Marijuana consumption has been going on as far as the historical record goes back and beyond.  Archaeological digs date cannabis back to 12,000 BP.  So it would figure that someone out there at some place, at some time made a coffee brew with herb a la cannabis.  No matter, cannabis infused coffee has been reinvented by California-based Brewbudz.  They've created their own process (patented) that extracts the medicinal and recreational compounds from the cannabis flower and coffee bean.   “Our vision was to create a revolutionary product that would deliver a medical solution to patients in a beverage that was consumed and enjoyed as part of our daily life.” - Brewbudz   The company will be offering caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages with 10, 25 & 50 mg cannabis portion options in the new year.  They even have a webcam to keep an eye on the brew.  They're environmentally friendly too, offering compostable pods and mesh.  Their special brewing process extracts both water and fat soluble compounds. This is essential because THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are not water soluble.  Little is it known that there are many medicinal non-water soluble compounds in coffee too.   See the further reading section for an extraction method  and special organic ingredients to produce what is called bulletproof coffee. In the BrewBudz patented cannabis infused coffee process, they start with good organic beans, add a specific quantity of water, and brew it under turbulence.  While we're not entirely clear on how the fat soluble compounds, the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids stay in solution, BrewBudz assures us that their Ph.D. has everything under control. By adding caffeine and other fat soluble coffee ingredients, we wonder how this affects the entourage effect?  The entourage effect was discovered forty years ago, that THC, CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids work together in concert, for a generally much better recreational and medical experience. THC and CBD work by modulating neurotransmitters that control the release of both dopamine and serotonin.    Brewbudz Product line includes Coffee, Tea and Cocoa 100% Arabica beans roasted to perfection West Coast Roast – Regular and Decaffeinated Flavors, French Vanilla and Hazelnut Iced sativa coffee   THE SCIENCE BEHIND Mechoulam coined the term, "the entourage effect." in 1999, which described 66 compounds classified now as cannabinoids, molecules with a similar core structure, that interact with the various receptors in intriguingly different ways.     PRIMARY CANNABINOIDS   Cannabigerol (CBG) Cannabichromene (CBC) Cannabidiols (CBD) Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) Cannabinol (CBN) and cannabinodiol (CBDL) essential oils, dozens of terpenes   SECONDARY CANNABINOIDS   cannabicyclol (CBL) cannabielsoin (CBE) cannabitriol (CBT) other miscellaneous types Other constituents nitrogenous compounds 27 amino acids proteins glycoproteins , enzymes   complex sugars) hydrocarbons   simple alcohols aldehydes ketones simple acids fatty acids simple esters lactones steroids non-cannabinoid phenols flavonoids vitamins pigments and other elements Compounds in coffee - many of them are beneficial but are not normally water soluble.  It would be interesting to find out what kinds of experiences that a super extraction of ,the various day and night cannabis in combination with a fine assortment of Java beans.  If you wish to experiment on your own, you should contact your medical professional and get their OK, if you have serious symptoms or conditions.     BECOME MARIJUANA LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA 420EvaluationsOnline: Our online medical marijuana documents are accepted by all licensed cannabis clinics, marijuana dispensaries, clubs, cooperatives and State law enforcement agencies.  A California doctor's recommendation is applicable in both California and Nevada.   420EvaluationsOnline process to get a 420 physician's recommendation takes only a few minutes and everything is done 100% online.  To get started or learn more click here.     FURTHER READING Misconceptions About Stem Tea/THC solubility The main active chemical in Marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) simply IS NOT WATER SOLUBLE. THC however is soluble in lipids (fat) or alcohol.  The only reason why bubblebags (a method used to produce hashish) work is because THC does not dissolve in water.   Recipe: How to Make Bulletproof Coffee … And Make Your Morning Bulletproof I start every day with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee made with Certified Clean coffee beans blended with grass-fed unsalted butter or Grass-fed Ghee and Brain Octane Oil (see recipe below) Brain Octane Oil. I’ll break it all down for you here: Anyway, during my research and kitchen experiments I discovered a lot of powerful science around coffee, butter, and  .....   Medical Marijuana Entourage Effect    By Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Mechoulam et. al. work helped enlighten us on how THC and other cannabinoids works in the brain. When his team identified the first known endogenous (human-body made) cannabinoid, Mechoulam named it  anandamide which means supreme bliss in the Sanskrit language.  This coining style give insight into the feelings of the discovery group and about their voyage into the exotic world of the cannabis plant.   The Bible of Coffee A wealth of practical scientific information about coffee.  


  "Raw cannabis is more effective in treating some diabetic, anti inflammatory and circulatory conditions than smoking and cooking."   Contrary to popular opinion, raw cannabis has recently been shown to be effective in Crohn's, nausea, uncontrolled vomiting, insulin issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, racing heart and anxiety.  Everyone that's familiar with marijuana knows that it needs to heated up before the herb's ingredients delivers its profound recreational and medicinal effects.  It was assumed previously that raw cannabis was about as medicinal as lettuce.  Now, researchers are learning differently.   JUICING CANNABIS - THE BEST WAY TO MEDICATE ?   CBDA and THCA in juice form is the most absorbable form Juicing allows patients to take higher doses of cannabinoids compared to smoking Juicing delivers cannabinoids that are most easily digested / assimilated Kids, grandma and the entire family can join in, no one will get stoned Find your favorite medicine, blend with vegetable or even fruit juices Find the right strain and dose, one size does not fit all Raw juice might supplement smoking or edibles to compliment effects Raw cannabis works well for gastrointestinal disorders Cannabis juice is highly alkalizing, balancing your acidic pH is a healthy thing to do Raw cannabis contains terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, and quality protein. There is not enough research done on raw cannabis extracts but the evidence that has come in to date indicates that it THCA and CBDA together have anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, disease preventing, cancer fighting properties   THE SCIENCE Before heating, the two main medicinal ingredients, THCA and CBDA exist naturally in an acid form.  These raw cannabis cannabinoid acid molecules have carboxylic (COOH) acid weakly bound to the nucleus. Upon heating, the weak bond breaks and the acid part of the molecule goes up the chimney as carbon dioxide, leaving the rest of the molecule remains intact.  This heating or combustion process is called decarboxylation.  The abbreviations THC and CBD refer to the main cannabis ingredients that become biologically hyperactive after decarboxylated.   Previously, the acid forms of cannabinoids were thought to be relatively inert and afford neither a high, nor significant medicinal benefit.   Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the raw cannabinoid (acids) demonstrate many outstanding medicinal effects. Recent clinical studies suggest that unheated cannabinoids might be superior - for some conditions and symptoms, to their decarboxylated (heated) analogues.   THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is the main psychoactive component of most types of marijuana. CBD (cannabidiolic acid) is the main non-psychoactive component of most varieties of cannabis. These unheated cannabinoids are denoted THCA and CBDA. The A in both THCA and CBDA stands for acid, which is formed after heating or burning.  Don't let these molecule illustration (below) baffle you, it shows the position of the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, and what happens - carbon dioxide is released - when the acid is heated up to a few hundred degrees.  The exact way these molecules interact with the receptors is still fuzzy in concept to everyone at this point.     420EvaluationsOnline: To legally purchase any form of Cannabis in California and Nevada (until 2018) residents and visitors must have a licensed medical doctor's recommendation in either state. Thanks to the California Board of Medicine's backing of Telemedicine, medical marijuana patients can go online an get a certified doctor's recommendation.  The process is much cheaper and takes only a few minutes.  Approvals are same day and patients don't pay until they are approved.  Click here to get started.   THE BENEFITS OF RAW CANNABINOIDS In the past, raw cannabinoids were scantily researched and poorly understood. The scientists had it figured (wrongly) that digestion of cannabinoids in the stomach and intestines would render them inert, or inactive.  Now its known that eating raw cannabinoids can have profound therapeutic effects - for selected conditions. Fortunately, over the last decade, researchers have put a little more effort into the therapeutic benefits of the parent molecules, THCA and CBDA. "Cannabinoids can produce very different outcomes, depending on how they bind to the CB1 receptor. Understanding how these chemicals bind to the CB1 receptor will help guide the design of new medications and provide insight into the therapeutic promise of the body's cannabinoid system." - " NIDA Director Nora D. Volkow, M.D. In vitro (controlled experiments), human and animal research studies showed that THCA and CBDA have a measurable action on enzymes and receptor sites, which means they have potential therapeutic action. Human receptors, found in the cells membranes are modulated by the body's own signaling chemicals. These signalling compounds are called endocannabinoids, which play a vital role in controlling how you feel, control appetite, the immune system, virtually every bodily function.   