How we won, how we'll keep on winning.


This is a lesson in how the people can affect change - IF THEY GET TOGETHER AND REALLY GET INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS.


This is an interview, that tells one important chapter in the story of the successful historic California marijuana legalization battle just before the big win.

HEAVY HITTERS of  MMJ DEBATE: Darryl Cotton, Whitney Beatty, Jack Scatizzi:, Eric Gomez, Cara Luhring, Lincoln Fish, Jack Scatizzi: , Willie Nelson, Eric Gomez, Joshua Stewart ,Roni Stetter



All the things Yogi Berra never said about weed.




The habit of Americans and Westerners in general, is that we do a lot of talking, but what kind of change do we really affect?  Normally, our talk amounts to a lot of hot air, as useful as a suitcase full of ping pong balls. Talking about issues has become just an exercise in venting our frustration, and we're hoping that maybe someone will hear our bitching and do something. But not us.  In our psychosis, we become delusional in thinking talk with action = action.  Talk without action is like having a sailboat without a sail.  It ain't going nowhere.

without further ado, here is a group of people that did the talking and did some walking.



Whitney Beatty


Whitney Beatty  I’m still surprised it took this long for educated people to get it, that the end of prohibition is going to come, it’s just at what cost. You know there is a lot of Wild West to it.   There’s definitely a lot cannabis use in San Diego.  We are on the precipice of something absolutely huge.  


The inevitability of adult use in California really makes this one of the largest markets.  Is that what we want for our children, because mom and dad are using "drugs"?  The whole world is watching California right now.  I don’t dispute it; smoking marijuana makes you feel better.  That’s going to change everything.



Jack Scatizzi: It’s not as scary as everyone thinks.


Willie Nelson: California has a progressive way of thinking there and a lot of ways a little ahead of some of the other Country, other States.


Fake News - The 420 Fight That Never Happened


Eric Gomez: San Diego is unique in a couple of different ways.


Joshua Stewart: San Diego City is the only Municipality within San Diego Country that has licensed medical marijuana.


Roni Stetter: San Diego is not that great a place unless you’re one of these you know 8 licensed shops.


Cara Luhring: So many different personality types, there’s so many people with so many different agendas.




Lincoln Fish: San Diego is strange, in many ways its a conservative area, you have a lot of military.


Cara Luhring: There are so many of us, especially in a conservative area like San Diego, people seem to forget how conservative this town is we are a military town.


Dana Stevens: There are 18 cities and the county, each their own municipalities. In all of our cities, with the exception of the City of San Diego, every single one of the cities has made a decision in their own space and time and judgment, to not allow marijuana dispensaries. Storefront operations qualified all the cities in San Diego, they took action immediately to amend their medical marijuana ordinances to say any marijuana.


Lincoln Fish: The city of San Diego, the climate is increasingly positive, the city is working hard to work with the licensed players; it’s obably a more of a blue city, but a red county.


Joshua Stewart: The County, you know it’s largely been trying to figure out if they’re going to continue the moratorium indefinitely, or if they are going to enact new land-use policies that will determine where and how many dispensaries and grow sites there that can be in unincorporated parts of the county. The city attorney, in collaboration with the licensee, signed & sealed and approved dispensaries and this started initiative to get people to buy into legal medical marijuana.


Lincoln Fish: We’re part of the movement with the other shops. I meant we’re all advertising together and so forth and saying hey, here are the licensed players, but as far as what the city is encouraging, its proximity that’s in the physical city of San Diego, we’re not, we’re in the unincorporated area of the county, the county has not done a similar thing.


Joshua Stewart: I think that a lot of people either can’t tell, or don’t care if we’re they’re buying medical marijuana from a place that has received a government permit or hasn’t.


Recreational Weed on New Year's Day, what happened, what will happen and what could happen in 2018


Lincoln Fish: The County is much more, I want to use the term hostile toward cannabis, but they’re not, they don’t really understand it and they are listening to a few concerned citizens, who frankly have no basis for their concerns.


Dana Stevens: I’m not a zealot, the way people think that they think everyone in our side our zealous. You know, the image of your state or the image of your community is what brings in funding that keeps your job, that you don’t want to be seen as the person that’s contributing to our bad reputation.


Cara Luhring: Those people that are operating in those gray areas, opening pop-up shops just to, you know, make some money and they’ll close it down and move on to the next, those guys are the disadvantage to our industry.


Roni Stetter: We want a store to go to that’s legal, where we can park outside, we don’t feel strange going inside. People are really adapted to trying to figure out which ones are the legal ones and which ones are the sketchy ones.


