How to Grow Marijuana Indoors at Home - Guide for Rookies Part I

Part I - Getting Started   “The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture."  - Thomas Jefferson   Photo Credit Part I of a II part series In this article we discuss the fundamental of growing Marijuana at home.  We address all the frequently asked questions: Where can I get good Marijuana Seeds? What Strain of Marijuana should I grow? What kind of Soil should I use? Should I use fertilizer? If so, how much and how often? What kind of equipment do I need? What kind of lighting is best? How do I know when its time to harvest? Do you have any special tips for a beginner on growing MMJ?   Are you legal to possess, grow and use Medical Marijuana?   First things first.  If you want to grow medical marijuana legally in California, you're going to need either a recommendation for medical marijuana from a licensed medical doctor or a cultivation permit.  With a Doctor's recommendation and Grower's Authorization patients can cultivate up to 99 plants / possess 8 oz. or more of MMJ. Patient recommendations and cultivation permits can be obtained quickly and affordably online. Click here to learn more.   Check out local Marijuana Ordinances   Also, it is a good idea to go online and check out the latest ordinances and news concerning medical marijuana at your local town hall or county website. With that out of the way, let's get down to business.   Focus, Grasshopper   “I have lived with several Zen masters - all of them cats.” - Eckhart Tolle   Let's put our mind to the task.  It is not difficult to grow Marijuana and it's also not difficult to mess up as well.  Marijuana is not called a weed for nothing.  Hemp can grow wild everywhere south of the 40th parallel basically. There are varieties (strains) that are bred for semi-arid, moderate, subtropical, mediterranean and tropical climate zones.    This means when you pick a strain to grow, the herb will grow best when you emulate the climate it's genetics are adapted for.  The take-away.  You can grow a big fat palm trees in LA but in San Francisco they're skimpy and skinny. Beginners should pick a variety that is described as robust or grows excellently in and outdoors.   What kind of Weed do you like?   Check out the advertised cannabinoid profile before choosing a strain.  Cannabinoids are the main active ingredients of Marijuana.  THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD is non-psychoactive but is highly medicinal.   Beginners, start with established, time proven strains. "Newer strains tend to be less stable and hardy. You’re more likely to be surprised at how the plant grows, how it reacts to its environment, and how buds form. New strains often don’t match the pictures you see in the strain pics listed next to them." -   Do you want high THC? Do you want balanced THC:CBD?  Do you want weed that picks you up or glues you to the sofa? Do you hate getting high, but need potent medical effects?  Then high CBD low THC is strains are for you.  In any case, for your first grow, just choose a strain the seams to fit your needs and is known to grow easily, without the fuss and muss. Do you have a Green Thumb?   Have you grown flowers or vegetables? If so, it's going to be easy to grow pot.  If you haven't much experience, then you need to read over - the 10 dumb things to do when growing pot - and say aloud, three times - .  Having followed our instruction set, the odds are greatly in your favor; you'll soon be the proud parent of some fine weed.   “May I a small house and large garden have; And a few friends,And many books, both true.” ? Abraham Cowley Cannabis is a flowering plant which bears its fruits (buds) once a year, every fall, when daylight hours grow shorter.  So when you grow indoors, you place the pot in the sun for 12 plus hours every day and when it's near time to harvest, you give them less light and the plants start to flower.  So don't mess up and cut off the light supply to your precious Herbs in their infancy, otherwise they will blossom prematurely and the harvest will be a big disappointment. Do it right and you'll have ounces of bud, not grams.  What Kind of Soil should I use in Weed Cultivation?   Ask a friend to recommend a good local gardening shop that has good potting soil.  Inspect your soil, check out the soil, look for wood chips and foreign matter like plastic. If there is crap in your soil reject it;  because iit is crap soil.  You can add 10% peat (sphagnum) to good effect.  You want to stir up the soil so air can get to the root system.  If the soil is hard, your plants can't breathe carbon dioxide (CO2).  In fact, pumping in CO2 can bump up yields by 40%. You can use soil with guano (bird shit) or sea kelp mixed in as fertilizer.  It is kind of cool that guano is an organic fungicide too, which is good because you don't want mold and fungus anywhere near your plants.  We don't recommend you use much, if any artificial nutrients in your first grow, except maybe a little aged manure.    At the end of the day; without getting fancy, any good potting soil will work fine.   Seed Selection:  See Further Reading Section at the end of this article for a Comprehensive list of Cannabis Seed Suppliers.   Growing Healthy Seedlings is the Key   Cannabis plants start as seeds, how about that?  Seeds require water or humid conditions to germinate. The seeds also need nutrients to grow properly and survive infancy.   Soak your seeds in non-chlorinated water at about 65-70 °F (18-21°C). Observe daily until the seeds enlarge, split open and a tiny root sprouts out.  Seeds should sprout in 3 days to a week.  Interestingly, the seed knows which way is up.  The root will always grow down and the stem up!  Go figure.  Germinated seeds can remain in water for a week or so without problems, but don't push it, 14 days is the max. After that, your green thumb will start turning yellow.   "Feminized Marijuana Seeds Normally, if you were to buy regular seeds, around 50% would turn out to be male and the other 50% would produce female plants.  Buying feminized seeds increases your chances of growing a female plant from 50% to 95%." -   In this case, you can tell a book by its cover, a good looking seed usually means good sexy buds. Depending on the strain, the seed size will vary.  Indica strains tend to have large seeds with stripes, while Sativa cannabis seeds are generally smaller in comparison, with tiny markings.  Good cannabis seeds are hard and dark brown with spots or mottling. Avoid choosing pale, green, cracked or weak looking seeds. The eye can often tell - sick looking seeds don't usually germinate or if they do, the offspring is scrawny.      420EvaluationsOnline:  We specialize in providing online Medical Marijuana document that allows Californians to cultivate, possess, use and transport Medical Marijuana.  Our 100% online process is fast and inexpensive.   Just fill out the  form it takes a few minutes, and a medical doctor will evaluate your file same day.  PATIENTS pay, only when a licensed doctor approves your evaluation and prepares your documents.  Click here to check out our latest Grower, Recommendation and ID packages.     FURTHER READING - Where Can I get Quality Marijuana Seeds? Seed Finder Seed Supreme YELP! Best Marijuana Seeds in Los Angeles, CA Best Marijuana Seeds in Los Angeles, CA Medical Cannabis Marijuana Seeds California California Indica® Seeds Buy Weed Seed   Seed Tags: acapulco gold afghan agent orange ak47 acdc ak48 autoflowering amnesia haze bc bud black jack charlotte's web bank big bud blue dream blueberry bubble gum chemdawg cheap durban poison grand daddy purple feminized free girl scout catatonic cookie haze g-13 purple hazesuper lemon haze super silver haze kaya high thc strains ice indica jack href jack herer indoor kaya kush banana kush blackberry kush blueberry kush bubba kush hindu kush kosher kush master kush og kush pineapple kush pink kush purple kush rainbow kush vanilla malawi gold kushlight jah lowryder lowlife lowryder 2 maui wowie medical northern lights outdoor purple power sativa skunk lemon skunk super skunk sour diesel strawberry cough top 44 white rhino white widow    - SEE PART II FOR THE REST OF THE STORY!    HOW TO GROW MARIJUANA INDOORS AT HOME    - GUIDE FOR ROOKIES - Article Photo Credit  

