Marijuana legalization just might be the catalyst that brings Americans together

The House Freedom Caucus has just called for the removal of Jeff Sessions for not being able to control the DOJ or the Special Prosecutor ... for which there is NO legal authority, as the law expired in 1998.   You never know when what seems to be a really bad thing turns out to be a blessing, like getting bumped from an airline that crashes, or marry Angelina Jolie, who turns from the ultimate babe into the ultimate psycho.  


In the Strange Case of Jeff Sessions, the forces of the left and right are starting to get the picture.  The Federal Government under the Democrats is not the solution.  It is not the Federal Government under the Republicans that is the solution.   It is the Government under George Washington and Thomas Jefferson that is the solution.  Which is a roundabout way to say, that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the solution.   It is time that the Federal Government follows the rule of law, under a system that produced the greatest and wealthiest civilization seen in modern times.    


frickin numbnuts jeff sessions

Jeff Sessions battled against citizens who claimed that cigarette companies misled them on the dangers of smoking.  Sessions said that the harm from cigarette smoking was greatly exaggerated,  Sessions said that marijuana is only slightly less awful than heroin.  Jeff Sessions says what he is paid do say.

Recreational Weed on New Year's Day, what happened, what will happen and what could happen in 2018




Sen. Cory Gardner (R–CO) says he spoke on the phone today with Attorney General Jeff Session, and informed him that a hold would be placed on all DOJ nominees until Sessions reverses his decision on the Cole memo / enforcement of cannabis laws. This could get real interesting.

angryAll of this only amounts to grandstanding by Congress. If they really cared, they would push through legislation to deschedule cannabis. Obama’s “pen and phone” orders were never meant to be a permanent fix. The legislature finally needs to stop whining and actually fix this once and for all.

sadThe current Legislature would end up with"instructions unclear, made death penalty for pot possession".

angrySo what does "placing a hold on DOJ nominees" actually do?

coolPrevents them from actually taking office. They aren't confirmed yet, and a hold would prevent that.

angryHave they been filling these positions anyhow? I thought a big issue was that these positions have been empty.

devilCorrect me if I’m wrong, but I thought there were still Obama admin. appointees in the DoJ since all of the new appointees for the Trump admin. haven’t been confirmed.  This is what I was thinking of.

angryWith a name like his you know he's growing. He's like "shiiiiiiiit Sessions don't be harsh in my smoking sessions!".

devilQuit Jeffin' my session!

sadHas it always been this way, or is it a recent thing that politicians use a kind of extortion to get what they want? I won't let you progress X unless you vote Y on issue Z.

angryDon't get me wrong, Sessions is a moron and I support what Gardner is doing here. I just can't see how this is a very good way to run government.

coolOrrin Hatch told the Orange Overlord that he (Hatch) would support the tax bill if the Utah national monuments were downsized. When Trump signed the order to have Zinke do a review of the NMs he turned and handed the pen to Hatch.

sadThe Justice Department lacks key leaders, and a Republican senator is threatening to keep it that way

coolWell Sessions basically said. "we are going to lock up a good portion of the population in prison, in the next year or so" he may not have used those words but that will be the result.
now we need to figure out why he wants so many Americans behind bars.

angryDrug users and illegal immigrants make for a low-cost, low risk prison population, way more profitable than real criminals.

devilSen. Cory Gardner to place a hold on DOJ nominees? Good luck on that.


winkBecause the record of cannabis prohibition was so incredibly successful during the period when federal and state laws were in alignment. What could go wrong when the states and the will of the people are clearly not?

angryThere's a worrisome scenario where Sessions wins, not likely, but not impossible either:

broken heartNone of the U.S. Attorneys take any actions, so it's still "business as usual" in the cannabis industry. Everyone stops worrying and goes back to sleep. No one in Congress pushes hard to put any legislative restraints on the Fed's' ability to crack down in the future.

sadThere is a big reversal of the opioid epidemic, not because the feds do anything special to bring it about, but simply because these things tend to burn themselves out after a while (mostly since the ones who die can only die once, and the population of those vulnerable to getting addicted is limited).