Jack Scatizzi: And so while, we were out there, Eric and I walked across the street to a dispensary, because in Boulder there is on every corner.






Steve Mackey: Hopefully California will see some of the positive things that we’ve done, you know, from a Colorado perspective.


Jack Scatizzi: And Eric and I were just kind of blown away by how nice the dispensary was, you know, the bud tenders were incredibly professional both in their dress and in their knowledge.  It is well lit, you know I felt I was at an Apple Store. The first dispensary I went to in San Diego wasn’t fully legal and I think my friend told me it ended up getting shut down a couple months after we went there, and when I walked into that, it was literally like we were banged into the steel door.  Iwas like, this is a completely different experience than what I had in Boulder and you know, if this is what is going on in most dispensaries, we have to move light years you know.


Willie Nelson: I know that eventually people would find out about what’s good for you, what’s not good for you, what’ll kill you, what will help you, it just took awhile on marijuana. People had to do a lot of research and it was a lot of adverse publicity over here and so until the doctors got involved and started proving that marijuana is a medicine and people started bringing their children from thousands of miles away into Colorado to for the Charlotte's web treatment things like that. It brought a lot of attention worldwide over marijuana and its medicinal value.


Dana Stevens: I have a hard time,  I have to say I have a really hard time saying medical marijuana.


Roni Stetter: Personally, I believe all the use of cannabis is medicinal.


Blatant diatribe hypocrisy,  pay for play Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions: Marijuana Is "Only Slightly Less Awful" Than Heroin



Willie Nelson: Its medicine and it’s already been proven could be medicine - end of story.


Dana Stevens: I have this version of the word recreational, you know, because if we did work a lot in our offices our health department is on and they’re all into about things about obesity and physical education and our PE is now an elective, but now we’re going to tell them that you don’t have to take PE anymore, but you could be recreational much like use pot, because smoking pot is recreational, that I don’t know how that jives. Let’s get kids doing more recreation, and then we want to call this working pot recreation, and it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve seen what it does to families and to kids.


Cara Luhring: We don’t want to have that negative connotation associated with cannabis with the kids, we just don’t. I’m hoping that this is going to be unbelievable to them when they are 18, 20, like wow, it was really like that?  just that a long ago mom? that’s so crazy that that’s the way things worked back then, that’s my dream.




Dana Stevens: And I just think it’s irresponsible for adults to set a tone that it's okay, it’s okay.


Lincoln Fish: And I just think their legitimate concern, they don’t want it getting into the hands of kids and so forth well neither do we.


Willie Nelson: I think we knew more than what people gave us credit for, and we knew we were supposed to be bad people because we smoked marijuana, but we knew we weren’t bad people, so we knew somewhere in there, there was a discrepancy that people had to realize it, wait a minute you don’t make him a bad guy just because he smokes weed. California voters in 1996 became the first in the US to legalize medical marijuana via Proposition 215.  Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act in 2015 to finally regulate the state’s sprawling medical pot industry.  California voters will decide on their future with recreational cannabis via Proposition 64 a.k.a The Adult Use of Marijuana Act on November 8, 2016.


Dana Stevens: I just think its not the right time and this is not the right measure for California.


Cara Luhring: Oh wait on my hands? well we’re just going to wait until what? what are you waiting for?


Whitney Beatty: So I don’t want to have to wait another, you know, for another election cycle to come on and battle this again. I think you know I have to take the bad with the good and hope that as a community, we’re able to come together and make the changes necessary to make this a changeover that works for all of us in our industry.


Roni Stetter: Well this is massive you know stoners against legalization movement.


Rec and Medical sectors will employ at least 70,000 people directly (@ one employee per $100k).


Whitney Beatty: I don’t want to discount the the feelings of the growers I know I’ve talked to a bunch of them and I really do feel their concerns, they’re the heart of our industry.


Daryll Cotton: People say I’m a prohibitionist; clearly that’s not the case, I want more of these gardens not less. Nancy Pelosi said the famous “Let’s vote on it, pass it and then let’s see what it’s in it” you know it’s putting the cart well in front of the horse. I’m not saying that we have the perfect landscape right now under 215, but it served us for 20 years. The day of the election, we all have very important decisions to make, everybody that can vote should vote, but it should be an informed vote.


I can’t waver on this, I have to inform everybody that I talked to that, please read the bill don’t believe me, don’t believe Dennis Peron, don’t believe High Times or The L.A Times or anything else, don’t believe the leading activist that are out there or those icons that teaches, the Chong’s and all those. Everybody that supports this has their own reasons and I respect that, but if you dig in and you see what this bill represents to you and our community, you will not support it.