While we're rapidly learning a lot, it is not understood fully, how THC, CBD controls or modulate the body's receptors but we're learning a lot rapidly.  In fact, there is debate about the existence of at least one new receptor type.   Researchers have demonstrated the therapeutic action of raw cannabinoids in a number of conditions. Rather than go deeper into the science, the takeaway at this point, is that the raw cannabis acids can favorably moderate the cells receptors that control immune, circulatory response and sugar metabolism, but are not psychoactive at all. Anti-inflammatory - immune system tonic Anti-diabetic - balance insulin Anti-ischemic - high blood pressure RAW CANNABIS - SCIENTIFIC HIGHLIGHTS & TAKEAWAYS Raw cannabis can't get you high. Animal research confirms that the human metabolism does not convert THCA into the psychoactive form, and produces only metabolites of THCA but not THC (stoning). You probably will never do this, but THCA and CBDA lack psychoactive effects even if administered in pure form by IV to animals or humans. Few know not know this factoid. Smoking cannabis yields approximately a 30% conversion of THCA to active THC; Vaping, cooking or heated solvent extractions yields 70-90% conversion to psychoactive component.  Absorption in the gut will vary depending on the condition of the digestive tract (other foods, individual variations, etc.) however, making exact dosing a challenge.   Edible effects last longer in comparison to smoking. CBD and THC ingested from cold extracta are more readily absorbed and persist in the bloodstream the longer periods as compared to smoking.  Doctors report that THCA and CBDA independently provide significant anti-nausea and anti-vomiting effects. "THCA appears to be a considerable anti-nausea and anti-vomiting agent. THCA was more potent compound in this regard than THC." - Vomiting Rats Study THC (psychoactive) reacts with the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. THCA in raw cannabis apparently mediates serotonin receptors rather than the CB1 receptor and appears to exert its own anti-nausea is an entirely different way than THC (heated cannabis). CBDA (raw cannabis) reduced both toxin and motion-induced nausea and vomiting in rats, via  the serotonin receptor. CBD (heated cannabis) alone reacts with an entirely receptor - CB2 - to produce its medicinal effects. ! CBDA was shown to be more potent than CBD in its serotonin-receptor-mediated effects. ! CBDA and THCA have been shown in vitro to block, in varying degrees, mediators of inflammation and related pain.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs such as acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen, naproxen, indomethacin, and diclofenac all work via the same route of action. COOH in Raw Cannabis Cannabinoids is key to the difference in action. Experiments imply that the carboxylic molecule (COOH) of CBDA and THCA,  is probably the reason they work well with the serotonin receptor mechanism rather than the psycho activating CB receptors. CBDA and THCA are most easily extracted with a much higher percentage of the carboxylic acid cannabinoids via cold-process extracts of the fresh plant.'   Raw Cannabis extracts should be stored in a cool, dark place to preserve its unique characteristics, and should be ingested rather than smoked if the the psychoactive effects produced by THC are to be avoided.   420EvaluationsOnline: In addition to 420 evaluations, we also provide cannabis ID, renewals and grower's permits, all 100% online.  Our documents and ID are accepted by all licensed dispensaries, cooperatives, delivery services, online marijuana suppliers and cannabis clinics in the State of California and almost all locations in Nevada..     FURTHER READING   9 Reasons to Start Juicing Cannabis Today Cannabis is a herb, first and foremost. “If you should so happen to set it on fire…,it may have some effects, but raw cannabis is loaded with THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), which must first be converted into THC by heat exposure to cause psychoactive effects. Consuming THCA can have a wide array of health benefits, from stopping seizures to helping fighting cancer.   Juicing Raw Cannabis – Why The Blender Is Better Than The Bowl Juicing Raw Cannabis allows consumers to doses cannabinoids 60 times higher than smoking or edibles, without ANY mind altering effects! (Yes, many people want cannabis for it’s health properties over getting high!).   Introduction to a cold extraction method that preserves carboxylic acid form of cannabinoids THC and CBD Why raw cannabis juice? Most of us know about the benefits of medical marijuana in different ailments.  But not many know the best way to maximize cannabinoid intake isn’t a pipe bowl, it's in a drinking glass.   Juicing Raw Cannabis allows patients to take in doses of cannabinoids many times higher than smoking or edibles, without ANY mind altering effects!   Why You Should Be Eating Raw Weed Is Marijuana a superfood? Absolutely,  this incredibly unique plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds. The vitamins, essential oils, amino acids, sterols and other nutrients found in cannabis has led Dr. William Courtney to proclaim weed a “dietary essential.” Marijuana is a very special plant in the world of nutrition because it contains extremely high levels of cannabinoid acids. These acids have important implication in proper basic cell function.... 420 EvaluationsOnline - Crohn's 420 EvaluationsOnline - Cardiovascular Disease 420 EvaluationsOnline - Anorexia 420 EvaluationsOnline - Appetite 420 EvaluationsOnline - Inflammation


  “What’s nice about it is how subtle it is, the effect is really cheery, at the end of the night you sleep really well. It really is the best of both worlds.” What is Biodynamic Marijuana infused Wine?  Exactly what you think it is. Its recreational, its medicinal, its an elite experience.  Just half a bottle of California weed-infused wine fetches anywhere between $120 to $400. While the science behind the scenes is wonderful in its complexity, you don't need a Ph.D. to understand how to create your own organic wine infused with organic bud.  Besides a modest budget, you only need common sense and instruction. WHY CANNABIS INFUSED WINE ? Cannabis wine quality guidelines; stress reliever, mood elevator, medicinal, delicious, pure, organic, chemical free” - Sawyer-Lindquist (paraphrase). People that drink wine in moderation are, on the average, healthier and live longer, so says the American Medical Association.  Clinical trials worldwide find that moderate cannabis use is also associated with an improvement in quality of life and longevity.  An incredible beverage with incredible recreational and medicinal properties  is created by using the best organic farming practices to produce specially chosen varieties of grapes and medicinal cannabis. Not many people know that herbally infused wine goes way back.   Both wine and marijuana consumption by humans is dated back more than ten thousands of years.  The practice of infusing medicinal herbs into wine goes back eons as well.  In ancient Roman, honey spiced wine was a favorite, with exotic ingredients that included cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, honey and citrus. To  be sure it had to be was organic and relatively fresh, for there were no other options; no electricity, no refrigeration and only a handful of man-made chemicals.  The romans did manage to manufacture some nasty chemicals, such as lead oxide, used as a ceramic glaze and sweetener of cheap bitter wine.  The same madness continues today in the various, documented to be toxic additives in our beer, wine, and food.   Both fine wine and cannabis contain many ingredients besides the alcohol and THC that create their trademark buzzes.  Anyone with experience knows that a Vodka experience is different from a beer experience is different from a good Whiskey experience.     YESTERYEAR MANUFACTURING PRACTICES WERE BIODYNAMIC / ORGANIC In yesteryear, wine, beer and hemp were considered fundamental to and even the mainstay of many cultures.  Italy without wine is unthinkable.  Morocco without hash, was there ever a time?  The Germans used to eat beer soup for breakfast no less. Back in the day,  both the alcohol and THC content was low (3 - 12%) in popular traditional beverages.  The dosage, a few glasses of these beverages is sustainable, and they contained a LOT of nutrients, that did not slowly kill the host.  Contrast this yesteryear scenario with that of  today, with our over processed assembly line, chemical laden beer and wine.  The general public knows that essential minerals are important and necessary, but the food industry marches on, are none the less producing very unhealthy foods and beverages.     CONCENTRATED ETHANOL AND THC - INSPIRED BY THE SIN OF GLUTTONY? Concentrated alcohol alone is a kind of a mind numbing crazy substance. Its not subtle, nor sophisticated.  In nature, alcohol does not exist in isolation.  Fruits rots and under the right conditions, alcohol is produced.  Without distillation and processing, alcohol is always accompanied by a lot of other ingredients, many of which are beneficial. The problem began when man began playing around with the chemistry, he began  "purifying" and concentrating the active ingredients to deliver a big BANG of an effect, the juice would keep for ever, and people could get real drunk right now.  Or in the case of cannabis, get really stoned right now.  These are cures for pain, anxiety, the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction with a society gone wrong  As we all know, this is the slippery slope that is hard drugs, liquor and addictive pharmaceutical drugs.   