coolTrump and Sessions of course take credit for this success, claiming that their drug policy (in general) is the reason, and use that as cover to attack the cannabis industry anew. The only outcry in the media comes from the partisan left-wing media, which is marginalized as sour grapes because Trump fixed a problem that Obama couldn't.

angryAgain, not likely, especially once California's Rec industry gets entrenched and New Jersey hopefully legalizes (right across the river from NYC). Then we should be beyond the point of no return. But I wouldn't sleep on the possibility. I think the events of the past week show that Sessions won't win this fight today, but he might hunker down and try to win it tomorrow.

devilFOUR. Democrats sweep the 2018 midterm elections, they pass a bill to deschedule marijuana. Trump signs it. The Democrats are happy because they won't have the moniker of "Weed was legalized under a Dem president." And Cheeto-head is happy to sign something popular.

broken heartI thought that was the entire point of appointing him - put someone there who will force the issue, then watch it fall apart in court. 62% of the American Voters wanting legalization? Seems like an obvious issue to have on the platform.

coolYou're way off liberal Democrats support legalization at 78 percent it's crazy how the Democrats haven't taken up this issue.

sadYep, but that's not where the big money comes from yet. In a couple of years the mj lobby will be influential enough.

winkDems are fucking idiots, jesus. Who runs this party?

winkWanna slam dunk win the next two elections ? Get behind pot that's the swing vote in swing states.

angryExactly. It's so fucking obvious this is a hugely winning issue for them, but they have always shied away from it and even appoint anti-cannabis morons like Debbie Wasserman Schultz to run their party. If Hillary was smarter on this issue she would probably be in the White House right now, because Gary Johnson was the difference in this race and that was his #1 issue.

Gary Johnson was the difference in this race and that was his #1 issue.

angryGot a source on that? I was under the impression that even if all Gary Johnson voters went for Clinton (which wouldn't happen), it wouldn't be enough to turn the electoral college.

broken heartI ran the numbers. If 6.3% of Johnson voters in Michigan, 13.3% in Wisconsin, and 25.8% in Pennsylvania switched to Clinton (and the remainder stayed with Johnson), Clinton wins the electoral college.

sadNo, just my humble guesstimation. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million. Gary Johnson received 4.5 million votes. I have a hard time believing Clinton still would have lost the electoral college with her popular vote lead increased a few million more.

devilIt's not just increasing her popular vote lead, but doing so in the right states, and without (m)any of those Johnson voters choosing Trump over Clinton. If they split half and half, Trump still has the lead by the same margin in those states. Even if they went mostly for Clinton, she could have won Wisconsin but not Ohio, for example.

angryEven if half stayed with Johnson and half went with Clinton (probably the most realistic scenario), giving no additional votes to Trump, you end up in a similar result. Clinton would have won Wisconsin, but not Ohio.

coolLibertarians don't skew Democrat.

broken heartI know what you're saying, but I'm saying, the libertarian party is a distilled form of the Republican Party.

winkTRUE: During campaign, Trump pledged to leave marijuana legalization up to states
Personally I'd like to see it left up to each individual.

angryConsidering the U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt, and the legal cannabis industry could generate upward 20 billion dollars in economic revenue by 2021, it seems like a fairly valid issue to me.

sadBut marijuana is as dangerous as heroin!

devil"That's only 3 years away. We have to think long term about this and can't be too narrowly focused."

sadCowards. Every last incumbent that squawks, but doesn’t draft legislation. Every candidate that yells now, but falls silent when defining election agenda.

angryNon-committal. Good word to use to describe these spineless Democrats.

cool"Cowards That They Are, Democrats Aren’t Sure Whether To Make Jeff Sessions’ Pot Crackdown An Election Issue" seems like the best FTFY here.

devilThe issue needs to be framed as states rights (which it is)

sadThe problem with that is that the politicians would be inconsistent, because states rights have been demagogues for decades (especially by Democrats) due to Jim Crow in the South. Not to mention that Democrats are usually the ones who want the feds to run roughshod over the states on issues like education.


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Marijuana is only legal if you play the game by the rules.


