Sorry that you have to be Canadian to get cannabis medical insurance


One of the world's largest health insurance companies now allows medical marijuana as an approved expense for up to six thousand dollars per annum!  Sorry that you have to be Canadian.


SHOCK - Sun Life Financial To Cover Medical Marijuana In Group Benefits Plans


Sun Life Financial, the company that provides health insurance insurance for one in six Canadians now includes marijuana as an approved medical expense.  Sun Life is the supplier of health benefits insurance to three million Canadians and their families or about one sixth of the entire country.


In November 2017, Sun Life Financial added medical marijuana as an option for its group benefits, marking the health industry's polar shift toward the acceptance of marijuana. The Toronto-based insurer's CEO Dean Connor said that the move was influenced by Sun Life's employer clients.


Jeff'in Sessions could allow for the same thing to happen with one sweep of the pen.  No matter, if you want to get reelected, you are going to have play ball with America and their favorite recreational / medical substance. Back to the story line;J

This move will make covering medical marijuana simpler than today’s exception process and speaks volumes to the broader acceptance and legitimacy of medical marijuana.  Although there may not be an immediate benefit for patients - as specific plan sponsors will need to purchase the insurance.  Starting March 1, 2018 clients have the option to add medical marijuana insurance to their extended health-care plans, ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 per annum.

Sun Life says medical marijuana insurance is available for specific conditions and symptoms including cancer-related nausea, rheumatoid arthritis pain and palliative care.  Patient advocacy group Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana says this comes after years of litigation for the acceptance for medical marijuana, and hopes the landmark decision will cause sponsors to include insurance in their benefits plans.



Mailing Cannabis - Best Practices

420EVALUATIONSONLINE Notes:  While you can't yet get medical insurance for Medical Cannabis in California, you can save up to eighty dollars per ounce with your medical marijuana card.  In other words, the government has given medical patients a real break.  The process of becoming a legal medical cannabis patient is not difficult.  The process is completed entirely online, and applicants fill out a statement about their conditions and symptoms.  A medical doctor reviews the application, and often approves the file in minutes.  No payment is required until a patient is approved.  420EVALUATIONSONLINE documents are used in the State of California at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, online delivery services, compassion clubs and other legal vendors of cannabis  based medicines.


Specific conditions and symptoms including cancer-related nausea, rheumatoid arthritis pain or palliative care. The Toronto-based insurer’s CEO Dean Connor said the move was influenced by rising interest from Sun Life’s employer clients.

“Medical marijuana has become a very important part of their treatment program and pain management program, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or those requiring palliative care." - Connor

There were more than 235,000 medical marijuana patients across Canada as of September 2017, compared to 98,500 in 2016.


“The insurance companies have been getting pressure to cover this as a regular medicine.”


Sun Life is conducting periodic reviews of the growing body of medical research supporting the use of medical marijuana for other diseases, to update  its criteria if required

What does this mean to Americans?  Well, they can move to Canada and apply for insurance or better yet, they can use the Canadian Insurance breakthrough as fuel, rocket fuel in their battle against the Federal Government's resistance to medical marijuana and rightfully recognize it as a valuable, perhaps the most valuable medicine of all.




Sun Life to add medical-marijuana insurance to group benefits plans

Jeff Sessions - Has he always been a Rat?



Are marijuana Products Covered By Health Insurance?


Good news! Today, over half of the US— that’s 29 US states and 3 territories— have legalized medical marijuana for their residents. The bad news? Medical marijuana patients must still cough up the cash to cover their own medication. That’s right. Because of federal prohibition, there are no marijuana products covered by health insurance.



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