THE BAD SCIENCE OF FACTORY FARMING In his stupor or ignorance, modern man grows plants, generation after generation, in depleted soil, sprays, chemicals and colors them, to produce foods and beverages that look good with no real relationship with nutritional value.  All the while, the major shareholders of Monsanto, the elites, know fully well which way the wind blows.  They eat produce from their own private farms which are organic 100%.  The don't drink wine with sulfides and antifreeze in it.  But they can and do sell it to you. This fact illustrates a funny, perhaps fatal flaw in humanity; given enough propaganda and brainwashing by a manipulating powerful minority, the masses can be convinced to behave in any way, and believe in almost anything.     BIG CORPORATE BOOZE MANUFACTURING PROCESSES From a nutritional point of view, if you were to design a process to remove as much of the nutrition from a food, you would probably come up with something similar to Monsanto, Nabisco and Nestle. The typical corporate-agri-food-bev process is to buy the cheapest possible ingredients from the factory farm, then add some chemicals to preserve it and manipulate the taste to meet the requirements of the lowest denominator, the armchair quarterback junk-food addict. All the while, corporate marketers figure out a way to lie, and use packaging and propaganda to imply it's a quality thing. Sad but so very true, at least in this paradigm of the moment.   Crap that is commonly used in commercial beer includes GMO Corn Syrup, sugars, GMO grains, Corn Fructose, Fish Bladder, Propylene Glycol, Monosodium Glutamate,chemical coloring, Insect-Based Dyes. Carrageenan, BPA, phthalates, estrogen mimickers from manufacturing and more fun stuff.      GLUTTONY TO GET HIGH LIE AT THE ROOT OF ALCOHOL AND WEED EVILS Strangely, despite being guided by entirely different folks, the black marijuana industry over the past forty years has ended up with the same kind of gluttonous product, high in THC and sometimes, little else.  To be fair, over the past 10 years especially, growers have put in a lot of work to create varieties with more terpenes, and other cannabinoids, that cater better to both recreational and medical users. While the alcohol industry science went way south via big business direction by turning out products akin to cheap white bread,  popular marijuana strangely morphed,devolved similarly to produce a more potent, but less medicinally beneficial herb, via illegal operators seeking the ultimate high.  While many small time growers might be well meaning fellows, too many ignorantly use man-made chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and toxic solvents in extraction. As in factory farming, unnatural growing conditions (air,moisture,light) can produce weed infested with mold too.  So it is same old same old.  Man plays around without looking a couple of move ahead.  Either that or simply trying to make as much money as possible, and damn anyone else. Just as alcohol was distilled into moonshine, growers were able to breed cannabis to contain 20 - 30% or so THC. This same phenomena played out with literally every white powder of today; sugar cane turning into white sugar, grains into white flour, the cocoa leaf/herb into cocaine, and etc. While large doses of THC might prove to be exceptionally beneficial to some, lower doses with complimenting nutrients (like terpenes and other cannabinoids) can deliver a more sustainable and satisfactory medicinal / quality of life experience.   Brewmasters - Popular Beers with Issues   FINE IS FINE - WINE, ART, & WOMEN It's the difference between a greasy spoon and fine dining. If you've been fortunate enough to be in the company of a friend with a very well stocked wine cellar, you'll certainly know that the quality of the wine is a big deal and  the effects are vastly different.   The same thing goes for marijuana.  Common street weed or mono-pot contains mostly THC and little else.  While this kind of pot is medicinal and stoning, there are more spiritually inspiring and medicinal varieties that afford a more elite experience.   Fine wine contains fine ingredients, ingredients your body can work with.  The same goes for marijuana, herbs, or anything for that matter. Different strains of marijuana contain at least 113 cannabinoids, but many commercially (and street) available varieties have bred out - like white bread - the good stuff.  The old school stuff - that contains not only THC,but CBD (a non-psychoactive substance), and other cannabinoids plus terpenes, all of which combine to produce a balanced euphoric medicinal effect.  Of course, the old school has no pesticides, herbicides and mold, having been grown in healthy outdoor conditions.   TWO GLASSES OF WINE PER DAY - IS OPTIMAL FOR HEALTH One cup of coffee, two glasses of wine, moderate exercise, eating fresh food, a stress free lifestyle, and avoiding industrial disease (chemicals) are highly correlated with longevity.  Marijuana of the right type taken in the right quantity is also associated with life extension and good health as well.   Fine wines also contain terpenes, and a variety of other types of alcohols,  plus catechins, flavonols, anthocyanins and tannins, all of which can be medicinal and produce profound psychological effects.  Of course a way to make a cheap bottle is to add sulfates, sulfites and use "factory farm" grapes. Biodynamic agricultural alchemy considers the interrelationships of water, soil fertility, plant growth, climate, landscape and livestock in consideration of the spiritual nature of the human being and universe itself.  Combining fine wines with an extract of any of a thousand medicinal marijuana strains can result in a nearly infinite combination of possibilities and experiences.  Underline eclectic experiences.  Biodynamic agriculture is similar to organic farming with the addition of spiritual and mystical practices.  Call it alchemy pseudo science if you will.  However, the roots of biodynamic agriculture were recognized by many big names, like Friedrich Nietzsche and Adolf Hitler to name a few..     GHETTO MAINSTREAM ORTHODOXY In academic circles, alchemy, the occult, dousing, so on are officially off the table for legitimate discussion.  However, out of the limelight, many of society's elites, including our favorite scientists and politicians of fame, dabble or practiced in non-orthodox arts and scientists. Contrary to popular notion, many great scientists ultimate positions tended to incorporate the paranormal. Isaac Newton, for example, sought to find the relationship between numbers, matter, mathematics and god.  He sought to turn lead and mercury into gold via chemistry and the dreaded alchemy.   MAKING SPIRITUAL WINE FROM BIODYNAMIC GRAPES AND CANNABIS Wine and Marijuana have both been around for a long time.  Both booze and marijuana goes back to at least 12,000 years, wine is dated similarly to 12,000 years (in France) as well.  3,500 year old marijuana was found in a burial site in Central Asia along the silk road, with a chemical composition similar to the specially bred elite medical strains.  Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and the did they how to make a good bottle of wine?.  In Roman times, wine was considered a staple (you can't live without), apparently they found a way to service Rome's 1 million citizens quite nicely without any chemical fertilizers whatsoever....   CORPORATE FARMS - AN INVERSION OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE? Nowadays, the soil is typically fertilized with inorganic forms of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium with little else.  In this protocol, other essential minerals are not added, which is a failing in the basics of nutritional-agricultural sciences.      WINE, MARIJUANA AND THE GREAT RUDOLF STEINER Who ist Rudolf Steiner? Only one of the great intellectuals of the 20th century.   Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner, founder of the biodynamic movement was definitely not a wacked out mystic.  This Austrian was a trained philosopher, a social reformer, an architect of note, and an esotericist who attracted the ire of Adolf Hitler no less.. Steiner practical endeavors, included the Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, and anthroposophical medicine.  This brainiac created the biodynamic agricultural movement, which is a merger between common sense, ancient wisdom, spirituality, and science.  All this 50 years before the Beach Boys and the Beatles.   ORGANIC FERTILIZERS Organic or natural fertilizers include peat, plant and animal wastes, plant wastes, treated sewage sludge (biosolids) and pulverized mineralized rock.  The "nutrients" usually added are N-P-K, and not the essential minerals' which include zinc, copper, chromium, magnesium, selenium and many others.  To condition vineyard soils is not straightforward, and requires study and testing to find out what your grapes need.  If is probably a good idea to add trace minerals to the soil in any case.   INFUSED WINE - A CALIFORNIA STORY California's first commercial cannabis infused wine, called Canna Vine, was created in 2010. Lisa Molyneux, a Santa Cruz dispensary owner and cannabis pioneer combined forces with and Louisa Sawyer Lindquist, owner of Verdad Wines got together fortuitously in Santa Maria.   As a cancer survivor, Molyneux, is highly convincing about the merits about both medicinal cannabis and wine.     “Personally, I abhor grain alcohol. Many years ago, I tried cannabis-infused wine that a winemaking friend of mine made for his own personal consumption and I loved it. I got the recipe from him and I started working on my own batch seven years ago. As it turns out, I misunderstood his directions, but even he agrees that my results are better.” - Lisa Molyneux   At a price of well over $100 per bottle, Canna Vine a high-end that uses organically grown marijuana with biodynamically farmed grapes, produced by a proven elite winery.  Another infused wine made by Molyneux - in cooperation with Melissa Etheridge comes in at $120 to $140 per half bottle.  The market is ripe for an affordable, good to great quality infused wine.   