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Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug - Painkillers ARE - PART I

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"The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy reports that  prescription drugs are second to Marijuana as the drug of choice for today's teens. BUT pharmaceutical drugs account for seven of the top ten drugs used by high school students."


Marijuana has been called a gateway drug, but by whom and for what purpose?  Forty or fifty years ago weed aficionados sometimes had no choice but  to deal with criminal elements to get their stash.  It turns out (in studies) that associating with people who have access and use hard drugs is the actual gateway to hell.   If the provider of Marijuana source is not associated with addictive drugs, DUH, there is no door to open.


As Pot became more popular, street Marijuana became disassociated with hard drugs.  In fact, in the super-hard-core Eastside of Vancouver, Canada, clinics have found Cannabis to be very effective in their withdrawal and anti-addiction programs for Crack and Heroin. 


Do the Math - How to Afford a Beautiful House with a Beautiful Wife

Now the Doctors and pharmacists can enter the stage.  Among the many good health professionals,  there is a also an epidemic of suspect activity; see celeb deaths for cases in point.   The public is generally not aware of the scope of the orthodox drug problem at some levels  Not widely known also is that 30-50% of Pharmaceutical sales cater to drug misuse and abuse.  Physicians often get a cut of each prescription, which are too often written for a fake "chronic" condition.  It takes a minute or less to rubber stamp a prescription.  Do the math, and you'll see how to afford a beautiful house with a beautiful wife.

"Drug Abuse Among Doctors: Easy, Tempting, and Not Uncommon"  Medical Report on Medical Doctors Abuse is enlightening. 

Prescription Drug Fraud and Misuse.  This report goes into outright fraud by pharmacists and Doctors, however, that's the tip of the iceberg, most of the fraud is of the quasi-legal variety, where the patient claims a really back ache or something and the Doctor turns a blind eye to the BS, allowing the patient maximum access to Meds.   


“Prison is the biggest business in America,” he says. “[If] you got the money, you can build a prison out in Nevada and it’ll be filled before you finish building it. That’s a fact, and that’s a shame.”  Merle Haggard


Marijuana is a Gateway AWAY from Hard Drugs

Since MMJ legalization in many parts of the country, Marijuana has proven to be anything but a gateway drug. To the contrary, a lot of research indicates that criminalization and prohibition are factors that lead to hard drug use.  Ironically,  prescription drugs have proven to be a much bigger step down the slippery slope.  Overall, death totals from prescription drugs are greater than all illegal drugs, murder and automobile accident deaths combined.  The deaths of some of our most cherished celebrities, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, Marilyn Monroe have proven to come at the hands of prescription drugs.  In all of these cases, the gateway to drugs was their Doctor and pharmacist, not Marijuana.


Meanwhile, Cannabis is never, ever associated with homicide or death in the headlines. 


Benjamin Fulford - The Enigmatic


The Epidemic that is;  The Prescription Drug Problem

Death by medicine is epidemic.  It is not so much that the "War on Drugs" was wrong, it was directed at the wrong foe.  It's the enemy within.

Prescription drugs now kill many more people than illegal drugs.  While other causes of death are generally declining, the Center for Drug Control stated that:

  • more people were killed by pharmaceutical drugs than vehicle accidents
  • 40,000 thousand overdose deaths per annum from prescription drugs;
  • rate of drug-death doubled and tripled / in teens and elderly / over the past 10 years. HORRIFYING
  • drug-fatalities are not driven by street drugs, rather are driven by pharmaceuticals
  • OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax and Soma kill more than heroin and cocaine combine
  • of 62 million death certificates, almost a quarter-million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors.
  • An estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur in the U.S. every year.
  • adverse drug reactions estimated costs to US society are $136 billion annually


In comparison MMJ deaths by overdose are as rare as hen's teeth. MMJ Strains high in THC can cause some scary side effects include anxiety and paranoia in some vulnerable individuals. However, these undesirable side effects don't lead to self-harm, but rather the opposite, the paranoia focuses on self-preservation.  Now there are low-THC Marijuana medicines that are every bit as effective in many conditions.  New strains have been bred to contain high quantities of a non-psychoactive compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which show even greater medicinal potential that it's famous THC cousin.

This is why Medical Marijuana's future is so promising.  It doesn't kill you while it helps you.  You're not on a highway to hell.

Consider these cases in point as in point blank; how these most famous celebrities sadly lost their lives as a direct result of pharmaceutical drug abuse.




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