How to use a Vaporizer Marijuana  - Tricks and Tips with Bogart


How to use a Vaporizer Marijuana - Tricks and Tips with Bogart


You know Bill Nye, the Science Guy?  Well, meet Bogard, who is like his cooler twin, who partakes, and knows his stuff.


Note: At the end of this how-to documentary, there is a wealth of information about Vaping ... reviews and products.

Man smoking when he should be Vaping

Why Vape, Great Ape?


Welcome to how-to-use a vaporizer, vaporizer tips with Bogart. Bringing you the most effective and inexpensive ways to enjoy medical marijuana.   I’m going to show you things that I’ve learned through my own personal experiments using my vaporizer and medical marijuana. Today, I’m going to show you what we need to start. You need obviously a vaporizer, medical marijuana, a grinder and some tool that I’m going to get into a little bit later for scraping and packing, but at this point I’m just using a regular ballpoint pen.


warning - your marijuana might make you well.


Vaporizers range in price from 70$ on up to 650$. The vaporizer we have today is an Easy Vape vaporizer.

Now, the first step in vaporizing is preheating your vaporizer.  I set my vaporizer to 250 degrees, now 250 degrees is usually about your average vaporizing temperature, you can go slightly higher or lower and your vaporizing temperature depending on how, what and sticky your medication is, to... how dry your medication is; you may go higher or lower.


Bogart - The Pot Science Guy

Now that we preheated the vaporizer, we’re going to go ahead and move on to grinding the medication in the grinder. It’s almost 1 gram for this bud right here; what I’m going to take a piece that I’m going to use....this still seems almost too big, so we’re going to take just slightly more off, and I’m going to attempt to medicate with just about 0.1 gram; maybe break it up just a touch, to make it easier for the grinder.

Put it into the grinder and then we’re going to go ahead and begin the grinding process.  Now that we’ve ground the medication, we’re going to go ahead and put it into the glass cylinder that goes on top of the heating element for the vaporizer. Again grind it in a very fine, the finer the grind of your medication, the better you’re going to be on your vaporizer.


How to Vape Properly

Get everything that was close to confinement as you can in your container; again every grinder is different and try not to drop anything. It’s always nice to have something underneath what you’re doing, so you can catch it all, these little crystals, I’m dropping this is what we’re trying to vaporize.  

Tamp that down a little bit, pack just a bit.  Just slightly, only a tiny bit, you don’t want to get ahead and packed it too much. I’m going to go ahead and remove the rest of the kef where the crystals are from my grinder, again every grinder is going to be a little bit different and this is why I have the pen (Vape) in the first part.

It is not Rocket Science - but looks like it here!

Okay, so now that we have the medication prepared in the vaporizer tube; we’re going to go and insert the vaporizer tube onto the vaporizer, making sure that it fits snugly.  

You don’t have to go ahead and jam it on there, but just leave it on there, and then you’re going to go ahead and vaporize to get one good long exhale I’m going prepare to inhale; we’re going to go ahead and turn it down all the way to 230 degrees and we’re going to go ahead and vape from there. Now, since that was a little too hot; we wanted to have a nice even stream ... able to see the vapour going through and there shouldn’t be any smoke.


How to prepare your weed for vaping

420 Tech- Best Vaporizers 2017- High Tech Review


So now that you’re done using your vaporizer, you’re going to go ahead and remove the rest of the leftover marijuana and once you dump it out, you should have kind of brown consistency almost any marijuana.  If you’ve done a good job vaporizing, it should have pretty much brown consistency and not black. If you’ve turned your marijuana and medication black, you have burned it .... do not be a dumbass and set fire to your medication.

All you need to vaporize is a good vaporizer, not a very expensive vaporizer, a grinder and make sure you have quality medication.   


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Until 2018, everyone must have a medical doctor's recommendaton to purchase marijuana or any product contining either CBD or THC.  In 2018, medical marijuana ID card holders are exempt from sales tax, which will amount to a savings of about $80 per ounce.  We provide licensed physician's medical marijuana recommendations, Cannabis ID Cards, and Cultivaton permits, all valid for one year.  Renewals are done online as well, in minutes.

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1 The process of any therapy is best guided by a medical doctor or health care professional with the acumen, proper training and experience.  These days, medical marijuana is increasingly recommended and often substituted for prescription drugs that have serious side-effects and addictive properties.  In some cases, such as epilepsy and other neurological, no other medicine provides  a good quality of life solution.

1 Cannabis medicines are now commonly used in conjunction with other medicines to control pain, inflammation, anxiety and other symptoms.

1 The general public and many medical doctors still don't know that cannabis based medicines (CBM) can be delivered effectively to patients in virtually every way.  Asthmatics, for example, can now inhale cannabis medicine with a vape, which of course, is a kind of vaporizer.  In fact, smoking a joint may soon be the least common method of dose medical marijuana.  

1 Routes of administration for Cannabis based medicines are:


Why Vape, Great Ape?

2 From our  Weed inspired "Man on the Street"

2 Before you enter our man on the street's world, please note: at the end of this article, you can find our recommendations for - the best vaporizers on the market in the year 2016

2 Wow. The past is finally here in the future and the collective man (at least in certain States) has now started to slowly unhinge his head from the inside of his gluteus maximus helmet and legally admit that marijuana has many more positives than negatives. Why now? Why this, why that; yeah, I know, so much to talk about, but those discussions are for a different article. Today, and right here, is where we talk about vaporizers. It's about time that all the real talk about marijuana as a medicine (as well as a producer of so many other things) was medically and scientifically spoken on and spoken on with actual vigor as opposed to just being written off as hippy talk, holistic voodoo or idle jibber jabber.


How to Use a Vaporizer Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart #2

3 Never seen this dude before, he looks stoned AF.... I like this dude.?

3 Look....Bogart has a great video. Brief and to the point. I wish we had more high quality reporters like him.  Why knock this nice man ?  Does it matter if he's stoned ? Bogart is the " Real Deal" .... he's even got a white lab coat. Each time you get ready criticize and tear down a YouTube contributor, STOP , and type something nice to them instead.  You will make their day and you will feel great. Nitpicker types are generally hated even more than Hitler.?


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