ONLY MEDICAL CARD HOLDERS CAN BUY CANNABIS INFUSED WINE Weed-infused wine is available for sale in California - and only if you have a medical license. In most other states where marijuana is legal (recreational or medicinal), it’s still against the law to infuse it into alcoholic beverages. Pot wine or green wine is described legally as a tincture.  A tincture is simply a herb or ingredient dissolved into alcohol which is taken orally or sublingually (under the tongue).  The earliest example of green wine is traced back to the 70's, when the winemakers at Chalone Vineyard made up a under the table exotic brew.  The practice of making green wine spread, and the area of Santa Barbara became the hotbed.  It is commonplace to see cottage green-wine creations being passed around at parties and unofficial gatherings. Some types of green wine are fermented with grapes in conditions where the temperature rarely exceeds 90 degrees.  This means that the non-psychoactive THCA does not decarboxylate very much.  The net effect is these kind of green wines, with their array of cannabinoids, terpenes and ethanol produce a balanced, smooth, mellow body "high" as opposed to getting dumb drunk, stoned and disoriented.   “What’s nice about it is how subtle it is, the effect is really cheery, and at the end of the night you sleep really well. It really is the best of both worlds.” - GreenWine Creator   Rockstar Melissa Etheridge, a cancer survivor herself, talks about the benefits firsthand.   “When I was in my deepest, darkest, last throes of chemo, I couldn’t smoke or use a vaporizer and I was never really an edibles eater; I didn’t want to be out of it.Molyneux’s tincture seemed to solve some of these issues. It landed me in a really beautiful place.   In one manufacture process, pressed-off marijuana juice is delivered and stored in controlled conditions, in accordance with a winery’s bonded status. About a pound of cured marijuana in cheesecloth is added to a barrel of grape juice, where it ferments, then sits in repose, for a year or more.  Theoretically, certain strains of marijuana that contain terpenes and antimicrobial properties might best be added after the majority of the fermentation process is complete; when the alcohol content is 10%. Green wine maker Molyneux and partner Sawyer Lindquist explored with the two weed most common weed types; sativa and indica, in an effort to find a balance between their opposing yet complimenting uplifting and relaxing sensations. They’re also paying attention to the experience of the palate, the flavors and aroma that different strains bring to the wine. They are playing with a strain that smells of pineapple, which pairs exceptionally well with Viognier fruit. Another strain ,Cherry Pie” soul mate is Grenache rosé. “I love the taste and flavors of marijuana, so to me it’s really delicious.”  - Green Wine Aficionado Wine is already highly regulated in California.  With marijuana, what departments will regulate both alcohol and cannabis together? Green Wine pioneer Molyneux is exploring a prospective outcome in legislation and is in preparation for potential discussions with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.  Hopefully, the State Lawyers will see fit to regulate green wine sanely; that is to allow it without major impedance, as California has already declared that both the legal use of both alcohol and weed, particularly in light of the fact that consuming both substances together has been proven to be safer as compared to consuming alcohol alone. Marijuana as an edible, is now labeled as a food product, with a label listing safe portions,warnings about allergic reactions, nutritional status.  Marijuana with less than 3000 ppm content is regulated by Department of Food and Agriculture.  This means that CBD infused wine might not need special approval by the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco? As California sorts legalization, Club Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, supplies cannabinoid-laced cocktails, such as the Stony Negroni low in THC..   FLY ON THE WALL As this article is being being coined just now, an onlooker asks?  Wow, where can I get some Green Wine?  How much?  What? $140 for a half bottle?  OMG.   Me too, when and where can I get a great organic bottle with a neat cannabis strain for, say, $40.  Off the top, It looks like we're going to see a lot of green wine choices, sooner than later. “I think that an herb-infused wine might be the sort of beautiful bridge to help us to understand where cannabis fits in our culture. Who’s to say an herb-infused wine isn’t just the medicine a person is looking for at the end of the day?”- Etheridge is even more hopeful:   FURTHER READING Science Serves Up a Sulfur Substitute Most wine manufacturer's are comfortable with using sulfides, but consider the following. Sulfites are chemicals used as preservatives to prevent browning and discoloration in foods and drinks including wine. Allergic reactions to sulfites include headache, hives, cramps, and red or blotchy skin. Proponents claim that sulfides are relatively harmless and are used in everyday food items including bread, processed meats, pills, canned foods and so on.   All sulfides and sulfates are not the same, and their chemical and allergenic properties vary.  Common forms include: Sulfur dioxide, Potassium bisulfite, Potassium metabisulfite, Sodium bisulfite, Sodium metabisulfite and Sodium sulfite.   Check out the material safety data sheet for SODIUM METABISULFITE.  OSHA designated carcinogen. May irritate the gastrointestinal tract. May cause severe or deadly allergic reactions in some asthmatics and sulfite sensitive individuals. Very large doses may cause violent colic, diarrhea, depression, and even death.  Rather than debate the science and then play Russian Roulette our bodys, the strong advice is to use a preserving agent that is organic, non-toxic and also has side effects that are beneficial. An easy way to test for sulphate/sulfite poisoning is to alternate drinking wine with and without sulfites.  If you do this experiment, you'll need to verify if the suppliers are legitimate, some big name producers straight faced fib bigly.  Right off the bat, nitrogen or argon can be added the bottles headspace, which reduces the need to add sulfides by 60-90%.     YOU NEED TO BE LEGAL FOR MMJ RIGHT NOW TO BUY CANNABIS WITH THC - IN ANY FORM 420EvaluationsOnline Notes:  You must have a medical marijuana doctor's recommendation to buy any beverage, edible or smokable, or any other form of marijuana that contains THC in both California and Nevada.  Fortunately, the California Board of Medicine allows patients to get their MMJ-ID online.  Get going here. The process is same day, 100% done online in about 15 minutes. While green wine may become a favorite of recreational users, it might also be a favored choice for medical users, suffering from conditions including insomnia, eating disorders, moderate pain and PMS.  When recreational retailers open in 2018, Californians and Nevada folk will have to pay 15% tax, while medical cannabis cardholders will be exempt.  Also, the only way to legally buy any form of cannabis in California in 2017 is to purchase MMJ at a licensed dispensary, cannabis club, delivery service, or clinic.   GOODS | BC’s First Low Sulfite, Nitrogen-Assisted Wine Is Released By “Summerhill” “We are on a no-sulphite program at Summerhill, which means we use little or no sulphur wherever we can,” von Krosigk continues. “However, we will not sacrifice a wine to oxidation if it does need some. We have adjusted everything to make this work, and continue to research new and old techniques to reach the goal of zero added sulphites. While sulphur has been used for 5000 years in winemaking, it has its own taste and smell that takes away from the wine, so we are very focused on making improvements at every stage from bud to bottle. We hope at some point to put an ingredients list on the bottle with a single entry: grapes. That is our goal.” Fancy combining cannabis and wine? We have just the thing for you, with two of our favorite cannabis wine recipes.  If you look back through history, both cannabis and wine have been used across the globe, by varying cultures, for thousands of years. They are, without a doubt, two of the most popular and longest enduring intoxicants known to man. So why not combine the two into a delightfully palatable, soothing, buzzing drink! If you could add glutathione to Wine, would you?  A research project getting under way on Adelaide’s Waite Campus is designed to find out more about glutathione, for better or worse.  It could reveal the potential value of using this naturally-occurring product more widely in winemaking or highlight potential reasons for caution – or it might land somewhere in the middle. THE LATEST CRAZE IN WINEMAKING: MARIJUANA-INFUSED WINE   There’s been a lot of buzz about pot and wine recently. It’s hard to separate the toga party contingent’s thirst for a potion into which two psychoactive substances have been crammed, from the more sober, scholarly consideration of the 3,700+ year history of fortifying wine with cannabis. And the allegedly potent healing powers of cannabis-wine are almost always overlooked, advocates complain. Is Cannabis-Infused Alcohol Worth Considering   Cannabis aficionados shouldn’t be surprised to hear that a micro-distillery in Humboldt County, in the heart of northern California’s Emerald Triangle, is brewing batches of vodka infused with Cannabis sativa. Humboldt Distillery, which makes organic vodka and spiced rum in addition to pear and apple brandies, recently introduced “Humboldt’s Finest,” a limited release premium small batch vodka that’s been infused with legal U.S.-grown hemp. Cannabis-Infused Wine – What’s In Store For The Future?   A physician by the name of Hua Tuo (140-208) would incapacitate his subjects with a “cannabis boiling powder” called máfèisàn (???) that was dissolved in wine, if his usual techniques of acupuncture or medicine couldn’t resolve a patient’s problems, and surgery was required Canna Vine  Canna Vine uses the wine process to combine biodynamically farmed grapes and organic marijuana. If you don't know what the term biodynamics means, according to the Biodynamics Association, it is a "holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition.      


