"I never really had a plan in life. To quote Yogi Berra, when I came to a fork on the road, I took it."

On September 6, 2016, Jesse Ventura published a powerful book that tells THE STORY of Marijuana in the United States, from the days of Ben Franklin to today's tyrannical Federal government. Mr. Ventura exposes the truth about America's contradictory stance on Marijuana and explains why the Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's were wrong to back the War on Drugs, among many other wars.  

Unless you have been living a cave for the last thirty years, you must have heard about Jesse Ventura.  He's a type of character out of a far fetched movie.  Wait a minute, he was in the movies already.  Check the resume; Mr. Ventura is a former navy seal, professional wrestler, Governor of Minnesota, actor, radio talk show host harvard business school student and is a New York Times best selling author several times over.  As a peace and freedom activist, Jessie is now crusading full-on, balls out, for the legalization of marijuana in the United States across the board.  He hopes to get the job done within his lifetime.  

"I want to help people that desperately need marijuana get it.".


Jesse Ventura - Hero and Martyr

photo credit -  THE REAL DEAL

While Jesse and his buddies risked their lives fighting for our freedom @ $20,000 per year, virtually under-cover in hellish environments without fanfare as an elite Navy Seal - his real archenemies (as it turned out) were the career politicians and petty bureaucrats; folks who exist solely to patrol gaudy fundraising parties, stuffing their suit pockets to the brim with $2000 donations and then spending the proceeds in decadence.  

Make no mistake about it.  While Mr. Ventura campaigns for freedom, the shill opposition that is the mass media and government has set up roadblock after roadblock.  Paraphrasing Jesse, even with all the brute force trauma the Feds bring to the table, the tide is turning, and the majority of the public has tuned out of the traditional media - whose money comes entirely from big pharma and too-big-to-fail corp.  The politically correct thinking and behavior of today was directed through propaganda by elites who are home to no country - whose religion is entirely based on power first and money second.   None the less, their "drug on" war had little effect, as marijuana has become America's largest cash crop - by a wide margin, kachinking in at a cool $50 billion or so per annum.  Given these kind of bottomline numbers, it is not surprising that the vast majority of Americans support marijuana legalization today.

For Jesse, war is a racket and the people running the wars are despicable criminals, by enlarge. Previously, Jesse has taken on FEMA, infiltrated their prisoner of war camps that are set up on American soil supposedly made for the citizens in case of an emergency - but the camps had barbed wire perimeters, with sharpies pointed in -  this design is for keeping people IN and  NOT OUT.   Whoah.  Ventura's protested on the floor of the senate, been the guest of Vladimir Putin and Fidel Castro.  Ventura notes that he's not afforded the respectful title Governor by the US court and government but outside the country, he's always referred to as governor Ventura.



While Jesse's book on Marijuana is new, he's always been in favor of legalization of marijuana among other drugs.  Jesse, an enforcer who's been around, knows that legalization is every drug dealer's worst nightmare. Jesse's passion was sparked when he was taking care of a dear friend with epilepsy.  The friend's condition got worse, with constant seizures day and night. The doctor's prescribed four different medicines and nothing worked and the side effects were horrendous.  It got to the point where Jesse himself needed to seek-out medical treatment for his comrade, so he-himself could get on with life.  Enter medical marijuana.  Jesse's friend went to Colorado and got some medicine, three drops placed under the tongue a few times per day. With Cannabis therapy, Jesse's friend's seizures stopped completely and both the patient and caregiver's quality of life returned.



Jesse also talks about the influence of Steve Kubby, a Californian who had a rare form of cancer - a disease with a 100% mortality rate within 5 years.  For the next 25 years, Kubby claimed to control the symptoms solely by smoking medical marijuana along with a healthy diet. His original doctor was shocked to learn he was still alive and commented, "In some amazing fashion, this medication has not only controlled the symptoms of the pheochromocytoma, but in my view, has arrested its growth.".  



Ventura takes particular offense to the terrible prosecution that Kubby would come to experience in his efforts to make marijuana available to other cancer victims.  In 1996, Kubby was instrumental in the drafting and passage of California Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act of 1996.  Despite the victory of Prop. 215, Kubby and his wife, Michele, were arrested, jailed and prosecuted, under the false claim that the voter initiative provides only an affirmative defense and that it is to be used by only "seriously ill patients".  Kubby had been growing marijuana under the laws of California and was thrown in jail by the Feds. We are talking Swat teams breaking into a family home of a cancer victim in an effort to save the American people from drugs. Laughable, but not the least bit funny.  The cancer returned and Steve almost died, when doctor's intervened and got him back on medical marijuana.  And so the FED-DEA witch hunt went on and on.

Despite the overwhelming power of the adversary, there is a happy ending, Marijuana is still legal in medical form in California and Mr. Kubby is alive, well and active.


The Great Steve Kubby

Steve Kubby Today



Jesse Ventura drives home the reality of how far America has deviated from the founding father's original vision and their warning about the possibility that their own creation could become corrupt and infiltrated by tyrants.  The people that are pulling the strings at the Fed are trying to dismantle the constitution entirely.  The Feds are not working for the people ,they are in the business of taking away freedoms and pushing the state governments around.  Jesse calls upon all Americans to take a stand.  The government works for YOU.  Demand that the government follow the law. Demand that they do not overstep the boundaries established in the constitution  Jesse says, when you get to be my age now, you have to figure out what your priorities are and focus on things that are really important.   I decided I want to do two things:

  • To make marijuana legal in all the United States

  • Bring peace between Russia and the US

So our man of action did two things, he wrote a bestseller about Marijuana and he signed a deal with Russia TV America.