The Difference between Weed and Spice is Heaven and Hell

"People who use Spice are idiots." The name Spice sounds nice enough.  What are good girls made of?  Sugar and spice and everything nice.  To the contrary, when you think of Spice, think of a discount whore with a bad temper. What is the difference between Spice and Weed then? Ok, let's discuss how spice and weed are as different as heaven and hell. Spice is a mixture of man made chemicals.  Marijuana is a natural Herb. Spice can kill you and Pot cannot.  Spice can maim you, cause irreversible damage, Pot does not. People high on spice do not behave like good citizens.  Pot smokers tend to chill. Spice is a hard drug, marijuana is not. Spice is generally non-medicinal while Medical Marijuana might be the best all round medication on the planet.   photo credit   "Synthetic cannabinoids fail to produce the effects of cannabis. Marketing around synthetic cannabinoids is misleading and has led consumers to expect that synthetic cannabinoids is like cannabis but they are in for a shock." - Marijuana Doctor   Really Wacky Tabacky photo credit Spice is added to tobacco or "herbs" and smoked just like weed.  That is where the similarity ends. The most popular brands sold today are called Spice and K2.  Vaping the base synthetic "cannabinoid" liquid is trendy using e-cigarettes, vape pens and hookah pens – especially among students in highschool and university.  Be sure that few of these kids graduate anywhere near the top ot the class.   "Synthetic cannabinoids are produced as an oil or a crystalline powder that can easily be sprayed on plant material or any other low cost garbage the manufacturers can get away with to create a product that can be smoked and provide some kind of high." - Spice Addiction and Support   Ever watch a Youtube vid about a person overdoses on spice.  These videos are scary, creepy, sad and pathetic. A person stoned on Weed is generally a fine chap who may seem a bit silly.  A person stoned on spice can be scary stupid and drop uncontrollably to the floor convulsing like a rubber man having a permanent seizure.   Spice or K2, is known as fake pot, synthetic marijuana, herbal incense and potpourri. More precisely, spice is a nefarious man made (moron made) mixture of synthetic "cannabinoids"  Know as designer drugs, these so-called cannabis analogs are chemically different the natural phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  Spice manufacturers claim it has a marijuana like effect, but this idea conflicts with many reports of disturbing behavioral and toxicity issues.    Why Synthetic Molecules are often Dangerous and Toxic Right off the get go, a primary issue in any synthetic molecule is that in many cases, these novel molecules do not occur in nature. Your body tries to assimilate them but it can be like putting brandy in your car's gas tank. You don't know what's going to happen, probably something bad, thougth. Similarly the their reaction in the body can be unpredictable and very toxic. Imagine running through a control room of a factory cranking up the dials and turning switches at random.  It's frickin madness.    Ok, we're overstating the case somewhat. Yes, some people are having fun with spice and are getting away with it  But we say you're really playing with fire here.   When you buy a drug off the street, particularly if it is modified by man, you are taking a chance.  You can be taking in literally anything,  Chemicals, solvents, pesticides, toxic reaction byproducts.  To make spice, real herbs sprayed with a Russian Roulette Mixture of Synthetic Cannabinoids. Popular herb choices include: canavalia maritima, leonotis leonurus, zornia latifolia among others.   In an attempt to get around recent laws Spice manufacturers continue to develop new designer varieties of molecules.   Chemical compounds found in Spice commonly include: Cannabicyclohexanol JWH-018 JWH-073 HU-210 JWH-200 AM-2201 UR-144, XLR-11, AKB4, cannabicyclohexanol AB-CHMINACA, AB-PINACA or AB-FUBINACA Phenazepam or other prescription drugs! Isomers and toxic synthetic byproducts   There are more than 700 other synthetic cannabinoids with varying effects and toxicity that may find their way into some forms of Spice.   Very few of these synthetic cannabinoids have been tested on humans or even animals.  It could be that some synthetic cannabinoids will have medical use, but until there is some data on toxicity, at least, these drugs should not be considered - period.  In comparison, the cannabinoids in Marijuana had been taken by millions of people for thousands of years.   Spice Bullshit Example of Spice manufacturer labelling Bullshit to watch out for; "These chemicals are similar to natural cannabinoid found in marijuana and THC, but affect brain receptors differently."   "Analysis by the German government in 2008 showed that some products contained almost none of the supposedly mild traditional herbs that were advertised as ingredients." - Spice Addiction Support   The truth is synthetic cannabinoids do affect body receptors cannabinoid receptors that modulate many bodily functions, these rogue chemicals can be 100 times stronger than THC for example and receptors are blasted into oblivion.  It's the difference between tossing a golf ball and a bowling ball at someone.  There is no comparison.   Spice Legal Bits Spice is illegal and most Cops really don't approve of it. They saw what it does.  They're probably going to try and bust you for spice. Still Spice remains technically legal in many parts of the world and even in some parts of the US. The problem is that lawmakers only made a few of the synthetic cannabinoids illegal.  The manufacturers stay one step ahead of the law and by substituting new compounds to sidestep regulations. Some states are taking further action to limit all forms of spice.   If you have a Medical Marijuana ID card, you're never going to get busted if you have your daily supply of pot on your bod.   "The DEA announced that it would make JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol, which are often found in synthetic cannabis, illegal using emergency powers. They will be placed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act" - DEA   "Following cases in Japan involving the use of synthetic cannabis by navy, army and marine corps personnel resulted in the official banning of Spice. The Commander Marine Corps Forces, Pacific prohibits the actual or attempted possession, use, sale, distribution and manufacture of synthetic cannabis as well as any derivative, analogue or variant of it." - Marines News   Symptoms of Spice Overdose renal failure high blood pressure blurred vision heart attack vomiting seizures hallucinations severe anxiety and paranoia violence death   “Spice is extremely addictive and dangerous.” - AAPCC 420EvaluationsOnline: After reading this article, we gather you won't be buying Spice any time soon.  If you do want to buy some of the real stuff, lab tested organic Cannabis, you'll need a Doctor's Recommendation.  A physician is standing by 7am to 7pm to process your online 420 Evaluation.  Our online process is much cheaper than most visits to a Clinic and is much faster.  It takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form (here) and your request is processed same day.  Please note that we don't charge clients until all their official paperwork is approved.    We also handle grower's permits, MMJ-ID, renewals, all online, all in minutes. Article Photo Credit

Why Vape, Great Ape?

