The right cannabis balances


The Right cannabis balances

" Now with legal cannabis based medicine, people with eating disorders need not suffer."


Researchers have discovered that Cannabis contains two types of psychoactive THC compounds.  One gives people the munchies, but the other suppresses hunger.  THC and CBD are the main medicinal ingredients found in cannabis; called cannabinoids,  they work in the same way as some of the body's own bio-chemicals (sometimes in short supply), to modulate feelings of emotion, behavior, pain - and have been shown to balance obsessive behavior; such as eating disorders and the phobias that drive this psychosis. Certain strains of marijuana contain two types of THC and CBD in quantities that are very therapeutic.  

Either way, obese or anorexic, you're looking at a serious condition that can easily be life threatening.  You want do something about it now.  This article provides ample food for thought and suggests simple action anyone can take, that is, if they live in a State where medical cananabis is legal.

"When I smoked cannabis, yes, I got the munchies but it completely stopped my guilty feelings and I totally forgot about calorie counting.  Wow, I never felt so normal!"


To eat or not to eat - That is the question


You would think that people that smoke weed regularly, would be overweight, but the facts don't bear this out.  Certainly anorexics and chemo patients gain weight, but the average person does not gain more weight, in fact, the obese tend to drop a few pounds. Researchers speculate that cannabis somehow affected the receptors that caused aberrant feelings of hunger and / or obsessions. These results came from subjects that smoked "normal" weed.   Studies are needed  for Cannabis that is energising vs sedating strains is needed to better understand weight gain / loss phenomena.  

Recently, the link between insomnia and obesity was established, and this could explain why pot smokers are less likely to put on the pounds.  Night weed, strains that are relaxing, promote deep sleep and help charge the body for the next day's activity. 

With that said, there are many things that a person that suffers from either obesity or excessive loss can do.   Get educated.  There are many people who share their experience with their weight through the social media; Facebook and blogs dedicated to the disorder.  With your trusted health care professional, assess your findings.  Which strain works best for your condition.  Did a CBD oil without psychoactive ingredients benefit.  Did a day or night weed work best.


Before you depart onto your required reading and due diligence, we add that strains balanced in CBD and THC 1:1 ratio appears to be the best starting point, and NOT standard stoner weed.  Also, the addition of certain terpenes ,such as those found in peppercorns (eat a few) stops the unwanted feelings of anxiety or paranoia experienced by some.


Can Cannabis Balance Your Feeling about Eating?



The Science of Medical Marijuana in Anorexia

420EVALUATIONSONLINE medical writer compilation of the latest research on cannabis based medicines in eating disorders.

Could Marijuana be part of your problem


Facebook - I get by with a little help from my friends

Before we get into the FB comments, we notice that the general public often has NO IDEA that there are great differences between the various strains of medical marijuana.  For example, people that get paranoid, should never smoke high THC weed, and move to strains balanced in THC and CBD.

  • Christina Capitano I take seizures I wish they would legalize marijuana helps me ,, it's my savior !! Thank u nature ????????????

  • Amber Thielman I don't know about eating disorders, but it helps my anxiety and depression immensely.

  • Ashley Nicole only thing that has kept me relapse free for nearly a year.

  • Stephanie Lynn I believe weed should be used for medical purposes only and those who judge before you give it a try for medical purposes have no right to judge others. 

  • Samantha Kandybowicz I'm sure it does to an extent. For appetite of course. But eating disorders are mostly psychological and these people have a mental blockage to eating regularly. It'll make them more hungry but depending on how bad the case is, it may or may not encourage healthy eating habits.

  • Monica Robinson It would help. If a person with anorexia was willing to actually try it! & fucking eat!

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I want to stop thinking t!!

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