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There are several simple rules about mailing cannabis.  Here they are:


  • It is debatable if shipping marijuana within your home state is illegal.  However, there is no debate that shipping weed from one state to another is definitely illegal.  Functionally, shipping small quantities of pot, in the vast majority of cases is not a major offense.


  • There are still examples of people being crucified for the illegal possession of marijuana in the US.


  • Having a valid Cannabis ID Card (420 medical patient) is a good idea because if law enforcement is involved, they tend to be lenient on medical patients, as opposed to stoners.


  • Use USPS rather than a big courier.  Couriers can open anything, anytime, but USPS need a warrant and are extremely unlikely to investigate small, well wrapped (no smell) packages.


  • Have a medical marijuana card.  If there are issues, medical patients can receive better treatment.




  • Don't ship more than an ounce at a time.  If you're inclined to gamble, maybe 4 ounces tops.  Pounds are reserved for the experienced drug dealer, so stay away from scoring a year's supply on one go.


  • Triple wrap weed in watertight zip lock bags.


  • Mail to a secure location and don't mention your name on the contents.


  • Marijuana edibles and concentrates is harder to detect than whole marijuana bud.


  • In states with full marijuana legalization (Colorado, Washington, Michigan, and California), mail order marijuana entrepreneurs feel safe to ship you marijuana if you’re a resident of that state or a person who otherwise legally qualifies to buy marijuana there.



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Mailing of seeds to oneself??


A quick question that I hope has not been exhaustively covered elsewhere (a quick search yielded no satisfying results); How much risk do you estimate there is in mailing (USPS, UPS or FedEx) seeds to yourself. And is there a preferred means and carrier?

My situation is that I spend about half the year in a medical cannabis friendly state and about half in one decidedly less friendly. Soon, I will pack up and take a plane ride across the pacific and leave my very nice seeds behind unless I can find some way to transport them. Flying with them seems pretty crazy given the TSA gauntlet. Do a lot of people ship seeds without incident? I reckon you folks might be best informed to give me the skinny on this issue.

I have a pressing medical need to cultivate a few plants. Cannabis is simply not available by any other means in that region, but of course I also don't wish to be jailed and lose my job.  I very much appreciate all the suggestions and viewpoints on this. Thank you!


mailing weed and seeds


  • Tons of people buy seeds online and have them shipped to the states with no problems. That being said, there is some risk, but it's extremely low, in my opinion.

  • If your shipping your own seeds, I'd be even less worried honestly. Just mail other things with them, and I think you'd be fine.

  • I'd even be comfortable bringing them with me on a plane. I highly doubt that seeds properly packaged would show up as anything sinister looking on an x ray.

  • Tsa gauntlet? Dude they're seeds just pack them at the center of your checked luggage they're not gonna show up on a scan plus the Tsa is a joke.

  • I admit I may have been overly dramatic there. But when I see the contents of my luggage scrutinized and I, myself body-scanned by stern folks with badges, I worry a little about being locked up.

  • An easy fix if you're worried is using a hollowed out sharpie (or another type of really smelly permanent marker) The casings are typically designed/treated in a way to prevent smells from getting through. (fat based products like most plastics will eventually allow those tiny little particles through herb is fat soluble and plastic is made from oil which comes from dinosaurs - really over simplification - obese T rex.) sharpie plastic doesn't for some chemically altered reason.

  • I don't remember the specifics of this, but I used to do a bunch of research on this when I was younger so I knew the ins and outs of herb transportation. Last time I did this was traveling through Europe. I brought a fair amount of hash and herb from Amsterdam to Norway, through customs ( I was backpacking, so after taking the ferry, I was put in a van with other people walking and a dog searched us and all of our stuff) Also worked on the train from Norway to Sweden. I give these countries as examples because of their low tolerance to illegal substances being transported into their country by tourists. My Perm marker of choice was an edding 800. Bought in Berlin. Metal casing and plastic top Worked perfectly to store ~1/8.

  • Ah, that reminds me of my college days. Keep a couple of pens in the same pen bag in my backpack, along with books and a highlighter. You could even take the cap off the highlighter and it didn't look suspicious. It took a little force but you could pop the highlighter open.

  • Just put the seeds in one of your pants pockets and pack it in your luggage...

  • I wouldn't worry at all. Just be sure not to mail them in a regular envelope...those go through a rolling machine for sorting that may crush the seed. Send it as a package.

  • That, or just have the seeds in your pocket on the airplane. They're so small no one will notice.

  • This is great advice. In The bottom of your pocket they look lick pocket lint. Better yet. Mix them in with a bag of peanuts.

  • Just pictured eating a seed to have it germinate in my tummy.

  • A friend used to send me seeds hidden in CD/DVD cases, worked pretty alright.

  • Get a cracked pepper grinder. Fill it up with cracked pepper and put the seeds in with the pepper. Put the grinder into your luggage. Travel worry free.

  • Get a bag of hippie ass granola and nuts and seeds and shit and put your seeds in there and just toss it into your packed bags.

  • Buy a greeting card and put them inside. Also, ship USPS, a warrant is required to check the package. But I doubt anyone checks an envelope.

  • There are usually spot tests, using drug sniffing dogs etc. Carrying weed on international flights isn't exactly the safest thing to do.

  • In the domestic terminals the dogs are usually only bomb sniffing. That being said, if one EVER sits down next to your bag, call a lawyer.

  • USPS requires a warrant to search. UPS doesn't.