"My parents were both World War II veterans, who loved the Russian people, why did America become the enemy of Russia then?  Because America was run by the Wall Street hoodlums even back then."


Governor Ventura

Jesse on Russia TV -  OFF THE GRID - No censorship in Russia as yet, but Jesse's banned from most US TV outlets.



Jesse went onto say that there is a university in Israel that was funded heavily by the US government and that their veterans are treated in mass for post traumatic stress disorder, MS, pain and other malidies.  Jesse says the most famous doctor at the Israeli institute, a Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, has stated that people like NFL football players suffering from concussion could be helped greatly by using the right medical marijuana.

Jesse opines; How ridiculous and shameful is it that the US government deny access to veterans, while knowing very well from their own research, that cannabis could effectively treat them.  He goes on further to say that pharmaceutical drugs should not be advertised with commercials urging patients to ask their doctors for certain drugs.  He called the process akin to dealing with a street drug dealer.



All of this blasphemy flies in the face of history, where the founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin who were all major hemp farmers and advocates.  Even the bill of rights and constitution were made from marijuana.  The majority of the people support the legalization of marijuana.  marijuana was the backbone for the british empire and used as a currency.  

"The Brits forced the American Emigrants to grow Marijuana (hemp)."

In the 1930's Ventura claims that William Randolph spearheaded the campaign to make cannabis illegal throughout the United States.     The story goes, Hurst owned 26 newspapers and thousands of acres of timber the fed the US printing business. Hundreds of millions of newspapers per week add up to one hell of a lot of pulp and paper.  Hurst and his chronies lobbied or rather bought off politicians and got the competition=hemp banned.  

Ventura says that Hurst was not a capitalist, he did not like the competitive process where the best man or product wins, it's been the ones withthe most money and is the biggest crook that wins.  Hurst sponsored horrible racian propaganda, saying that the evil weed would cause black men to rape their white daughters, that the Mexicans used it and that is why they were so lazy, and so on.

This is the origin of the confusion that the average "educated" American demonstrates today.  Criminal behavior by big-corp is seen as a property of capitalism, whereas Jesse says' no way, it is just flat out criminal behavior.



Regarding big pharma, Jesse's friend, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, JFK's son told him that mass media is funded 80% of mainstream television and that even a Kennedy is not allowed to discuss issues like dodgy vaccines, marijuana and other medical topics on any network.   The dinosaur TV media is already irrelevant to the under age-40 portion of the population but the elderly, who consume most of the pharmaceuticals, still sit in front of the "idiot box" to get their "information."

"Then there are other benefits.  People that can access marijuana tend to drink less, especially at public functions like football gatherings.  Fights, hangovers and arrests are way down. "



Marijuana legalization has resulted in nothing but jobs and money for Colorado and Washington, with hundreds of millions of dollars tax collected and spent on needy causes, while police are freed up to chase real criminals, like pedaphiles and sex offenders.  

Ventura says In conclusion, since the days of Nixon, one trillion dollars on the was spent on the war of drugs and the only result was to fill the prisons.  Coming down the pipe is, that after marijuana is legalized across America, big pharma will come in and take over the business, requiring a prescription for their patented forms of the medicine - and to take away the rights of Americans to grow their own medical marijuana.  It appears that in all likelihood, after marijuana is fully legalized, big-pharma will be up to their same old tricks, to wipe out competition (weed grown by individuals) and grab all the money by forcing the medical industry to buy through only their channels (just like the cheater Mr. Hearst).  


The battle just begun. There is only one way to victory and it is very simple.  The war against the Feds and big pharma will be won when the majority of americans gather together and exercise their right to grow and use their own herbal medicine - plain and simple.  Together we stand strong, but individually we shall fall, every time.


420EvaluationsOnline provides medical doctor's recommendations online that allow Californian citizens to legally buy, consume and transport medical medical marijuana.  This Telehealth compliant process takes only a few minutes and is far cheaper than the average visit to the doctor.  420Evaluationsonline also supplies Cannabis ID cards, marijuana recommendation renewals and Grower's permits.



Jesse Ventura lays out his Philosophy on Marijuana

Interview of Jesse on Capricorn Radio.

Marijuana Manifesto

In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author Jesse Ventura lays out his philosophy on marijuana, and why he’s always been in favor of legalization. Now, more than ever before, our country needs to see full legalization of medical/recreational marijuana and hemp.

Steve Kubby  

STATE READY FOR END TO POT PROHIBITION?  President Franklin D.  Roosevelt cheered the end of Prohibition in 1933 with these famous words: "What America needs now is a drink." Roosevelt and other federal officials had been expecting the demise of America's widely panned policy of banning the sale, transportation, production and importation of booze.

As various states put an end to the prohibition of marijuana, I've heard of no politicians extolling Americans to enjoy a good "toke" - but many are nevertheless plotting the regulatory and tax strategies for a post-legalization world.  To many California officials, the issue is not whether to legalize recreational uses in a state that 19 years ago approved medical marijuana.  It's about when change will happen and what the world is going to look like after it does.

Court tosses out Jesse Ventura's $1.8mn verdict against 'American Sniper'

A federal appeals court has vacated the judgment that awarded former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura $1.8 million in a defamation case he brought against Chris Kyle, believed to be the "deadliest sniper in US history."

photo credit - MARIJUANA MANiFESTO



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