Marijuana and Pain

Pain Management for Migraines using Medical Marijuana


"Of the 121 people studied, 103 reported a decrease in monthly migraines by smoking Cannabis." - Clinical study


A review of the literature revealed that Medical Marijuana is not only a potential treatment for migraine and headache disorder, in many cases, it is an effective treatment.


European doctors treated nasty headache and migraine using Cannabis elixirs, extracts and ointments (neck rubs) for centuries.  Queen Victoria's physicians regular prescribed several types of Marijuana medicines to treat nasty PMS symptoms that included Migraine.  American doctors prescribed Medical Cannabis medicines for nearly two hundred years, up until the 1930's when it was banned.  US Pharmacopoeia of 1920 describes Marijuana for headaches among many other (especially women's) disorders.

Medical Standards today require that a drug's efficacy (effectiveness) be proven before a drug can go on the market and be prescribed.  However, in some States, medical doctors can recommend Medical Marijuana to their patients, just like they did back in great grandma's day.

In California, if you have a Migraine, you can go to a licensed doctor that knows about Marijuana and get a legal recommendation. These days you can get a Doctor's Recommendation Online without leaving your home.  Click here to learn more.




Researchers have found in countless studies that Cannabis also treats pain of all kinds, MS, PMS, spinal injuries, phantom pain and just about every other kind.

“A review of 38 clinical  trials evaluating cannabinoids in pain management revealed that more than 70 percent found that cannabinoids demonstrable statistically significant pain-relieving effects." - Dr. Eric P. Baron

How does Marijuana kill pain?  The molecules in Marijuana, called Cannabinoids modulate receptors in the body and brain that control pain and inflammation.  It turns out that there are ten times more "Marijuana (Cannabinoid)" receptors that opioid receptors (that respond to most pain killers).  This means that it is theoretically possible to make a new kind of Cannabis based drug that is customized to manipulate the plentiful receptors in the brain and body.


"Of the 121 people studied, 103 reported a decrease in monthly migraines, 15 reported the same number of migraines, and three people saw an increase in migraines. There was a substantial improvement for patients in their ability to function and feel better.” -  Professor Laura Borgelt


There are many kinds of cannabinoids, some psychoactive, some not, some strongly antibacterial, some work as pain killers and some not.  A variety of medicines are now available that take into account an individual's genetics.  For example, three basic Cannabis medicines are used now;

  • High THC very potent psychoactive and medicinal
  • Equal portions of CBD and THC which provide possible the best of both worlds, pleasant feelings with outstanding medicinal benefits
  • H high CBD and low THC which provides outstanding medicinal effects without getting high


"According to a recent report of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at the University of California, San Diego, confirm that it is effective in reducing muscle spasms and they examined the effectiveness of cannabis in treating migraine headaches and facial pain. In that study, rats given a cannabis-like drug exhibited reduced activity of nerve cells that transmit pain. Many patients find that marijuana is additionally useful in reducing stress that may be contributing to the headache, providing more effective relief than any  one pharmaceutical medicine." - Cannabis Medicine

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