From our  Weed inspired "Man on the Street" Before you enter our man on the street's world, please note: at the end of this article, you can find our recommendations for - the best vaporizers on the market in the year 2016 Wow. The past is finally here in the future and the collective man (at least in certain States) has now started to slowly unhinge his head from the inside of his gluteus maximus helmet and legally admit that marijuana has many more positives than negatives. Why now? Why this, why that; yeah, I know, so much to talk about, but those discussions are for a different article. Today, and right here, is where we talk about vaporizers. It's about time that all the real talk about marijuana as a medicine (as well as a producer of so many other things) was medically and scientifically spoken on and spoken on with actual vigor as opposed to just being written off as hippy talk, holistic voodoo or idle jibber jabber.   Just thinking about all the subtext as to the why now - damn it! I'm doing it again; I apologize, but as an advocator and an activist of this cause since I was just a smidgen over my first double digit Birthday it just rubs me the wrong way when all of a sudden the powers that be just grant us this salvation without any more push than we have been giving them for decades. Whatever, right? Many of us can now even buy weed online.   Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, yea? Many of us can now buy weed online for our cannabis vaporization - which is the safest way to inhale it. In the paragraph above I said second ish wave of this science, and I said it for two main reasons. The first reason is because it is actually some very old World science that was pretty much all but forgotten when newfangled things that were much more easy and seemingly better took over the technology e.g fire not Sun rays. The second reason is because even when the method stated to gain impetus again in the mid nineties it was still at a fetal stage of development; or should I say advancement. I'll never forget the first time I saw a glass piece with a monocle attached to it. Too bad I lived in Michigan and that shit could barely even work during our Summers.   Photo Credit Let's fast forward a bit to the facts. I first came across vaporizers as they are know today at a festival I was playing at. The lighting engineer had this little box with what looked like a glass anal plug in it and a dial. As he packed up a separate chalice style glass bowl with stitched Moroccan fabric dressing the hose he turned the dial and said that we had to wait for the green light. The light turned green, he pressed the bowl to the donger and I hit that shit. Before I took the toke he had warned me that I wouldn't feel like I was getting anything, but not to let that trick me into hitting it harder. He was right; I didn't feel like I was getting anything but I did have a pleasant taste in my mouth. I listened to my friend, guide and light engineer and just continued to take slow pulls and was amazing at the big brain cloud I let out with no burn or heavy feeling in my lungs or throat at all! This is really the only positive spin I could give the non smoker to sell them on vaping, but honestly smoking is still a nasty habit. I am a smoker of everything but pole and I love it, but if you are not then why start now? Photo Credit Byproducts from the chemical reaction of vaporizing the flower are pretty much nil in comparison but what does that really mean? Does this make it safer than eating some charred meat from off the grill? Dietary arguments aside, the plain and simple fact is that we are still testing, but the answer is almost assuredly yes, it is the safest way to inhale. At the very least we can say with all scientific certainty that the level of tar that is inhaled by the patient using some sort of vaporizer is, on average, 10 times less than a more regular or "traditional" way of smoking the medicine.   Back to my first vape experience; when the light turned red again I exhaled actual smoke - sorcery! How could I breathe this dragon's breathe without fire!? Hahaha. I'm just joking; I know the logistics; not too many people are ignorant enough to think that everything has to be seared to cook. Pot science really should have kept in closer contact with food science over the centuries - just kidding; they did, it was just the great oppression of freedom and killjoy laws during Industrial Age that slowed the former. Ugh Charlie Brown! So much to get sidetracked on with discourses such as these.   Okay, so ... vaporizers are by far the cleanest and most waste free way to consume your medicine on any level. Actually that's a lie; I mean, I wrote "consume" and not ingest which could include other more effective ways of getting the medicine into your bloodstream but let's face it; how many people are up for suppositories be them in a social or non - social setting? Smoking, eating, snorting, intravenous and in the poop shoot: that is how the cookie of effectiveness crumbles. Obviously the slowest forms of absorption are the first two, which also happen to be the most prevalent and socially acceptable.   Although, as probably all of you know, eating the medicine takes quite a bit longer to take hold and results in a different sort of cure. Longer, long story short (and withholding any more side bars) vaporizing is the way to go for a quick, tidy, and least obtrusive dose both in negative affect to lungs and stank of clothes and areas. By heating the herbs to a level that creates a minimum of carbon you save yourself and all those around a sob story or reason to bitch at you about cancer. And no matter if you are vaporizing actual flowers or oil, the waste and possible fire hazards from flaming embers are significantly reduced if not zeroed out all together. Photo Credit In the last six or so years with all the e cigs  in doctoring and development of the cross use has soared and vaporizing one's medicine has become easier and more affordable than ever. Let's face it; how easy is it to get away with hitting the pens at shows or other places that frown upon such behavior? You done hit it and quite it before the person next to you even smells anything! No more having to smell like a burn out or hood rat after taking your medicine just because you didn't shower and change your clothes afterwards.The bottom line of vaporizing your medicine is that it is very tasty and as far as "smoking" the flower the negative effects of marijuana on lungs are extremely diminished. Photo Credit Now, of course this applications does have its pitfalls: like the limitations and/or bulk of a vaporizing kit at your place. Timing and continuity of these sometimes very expensive machines are a roll of the dice. Then, when you go into the portables you start talking about environmental waste for all the one time use things and that's not to negate the fact that you are carrying it around with you at all times. Just because it's legal [for you] doesn't mean it can't end up being a problem with our ever fickle "law enforcement." In the end, if this is to be your chosen method of administration then the chooses only widen as to the best vaporizer to buy. I can help you with that as well.   Honestly my friends, to me, the main deciding factor here is whether you like to smoke or not. If you are not a smoker of anything then I would still say give it a whirl but only because inhaling this particular medicine is more immediately effect than eating it. See how you like it, but if your pain or whatever ailment doesn't require a quick dose and you are not a smoker of anything then you may not like the feeling. Vaporizing is certainly not the same thing as setting something on fire and inhaling its smoke but it still could be uncomfortable for you. You know you, you do you and try some if you are thinking about going down this route. However you decide to take your legally purchased marijuana is up to you; all I do is help you to make a better informed decision.   If you are a smoker of things then you already know what's up and I don't need to sell you on shit - do your lungs a favor and vape, whenever possible, over singeing. We won't all be iron lungs forever and every hit counts; both for mental and physical health. In the end it is up to you to find what you are looking for after all this research. Just make sure you find a reputable company like I did in Insomnia Collective.   420EvaluationsOnline:  If you want to buy a nifty Vape, you will need something Vape something nice, maybe a lab tested balanced CBD - THC strain?  if so, you're going to need a 420 Evaluation from a licensed medical doctor.  Click here to apply online - or learn more here. The process is fast, affordable and complies with the Medical Board of California's guidelines for Telehealth (internet) services.    FURTHER READING - MARIJUANA VAPORIZERS - TOP LISTS Vaporizer Guide and Reviews 2016 Portable Vaporizer Reviews and Guide Best Portable Vaporizers 2016 from VaP WiZaRd Vapor Nation's Top Portable Herbal Vaporizers of 2015 The Legends at Leafy: MMJ Vapor and Asthma Article Photo Credit

CBG – The Next Big Cannabinoid after CBD

“It has not been as well studied, but its a very interesting molecule than might well prove to be superior to CBD and THC in some cases.” - Dr. George Anastassov (paraphrase)   While many people have heard of the medicinal cannabis ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), few have heard of CBG. CBG is non-psychoactive - does not get you stoned.  Some believe CBG may work as well or even better than CBD.   Medical Marijuana research has advanced substantially since legalization in many parts of the world.  Now that Marijuana is no longer partnered with Narcotics (in most places) research budgets are on the rise, with grants in Colorado amounting to $10 million for the year.  Look for that figure to rise as Marijuana revenues hit close to $1 billion last year.   "CBG inhibits GABA uptake more effectively than THC or CBD.  Since GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain, this might explain the antianxiety effects of CBG. It’s an intriguing cannabinoid in many ways, and most certainly worthy of greater study." - Dr. Ethan B Russo   In the past, research focused on THC or strains high in THC including an assortment  other cannabinoids generally found in trace amounts.  Now there is a focus on CBD and strains high in that Cannabinoid.  Into the future, researchers are already targeting other Cannabinoids - including CBG for comprehensive clinical study. While the market has rapidly responded to CBD demand by creating strains with up to 20% of active ingredient, high CBG strains are practically non-existent.  We're predicting that articles like this one will fuel the demand for CBG and the industry will respond - quickly. Cannabinoids all start off as CBG   Cannabigerol (CBG) is a minor cannabinoid (<1%) most abundant during the early stages of the marijuana growing cycle.  CBG is a precursor to most other cannabinoids.  Plant genetics, control enzyme release that determines what amounts of the various cannabinoids are produced.    Hemp contains more CBG than high THC Cannabis Varieties.  CBG is extracted during the flowering stage from buds.  Right now, the low concentration of CBG in most strains, makes makes of CBG extracts an expensive proposition.    Industrial Hemp was "discovered" to contain significant quantities of CBG and the aim of breeders in the future is to UP the quantity.  Actually, CBG's existence was already known for quite some time, but researchers had a myopic vision, seeing industrial hemp as more or less garbage.  Not true.  You don't have to get high to benefit from Cannabinoids.  On some sites they talk about breeding strains that create greater CBG levels, which is kind of bullshit, sorry to say.  All cannabinoids start as CBG and then are bio-synthesized into d'8THC, d9THC, CBD etc.  So breeders need to figure out how to block synthesis process and stop CBG from converting.    Why Researchers think CBG might be as good or better than CBD   Researchers found that CBG had neuroprotective effects in mice with Huntington's disease.  Not only that, it slowed down the progression of colon cancer in animal studies.  Other studies show efficacy as a painkiller and anti-depressant.  Study results suggest that CBG marijuana strains might be effective in the treatment of psoriasis, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and skin diseases.   CBG is effective or may be effective in a range of treatment and therapies;  modest antifungal effects inhibiting keratinocyte proliferation (skin protein) - treatment of psoriasis CBG shows promising results to fight breast cancer, works in conjunction with l-limonene (citrus terpene found in cannabis), CBG and CBD cannabinoids can powerfully inhibit MRSA (bacteria superbug)   -  Dr. Ethan B Russo, British Journal of Pharmacology   Chemists and Doctors in California and Oregon are testing Marijuana strains comprehensively and use the results, the cannabinoid profile quantitated, to match make relationships; patient and strain.  Right now the focus is on THC and CBD but the process will become more sophisticated as more exotic strains (abundant in CBC, CBG, etc.) come on to the market. The strain Mikey Kush exists. tested with high levels of CBG, but with THC levels of 28.6%. CBG marijuana strains are becoming more popular in Europe, and some of these varieties will be on the shelf in America soon. As the research reports and patient testimonials come in, growers will respond to demand by refining the existing CBG strains. Medical Studies - Clinical Trials - Research Reports on the Medical Properties of CBG   Effect of Non-psychotropic Plant-derived Cannabinoids on Bladder Contractility: Focus on Cannabigerol.   CBG reduced human bladder contractions more than THC and CBD. Cannabis preparations may be useful to treat bladder dysfunction. The rank order of efficacy was CBG=THCV>CBD>CBDV. BG also reduced contractions in the human bladder (acetylcholine-induced).     Colon carcinogenesis is inhibited by the TRPM8 antagonist cannabigerol, a Cannabis-derived non-psychotropic cannabinoid.   CBG hampers colon cancer progression in vivo and selectively inhibits the growth of CRC cells, CBG should be considered translationally in CRC prevention and cure.   Neuroprotective properties of cannabigerol in Huntington's disease: studies in R6/2 mice and 3-nitropropionate-lesioned mice.   CBG was extremely active as neuro-protectant in mice, improving motor deficits and preserving striatal neurons against 3NP toxicity.  In conclusion, our results open new research avenues for the use of CBG, alone or in combination with other phytocannabinoids or therapies, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as HD.   A cannabigerol derivative suppresses immune responses and protects mice from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis   This study highlights the therapeutic potential of CBG (VCE-003)  as an agent for the treatment of human immune diseases with both inflammatory and autoimmune components.  A reduction in cell infiltrates, mainly CD4+ T cells, was observed, and Th1 and Th17 responses were inhibited in the spinal cord of VCE-003-treated mice, accompanied by weaker microglial activation, structural preservation of myelin sheets and reduced axonal damage.   AXIM Biotech To Begin Human Clinical Trials on CBG For Psoriasis   “Depending on the results of the trial (to treat psoriasis), we could go two ways, We could go forward with an over-the-counter cosmetic product in about 6-12 months or we could file for a new drug application (NDA)". - Dr. Anastassov   ADVANCED CANNABIS SCIENCE: The Other Cannabinoids   CBG is the stem cell of cannabinoids. it's the primary biosynthetic precursor of THC, CBD and CBC (cannabichromene), Only found in trace amounts in the plant, CBG has not been well studied since its discovery. CBG only binds slightly to the CB1 receptors (which creates a psychoactive response). It also appears to interact with the CB2 receptors of the body and immune system, but more research is needed to clarify and confirm these suggestions.   Does anyone know of any high Cannabigerol CBG strains of marijuana in existence? I would like to try higher quantities of it.   "There are a few listed on seedfinder with ratings. The top 2 shown there are Bleu Berries (White Label) and Eldorado (Sativa Seedbank). They have 1.8% and 1.5% CBG from tests."  -   Strains at SeedFinder with CBG values   Mikey Kush Amnesiac Auto CBG CBD René Jamaica/Panama Laughing Tiger Quantum Kush Skunk NL Wonder Kush   420EvaluationsOnline:  If you would like to buy a Medical Marijuana strain high in CBG, you need to have a licensed Medical Physicians Recommendation.  At 420EOL we have a doctor on call to do a 420 evaluation online.  Simply  fill out the 420 form, it takes a few minutes and we'll email you the doctor's findings. We also handle MMJ ID Cards and Cultivation Permits.  Verification services are 24/7, so you prove to any Dispensary, Marijuana cooperative, Club or others that you're an MMJ patient.    FURTHER READING - CBG, THE NEXT GREAT CANNABINOID Time course of cannabinoid accumulation and chemotype development during the growth of Cannabis sativa L Article Photo Credit