  The basic information that every Medical Marijuana in California needs to know.  We search out and quote medical doctors, researchers, lawyers and growers that have real credentials and accumen, complete with the required 10,000 hours practice in cannabis arts and sciences.   We hope our material does not resemble CNN or the dying dinosaur media and other pseudo-scientific groups that spins disinformation in accordance their bosses, the establishment, which is the bought and paid for politicians and big corp, whose mandate does not include the best interests of the public, not at all, at all. at all.    "It was in 1951, when I was 14, when grass swept the neighborhood. We hadn't been into grass before, we were into gang fighting, and wine and beer in the park, and punching the shit out of people, and having jackets with your name, and your girls were your 'debs', and you had turf, and all that dumb shit, and we would get into fights over girls...and then pot came along and gang fighting went away. In one semester, in shop class, all the guys went from making zip guns to hash pipes." - George Carlin   CANNABINOIDS - WHAT THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO It's a great country, but it's a strange culture. … This has got to be the only country in the world that could ever come up with a disease like bulimia; gotta be the only country in the world where some people have no food at all, and other people eat a nourishing meal and puke it up intentionally. This is a country where tobacco kills four hundred thousand people a year, so they ban artificial sweeteners! Because a rat died! You know what I mean? This is a place where gun store owners are given a list of stolen credit cards, but not a list of criminals and maniacs! And now, they're thinking about banning toy guns – and they're gonna keep the fucking real ones! - G. Carlin   GET MEDICAL MARIJUANA ID IN A FEW MINUTES 100% ONLINE IN CALI  "Take advantage, other places it takes days, weeks or months to get a MMJ permit, in some places its really crazy." - G. Carlin   A FEW SIMPLE KEEPERS - ABOUT YOUR BODY AND MARIJUANA "Government want to tell you things you can't say because they're against the law, or you can't say this because it's against a regulation, or here's something you can't say because its a...secret; "You can't tell him that because he's not cleared to know that." Government wants to control information and control language because that's the way you control thought, and basically that's the game they're in." - G. Carlin   CUTE INFO-VID ABOUT YOUR CALIFORNIA CANNABIS ID CARD I gave up on this stuff. I gave up on my species and … I gave up on my countrymen. Because I think we squandered great gifts. I think humans were given great great gifts: walking upright, binocular vision, opposable thumb, large brain … We grew. We had great gifts, and we gave it all up for both money and God. - G. Carlin SEVERAL MEDICINAL COMPONENTS OF CANNABIS - ABOUT "I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don't have as many people who believe it." - G. Carlin MAIN CONDITIONS AND SYMPTOMS TREATED WITH CANNABIS BASED MEDICINES "We're all fucked. It helps to remember that." - G. Carlin FURTHER VIEWING -  KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING - FINISH YOUR APPRENTICESHIP IN THE BASICS OF CANNABIS BASED MEDICINES HERE (click above image). "No. No, there's no God, but there might be some sort of an organizing intelligence, and I think to understand it is way beyond our ability." - G. Carlin     420 EvaluationsOnline Service:  Our primary services are doctor's recommendations for medical marijuana in California and Nevada.  We also supply growers permits and renewals.  Our telemedicine processes are completed 100% online and documents are routinely delivered same day, by email with hard copy following a few days later in the mail.  We strive to provide that best quality in the latest medical cannabis information to our clients or anyone that happens across our website.    


  On November 8, 2016, the majority of Nevada citizens voted yes to legal marijuana.  Nevadans can now smoke rec weed lawfully in private spaces. Commercial cannabis cultivation and sales will be regulated like any other business.  The final vote tally was 54 percent yes and 46 percent no.  Las Vegas marijuana businessmen are calling the result "huge".  This happening is surprising because the no vote was pushed very hard by the Nevada establishment - which control the media and operate in concert with the here-to-fore powerful globalists headed by the infamous busybody billionaire George Soros. YOU CAN'T BUY REC WEED FOR A YEAR  Despite recreational marijuana being legal now, the state is dragging its heels; consumers can't buy it legally in State until Jan 1, 2018.  It is also illegal to bring marijuana across state lines. “Thanks to the support of a majority of voters, Nevada now joins the growing list of states that are rejecting prohibition.” - Erik Altieri, NORML- Executive Director   WHAT LEGALIZED RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA EFFECTIVELY MEANS As of January 1, 2017, Adults in Nevada (over 21) can: buy recreational marijuana from a licensed dispensary or outlet (once they open in 2018-ish) possess personal use cannabis - up to one ounce of flower possess up to 3.5 grams of concentrated marijuana grow up to six cannabis plants at home (see restrictions below) buy weed paraphernalia   As of January 1, 2018, Businesses in Nevada can: produce commercial recreational cannabis under license retail marijuana under license pay tax of 15% on recreational marijuana sales, proceeds go to funding education   WHY RECREATIONAL USERS WANT TO GET CANNABIS MEDICAL ID Medical Marijuana users will save %15 on the purchase of cannabis. the tax on $100 per month - cannabis ID saves $180 per year. if you're caught smoking in public, police and judges tend to be more lenient on card carrying cannabis users. dispensaries can refuse access to medical marijuana section, which sometimes have the best strains. 420EvaluationsOnline - NEW law allows Nevada, California and other Americans to get medical marijuana doctor recommendations online.  The process takes a few minutes and applicants don't pay unless they are approved.  Click here to get started.   FOES OF MARIJUANA - SHELDON ADELSON NOT HAPPY WITH YES VOTE Despite special interests spearheadded by Sheldon Adelson, supposidly in best interests of the casinos.... Nevadans ignored the media noise and took a strong stand for smart for pro marijuana policy. Contrary to Adelson's spheils the state stands to create a lot of jobs, generate millions in tax revenue, free up law enforcement to pursue more important matters and cut off the life blood in organized crime.  Although Adelson’s special interest money was enough buy the opinions of public media, the majority of Nevadans are no longer buying it and vote, no more prohibition.   Now with California also voting for legalization, the entire Western U.S. is now legal marijuana territory. America may finally end the self inflicted plague which is the war on drugs,  BUSINESS LICENSES Licenses will be limited by county and its population. For example, in Clark County, 80 retail marijuana store licenses are expected to be issued, while small countries of 50,000 residents will be allotted approximately two licenses. For the first year or so, current medical marijuana dispensary owners  have priority on recreational licenses which include the building of new facilities for growing, manufacturing and testing... Basically, recreational users will have to pay an extra 15% over medical users, and it remains to be seen if all medical strains will be available to recreational users. Counties may ban cannabis dispensaries and grow operations, but they cannot stop citizens from consuming and growing marijuana (at home) according to the above State Laws.  


