100 different phyto-cannabinoids that have been identified in various strains of cannabis.  About a dozen phyto-cannabinoids have established medicinal efficacy in a variety of conditions.  Even marijuana that was developed simply for it's stoning qualities (high THC) turns out to be quite medicinal, especially useful in treating mood disorders, obsessive behavior, neurological problems and autoimmune disorders among other conditions.  


Another cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD) has taken the medical community by storm.  This compound is completely non-psychoactive and seems to have even more medical efficacy than THC.  CBD is actually found naturally in moderate concentrations in Hemp and cannabis landrace strains found in and about Nepal, Northern India, through Pakistan and Afghanistan.

CBD mixed with THC naturally or by combining strains is found to be more psychologically appealing in the vast majority of cases.  


Strangely, most of long time pot smokers have yet to try smoking a mix of CBD and THC strains.  Then there is THCV, which is psychoactive like THC, but suppresses appetite, rather than mitigate a case of the munchies.  THCV is also an energiser as opposed to the couch-locking effect found in many high THC strains.  Then there is cannabinol (CBN) which is aged THC, where the molecule breaks down a little bit, in a good way, like fine wine.  CBN is mellowing  





What is a terpene?  Terpenes are the essential oils of fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees and other plants.  The smell of citrus, pine, berries, marijuana, all comes from the constituent terpenes.

There are about twenty different terpenes that are found in therapeutic amounts in various strains of cannabis.  Each type of terpene has it's own suite of effects.  Some terpenes dial up the effect of THC.  The terpenes of black pepper, for example, knock out panic attacks and paranoia caused by overconsumption of high-THC weed.  


Essential oil mixtures can be purchased at any large health food or vitamin and herbal store.  While terpenes are generally very safe, some kinds, especially those from non-food sources such as the bark of trees, can be toxic.  


"Before you delve into uncharted waters and experiment, you should consult with a knowledgeable health care professional.







Cannabinoids and terpenes found in foods and the whole plant have been found to be exceedingly safe and of low toxicity.  In fact, there are no documented cases of overdose from cannabis, black pepper, oranges, lemon, savory, etc.  




What you want to do is go though the Further reading section (below) and look for strains, cannabinoids and terpenes that have the properties and effects that you're looking for.  Then, again consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional before moving on to a practitioner of weed alchemy.



High THC strain like Blue Dream, OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple
High THCV strain like Durban Poison, Doug's Varin, Pineapple Purps

High CBD strain like ACDC, Charlotte’s Web, Halley's Comet

Essential oils like lemon, citrus, pepper (that may be taken internally only)

It has been suggested that Durban Poison and Charlotte's Web compliment one another very nicely.  We agree.  If you can get Doug's Varin then the amounts of THC, THCV and CBD can be delivered in relatively equal amounts, which might deliver one of the most sane, inspired and medicinal highs of all time



Cheese & Blue Dream

America's favorite strain the last three years running can't be a bad start. Dreamy Blue effects are dreamy, happy, relaxed, while Cheese is a puts a little more wind in your sails, so to speak.  Cheese might be the sexiest strain out there, according to the volume of testimonials floating about the web.  The mixture of these two is just dreamy morocco cheese cake.  

Sour Diesel & Granddaddy Purple

These two opposing strains, Indica and Sativa inspire laughter and couchlock respectively.  
Sour Diesel hits like turbo-espresso, while P-Daddy is erotically sedating.  Something in between might be what the doctor ordered; cool, inspired, erotic energy.  

420EVALUATIONSONLINE provides cannabis ID, 420 recommendations, grower permits and renewals fast and affordably online.  The process takes only a few minutes to complete and a doctor will review your file the same day.  Patient's only pay if their evaluation for medical cannabis is approved.  Our documents and ID are valid in the States of California and Nevada and are used at dispensaries, cannabis clinics, cooperatives, delivery services and other vendors of medical marijuana.




 Finding the Right Strain - Marijuana Basics Clarified

"Most Veteran Pot smokers think they know a lot about the weed sciences, But overall its not true, so suggests our unofficial survey of doctors, patients and rec marijuana smokers."   With the approval of your favorite medical professional, most everyone that medicate with marijuana should do the following:  Buy marijuana with a laboratory certificate of analysis.  Try raw cannabis and hemp juicing.  Try High THCV, THC,CBD balanced, and CBD high strains.  Don't bother to figure out cause and effect without lab testing papers. Try medicating orally and by vape with all forms of medication.  Keep it simple, use your common sense


What Is CBN and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

 Its name may bears a striking resemblance to CBD or CBN, offers a unique assortment of effects and benefits that have researchers clamoring for more scientific investigation. So far, CBN’s studied benefits include: Pain relief - Anti-insomnia - growth of bone cells - Antibacterial Anti-inflammatory - Anti-convulsive - Appetite stimulant... 5 mg of CBN is as effective as 10 mg diazepam, a pharmaceutical sedative.