  • Is this true? I wondered about the legality. Or at least what charges I might be subject to. Is there a "conspiracy to cultivate"? "Transportation of illegal plant material across state lines"? Or might they just turn my address over to the local cops?

  • I realize that lots of places have very relaxed attitudes to enforcement now, but that is not the case for this destination. Every local paper reads of some poor sap getting busted with a couple plants in his house "with an estimated street value of $40K". Plus assorted paraphernalia and firearms charges after they rifle through all the guy's belongings. So I'm just a bit paranoid. But probably not so much that I won't take a calculated risk to secure the medication that serves me best.

  • And what of the return address? A bogus one, so I can deny knowledge of the package if I do have a problem?

  • So, just playing the odds, you're best going with USPS.

  • Yes, it is safe. Overnight it if you want to be safer. I had heard that USPS is the least willing to search packages of all the big shippers because they're a government agency, but I'm not sure how true that is. They do have the best overnight rates though, so I've always used them.

  • I used to mail pounds of bud regularly. I've had friends who have taken ounces of bud with them in those airtight hidden containers in their carry on on airplanes). People really underestimate the government's incompetence with this stuff - they have a hard enough time catching buds let alone seeds. Something as small, lightweight, smell-less, and hard to identify as a seed is absolutely safe.

  • Put them in your sock.

  • Get a pack of sunflower seeds, make a little seed sized hole, and put in your cannabis seeds, cover with clear tape

  • Mailing seeds I have had no problem. Put it in a plastic CD Case and you will be fine or something else real cheap. You don't even have to do that to be real honest, they don't care all that much.

  • For people buying online: If you buy from the right place they sell seeds as collectible items and so the government cannot confiscate them. You can't be arrested for having seeds, they can only arrest you if you plant them. I've had no problem thus far.




Mailing Marijuana Best Practises - I have a few tips for you good folks: I'd like to thank you personally for the support we have received over the past while. We wouldn't be the marijuana shipping biz we are today without you guys!  People that order on Thursday and Friday should expect their packages to to be 4-5 days before delivery, while orders on Monday and Tuesday will get delivered in 2-4 days.


  • Ordering on the weekend ensures that your purchase will be shipped first thing on Monday.  Always be prepared and order in advance. We don't want your packages sitting over the weekend and neither do you. Please remember to use common sense when purchasing cannabis online. Recently we decided to reject several Interac e-Transfers because the customers had referred to cannabis in the message field! values privacy and security and we would like to thank our customers for returning the favour. This will keep the MJXM co-op a long lasting member of the community. Mail Safe and Happy 420


mailing cannabis effectively


Q Seeking advice on mailing cannabis concrete or e-cig cartridge through the mail. I'll be in an Asian country without access to good herb. I wanted to mail my buddy some before arriving. I've seen that a small letter is the best way and ideally with a vacuum seal. My goal is to make e-cig pens when out there. Would something like a o-pen cartridges be less detectable than wax? Would the o-pen need to even be vacuum packed? Would the shape raise concerns? If I go the wax route I would just mix some propylene glycol to put in an e-cig. Would this be advisable?

  • Well you will need a vac sealer, Mylar barrier bags and a printer. Now while wearing gloves put the wax in parchment paper and put it in the vac bag make sure to not touch the outside, now take off the gloves and put new ones on now take the vac bag and seal it, now put the bag inside the Mylar bag and seal the mylar now you have a completely smell proof bag and a visual barrier.  




Q Hey guys im a new vendor on evo. i've been mailing cannabis for years and only had a couple packages never make it. recently i decided to move away from the norm and take a plunge into evo. Just cause i've never done this im only doing zips - qps atm. i have a couple different types right now that are all greenhouse grown and 100% organic cali weed. Anyway im sure ill get reamed for doing some advertisement but i just wanted to let anyone who was interested know through this channel.  4 oz - $600 including shipping


  • A Good idea and i possibly will shortly i've been kinda busy with the holidays, does evo strip all metadata from images or will i need to do that first?

  • A Welcome to the club, hope you have as good of an experience as I've been having.

  • A Thanks GPJ i hope so as well so far no bites, but once some people see what i've got i'm sure they will love to come back. Happy Holidays

Photo - Fox News - Senior Police Officers Switch To Cannabis Law (Your side)


420EVALUATIONSONLINE continue to supply medical marijuana recommendations in California, completely online.  The process takes only a few minutes and patients don't pay until a licensed medical doctor has approved your application.  420Evaluations also provided plastic Cannabis ID and grower's permits within the State of California.  Documents and cards are accepted at dispensaries, online delivery services and at other points of access in the golden state.


mailing cannabis




MAILING CANNABIS - WILL YOU GET BUSTED? Shipping Pot - Do you feel lucky, punk?


"Trafficking a Schedule I drug can result in prison time of no more than five years for the first offense under 50 grams, and continues to climb dramatically as the weight increases. "

Do you have a Cannabis ID for this?

If you do ship marijuana and get hassled at some point, you certainly want to have a valid medical marijuana card handy, that allows for the possession, transport and consumption of medical marijuana.  The US postal service played a significant role in the evil that is the war on drugs.  It's become common knowledge that the real criminals, the cartels that are so intertwined with many government organizations and officials at all levels did the real damage.  Meanwhile, the smaller players, little dealers and your regular Joe are the ones that get busted via the US postal service for shipping even the smallest quantities of medical marijuana.  




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