  With the election of Donald Trump, the elites don't know what happened, they thought the general public were complete morons, who would follow the CNNs, mass media program.  Instead, the hackers, internet intellectuals, conspiracy theorists and the honest discontented ex-military, government and intelligence communities coalesced into a formidable force, united under the surreal Donald Trump, to absolutely kick the establishment's ass, despite their unlimited resources.. Trump said he's different, he'll drain the swamp, that he'll respect the constitution, it is wait and see, so far so good.  Trump scored very high as a marijuana friendly candidate despite so much bluster in the mass media about his bigoted, narcissist and vulgar tendencies.  Why?  The independent research concluded that he delivered very often on what was said in the past, while others like Obama and Clinton failed to deliver on anything of importance.     "States should be allowed to legalize Marijuana if they chose to do so." - Donald Trump   Donald leaving Marijuana Issues to the States is fine with us.  Trump will save a lot of money cutting the Federal Marijuana legal and policing bill down to zero.  That is perfect for Marijuana and perfect for the country.  That's the Trump we see, or hope to see.  With the Clinton's we saw more of the same, which is non-action.  They had two decades to get it done.  Out you go then.   For more see : Donald Trump - Presidential Candidates Survey on Marijuana Score: +32   For the past 80 years, since the 1930's, the US Federal government has waged a ruthless war against Marijuana.  Making marijuana illegal made so much sense to the corporate forces that operate in stealth to control Federal policy in so many areas, feeding big oil, big pharma, the banking system, and the military industrial complex.  They don't play fair and no holds are barred.   WIKILEAKS  Learn about the Con Job of the 1930's against marijuana - and the Fed used the same tricks moving forward.   But, something happened along the way with their unmistakably fascist agenda.  As they marched so confidently toward their near complete dominance over the American people there is suddenly fierce but level headed resistance.  Marijuana legalization is advancing across the country without a shot being fired, strike Fed raids from the record. Marijuana was once a lovely medicinal herb with a thousand other uses, a building material, fiber for clothes and paper, a food, the oils compared to petroleum products.  Marijuana's usefulness was the exact reason industrial giants ganged up against the hemp growers of America.  A fringe benefit was that the prison system would come to bloom, millions of extra clients arrested a non-violent, possession without intent to sell charges.       FED CAN SAVE THE COUNTRY A $ TRILLION OR TWO Do the math, incarceration is about 50,000 $ per prisoner, x 1 million (roughly for small drug offences) = $50 billion per year.  The real number is about double when you figure related costs; police, judge, lawyers, probation. Then there is to cost to society, the lost earnings of the prisoner and the damage done to their families, divorce and children without a parent. Over a decade, incarceration for non-dealing marijuana offences is on the order of a couple of TRILLION dollars. “Prison is the biggest business in America, if you got the money, you can build a prison out in Nevada and it’ll be filled before you finish building it. That’s a fact, and that’s a shame. Marijuana laws are still in the books to help fill the prisons.”  - Merle Haggard   "30% of Americans have the same mentality that the Nazi followers took, in many cases, to their grave.  The surviving Nazi followers only woke up when the Russians and Americans were on their doorstep."   In this article we discuss the absolute corruptness of the Federal government.  After setting the table with a commentary about the rise and possible fall of fascism in America, we opine; what is the future of Marijuana? It is a wonderful time to be alive.  Everything has come out, all the conspiracies by big government and too big to fail mega corporations are fully exposed.  There is still a significant portion of the population that have their heads in the sands.  The same scenario played out the same way in the fall of the various fascist regimes of yesteryear, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Roman Emperors, and the rest. In fact, the candidate slogans are from past famous campaigns.  Of course, the term famous refers to the portion of the population that actually reads and remembers about something called history.  Check out the slogans, very carefully chosen by the candidates and  their team.   WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU CHOOSE A WELL KNOWN FASCIST SLOGAN? Trump: Make America Great Again  (from Ronald Reagan) Clinton: Stronger Together (from Mussolini)   STRONGER TOGETHER - MUSSOLINI SLOGAN - NO KIDDING After the horror of the holocaust became apparent, the German people asked, how could we let this happen?  Well, the politically correct among the population marched along with the loud trumpet of their mass media and propaganda program, never believing or seeing the reality under their noses, until the country totally collapsed and was bombed into oblivion.   WHAT HAS BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA AND THE FED GOT TO DO WITH MARIJUANA It is pretty simple.  Marijuana and Hemp are among the list of very beneficial commodities, medicines and inventions that were deliberately taken off the shelf by special interests - who have influenced profoundly and have not completely overrun the Federal Government.  The mass media, Department of Justice, CIA, FBI are compliant.  Fortunately, the brainwashing propaganda of the last 70 years includes the notion that American's have a say, a vote that counts, that fair play exists, despite all evidence to the contrary.     CONTRECOUP - AMERICA'S PROTECTORS HAD ENOUGH Right now, the establishment's world is crumbling, their illegal surveillance system of the entire population is turned on them.  They still have their minions and mouthpieces in the mass media, but the rats are jumping off the ship.  Some remain because they're in too deep or refuse to believe that their world view is a hoax, that they're just an extra in the Truman show. THEIR EMAIL, is thrown in the public arena, and virtually ALL of the nation's enforcers, the police, military, border patrol - do not believe a Goddamn word that comes out of the Federal Government's mouth.  Specifically, law enforcement considers Bush, Clinton, Obama, Soros to be members of a cartel, the major crime syndicate that has no interest in the American People..  The countries enforcers have had enough, and this includes complying with the Nazi brainwashed diatribe of the American libtards.   IT WOULD SEEM THAT TRUMP IS NOT A MUSSOLINI IN DISGUISE - WE'LL SOON SEE   BLACKHAT FEDS NASTY PLANS - NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS? In the past, Clinton and Obama had said they were pro-marijuana at various times, but under their regimes, the federal prison population ballooned due to marijuana related charges.  Say no more. Now, the Feds (black hats) see that the States in the Union fully intend to make their own marijuana laws.  Now, the Fed says its going to legalize medical marijuana across the country.  Sounds good right?   Well, what this really means is that the Feds want to govern over marijuana and then set the rules and regulations up so that no mom-and pop operation can play.  With regulation, they'll make it so that only the too-big-to-fail pharmaceutical companies can produce medical marijuana.  Then they'll move medical marijuana customers onto patented cannabis medicines, which are already known not to work so well.  Along the way, this criminal fascist regime - marriage of corporation and state, will trumpet their rotten manipulation of medical marijuana.   WHITE FED, ARMY, FBI, CIA GO TO WAR WITH BLACK FED Clinton, Obama, Soros never saw it coming.  They not not understand the internet. They do not understand that if the people have a chance, they can organize themselves.  No longer isolated, divided and conquered, the smart commoners can smash the false narrative and soon enough the masses, the proletariat, the peasants follow these hacker pied pipers. They never thought the intelligence community "minions" and expat troopers would have the balls, intestinal fortitude to get together and route them out, via Wikileaks and so many other mom-and-pop medial outlets.  They thought they could make up any story they wanted and it would fly, ie. the Russians are coming.  We're all amazed to see a few small operations outperform CNN.  Mass media are trending down, down, down. Law enforcement knows a criminal when they see one.  The soldiers know a bogus war when they see one.  The workers in intelligence know who's breaking the law and who's on the take.  As the level of complete, full on corruption comes sickeningly forward, the nation's law enforcement officers have had to decide, are they going to be compliant to criminal activity - themselves.  In essence, these people have had to pick a side, and they have voted in mass to force their chronie bosses do their jobs, convict criminals, or else.   420EvaluationsOnline Notes: Patients need a medical marijuana recommendation and / or Cannabis ID to access lab tested marijuana products. Really, it is a must. Medical Doctor's that deal with medical marijuana usually insist that their patients use only lab-tested cannabis based medicines. The marijuana product of choice; edible, smokable herb, cream, tincture or oil must show potency, a cannabinoid profile with THC and CBD values quantified, microbiology test for mold, bacteria and fungus, no residual toxic solvents, or pesticides and herbicides. The application process to become MMJ legal takes only a few minutes - is 100% online - and the process complies with the Medical Board of California standards for Telehealth Services.   FURTHER READING Crime, Arrests, and US Law Enforcement WHY POT SHOULD BE DECRIMINALIZED BUT NEVER SMOKED: QUESTION YOUR BELIEFS STARTING NOW MARIJUANA-BASED DRUG NEARS APPROVAL FOR CHILDHOOD EPILEPSY Jeff Rense & Dr Chris Fichtner – Time To Put Marijuana In Every Home      


