Advice on Edibles- what to look for

Advice on Edibles: What to look for

Advice on Edibles: what to look for.


Advice on Edibles: what to look for, especially focusing on consumption, user experiences, dose, type of edible, taste, and types of cannabis edibles available in California

"Don't need help locating the edibles just what to look out for in an edible and what is considered too expensive."


QUESTION - Recreational weed is finally legal here in Cali. I'm looking for edibles, however, I don't know enough about THC levels to know how or where to begin or what to look for in the right edible.


Can you please advise?

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"I once ate like 500 milligrams all at once, after my tolerance had dropped all the way down. and I couldn’t function for 2 days."



yesFrom my experience 5 milligrams is best for beginners, and build up to regular use between 25 and 50 milligrams, serious medication starts around 75 mg and goes up into the hundreds of mg.

yesI personally would start with a small amount and dose in a safe place. Depending on your metabolism, might take as much as 60 to 90 minutes for full effects. You may always take more in herbal form instead of a big dose of concentrates.

yesTaking extra edibles ontop, within 24 hours, will just give you a shitty and burnt out high. The half life is insanely long.

yesyesyesWell, if you pay more than a dollar a milligram, that’s probably not something you should purchase. Assuming your tolerance isn’t super high, 10 milligrams will get you fairly stoned, 20 mg will get you blazed, and 40+ will megafuck you up for quite a while.

yesyesYeah, if u never had edibles and have no tolerance ,, start low and give them at least 30 min- hour to kick in. If you go overboard, right away may be overwhelming. I once ate like 500 milligrams all at once after my tolerance had dropped all the way down and I couldn’t function for 2 days. I didn’t really believe the hype until the , ha ha ha .

yesHere in WA there is an edible product called Zoot Drops that my wife uses whenever she needs to be discreet. Lemon/Lime flavor blends with any soda, keeps her buzzing right along after about 30-40 minutes. Price here around $35/bottle.

yesTry something SMALL wait 2 hours and note what happened. Try something larger next time. Be careful with them.

yesSo there is a possibility that too much could make me ill? Like vomit ill?

yesRacing/pounding heart is the worst. Possibly it make you nauseous. Too much is unpleasant and eatables last longer, stay in your system as compared to vapor or smoke.

yesAs someone who’s vomited from an edible, yes it’s possible.

yesThe reality of edible consumption doesn't match the cultural hype of it, in my experience. I like it it's okay; it's just not the same thing as I heard about, over the years from movies and second hand information.

yesyesYou won’t get sick, however eating too much with make you paranoid as hell. I’ve seen people fear for their lives and go to the hospital. Nothing will happen then, however, start super small, 5 milligrams is usually good. Don’t top it off, if you don’t feel anything in 30 min.  Keep waiting.

yesTalk to the people (budtender) who work at the dispensary.  


"Choose a product with lab-tested results for d9THC content and pesticides, never leave edibles where an unsuspecting person might consume them. Start with a low dose of 10 to 25 milligrams of d9THC and wait two hours for effects to fully kick in.   In the past, medical cannabis edibles markets were dominated by a niche group of patients who use cannabis edibles as a replacement for dangerous, addictive pharmaceutical drugs intended to treat chronic pain or insomnia, and these folks require very strong dose levels, to which they quickly build up a tolerance. This is why brownies with 500 milligrams of d9THC exist."


For People that Love Gourmet Edibles


420EVALUATIONSONLINE NOTES:  To treat your conditions and symptoms, consult an experienced practitioner.  The current wisdom is to start small and add a few mg every two weeks, as this is the cycle time it seems to take the body to adjust to cannabinoid intake.  Cannabis edibles are now taxed at a rate of about 35%, but medical patients, with anxiety, Crohn's, chronic pain, and other conditions may qualify for a tax break of about $75 per ounce as a medical cannabis patient.  

We provide 420 evaluations online, and the application process is free.  If you're approved, you have the option to pay a small fee for your medical marijuana recommendation and / or cannabis ID card.  These documents are used to purchase legal cannabis and edibles in the State of California at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, and delivery services.  Some locations in Nevada also recognize California Medical Cannabis ID.




Artisanal Cannabis Macarons

This edible product blew the aficionados away with its high-end presentation, gorgeous appearance and high-quality ingredients. Five different flavor combinations await inside: Hazelnut Mocha, Citrus a l’amande, Tropical Jungle, Green Gold, and Grilled PB&J, and each one is executed perfectly. A moderate dose of 20 milligrams of d9THC per macaron made these treats easy for everyone to enjoy. These highly in demand cookies may be found at Barbary Coast, SF Fogg and Jolly Green Giant Delivery Service.  By Madame Munchie** 100 milligrams of d9THC per package, with five macarons at 20 milligrams each.

Hazelnut and Grub

This innovative mash-up consisted of a small package of unmedicated crackers paired with a small tub of hazelnut spread much like Nutella** containing 80 milligrams of d9THC. Each Tbsp. is equivalent to a 20 milligram dose, so patients may decide how much to consume. “Handcrafted by patients for patients,” this edible product captured the imagination of the aficionados, who hanker for Nutella and cannabis, so why not a combination of both?!  By Organicares Collective** 80 milligrams of d9THC in a hazelnut spread.

Jambo Cannabis Super Foods
Containing cashews, honey, raisins, cacao, almonds, coconut, medical grade cannabis and himalayan sea salt, the “world’s healthiest edible” pleased aficionados with its high-quality ingredients and organic mission. By Jambo Direct** 40 milligrams of d9THC.

