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"I've for years argued that we should treat drug use as a health issue, not as a crime, While the vast majority of recreational drug users never experience any problems, people who struggle with drug addiction deserve access to treatment, not a prison cell." - Billionaire Richard Branson: Decriminalize Drug Use Worldwide



2 Netherlands

3 Canada

4 Australia

5 Afghanistan


Hall of Weed Shame is Thailand. Weed in Thailand is illegal and the once fabulous Thai stick has been regulated to the garbage bin.


Honorable Mention: Israel.  Very smart Israeli Scientists and businessmen are taking a serious run at the Medical Marijuana business.


Marijuana Tourism Advisory


Top Pot Nations by Consumption


% Cannabis Users

United States











Only the Netherlands is not among the top Weed smoking Western countries.  This fact flies in the face of people that say Marijuana is a gateway drug and legalization will lead to rampant weed smoking among the youth.  The facts are, the country with long-term legalization, nearly forever, smokes less Weed than almost all first world countries.


5. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is known as one of the world's poorest, but surely the of toughest peoples.  No one ever succeeded in changing any of their ways. Not the British, Not the Mongols, Not the USSR and certainly Not the USA.   In the years after the US invasion, production has reduced, partly due to a drop in demand and local crackdowns. 


As one of the world's first Marijuana farming areas, don't expect the Taliban to change the country folk's Marijuana ways, for they too are cruisin for a bruisin. Afghanistan is famous for some of the best Marijuana strains in the world.  While the Kush variety does not score at the top of any one category, it's a great all rounder, with a relaxing, peaceful high. Western cultivators find Kush to be a great, robust strain to cross with other varieties. 


Some Afghan Strains of Note

Afgan Kush
Afgan Kush Ryder
Afgan Kush Special
Afgan Kush x Black Domina
Afgan Kush x Skunk
Afgan Kush x White Widow
Afgan Kush x Yumbolt
Afghan Delight

4. Australia
Who would have thought an Aussie could stop partying long enough to put in the concerted effort that growing good weed requires.  Well jokes aside, Australia has an abundant supply of university graduates that smoke pot, who have applied their acumen in the cultivation of Marijuana.  These days, innovation, cultivation methods, seeds and genetics spread across the world like wildfire.  English speaking countries tend to share MMJ ideas with one another for obvious reasons.  This means that what the US or Canada does, the Aussies can do.


Now that Australia, with virtually the rest of the Commonwealth, to legalize marijuana, expect them to keep their spot in  the top 5.  There are reports of one Aussie variety that came in at %40 THC, but we think the claim is probably beer induced.  With that said, you can find some of the world's best and most potent Pot in the land of Oz.


Top Aussie Cannabis Varieties - 2015

1. Special Queen 1
2. Northern Light Automatic
3. Royal Dwarf
4. White Widow
5. Amnesia Haze
6. CBD Oil (10ml)
7. Special Kush 1
8. Critical
9. Royal AK Automatic
10. O.G. Kush


Thanks to: Royal Queen Seeds of Australia


3. Canada

Canada places ahead of Australia only because they are masters at indoor Cannabis growing. Canadians can and do grow Weed varieties with 30% THC content in lands north of the arctic circle.  Now, Eskimo's can and do get higher than a kite off of BC Bud.  There are local rumors that one of the first super high THC varieties of Indica was developed by hall of fame scientist Dr David Suzuki at UBC in the 70s.


Since Dr. Suzuki went mainstream, maybe he's waiting for Marijuana to be fully legalized in Canada before accepting accolades. There are those in Canada, and especially British Columbia that claim California was second, in developing the first "modern" THC strains. In response to that idea, Californian's say, what's BC Bud?


Some Kick Ass BC Bud

B.C.God Bud 
BC Arctic Sun 
BC Blueberry 
BC Optimus Prime 
BC Sweet Tooth 
Salt Spring Rhino
UBC Chemo
Van Isle Gold
B52 Bomber
49th Parallel

2. Netherlands

The Dutch don't actually smoke too much Pot, half or less, as compared to Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia.  Marijuana and Hashish arrived in the country several hundred years ago and Cannabis traditions remain completely intact.  The good old Netherlands.  At one time, the Dutch East India Company absolutely dominated  world trade, with Everything Asian coming through Amsterdam; spice, coffee, opium, hashish, china, etc. From the 1600's onward Amsterdam was a financial hub with a lot of cash floating about. 


The Netherlands is famous for being the first to cash in on Marijuana tourism.  The business community correctly saw that Marijuana is not a dangerous thing, that is, if it's all out in the open and legal.  Recently, however, they've scaled back a bit with the crazy, wasted foreigners suddenly roaming around wasted.  In this northern agricultural country, the industrious Dutch have taken strains from all over the world to produce the greatest variety of Pot in the world.  Wait a minute, the USA has just claimed that spot.  No matter, number two in the world ain't bad for a country comparable to the size of LA county.  A closing thought is that present Dutch Marijuana problems stem from visitors/invaders where Marijuana was illegal.


Dutch Wonder Weed Examples


Dutch Treat

Dutch Blue Automatic
Dutch Cheese
Dutch Cheese
Dutch Delight
Flying Dutchmen                                            
Dutch Dragon
Dutch Queen
Dutch Skunk

1. United States
Weed will Make America Great Again, right Donald?


The US is now, by far the leader in Marijuana by literally every measure.  Greatest production, most users, leaders in research, innovations out of the Yin-yang.  Right now, at $50 billion per year, Marijuana is the US biggest cash crop, by a huge margin.  


Hemp and Cannabis farming goes way back to 1700 at least.  The founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had Hemp plantations. Jefferson was reputed to have claimed that a relaxing marijuana smoke at the end of the day was heavenly.  It wasn't until the 1930's that Cannabis became illegal. Before that, Cannabis was a commonly prescribed medicine. Bizarrely, as alcohol was relegalized, Cannabis became illegal. Such is the bipolar nature of the US.


When it comes to Marijuana, you can get anything in the States, from chemical sprayed low quality garbage to fully tested high-grade Medical Cannabis with 15% CBD at $1000 per oz. When it comes to Cannabis laws, it is a royal mess.  Each state creates its own laws, while the Federal government disputes their rights to do so. The Feds send Commando units to deal with illegal and sometimes legal grow operations. Very creepy.  Each county and cities have varying Marijuana laws.   When laws are tested in court, to have legislation thrown out.  So it's tricky business operating in the US Marijuana matrix.  You better have a know a good lawyer and have contingency plans made for what if.


In states where Medical Marijuana is legal, the process of purchasing Pot is quite straightforward. For example, in California, patients can go online and get a Medical Recommendation from a Medical Doctor to treat their conditions and symptoms.  Recreational Marijuana use has happened in several states with more putting the issue of full-on legalization on the ballot.


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Residents of California that want to access Medical Marijuana legally can get a Medical Marijuana Doctor's Evaluation and Recommendation here online.  Patients don't need to leave home, everything is done online in less than 10 minutes.   Click here to apply.


Our documents are accepted by all licensed Cannabis Cooperatives, Medical Marijuana Clinics, Dispensaries and Clubs in the State of California.   We also provide Cannabis ID and Growers permits.

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