“It’s not going to be open season where you can be walking around smoking a bowl on the streets in front of businesses.” - Eureka Police Capt. Steve Watson   California voters passed Proposition 64 on the faithful election day, November 8, 2016 , which legalized the recreational use of marijuana by adults.  Some of the legislation is straightforward, but there are some quirks and items that are, shall we say, counterintuitive.  For example, Californian's can't legally buy recreational weed anywhere until 2018, but they may grow it or share it.   Election results Prop - 64   Yes 4,957,215 56.0% No 3,889,080 43.9%   1  Retail of recreational marijuana will go into effect until January 2018 at the earliest. 2  Effective immediately, adults 21+ can legally possess, transport, and grow marijuana for recreational purposes.   3  Effective immediately, every adult Californian can possess an ounce of cannabis, 8 grams of cannabis concentrate and / or six plants or less in their home. 4  Law enforcement can no longer use the smell of marijuana or the presence of marijuana paraphernalia as a legitimate reason to detain or search a person or their property. 5  Marijuana is a legal commodity, in the same bracket as alcoholic beverages, like beer and wine. 6  Taxes revenue on Recreational Marijuana won't come in until Recreational Dispensaries open in 2018. Tax revenue is expected to be around a billion dollars per year based on an extrapolation from Colorado population and marijuana revenue data. 7  Most of the prop 64 document deals with details about industry. licensing and taxation.     “The whole process will take time,” - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).   8  Smoking marijuana in public is illegal, thought special smoking areas are being considered. 9  Driving while being impaired - stoned is illegal. 10 Recreational marijuana shops cannot be within 600 feet of daycare centers, schools and  youth centers. 11 Businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco cannot sell weed, or vice versa. 12 Marijuana edibles must be labeled like any other food product, specifying safe portion sizes and warnings about potential allergic reactions.   13 Recreational marijuana customers need to show picture ID to verify they are over age 21. 14 Local communities can still ban commercial marijuana transactions by ordinance and regulate marijuana locations through local zoning laws. 15 Local communities cannot ban a resident from growing up to six plants at home, nor can they ban the use (at home), possess, and transport of marijuana. 16 Criminal records can be changed to reflect the new law, for example, if a person was busted for six or less plants, this is now legal and the previous conviction can be erased from the records.  If a marijuana related offense is now a misdemeanor, then those charges can be changed to a misdemeanor. 17 One of the major provisions of the law allows those with prior marijuana convictions to petition the courts to revisit cases that the new law legalizes. 18 Recreational marijuana users can't buy from a medical marijuana dispensary until 2018. 19 Recreational marijuana users can't legally buy recreational marijuana in Oregon or another state and import it into California, as this violates Federal law and interstate commerce. 20 For one year or so, recreational users must grow their own marijuana to use it legally.   21 Recreational users that smoke for anxiety, depression, insomnia or another symptom can apply to get a medical marijuana license. 22 Sales of medical marijuana to patients with valid medical cannabis ID cards exempts them from paying any existing state sales and use tax. So having Cannabis Medical ID will likely save hundreds of dollars per year and patients will have access to the better lab tested strains out there. To get a legal recommendation and ID in minutes by a licensed medical doctor online, click on this link. 23 Recreational users will have rely — if they don’t want to break the law — on using pot from their plants at home or by getting it from medical marijuana users. But it’s against the law for a medical marijuana user to sell pot to somebody else; they can only give it away for free.   “A person cannot sell it to another adult but they can share it,” - NORML   24 Industrial Hemp is regulated by Department of Food and Agriculture.  Look for Hemp to make a comeback a major agricultural commodity!!. 25 Medical marijuana patients personal information that is disclosed to government health departments is privacy protected under the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act. 26 Medical marijuana patients cannot lose their custodial or parental rights solely based on their status as MMJ patient.   27 Medical marijuana patients must obtain a new recommendation by a licensed doctor to meet the new requirements in the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. 28 The California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation is now called the Bureau of Marijuana Control. 29 Criminal penalties for non-serious marijuana-related offenses, such as possession of more than 1 ounce of marijuana, are reduced to misdemeanors.   Vote by county Yes No   Los Angeles 1,263,634 906,152   Orange 407,292 392,305   San Diego 395,916 316,479   Riverside 230,117 215,674   San Bernardino 219,960 209,730   Santa Clara 247,848 180,792   Alameda 242,094 125,171   Contra Costa 177,698 152,885   Sacramento 169,069 151,416   San Francisco 194,827 69,675   Ventura 136,532 113,763   San Mateo 125,915 73,053   Fresno 77,407 93,646   Kern 74,891 93,266   Sonoma 98,045 67,562   San Joaquin 66,932 66,589   Solano 69,092 51,285   Santa Barbara 72,646 46,138   Stanislaus 53,687 56,794   Placer 50,658 56,331   San Luis Obispo 52,533 40,194   Marin 56,831 24,645   Santa Cruz 56,203 24,094   Butte 37,947 35,134   Monterey 44,933 27,333   El Dorado 35,163 35,926   Tulare 25,547 34,180   Shasta 25,578 28,432   Yolo 30,500 20,678   Merced 20,876 21,448   Madera 15,169 19,498   Humboldt 20,202 14,235   Nevada 17,733 16,302   Napa 19,028 12,161   Kings 9,466 13,747   Imperial 9,048 11,373   Sutter 8,530 10,802   Tuolumne 9,876 9,186   Calaveras 8,214 9,559   Tehama 7,536 8,269   Siskiyou 7,423 7,196   Yuba 6,610 7,886   Lake 7,515 5,542   San Benito 6,512 5,260   Mendocino 6,313 5,345   Amador 4,733 5,449   Plumas 4,688 4,377   Del Norte 4,869 3,395   Mariposa 3,763 3,684   Lassen 3,313 4,009   Inyo 3,479 2,824   Glenn 2,485 2,945   Mono 3,030 1,926   Trinity 2,417 2,416   Colusa 2,073 2,674   Modoc 1,555 1,841   Sierra 915 886   Alpine 349 220         420EvaluationsOnline Notes:  100% online, permit emailed same day, medical marijuana 420 recommendations, evaluations, permits for cultivation and renewals.  From 7am to 11pm every day, an operator is standing by to process your application.  Under the Telehealth program, The Medical Board of California approves of patients and doctors to get together online - to save everyone time and money - to process medical files and perform medical recommendations, including the treatment of conditions and symptoms with Cannabis Based Medicines.   FURTHER READING Legal California cannabis could deliver $1 billion in pot taxes. Here's how they'll spend it


Weedmaps, Yelp, Doctors, Dispensaries,Laws Deals and Cupons Latest news How to get a 420 Medical Marijuana Doctors recommendation Cannabis ID cards in San Diego Marijuana delivered to my house? Grow weed at home? Laws concerning permits and ordinances?   About San Diego With a population of about 1,400,00 million San Diego is the second largest city in California eighth largest in the nation.  The San Diego–Tijuana transborder agglomeration has a population of about 5 million people. Diego MMJ Factoids: MMJ ID Cards issued till 2015 = 3804 Medical Cannabis Recommendations = Est. 38,000 The San Diego site visited by the Spanish, dating way back to 1542.  In 1821, San Diego became part of Mexico. After the Mexican-American war and in 1850, it became part of the US.  Daygo is know as a fun laid back place, with its world class diving, beaches and perfect weather.  For much if it's history, San Diego remained a laid back out of the way place. That is, until the Railroad came in 1878 when Daygo joined the rest of California in its trek into the future. Motion City is not without it's serious site, it caters to the Navy and industrial military complex big time.  And, America's finest city is among the leaders in healthcare, biotech and IT. LAW - SAN DIEGO COUNTY - MEDICAL MARIJUANA A moratorium was placed on new Medical Marijuana Operations in March 2016 effective in the County - but not inside city limits.  “The city is the only jurisdiction within the county that allows medical marijuana collectives to apply for the various approvals needed to operate a legal dispensary or cultivation site.” San Diego City Municipal Code allows up to 1 lb of marijuana, 24 plants in 64 square feet indoor, no outdoors growing is allowed, except in "a fully enclosed yard with a minimum six foot fence perimeter or a greenhouse or structure that must be locked or contained." Disclaimer:  Before taking action, readers should refer to San Diego's official website,  or the original source,  to ultimately verify the accuracy of statements made herein.   HOW & WHERE CAN I BUY MEDICAL CANNABIS LEGALLY IN SAN DIEGO? To purchase Marijuana from any licensed Marijuana Dispensary or Club in San Diego,  you'll need a Doctor's Recommendation and / or MMJ-ID.  Click on 420 Evaluations logo below to get a legal recommendation in minutes. The process is 100% online, and is cheaper and much faster than a visit to the clinic -  you don't pay until a medical doctor has approved your case.   Top Ranked MEDICAL CANNABIS Dispensaries and Clubs in San Diego, Ca MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN THE NEWS - SAN DIEGO San Diego-based Med-West Distribution, which manufactured Cannabis oil for medical use was raided on Jan. 2016, after police received a "tip" that the company was illegally producing and distributing. Security footage shows roughly two dozen law enforcement officers with helmets, body armor and assault weapons, raiding the business. Employees were handcuffed and detained and then released. The raid came as a complete shock to Mr. Slatic, Med-West CEO. As of May, 2016, there were no charges filed, neither were seized assets and cash returned. This would seem to be a case of being assumed guilty until proven innocent.  Even his daughter's accounts were drained of their college funds. Mr Slatic says the company will be fighting the case as best they can, despite having most of their money confiscated. “We just thought that we were part of the responsible marijuana industry,” Slatic said. With no money to pay employees, they closed operations in San Diego and Static say's we'll never reopen there given the DA’s office heavy handed crackdown on medical marijuana industry.  Med-West Plans to reestablish their business somewhere else as soon as possible. THE MAYOR, POLICE CHIEF et. al. on MARIJUANA "For the first time in history, the cultivation of medical marijuana is considered to be allowed and regulated within city limits." -Mayor Kevin Faulconer Major Kevin recently proposed a sizable budget to be set aside to shut down illegal Marijuana Dispensaries. However, the police chief seems to have everything under control.  Read on. "In a collective, you can grow on behalf of the members. We are approximately 7000 members," - Big Plans for San Diego - OutCo Labs, CEO Lincoln Fish In 2015m San Diego Police busted a dispensary operating illegally.  The dispensary in question was ordered to reimburse the city's code enforcement division $1,065 in investigation costs and pay a currently undetermined amount of litigation costs totaling a whopping $1.8 mil. "The judges are sending a message, and so are we: Marijuana dispensaries can either follow the law or they will pay a high price for their actions." - City Atty. Jan Goldsmith "This illustrates why San Diego's method for closing illegal marijuana dispensaries has proven so successful." - Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman FURTHER READING - MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN SAN DIEGO San Diego establishes marijuana cultivation rules Legal Medical Marijuana Company Fights Back After Police Raid Cripples Its Business   MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTOR COUPONS IN SAN DIEGO We can hook you up with Medical Marijuana doctor coupons, deals, vouchers and great low price offers for first time Medical Marijuana evaluations or renewals in San Diego. 420EvaluationsOnline automated processes with a human touch make it possible for us to offer the most competitive price in the business and provide you with the best 420 deals. Claim your coupons while you can! They are FREE!