THC & CBD, Indica and Sativa - The differences,lists of best strains and doctor notes




 CBDV is under investigation in Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis  Epilepsy, ,seizure, spasm and tremor


“Our collaboration over several years has shown that CBD and CBDV exerts significant anti-convulsant effects in a wide range of preclinical models of seizure and epilepsy, it is also better tolerated as compared to existing anti-epileptic drugs.” - Dr. Ben Whalley


What is CBDV - What is the difference between CBD and CBDV - Is it toxic - What are its effects - Is there any research on CBDV - Is CBDV legal - What strains are high in CBDV?


 THC-V strains suppress appetite and balances blood sugar levels, they're on the cutting edge of cannabis based medical research  THC-V, a component of new and little known strains of marijuana that, dials down overactive "appetite receptors" by tapping into a natural endocannabinoid system that regulates many bodily functions.  You don't really need the IQ or a rocket scientist to know that a slow metabolism, lack of exercise and an overconsumption of high calorie - sugary and deep fried foods - are the major causes of obesity.


"Smoking pot and the munchies go hand-in-hand - so it must lead to weight gain, right? Not necessarily, according to a new study published in The American Journal of Medicine: The research finds that people who use marijuana actually tend to have smaller waistlines. " - Womeny Healthy



Ten of the most interesting and unique strains on the planet, chosen for their exotic attributes and outstanding medical potential, the future of cannabis.  We present here, ten of the world's most exotic cannabis strains - coupled with great medicinal potential.  Growers and researchers are just scratching the surface.  While most are familiar THC rich weed, with large, fragrant flowers and the classical seven pronged leaf, some strains will force a rethink, what is the cannabis plant really all about?  There are marijuana strains high in other phyto-cannabinoids, with highly differing effects.  Some strains don't even vaguely resemble classical marijuana.



“Many of us are cannabinoid deficient. A multitude of disorders and their symptoms come come from a deficiency… CBG, the stem molecule which quickly converts to CBD, THC and other phyto-cannabinoids.  CBG might turn out to be the most medicinal of the lot ."

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid found found in higher concentrations in Hemp as opposed to weed selectively bred for high psychoactive THC content. Most strains of medical and recreational cannabis have minor amounts CBG, somewhere between 0.1 and 1%.  The literature is very sparse and CBG is seldom quantified in industrial Hemp strains but average values appear to range from 0.2 to 2%.   It may be possible to interrupt the enzyme activity which converts CBG into THC especially.  Strains higher in CBG (est. 2-3%) have recently appeared in Europe and these new varieties are expected to appear on the market in the next year or so.



Top 5 Cannabinoids - What are They? What do they Do?

 Phytocannabinoid-Terpenoid Entourage Effect.  phyto-cannabinoids and other compounds in Marijuana (such as Terpenes) interact and cause a different effect as compared to isolates.  For example, THC taken alone may cause paranoia side effects, however THC taken with peppercorns mitigates paranoid feelings.

"Pepper contains the terpenes myrcene, α-Pinene (alpha-pinene) and the terpenoid (a modified terpene) caryophyllene.  Pinene has been used for asthmatic patients as a bronchodilator, and, beta-caryophyllene which has been researched for help with arthritis, multiple sclerosis and HIV-associated dementia as well as treatment with anxiety and depression. In other words, the terpenoids found in pepper could help with the THC-induced symptoms felt from the phyto-cannabinoids found in marijuana." -  Ethan Russo in the British Journal of Medicine



If they’re on blood pressure medication, and they add the cannabis blood pressure, it actually can go too low, so I learnt them to dial down the blood pressure medications, because the cannabis can normalize, not for everybody, but this something we do here frequently.  That was pressures seizures, so that’s a famous indication, we have to be real careful with the dosing.  

With seizures, it needs the most precise dosing, we have found that CBD cannabidiol that’s not psychoactive, it actually is a bit harder to use for seizures than THC, and that is because the CBD definitely can be given in too high a dose, where it’s actually causing more seizures.  So with the seizures, we learned this is where we have to be really careful, to be precise with the dose to find that sweet spot.  



 Because if you can use too much, or go up too quickly,  knowing that it takes three weeks to fully build-up in the body of a person. if a patient increases every week their dose, they can too easily just blow by their sweet spot, so with seizures, we're really careful to find that sweet spot, and then we can get steady maintenance that way.  


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