California State Lawmen to 'Crucify' California Nun's Marijuana Services?

"Our mission is to put prayers for healing intention into every jar and every bottle of natural medicine we make, and to help spread the good word about cannabis."   In the Name of Jesus : John 2:1-11   Jesus’ mother said, “They have no more wine.” Jesus replied.“Woman, why do you involve me? My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water.” Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.” They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine.   "Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the poor wine after the guests are drunk, but you have saved the best till now.”   California Law Man Crucify the Sisters of the Valley's Marijuana Services   So, without doubt then, according to scripture in the bible, the son of god made wine for the people.  Overruling God, US lawmakers rebuffed Jesus ways and declared winemaking a sin from 1920 to 1933.  Enter three Californian sisters declare Marijuana is Recommended by God to treat the poor and ill.    "Now. how do we get the Mayor of Merced and Hub Walsh, and some of the other lawmaking hicks to read this? To believe it? To know it? Every time I say the origins of the laws were racist, they put their heads up like peacocks and say 'What? Huh? No way!'.  - Flying Nuns on Facebook   While Sisters Abbey, Kate and Darcy had a thriving Medical Marijuana Business, until California lawmakers ruled their congregation's practices (MMJ business) illegal. The Nuns believe that Cannabis is god's gift, an herb that put on this earth for his children. They make their Cannabis medicines according to ancient traditions by timing production with moon cycles, and blessing each item with a prayer of healing intentions and love.   Even though the state of California banned the drug last year, the nuns have continued to produce their remedies.   "We’re not accepting their ban. It’s against the will of the people, and that makes it unnatural and immoral." - Sister Kate   These Catholic Nuns, known as Sisters of the Valley grow large quantities of Cannabis.  Thought their medical cannabis strains are not strongly psychoactive (don't contain much THC) they are still declared illegal by the State.  The nuns weed is high in CBD, a MMJ component that is non-psychoactive but highly medicinal. The nun's operation is very sophisticated, organic and tuned as they say, to mother earth.  An on-site visit revealed that preparation techniques, knowledge and skills are world class.  Would you expect anything else from God's disciples?   Sister Darcy said: “Our medicine is medicine and its non-psychoactive. We are dealing with what’s actually considered hemp, but really we advocate for whole plant legislation."   The sister's believe that their Cannabis Medicines cure aches, pains, anxiety, cramps.  In Jesus's image, they infuse High CBD extracts into wine.  They declare that one glass of medicinal wine after a hard day's work brings them heaven on Earth. “We’re trying to do something that’s more activist-based, that’s more planet-based, Mother Earth-friendly.” An eyebrow raising issue is the Nuns admit they are their own best customers, and smoke fairly large quantities of cannabis.   The sisters MMJ product line includes: oils,  and moisturisers made from the drug, which they say can cure ailments like back pain and migraines. The Sister's of the Valley's Product Line Includes:   CBD Infused Oil CBD-infused oil is made with organic Cannabis plant material and coconut oil - just place a drop, like any tincture, under the tongue.   CBD Tincture The Sisters’ CBD tincture is with food-grade alcohol, blessed and turned morning and night according to the moon's cycle. CBD-infused oil and the CBD tinctures contain 500 mg of CBD.   CBD Salve The most popular of the Sisters’ products is the topical CBD salve. The public has been very experimental with this multi-purpose topical and found an amazing number of ways it alleviates suffering and promotes health.   Sage Stick For thousands of years to present, sacred white sage is burned to chase away dark energies, cleanse the air, to bless. The Sisters make their sage sticks on the farm by hand, in the twilight hours . Clary Sage Spray The aroma-therapeutic effects of the clary sage are calming, stress banishing, balancing.   Palo Santo Holy Wood Palo Santo is a mystical, sweet smelling citrus tree used to clear the energies and calm the home or work-environment.   The Flying Nuns on Facebook   ** These products are not psychoactive, they will not get a person ‘high’, and they will not cause a person to fail a drug test.."   "18 million views. 18 MILLION VIEWS! WTH? We sold more today than we normally sell in ten days. Holy Holy! That's all I have to say. Holy, Holy!"     "We have our own Holy Trinity, that is honoring Mother Earth and honoring people in two ways, through making medicines and healing them. The third thing is progressive activism where we are dedicating portions every week to the good fight for the poor people that surround us."   "We found out that it cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash, toothaches. We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine, it’s a prayerful environment, it’s a prayerful time.”   How the Three Nuns got Started   In their own words, the sisters are not officially affiliated with any traditional earthly religion.  Then again, what man made entity certified Jesus?     It could be an elaborate marketing scam set up by a couple of fake nuns, but the by now famous Nuns have few detractors.  The English Newspaper, the Guardian opined that “the women seem sincere in their belief in the healing properties of CBD and their desire to heal the poor (health) in the tradition of a Mother Theresa.   Sister Kate, 55, said she took to started growing marijuana after a bad divorce. She used Weed to help treat her nephew for heroin addiction.  Based on that positive experience, she became to believe deeply  in the heavenly healing properties of God's herb.  Sister Kate describes her practice as more than a sisterhood and feminist movement.  Their product treats everyone.  Theirs is a place for women to work in harmony and do something beneficial for the community.   The practice of donning Nun outfits came, kind or as an accident.  Upon hearing that US congress had classified Pizza as a vegetable, Kate jokingly replied, by the same logic, well then I'm a nun. So she put on a Nun outfit and started protesting various causes which was to include Marijuana.  She found that the garb garnered the kind of attention she liked.  A standing up on moral issues got more respect as a Nun.    Soon after, she met young Darcy (24) who joined the order after a mere 30 minute chat. The Sisters Abbey is a regular  three-bedroom house next to the railroad the town-countryside near Merced, in a (Sister Kate calls the frequent noise from passing trains “part of our penance”  When visitors come knocking, Sister Kate asks them to wait outside until she bless them with sage smoke from burning wood from a Russian tree donated by a shaman.   The congregation's mission was to heal pain and Marijuana, the non-psychoactive kind, was chosen as a main sacrilege.  They try to emulate Catholic Nun's standards of excellence as seen in the olden days. "   “They stood for something. I’m trying to bring that back.”   420 EVALUATIONS ONLINE:  If you would like to try the Sister's Godly herb products, after you pray, you must also get permission from the State of California.  Thankfully Medical Marijuana patients, new and old, can get licensed Medical Doctor's Recommendations online.  This process is quicker and cheaper than a clinic visit.  Just click here to get started    We also provide customers with Recommendation Renewals, Verification 24/7, Cannabis Grower's Permits and Marijuana ID Cards.  Everything is done 100% online and patients only pay when they are officially approved.     FURTHER READING - SISTERS OF THE VALLEY CBD PRODUCTS The Sister's of the Valley Website Sisters of the Valley - Cannabis CBD Products on Facebook Meet the nuns who are healing the world with marijuana   Photo Credit Article Photo Credit