Crowns by the Herbsmith

Food for Space Cadettes


These caramel truffles were topped with a candied almond, making a beautiful presentation. However, the packaging was a bit too subdued, and might have used more overt cannabis warnings to prevent accidental ingestion by an unwitting guest. Each truffle is well dosed at 40 milligrams of d9THC, and complete ingredients lists and nutrition information is provided. These truffles were very much enjoyed by the aficionados for their delicious taste and harmony of flavors.  By Organic OC**.  120 milligrams d9THC spread over three pieces at 40 milligrams each.

Reef Jerky
Their delicious, high-potency jerky is available at many marijuana providers throughout the Bay Area, so be sure to check them out for a healthy dose! Starting out as primarily an extraction company, Badfish prides themselves on the 100 percent activation of their oil, creating consistent, strongly infused edibles.   By Badfish Extracts** 100 milligrams of d9THC.


Mint Irish Cream
A proven leader in the Californian edibles industry, Kiva divides its bar into four equal servings of 45 milligrams each, making it extremely easy for patients to decide on a correct dose. High-quality chocolate with delicious flavors and top-notch packaging continue to be a consumer favorite. By Kiva Confections** 180 milligrams d9THC spread over four servings of 45 milligrams each.

Hashman 420 Cherry Bomb

Aficionados praised the “highly original” and “delightfully surprising” addition of pop rocks to this high-quality convection, however, also felt that dividing the bar into four demarcated servings of 105 milligrams of d9THC each provided too strong of a dose, particularly for a novice. However, if you’ve got a high tolerance, or need large doses of d9THC to treat chronic pain without pharmaceuticals, that same high dose might be just what the physician ordered.  By Hashman Infused** 420 milligrams of d9THC divided into four servings of 105 milligrams each.
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Canna Crisp Bar

From Edibles Ideas, this is a fantastically delicious edible product with a crunchy texture contrasting with gooey caramel, with comforting, classic flavors of chocolate and peanut butter. Aficionados felt the packaging might be more clear, with the small type it’s tough to distinguish the dose information, especially if you have old, tired eyes! Two pieces per package contain 80 milligrams of d9THC each, for about 160 milligrams per package.  By Canna Grow Consultants**.  160 milligrams of d9THC divided into four doses for 40 milligrams per serving.

Day Dreamers Chocolate Blueberry Sativa

Day Dreamers is back, after winning multiple Cannabis Cup awards in 2013 for their perfectly dosed, individually encapsulated chocolates. The new Blueberry flavor wowed aficionados, however, this edible product was edged out of the winner’s circle due to the extremely high quality of the field of entries. Day Dreamers is a great edible product for novice users because each dose must be popped out of the package, making it less likely to overdo it! With a commitment to environmental sustainability and organic, sun grown cannabis, Day Dreamers is a company to watch.  By San Jose Patients Group**  180 milligrams of d9THC divided into six individual servings of 30 milligrams each.

Caramel Corn

This package of caramel corn arrives with three individually wrapped portions, each containing 107 milligrams of d9THC. With the label advising “eat half of a bag and wait thirty minutes,” aficionados felt the recommended dose to be too stoned for first-time or novice users. However, this treat is delish and well-executed, just make sure to enjoy in moderation!   By Goodies by MaGooch**  107 milligrams of d9THC in each serving for over 321 milligrams total.

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Caramel Apple Crisp  

For a novice wishing to try edible cannabis for the first time, Kushie Kandy is worth recommending. With 100 milligrams of d9THC spread over 4 servings, it’s easier for a newbie to understand how much to eat. Recommended dose advice on the back of the package states, “Cannabis affects everyone differently, until you are familiar with the effects of this edible , start with one 25 milligrams piece and wait an hour.” The label goes on to advise beginners to start with 10 to 25  milligrams, the average consumer to start with 25 to 50 milligrams, intermediate users to dose with 50 to 75  milligrams and the advanced to consume 75 to 100 milligrams of d9THC or more. With the intense flavor of apple and caramel, it may be too easy to consume more than you bargained for!  By Kushie Kandy** 100  milligrams of d9THC over 4 servings of 25  milligrams each.

Eden’s California Honey
8 servings of 1 Tbsp. at 35 milligrams dose per serving. This edible  makes teatime a delight! Medicated honey is simple to dose and easy to add to herbal tea or any dish in a healthy lifestyle. Aficionados loved this edible product, however, felt the packaging didn’t have an overt cannabis warning, making it easy for accidental overdose to occur. By Eden’s Elixirs**.  1000 milligrams of d9THC per container.

Mint Chip Ice Cream

This creamy, light concoction carries virtually no cannabis flavor, and the package boasts that “way back, we were asked by the Grateful Dead to make a ‘special’ ice cream for a dance party,” and now that psychedelic dessert may be enjoyed by all California patients. Aficionados loved this ice cream, however, shelf stability and melting concerns edged it out of the winner’s circle. By Cannabis Creamery** 60 milligrams of d9THC per container.

Gluten Free Pecan Tartlet

This lovely tart contains no gluten, a protein found in wheat that some people cannot tolerate. 90 milligrams of d9THC. You won’t miss it, however, since this mini-pie is packed with flavor. Stone Edibles also entered a very sweet and sticky baklava that failed to place due to packaging eligibility! By Stoned Edibles**


Kombucha is a healing herbal tea that utilizes beneficial fungus to create a fermented liquid that acts as a health tonic. It’s not immediately clear how cannabis would be infused into the liquid, perhaps a tincture is mixed into the herbal tea? After drinking about half a bottle, no noticeable effects manifested, so possibly activation of the psychoactivity isn’t occurring efficiently. By Green Goddess, Venice, CA**



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