Jeff Sessions’s Endless War on Marijuana


The key to understanding the Trump administration’s approach to policy, it seems, is to look at what most Americans want and then imagine the opposite.

Consider the new guidance on marijuana that Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued last week, which reverses Obama-era policy and gives prosecutors more leeway to enforce federal laws against the drug in states where it is legal. Mr. Sessions has been on a lifelong crusade against the plant, which he considers the root of many of society’s ills.

And yet more than six in 10 Americans, and seven in 10 of those under 30, believe marijuana should be legal, twice as many as in 2000. Three-quarters of the public believe the federal government should not prosecute the drug’s sale or use in states where it is legal.

In other words, the new policy is deeply unpopular. Many of its harshest critics are members of the president’s own party, who expressed outrage at the reversal of Mr. Trump’s campaign promise to leave the matter to the states.


SESSIONS’ MORONIC WAR AGAINST POT Why is Trump’s AG attacking nonviolent marijuana users instead of draining the swamp?


Rather than go after the real criminals paying lip service to him, Attorney General Jeff Sessions would rather terrorize the American people for moving forward on the production and small business of a plant that grows naturally from the Earth.  


Cascade blue
Sessions, He’s got to go!!?

Susan Bennett
Sadly, Sessions isn't at all what we expected.?

Gary Mapes
that black dude looked like a mob boss or something with armed men standing behind him while he's making a threat to people.?


Watch out for corrupt alphabet boys?

Don Mull
It's  actually helping ppl. More research is needed.
Why demonize a plant? It's  better than big pharma.?

brickley 2000
Trump used to say that it was not a federal decision, and that drugs should be controlled at the State Level. ....What happened Donald ?
Please tell me you are just using this as a diversion, and not a change of policy.?


The Republicans love snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. derp derp?

Give Sessions a Smoke....Then let him tell You it's Dangerous....?

Captain Obvious
I have never been pro marijuana, but that clay county sheriff is not a good man. He takes glee in the suffering of others and then the invasion of privacy.?

Joe Blow
Trump is against marijuana also, otherwise he would have said something about it on twitter when Sessions pulled this crap. If the feds do start conducting no knock marijuana raids on consumers in legalized states, there's going to be a lot of cold bodies.?

Sam McCormack
Cannabis is helpful, not harmful.  The harm comes from the drug cartels who cause the violence.  Legalize it and the cartels won't have a market for it.  One less thing they can't sell.  God gave us the natural plant to use, not abuse.?


Luis Rosales
They talk about Sessions and yet don't want to call out Trump about the very same subject??

Don’t forget folks, Alex sold you on Sessions and Bannon.?

Nicholas the Great
That sheriff has to be one of the biggest assholes on the planet. I didn't know we lived in a totalitarian state where these people boast about terrorizing ordinary Americans in their homes.?

DarkBringer 961
"One night you'll be asleep, and the next thing you know our jackboots will bust down your door and either arrest you or murder you for having the nerve to possess a relatively harmless plant."?

Sullen Redshirt
I have had die-in family and friends that needed something to help them keep down just a little bit of soup. THAT is what changed my mind about marijuana.  Personally, I don't like marijuana and don't use it. But my likes & dislikes shouldn't be made into laws. No one's should. That's not the intent of laws.

And mj being illegal whilst alcohol is legal makes no sense whatsoever. Alcohol actually IS dangerous.

The only danger from mj is from over-energetic (out of control?) law enforcement and an abusive system that will even take your kids away to be given to child abusers, resulting in the child's DEATH. Or from a drug deal gone bad, that never would have happened if mj were legal. How many people are killed over bad alcohol deals? None, because alcohol, a very dangerous substance, is completely legal.

Drug test me at any time whatsoever and you'll find me to be squeaky clean of anything. But I adamantly believe Americans, of all people, should be FREE to do what they want in /with their own body, in the pursuit of happiness. It's either that, or none of us are sovereign over their own body. How does THAT feel, to be owned??


Coffee is more of a drug. What a sell out.?

Bryan Busbey
The Sessions over!  Get out of town?

theron farrer
Legal weed would cut in on their drug moving operation.?




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