7 Pot for your Dog?   "Marijuana toxicity is no laughing matter and if people note their dogs have gotten into it they should seek veterinary care immediately, When you get to the vet, tell them the truth right away? - Dr. Robert Dogs that are indoors and eat junk food (puppy chow) suffer from many of the disorders that humans do.  Marijuana users who know if their Pets are happy, say, yes feeding a bit of Pot edibles to kitty or doggy makes a big difference their behavior.  They are more lovey dovey and affectionate, more like their old selves. "Increasingly, owners of dogs with chronic pain, nausea, or appetite problems have begun asking if medical marijuana could help their dog’s quality of life, like it has done for some people. " - Los Angeles Veterinarian Doug Kramer People have used medicinal marijuana to ease everything from glaucoma to the side effects of chemotherapy. So why shouldn't man's best friend give medicinal pot a shot?  Pot owners that give weed to their pets warn, be careful, don't get them stoned. Stoned animals simply don't function, at all. “I grew tired of euthanizing pets when I wasn’t doing everything I could to make their lives better, I felt like I was letting them down. I think it’s pretty bad that there are a number of veterinarians that are giving a variety of different products by a variety of different roots without any basis behind it at al” - Kramer, Vet   Check out a video of a pot eating deer. 8 Naming in the Tradition of Horse Racing Stoned The naming of a strain of Marijuana and a Racehorse is very similar.  The name often pays homage to the parents with a twist of some sort.  Sometimes the name of the strain has nothing to do with the parents, kind of like Prince's name has nothing to do with Mom and Pop. Likewise, Marijuana can be named after a rock band or a gun, as in AC/CD and AK47 as if to imply jokingly, the pot variety will electrify or maybe blow your brains out.. Horse breeders and Marijuana growers must both be naughty by nature. Check out the evidence in the names they conjure up. Horse Names Ghost Zapper Hoof Hearted Bad Hair Day   Beer Belly Bob            Beer Gut          Behind Belly Button     Between The Sheets Bird Brain        Blame The Dog           Bruce The Horse Bubble Gum Strain Name Green Crack Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Blockhead Hog's Breath Cheese Train Wreck Rolling Thunder Strawberry Cough Love Lettuce Hilltown Tumbleweed Foxy's Rhinofuck - Matanuska Thunderfuck Can you see it now?  The Horse Marijuana Owner Hybrid? You're at Santa Anita Park. And the various  Medical Marijuana billionaires are there with their horses, named Love Lettuce, Rolling Thunder etc.  And these nouveau riche  name their new MMJ hybrid California Chrome (the Kentucky Derby winner). 9  The Soapy Marijuana Caper Did you know that Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat soluble?  If you prepare infused cannabis edibles, the answer is, of course you did.  But did you know that THC is also soap soluble.  Well, if you know a bit of chemistry you would quickly say yes also. However, what happened in this story freaked some mothers right out.  A number of babies were tested positive for Marijuana in their urine.  You'd think that secondhand smoke would be the cause.  But to get that kind of a response, the Mother's in question would have to be smoking not grams but ounces of pot per day.  It turned out that an ingredient in a Johnson & Johnson soap was giving a false THC response.  A better test using HPLC confirmed that the guilty party was Johnson & Johnson and not the mom.  We wonder, exactly what exactly does that THC mimicking chemical do to babies? Is it toxic or what?   10 Suicide Rates Decreased in areas where Medical Marijuana became Available A Colorado study found that suicides went down after Medical and Recreational Cannabis were legalized. "Our results suggest that the passage of a medical marijuana law is associated with an almost 5% reduction in total suicide rate, an 11% reduction in the suicide rate of age 20-29 males, and a 9% reduction in the suicide rate of 30-39 males."   The segment of the population most at risk are young men.  It is theorized that a sizable portion of these the 20-30 year olds switched from binge drinking to Marijuana smoking.  "Our results suggest that the passage of a medical marijuana law is associated with an almost 5 percent reduction in the total suicide rate, an 11 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 20- through 29-year-old males, and a 9 percent reduction in the suicide rate of 30- through 39-year-old males." - German Study on the Effects of Medical Marijuana in California 11 Illegal Marijuana Operations can be Foul for Man and Beast Alike Illegal operators are not necessarily bad nor stupid.  But some definitely are bad and or stupid. Outdoor operations that spray toxic chemicals and set out poison have been implicated in the deaths of owls, fischers (mammals), birds, Outdoor grow operations have their downsides, too — particularly illegal plots of pot plants. Endangered spotted owls in California's Mendocino County are threatened by the rat poison put out by people who grow pot illegally on isolated stretches of public land. In 2012, two spotted owls found dead in Mendocino County tested positive for rat poison, as did the bodies of 85 percent of dead mammals called fishers. The people who harvest illegal pot might be exposed to toxic chemicals that cause serious health problems.  A few years ago,  hospital workers in Albania admitted a  cluster of illnesses that turned out be related to illegal marijuana farming.  More than 700 patients treated at one village alone. Workers who had prolonged skin contact with the cannabis symptoms of vomiting, cramps, gastrointestinal pain and irregular heartbeats.    420EvaluationsOnline: We provide California residents with legal access to Medical Marijuana online.  Our Doctors are available from 7am to 11pm to evaluate your online application for medical marijuana recommendation.  We also provide MMJ ID Cards, renewals and cultivation documents that are accepted by all licensed Cannabis Delivery Services, Marijuana Dispensaries, MMJ Cooperatives, California Law enforcement agencies in the state of California. FURTHER READING - STRANGE BUT USEFUL FACTS ABOUT MARIJUANA Legality of Cannabis by U.S. Jurisdiction Napoleon's Wars for Hemp, Iron and Timber All About Ford's Hemp Car Article Photo Credit