Roni Stetter: people you know take the message from somebody that they trust and they go tell ten other people that don’t necessarily make it true, especially if you saw it on Instagram where there’s a very limited space to explain your reasoning there, besides just posting No to 64. So Yeah, it is kind of upsetting, honestly the price of a gram is going to go down, that’s why a lot of cultivators up there are in an opposition.


Cara Luhring: I think yes, it's going to happen. I think its got enough money and support behind it/  They have the advantage of having influence over a mass market of people who are know nothing about cannabis, other than what they’re being told and they’re being told a lot of positive stuff, stuff that they want to hear and in it.  I have to qualify this, I’m not against regulation, so its not necessarily going to be a bad thing, but I feel like it was an easier sell and I kind of think its funny you're worried that 64, it’s not going to pass. I feel like there is a small, too small of a group to really make the level of impact that the Pro 64 people are worried about.


Roni Stetter: You know there’s unlimited potential and as California, it’s like I said, it’s a shame that we didn’t do this first and we haven’t already gotten all our ducks in a row.


Whitney Beatty: I kind of feel like we’re the vendors inside the super bowl right now. Before the gates open, you can hear the rumble of people, they are coming, do we really have all the hotdogs on the grill necessary, I think that as that there will be adjusting that happens on the way, but we’re doing the best that we can in preparing ourselves and getting ready for regulations and making smart decisions and in marketing the way we do business.


Dana Stevens: I want to see, I do want to see for myself. I want to see it work and I think it’s too soon and I worry that you know I heard the same reports you have and I also know that for the industry, and they feel like if they can break California it’s no holds barred for the rest of the country.


Whitney Beatty: Yeah, we’re by ourselves, we will be the sixth largest economy in the world. So goes California.


Willie Nelson: We had, so many negative things thrown at us about what it does to you. Yeah, you know those the bad things that marijuana can do for you, Reefer Madness I don’t know if you remember that movie or not, but it was horrible, that made people really scared, so in-fear is a hard thing to overcome, so all that had to be overcome and I think people now are - piece of the county or something and they realize... wait a minute, what's the big deal?  You’re a California resident, this is an invasive question, feel free to answer or not. How are you voting on Proposition 64?


Lincoln Fish: I don’t think that’s invasive at all I’m perfectly happy to tell you I am voting strongly yes on Prop 64.


Whitney Beatty: A very difficult question. I’ve got a lot of growers who are friends and their, like it’s just not good enough, it’s not going to do enough for us, but at the end of the day I think I will probably be voting yes.


The honest discontented ex-military, government and intelligence communities coalesced into a formidable force, united under the


Roni Stetter:  I think most people are down with it, most people you know, like me, have been waiting for this for a long time and I think that it’s kind of a very vocal, but massive minority, who thinks that this is going to ruin what the have been doing.


Cara Luhring: God!  Don’t hate me. No, it’s probably going to upset a lot of people, but my heart is in North Cal.  


Jack Scatizzi: Oh, I’m in favor 100% I probably I would have voted, even if I was not in the cannabis industry.


Daryl Cotton: If it passes, it passes, but I can’t say I didn’t go down without a fight.



420EVALUATIONSONLINE: While the recreational use of cannabis is now legal in California and Nevada, it won't be until 2018 that you can buy marijuana at a dispensary without a Cannabis ID card or doctor`s recommendation.  We provide both 100% online, in a process that takes only a few minutes of your time.  Patient`s only pay if they are approved.  We also provide renewals and Grower's Authorization to cultivate up to 99 plants / possess 8 oz. or more of MMJ.






The lowdown on California's MMJ laws, regulations, buy, sell, possession, firearms, children, divorce, employers, drug test, arrest, criminal record....



 Will recreational marijuana really go on sale Jan 1, 2018?  We would bet on it.  

Anyone over 21 years of age may buy an ounce and it'll be taxed at 15%.  You might have to travel a few miles to find a dispensary access point, due to local restrictions, here and there.




“This is the opposite of draining the swamp,” Dr. Andrew Kolodny, the co-director of Opioid Policy Research at Brandeis University

It was a quick study.  A lower level swamp monster type guy is apparently in line to become Donald Trump's Drug Czar.  The good news is that Marino's record shows that he's a yes man to his past bosses, he'll push whatever agenda, no matter if it involves playing the campy lead role in the 2017 release of Reefer Madness.






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