"According to Ballotpedia, Marijuana initiatives lead all social issues in this election cycle." The current election cycle might amount to a U-turn in the 80 year war on drugs.  In essence, the States have given the Federal government the index finger, by introducing their own marijuana laws, in opposition their claims to control legislation throughout America. At least 82 million residents live in states that will probably loosen their marijuana rules this election cycle. Ten separate cannabis initiatives appeared on state ballots on Election Day; more than initiatives on minimum wage, healthcare and gun initiatives.   California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine and Massachusetts voted on recreational legalization measures, and Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota vote on medical marijuana legalization. In Colorado, where marijuana is already fully legal voters considered a social-use marijuana initiative to establish indoor or outdoor cannabis consumption areas. In essence, these initiatives are a clear indication that American State Legislators are sick and tired of an overbearing Fed and their destructive and virtually treasonous War on Marijuana.   “There has never been a 'war on drugs'! In our history we can only see an ongoing conflict amongst various drug users – and producers. In ancient Mexico the use of alcohol was punishable by death, while the ritualistic use of mescaline was highly worshipped. In 17th century Russia, tobacco smokers were threatened with mutilation or decapitation, alcohol was legal. In Prussia, coffee drinking was prohibited to the lower classes, the use of tobacco and alcohol was legal.” - Sebastian Marincolo   On election day, how will marijuana users vote?  We see that Clinton did nothing after 30 years in Washington and Trump says he'll leave it to the States to decide.  Who do you trust?  According to the mainstream poles, cannabis users have Clinton and Trump are neck and neck, however, does anyone believe them (the polls)?  We'll have to wait and see.     420EvaluationsOnline Notes: First time medical marijuana patients can be approved online.  If you have conditions and symptoms that qualify, your legal documents can be mailed to you today for a medical marijuana doctor's recommendation; to possess, use, consume, grow cannabis in the State of California. 100% online, and guranteed, patients only pay if approved.  420EvaluationsOnline complies with the California Medical Board's standards and guidelines for Telehealth (online medicine).   FURTHER READING - MARIJUANA INITIATIVES - 2016 MARIJUANA BALLOT INITIATIVES - BALLOTPEDIA QUOTES ABOUT THE WAR ON DRUGS


" Now with legal cannabis based medicine, people with eating disorders need not suffer."   Researchers have discovered that Cannabis contains two types of psychoactive THC compounds.  One gives people the munchies, but the other suppresses hunger.  THC and CBD are the main medicinal ingredients found in cannabis; called cannabinoids,  they work in the same way as some of the body's own bio-chemicals (sometimes in short supply), to modulate feelings of emotion, behavior, pain - and have been shown to balance obsessive behavior; such as eating disorders and the phobias that drive this psychosis. Certain strains of marijuana contain two types of THC and CBD in quantities that are very therapeutic.   Either way, obese or anorexic, you're looking at a serious condition that can easily be life threatening.  You want do something about it now.  This article provides ample food for thought and suggests simple action anyone can take, that is, if they live in a State where medical cananabis is legal. "When I smoked cannabis, yes, I got the munchies but it completely stopped my guilty feelings and I totally forgot about calorie counting.  Wow, I never felt so normal!"   STATISTICALLY - MARIJUANA SMOKERS WEIGH LESS! You would think that people that smoke weed regularly, would be overweight, but the facts don't bear this out.  Certainly anorexics and chemo patients gain weight, but the average person does not gain more weight, in fact, the obese tend to drop a few pounds. Researchers speculate that cannabis somehow affected the receptors that caused aberrant feelings of hunger and / or obsessions. These results came from subjects that smoked "normal" weed.   Studies are needed  for Cannabis that is energising vs sedating strains is needed to better understand weight gain / loss phenomena.   Recently, the link between insomnia and obesity was established, and this could explain why pot smokers are less likely to put on the pounds.  Night weed, strains that are relaxing, promote deep sleep and help charge the body for the next day's activity.  With that said, there are many things that a person that suffers from either obesity or excessive loss can do.   Get educated.  There are many people who share their experience with their weight through the social media; Facebook and blogs dedicated to the disorder.  With your trusted health care professional, assess your findings.  Which strain works best for your condition.  Did a CBD oil without psychoactive ingredients benefit.  Did a day or night weed work best. LEARN ABOUT MEDICINAL MARIJUANA STRAINS - DON'T JUST GET STONED AND HOPE FOR THE BEST... Before you depart onto your required reading and due diligence, we add that strains balanced in CBD and THC 1:1 ratio appears to be the best starting point, and NOT standard stoner weed.  Also, the addition of certain terpenes ,such as those found in peppercorns (eat a few) stops the unwanted feelings of anxiety or paranoia experienced by some.     RESEARCH YOUR CONDITION - SCIENTIFIC PAPERS AND SOCIAL MEDIA SOURCES The Science of Medical Marijuana in Anorexia 420EvaluationsOnline medical writer compilation of the latest research on cannabis based medicines in eating disorders. Facebook - I get by with a little help from my friends Before we get into the FB comments, we notice that the general public often has NO IDEA that there are great differences between the various strains of medical marijuana.  For example, people that get paranoid, should never smoke high THC weed, and move to strains balanced in THC and CBD. Christina Capitano I take seizures I wish they would legalize marijuana helps me ,, it's my savior !! Thank u nature ????????????   Amber Thielman I don't know about eating disorders, but it helps my anxiety and depression immensely.   Ashley Nicole only thing that has kept me relapse free for nearly a year.   Stephanie Lynn I believe weed should be used for medical purposes only and those who judge before you give it a try for medical purposes have no right to judge others.  Samantha Kandybowicz I'm sure it does to an extent. For appetite of course. But eating disorders are mostly psychological and these people have a mental blockage to eating regularly. It'll make them more hungry but depending on how bad the case is, it may or may not encourage healthy eating habits. Monica Robinson It would help. If a person with anorexia was willing to actually try it! & fucking eat!     Scholarly articles for anorexia obesity cannabis marijuana Very exciting and motivational ..... Endogenous cannabinoid system as a modulator of....meal patterns and activity of obese and lean Marijuana Slims? Why Pot Smokers Are Less Obese | If cannabis causes the munchies, how is it possible that pot smokers are thinner than nonsmokers? ... But the correlation between weed and weight doesn’t mean that marijuana smoking actually causes weight loss. ... Whatever the explanation for the link between marijuana and less obesity ... Marijuana and Body Weight - NCBI - National Institutes of Health Marijuana and its multiple chemical components (i.e., cannabinoids) as well as .... In this study, obese and normal-weight rats were injected with cannabis extract over .... patients with cancer-related anorexia-cachexia syndrome: a multicenter, ... Treating Obesity with Medical Marijuana - Medical Jane The latest medical marijuana research for Obesity. ... Obesity means having too much body fat. ... New Study: Cannabis Use May Lead to a Lower BMI ... in someone who is not actively trying to lose weight”) and anorexia (loss of appetite), … Can Marijuana Really Help Treat Anorexia? - Cosmopolitan As medical marijuana is legalized in more and more states, doctors and ... Much like meditation, Jessica says cannabis helps her slow her mind ... Obesity and Cannabis Use: Results From 2 Representative National ... Obesity and Cannabis Use: Results From 2 Representative National Surveys ... cannabis derivatives may be a useful treatment for anorexia and weight ... how often in the past 12 months have you used marijuana or hashish? The Connection Between Anorexia, Bulimia, and Marijuana ... The Connection Between Anorexia, Bulimia, and Marijuana. An imbalance in brain .... Cannabis for the Treatment of Psychosis. The evidence ... Will Legalization of Marijuana Lead to More Obesity? | Psychology ... It will curious to see if obesity rates increase. In the meantime, for those partaking in legal pot smoking, if you are fearful of weight gain, stay out ... Cannabis Can Help Treat Anorexia by Increasing Appetite ... Marijuana Times Cannabis News ... cannabis-can-treat-eating-disorders-by-increasing-appetite Getty ... Now it all makes sense – the basis of treating eating disorders, weight regulation and obesity should be focused on ... Medical Marijuana for Eating Disorders | Medical Cannabis and ... Medical cannabis research studies on the use of medical Cannabis for the treatment of anorexia and other eating disorders including obesity. Anorexia - Medical Marijuana Research Overview - Medical Marijuana ... Findings: Effects of Cannabis on Anorexia. Some scientists ... International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders.    

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