1   Medical Marijuana was legal during Prohibition (1920-1933).   However, you could buy Whiskey during prohibition - if and only if - it contained Medical Marijuana! Then when Alcohol was legalized, Marijuana became illegal.  Like we said, you just can't make this stuff up.   The times are changing again as 40% of the US population can get Legal Access to Medical Marijuana   Marijuana is America's favorite quasi-illegal drug.  Non-psychoactive Marijuana (CBD and other Cannabinoids) are legal  in 80% of the country. Only 9 states have full on prohibition.  Medical Marijuana is legal in about 50% of the states in the union. Recreational Marijuana use is now legal in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska. We expect that  75% of the country will have access to MMJ in the next 5 years.   2   Origins of Hemp use Dates Back to the Ice Age Hemp fibers were used in Taiwan dating back 10,000 years.  At that time, Mastodons were still roaming about  the icy plains of North America.  Who would know that this Herb would be demonized as a dangerous substance by "modern man", in all his fucking technological glory.  Yeah, right, Cavemen can use hemp, but it's too dangerous for us evolved folk with our huge brain.  Just as Al Gore invented the internet, a Chinese Emperor Shen Nung first discovered Marijuana's medicinal uses.  That story line goes up in smoke as Medical and Ritual Marijuana use artifact evidence from digs across Asia show that most every great culture used Cannabis and hemp. Chinese script that translates into Hemp has been found on bones and turtle shells dating back 3000-3500 years.    In Western China, a European type person's (Caucasian) remains were found beside a large Cache of Psychoactive Marijuana.  LCMS testing revealed an excellent Cannabinoid profile too.  Some so called intellectuals think it was difficult for early man to figure out if a herb was psychoactive.  But these kinds of thoughts are not founded in the historic record nor common sense.  The minute you make a campfire from psychoactive herb, there will be no question whether it gets you high or not.  The invention of fire by the way, dates back more than 500,000 years. . 3   Hemp and the Racket of War - Napoleon, Russia and the War of 1912   Hemp was the original and most sought after military material for hundreds of years.  Hemp was used for sales, ropes, rigging and fiber for clothing.  George Washington was well trained in the Traditions of British Hemp technologies.  Upon independence, Washington decreed that in the interests of the country, every farmer had to grow Hemp.  Imagine what the look on Washington's face would be if he knew that future Presidents would declare, with a straight face, that Marijuana and Hemp illegal, in the "best interests" of America.    The English Navy, which conquered much of the world relied on Russian Hemp to keep the Empire afloat, literally.  A primary objective in Napoleon's invasion of Russia was to cut English Naval Hemp and timber supplies and weaken their fleet that were a thorn in the French side for a couple of centuries.  Sadly for Napoleon and more sadly for the nearly 1 million soldiers that died, the greatest Marijuana raid in history failed miserably. Dito, the War of 1812 was designed to cut off North American timber supplies.    Of course War is full of scoundrels, a lot of New Englanders made a fortune supplying Napoleon's wars. The arms racket goes way back.   4    Marijuana is a Super-Duper Food   If you believe the nutritional reports from Food testing laboratories, Hemp seeds are among the healthiest food choices out there!. Hemp Seeds are an excellent source of protein, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, minerals, and fiber. They contain about 40-45% of oil and fatty acids,30-35% % protein and only 12% carbohydrates  The amino acid composition of the protein includes every essential amino acid required by man.  Almost no other plant can make this claim (if they could talk).   Vegans should note because a Hemp seed protein contains all the amino acids found in meat - that most vegetarians are deficient in.  Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids that man requires to exist.  Hemp oil  has a superior fatty acid profile.  It contains the somewhat rare fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, which is used normalize women's periods and to balance emotional swings. 45-60%            Linoleic acid - Omega-6* 20-25%            Alpha Linolenic acid - Omega-3* 7-9%                Oleic acid - Omega-9* 2-3%                Gamma Linolenic acid 1-2%                Stearidonic acid 8-10%              Saturated Oils   There is zero chance of getting busted on a drug test because hemp oils are very low in THC, the psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis.  With hemp products you can make milks, smoothies, salad oil.   5   Hemp as a Building Material and Fuel for Cars!   Hemp is an incredible building material, not quite accurately advertised as 10x stronger than Steel.  Example: At the turn of the last century (1900) making bio-fuel from Hemp was no secret as well.  This is why both alcohol and Marijuana were prohibited - to kill competition with Big Oil.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.    Believe it or not, none other than Henry Ford wanted to make his own fuel Bio-fuel supply for his customers.    "Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM HEMP! On his large estate, Ford was photographed among his hemp fields. The car, ‘grown from the soil,’ had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel." - Popular Mechanics   In another incredible happening, researchers were able to show that 20 people using hemp rope alone could move a 10,000 stone thirty meters in an hour!.  This explains how Easter Islanders were able to move 5 ton statues a mile or more.  The crazy shit people do!   6   A Woman's Medicine? According to the latest research, smoking pot delivers substantially different physiological effects to females and males.  In animal trials, rats were found to be more sensitive to Cannabis's pain killing properties.  It seems that estrogen plays a role in these sex-specific effects.  At ovulation, when estrogen is highest (by far) marijuana appears to magnify its effects, which makes it a miracle medicine for PMS sufferers.   MMJ is also recommended by medical doctors to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight management up and down, and keep you chillin when you would have been bitchin. None other than Queen Victoria, head of the world's largest Empire physicians prescribed Cannabis elixirs and creams and rubs to keep her royal highness at the peak of her powers.   Is a relaxed woman a sexy woman?   Scientists think so.  "Studies have shown that during arousal and orgasm, parts of the female brain [associated] with high anxiety and stress deactivate, and many women I know smoke marijuana to help with this process of mental deactivation," - Sex therapist Ian Kerner   Women are generally more sensitive to Cannabinoids (the active ingredients of Marijuana) than men.  It would be wise to know a good budtender that is an expert on Women's issues.  Choosing the right strain of cannabis is very important.  Some strains are high in very THC so look out. These marijuana strains may get rid of the pain, but if you smoke too much - you also might end up higher than a kite. Some strains contain CBD (non-psychoactive, highly medicinal component of marijuana) and little THC.  These are the strains that deliver superior all round  medicinal effects while keeping you chill but not stoned.  Probably the best strain to start for most women would be a 5% THC with 15% CBD content.   420EvaluationsOnline: We are online MMJ Document Specialists. Do you need a Doctor's Medical Marijuana Recommendation or ID Card?  A grower's permit perhaps?  Click here to apply free.  Our patients only pay when the doctor has completed your Cannabis Evaluation and Recommended MMJ to treat your conditions or symptoms.   Photo credit   Photo credit   Photo Credit   Photo credit Ford Hemp Car   Article Photo Credit


PART II  - Places 1 to 5   "I've for years argued that we should treat drug use as a health issue, not as a crime, While the vast majority of recreational drug users never experience any problems, people who struggle with drug addiction deserve access to treatment, not a prison cell." - Billionaire Richard Branson: Decriminalize Drug Use Worldwide   1 USA 2 Netherlands 3 Canada 4 Australia 5 Afghanistan   Hall of Weed Shame is Thailand. Weed in Thailand is illegal and the once fabulous Thai stick has been regulated to the garbage bin.   Honorable Mention: Israel.  Very smart Israeli Scientists and businessmen are taking a serious run at the Medical Marijuana business.   Top Pot Nations by Consumption   Country % Cannabis Users United States 14 Canada 13 Australia 11 Netherlands 6 Afghanistan ?   Only the Netherlands is not among the top Weed smoking Western countries.  This fact flies in the face of people that say Marijuana is a gateway drug and legalization will lead to rampant weed smoking among the youth.  The facts are, the country with long-term legalization, nearly forever, smokes less Weed than almost all first world countries.   5. Afghanistan Afghanistan is known as one of the world's poorest, but surely the of toughest peoples.  No one ever succeeded in changing any of their ways. Not the British, Not the Mongols, Not the USSR and certainly Not the USA.   In the years after the US invasion, production has reduced, partly due to a drop in demand and local crackdowns.    As one of the world's first Marijuana farming areas, don't expect the Taliban to change the country folk's Marijuana ways, for they too are cruisin for a bruisin. Afghanistan is famous for some of the best Marijuana strains in the world.  While the Kush variety does not score at the top of any one category, it's a great all rounder, with a relaxing, peaceful high. Western cultivators find Kush to be a great, robust strain to cross with other varieties.    Some Afghan Strains of Note               Afgan Kush Afgan Kush Ryder Afgan Kush Special Afgan Kush x Black Domina Afgan Kush x Skunk Afgan Kush x White Widow Afgan Kush x Yumbolt Afghan Delight                         4. Australia   Who would have thought an Aussie could stop partying long enough to put in the concerted effort that growing good weed requires.  Well jokes aside, Australia has an abundant supply of university graduates that smoke pot, who have applied their acumen in the cultivation of Marijuana.  These days, innovation, cultivation methods, seeds and genetics spread across the world like wildfire.  English speaking countries tend to share MMJ ideas with one another for obvious reasons.  This means that what the US or Canada does, the Aussies can do.   Now that Australia, with virtually the rest of the Commonwealth, to legalize marijuana, expect them to keep their spot in  the top 5.  There are reports of one Aussie variety that came in at %40 THC, but we think the claim is probably beer induced.  With that said, you can find some of the world's best and most potent Pot in the land of Oz.   Top Aussie Cannabis Varieties - 2015 1. Special Queen 1 2. Northern Light Automatic 3. Royal Dwarf 4. White Widow 5. Amnesia Haze 6. CBD Oil (10ml) 7. Special Kush 1 8. Critical 9. Royal AK Automatic 10. O.G. Kush   Thanks to: Royal Queen Seeds of Australia   3. Canada Canada places ahead of Australia only because they are masters at indoor Cannabis growing. Canadians can and do grow Weed varieties with 30% THC content in lands north of the arctic circle.  Now, Eskimo's can and do get higher than a kite off of BC Bud.  There are local rumors that one of the first super high THC varieties of Indica was developed by hall of fame scientist Dr David Suzuki at UBC in the 70s.   Since Dr. Suzuki went mainstream, maybe he's waiting for Marijuana to be fully legalized in Canada before accepting accolades. There are those in Canada, and especially British Columbia that claim California was second, in developing the first "modern" THC strains. In response to that idea, Californian's say, what's BC Bud?   Some Kick Ass BC Bud B.C.God Bud  BC Arctic Sun  BC Blueberry  BC Optimus Prime  BC Sweet Tooth  Lasqueti Salt Spring Rhino UBC Chemo Van Isle Gold B52 Bomber 49th Parallel   2. Netherlands The Dutch don't actually smoke too much Pot, half or less, as compared to Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia.  Marijuana and Hashish arrived in the country several hundred years ago and Cannabis traditions remain completely intact.  The good old Netherlands.  At one time, the Dutch East India Company absolutely dominated  world trade, with Everything Asian coming through Amsterdam; spice, coffee, opium, hashish, china, etc. From the 1600's onward Amsterdam was a financial hub with a lot of cash floating about.    The Netherlands is famous for being the first to cash in on Marijuana tourism.  The business community correctly saw that Marijuana is not a dangerous thing, that is, if it's all out in the open and legal.  Recently, however, they've scaled back a bit with the crazy, wasted foreigners suddenly roaming around wasted.  In this northern agricultural country, the industrious Dutch have taken strains from all over the world to produce the greatest variety of Pot in the world.  Wait a minute, the USA has just claimed that spot.  No matter, number two in the world ain't bad for a country comparable to the size of LA county.  A closing thought is that present Dutch Marijuana problems stem from visitors/invaders where Marijuana was illegal.   Dutch Wonder Weed Examples Nederwiet Dutch Treat Dutch Blue Automatic Dutch Cheese Dutch Cheese Dutch Delight Flying Dutchmen                                             Dutch Dragon Dutch Queen Dutch Skunk   1. United States   Weed will Make America Great Again, right Donald?   The US is now, by far the leader in Marijuana by literally every measure.  Greatest production, most users, leaders in research, innovations out of the Yin-yang.  Right now, at $50 billion per year, Marijuana is the US biggest cash crop, by a huge margin.     Hemp and Cannabis farming goes way back to 1700 at least.  The founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had Hemp plantations. Jefferson was reputed to have claimed that a relaxing marijuana smoke at the end of the day was heavenly.  It wasn't until the 1930's that Cannabis became illegal. Before that, Cannabis was a commonly prescribed medicine. Bizarrely, as alcohol was relegalized, Cannabis became illegal. Such is the bipolar nature of the US.   When it comes to Marijuana, you can get anything in the States, from chemical sprayed low quality garbage to fully tested high-grade Medical Cannabis with 15% CBD at $1000 per oz. When it comes to Cannabis laws, it is a royal mess.  Each state creates its own laws, while the Federal government disputes their rights to do so. The Feds send Commando units to deal with illegal and sometimes legal grow operations. Very creepy.  Each county and cities have varying Marijuana laws.   When laws are tested in court, to have legislation thrown out.  So it's tricky business operating in the US Marijuana matrix.  You better have a know a good lawyer and have contingency plans made for what if.   In states where Medical Marijuana is legal, the process of purchasing Pot is quite straightforward. For example, in California, patients can go online and get a Medical Recommendation from a Medical Doctor to treat their conditions and symptoms.  Recreational Marijuana use has happened in several states with more putting the issue of full-on legalization on the ballot.   420EvaluationsOnline:  Residents of California that want to access Medical Marijuana legally can get a Medical Marijuana Doctor's Evaluation and Recommendation here online.  Patients don't need to leave home, everything is done online in less than 10 minutes.   Click here to apply.   Our documents are accepted by all licensed Cannabis Cooperatives, Medical Marijuana Clinics, Dispensaries and Clubs in the State of California.   We also provide Cannabis ID and Growers permits. Article Photo


PART 1  - Places 6 to 10.   “Forty million Americans smoked marijuana; the only ones who didn’t like it were Judge Ginsberg, Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton.” — Jay Leno   1 USA 2 Netherlands 3 Canada 4 Australia 5 Afghanistan 6 Kazakhstan 7 Mexico 8 Colombia 9 Jamaica 10 Nigeria   Commentary on the ranking: Placing is based on our perception of the average quality of readily available weed, internet ratings, variety of strains available, cannabinoid profiles, testimonials and hearsay.    Definitely not on the list and relegated to the Hall of Weed Shame: Thailand Thailand was once a free country with an anything goes attitude so long as you don't harm others.  Not so these days. Marijuana is illegal and you can go to jail for a long, long time if you possess large amounts of Weed.  Famous Thai stick was perhaps the world's best grass thanks to the natives brilliance in cultivating just about anything.  However, today, Thai weed is generally described as shitty to fairly shitty.   Honorable Mention: Israel  Israel is a pioneer in Medical Marijuana Research.  Now the Military is using Medical Cannabis to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Three cheers to Israel.   Top Pot Nations by Consumption   Country % Cannabis Users Papua New Guinea 30 Palau 24 Northern Mariana Islands 22 Ghana 22 Guam 18 Sierra Leone 16 Czech Republic 15 Andorra 15 Italy 15 New Zealand 15 Nigeria 14 United States 14 Canada 13 Saint Kitts and Nevis 12 Chile 11 Dominica 11 Grenada 11 Antigua and Barbuda 11 Australia 11 Spain 11 Jamaica 10     10. Nigeria Nigeria is known for its robust outdoor strains.  As you'd expect of a developing country near the equator, indoor varieties are virtually non-existent. For growers that want to experiment with Nigerian strains, there are testimonials from some Western growers that say it can be done, but you'll have to play around with the conditions. A famous strain  called "Nigerian" is a potent Sativa.  With this weed, you're going on holiday.  Many local Nigerian strains are crossed with Afghan.   Notable Nigerian Strains Nigerian                       Nigerian 99                  Nigerian Hashplant     Nigerian Nightmare                 Nigerian x Afghan       Nigerian Yoruba Nigerian Kandahar Hybrid Lemon Nigerian Love Potion #1 x Nigerian   9. Jamaica Isn't it amazing that Marijuana was only recently decriminalized in the homeland of Bob Marley? Jamaica would have scored much higher thirty years ago when the Western innovation was just taking off.  Jamaican weed is produced largely without technological assistance, though everybody on the planet is starting to learn new ways via YouTube.  Jamaican Weed genetics are found in many popular varieties, all over the world.   Strains of Fame in Jamaica Include: Marley’s Collie Jamaican Lion Jamaican Lamb’s Bread Jamaican Pearl King’s Bread Jamaican Dream 8. Colombia You knew that the Drug Warlord capitol of the world (at one time) had to be included in the list.  Marijuana farming methods became somewhat sophisticated when the cartels cross pollinated with US growers.  Back in the day, Colombian gold was rated at the top of the Weed scale.  As a result, Colombian has been interbred to produce many hybrid varieties world wide.  Though Marijuana has yet to be legalized, smoking a joint is functionally a non-crime. On December 22nd 2015, Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos signed an order that legalized medicinal cannabis   "Colombian Gold is a classic Colombian landrace sativa that induces alert, functional effects with a sweet citrus aroma." - Leafy   Scarface would love these Strains Colombian Black Colombian D Colombian Fruit Colombian Gold Colombian Gold #2 Colombian Haze Colombian Jack Colombian Kush Colombian Queen Colombian Red Haze Colombian Sweet Colombian Thun 7. Mexico Not so long ago, Mexico would have been in the top 3. If you go back 30 years, Mexico would probably rank at #1.   Mexico, Thailand, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Colombia were the primary origin of most Western Marijuana genetics.  When it comes to Pot, Mexico and American go hand in hand like Cheech and Chong.  The two countries have exchanged technology and genetics over the years.  Acapulco Gold was one of the premium weed's at one time and lives on in the genetics of many a hybrid. Legalization of Marijuana in the US has hit the Mexican Pot business hard, but at the same time, legalization has taken money away from criminal cartels. Unfortunately, with Marijuana becoming increasingly legal throughout the States, in the future, we expect Mexico to slide even further down in the rankings.   Mexican Strains of Fame - A few of the many Hispanic Flavored Favorites Acapulco Gold Afghani/Nepali-Northern Mexico Hybrid Amnesia Haze BCN Haze California Dream Destroyer Cannabiogen                           Eldorado   6. Kazakhstan In the homeland of Borat, they cultivate great weed.  Kazakhstan is perhaps the birthplace of Cannabis.  Cannabis grows in the wild, and cash crop Cannabis includes indigenous and Indian-Pakistan varieties.   Weed has been around in central Asia as long as the historic record goes back.  Archaeologists found a mummy with a pouch of psychoactive weed that tested positive for Cannabinoids and dated back 2700 years.  At harvest time, locals pick the crops at night, paying lip service to restrictive laws now prohibit its use.   There is nothing like old school learnings and Kazakhstan has kept the tradition going. Back in the day, the USSR made cultivation illegal, but you know the locals did not listen unless they were at gunpoint. Marijuana and Hash were always considered to be among the finest in the world and nothing has changed.  Native strains even contain high CBD levels, sought by Medical Marijuana Doctors and patients.  Kazakhstan still supports Draconian laws, which actually come into play on occasion. Many popular western varieties are crossed with Kazakh weed.   A couple of Kazakhstan Hybrids in Fashion Ata Tundra Skunk Autoflowering Kazakhstan ruderalis Automaria Indica Wild   420EvaluationsOnline:  Patients can apply from home, everything is done on the Web - in a few minutes.  Residents of California that want to buy Medical Cannabis legally can get a Physician's Recommendation here.  Click here to apply.   MMJ Recommendations, Grower's Permits and Medical Marijuana Cards are accepted by all licensed Cannabis Cooperatives, Medical Cannabis Clinics, MMJ Dispensaries and Clubs in California.   We also provide Cannabis ID and Growers permits in a jiffy. Photo Credit


"It is likely that many patients suffering from bone fractures consume cannabis that may have beneficial or adverse effects on the healing process," - Dr Gabet, Israeli Researcher Researchers have found that CBD, an ingredient in Marijuana, jumps started into  receptors  that stimulate bone formation and healing.  In an Israeli study, researchers injected the Marijuana derived Cannabidiol (CBD) into rats with broken thigh bones.    The study focused on mid-femoral fractures, finding  that CBD in isolation and in combination with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major psychoactive component of cannabis - worked like a "bone steroid" and reduced the time to full recovery from sixteen to eight weeks.  In addition, X Ray evidence showed that fractures not only healed faster, they healed better with an increase in bone density over the control group.   “CBD injections significantly helps heal bone fractures by speeding up the biochemical process. It also strengthens bones, protecting them against future injuries." -  Israeli Researchers   Though this research does not prove that CBD will work in humans, there are several other research studies that show definitively that the Cannabinoid receptors modulate bone growth in humans.  These various study findings - taken into combination - lead most researchers to conclude that CBD has a very high probability of working to heal fractures in homo sapiens.   This is fantastic news for the 100 million people per decade that suffer from fractures worldwide. Doing the math, these figures are probably a bit low as most everyone has one fracture in their lifetime.   And this news is even better for the elderly and middle aged.  Bone and vertebral degeneration is implicated is epidemic in the aging.  While further study is required to prove - what the short and long term effects of CBD (and many other Cannabinoids) are exactly, there is no reason at all why patients and doctors can't get moving now.  Doctors can recommend MMJ legally and it's been shown to be a very safe medicine.   In California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and many other states, Medical Doctors may recommend Cannabis in the treatment of specified disease symptoms and conditions.    "The CB1 cannabinoid receptor has been implicated in the regulation of bone remodeling and bone mass."  This means that bone growth and healing may be controlled by gaming the CB1 receptor.  THC and other Cannabinoids have been shown beyond doubt, that they manipulate body receptors, including and especially the CB1 bone growth controlling mechanism.   Is Cannabis Bone-Healing Study Oversold? "It would be a big leap to then conclude that CBD in a person, at a certain dose or used in a certain way, will help their bones heal, Animals are not people. But, the study does lay new ground and points to the possibility that CBD in some form might be used to help bone healing in people."  - Margaret Gedde, MD   Cannabis formulations have been used medically across the centuries by most of the significant cultures. In the first 200 years of America's existence, Cannabis medicines were prescribed by doctors and sold in pharmacies across America. In this mad, mad world, Marijuana was legal during prohibition.  In an act of absolute insanity (if you use logic that is), when alcohol became legal again, Marijuana use was simultaneously criminalized.    While hashish became popularly known for recreational use, it appears now that the profound medicinal effects of this (some) ancient Cannabis formulation are no accident.  Certain types of Hash were intellectual creations prepared with knowledge of genetics, formulation chemistry basics and medical knowledge.    Of course, the art of hashish making is not necessarily mastered by so many.  American's in their infancy concentrated on self gratification in breeding high THC varieties that get you stoned.  Now, western growers are developing strains containing only CBD and almost no THC.  Such is the childish bi-polar nature of western thinking.    All THC strains and then the solution is a no THC strain?  Some researchers and practitioners are waking up.  They are finding that terpenes and cannabinoids work together, you know, as a team.  It is a symphony, not a guitar hero masturbation event.  At the end of the day, this evolution in research leads to medicines not unlike select Pakistani hashish.  Fully equipped with this synergy of ancient and modern wisdom, western researchers and developers are poised to something revolutionary in medicine.  By quantifying ingredients, diseases, genetic factors, and other variables, Marijuana medicines can be tailor made to suit an individual needs.    Case Study "An elderly Lady with osteoporosis suffered a fracture in a fall.  Her mental capacity is diminished and is probably clinically depressed. A strain with CBD at 15%, terpenes at 2% and THC at 2% administered with a vaporizer proved to be effective beyond all expectation.  Her hip healed in due course but there is no way of knowing if MMJ was the reason.  There is no question that this particular Cannabis medicine profoundly affected her mental outlook.  She re-engaged with family and started making witty comments, something she had not done in years."   420EvaluationsOnline:  If you would like to get a Medical Doctor's evaluation relating to your aches, pains and bones, you don't have to go to a clinic.  These days, everything can be done online.  Patients just fill out a questionnaire online from home or any coffee shop.  Click here to get started. The entire process only takes a few minutes.    We also provide information about Cannabis Dispensaries, Marijuana Clubs, Growers Recommendation, Cannabis ID Cards, Medical Marijuana Recommendations and more!  You can talk with us on CHAT about any of these items 7am to 11 pm, seven days per week.     FURTHER READING FOR BRAINIACS - HOW CANNABIS WORKS TO HEAL BONES Involvement of neuronal cannabinoid receptor CB1 in regulation of bone mass and bone remodeling "THC was not necessary to get this bone boost, there is no need to be exposed to the euphoric effects of cannabis/THC to get the beneficial functions of CBD on bone."  - Dr. Gabet   Peripheral cannabinoid receptor, CB2, regulates bone mass. "The endocannabinoid (EC) system regulates bone mass."   CB1 cannabinoid receptors mediate endochondral skeletal growth attenuation by Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol. "Here we show that CB2-deficient mice have a markedly accelerated age-related trabecular bone loss and cortical expansion. These changes are reminiscent of human osteoporosis and may result from differential regulation of trabecular and cortical bone remodeling."   Weed: Good for the Bones? "We were surprised to find that bone formation and resorption are within normal limits. These findings, at least the consistent set of data obtained in the C57(CB1-/-) line, suggest an important role for CB1 signaling in the regulation of bone remodeling and bone mass."   Photo credit   Photo credit   Photo Credit   Article Photo Credit

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