How to make a big batch of eliquid using kief or trim.


How to make a big batch of eliquid using kief or trim.


With no ado whatsoever, let's make some e-juice. I have 56 grams of trim.  


"Marijuana trim is the small branches, leaves and other plant material, excluding the bud (flower)."





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It’s already ground up pretty much is what we’re going to use,  not just that. There’s my trim (below) bins that I use to process the whole harvest, including all that trim. We’re also going to add all the Kief that’s at the bottom.  


"Kief, keef or keif is a fine powder made from dried resin glands (trichomes) that are found on the leaves of the cannabis plant. It contains a high concentration of the psychoactive chemical or THC that causes euphoric feelings or opium-like high that can last for hours. Kief is also called crystal or pollen." - Wiki




I haven’t opened it up yet, so I don’t know exactly what’s in there,  we’re going to find out, bet you it’s a bunch.  We got 56 grams of trim plus whatever Kief, so you should get pretty good results (potency). Let’s see here, knock off any lingering bits, that’s pretty good, it doesn’t suck at least my own personal opinion. That looks pretty nice, let me get my old coc-chopper here, let’s make us a nice pile.


"Tip, you can use a coffee brinder to produce a perfect mulch."



Probably 1 or 2 grams of Kief is in there, which we will be adding in for our e- juice as well.  I want it to be potent and this all came off the trim.  Anyway, when I ground it up pretty much.  What we're going to end up doing is decarboxylating  both our trim and our Kief.  I will be using a toaster oven and we’re going to set it from between 220 to 240 degrees F and this will hang out in there for probably 45 minutes to an hour.

"Decarboxylation effectively removes the COOH group from the THC-A molecule by releasing H2O (water) an CO2 (carbon dioxide), turning it into the psychoactive THC." - Wiki


I’ll show you how that’s done here in just a minute. I’m enjoying myself.  I will be adding this Kief in there a bowl maybe. I may want to smoke a little bit of it right now we’ll have to see, all right. Yeah, that’s a nice pile.  This scraper tool is the size of a driver's license or credit card or whatever, it’s basically a metal credit card.  I’ve had this thing forever back when I used to smoke cigarettes.

I smoked Marlboros and this is one of those weird free things you got from Marlboro and R.J Reynolds.

Scanning-electron-microscope images of pollen from a variety of common plants


There’s our trim and we’re going to go ahead and get the Kief on it, we’re going to run this about Oh is close to 220 deg or so, then mix it up a little bit for about an hour.  It’s sort of a light brownish golden brownish color spread it out evenly - all right into the toaster oven - see you guys in an hour or so.

We’ve got our decarboxylated trim here now - it weighs 48 grams - we lost right about 15% of our weight through moisture loss and such which is normal. We want to get as much of the water out of this as we can anyway. So now that jar and that bottle, there is going in the freezer for at least 12 hours.ETHANOL EXTRACTION






We’re back,  this stuff’s been frozen, so we got a frozen trim or frozen Everclear (grain alcohol),  now we’re going to add Everclear, Everclear to cover and were there. Put the top back on like, so we’re going to agitate it, swirl about like so and back in the freezer for another 90 seconds and then stir again.  We’ll do that for about 10 minutes.



Alright, so been in the freezer, I messed up a little bit had something came up and I had to leave, so it’s been in there for an hour, not a big deal though we’ll work with it, so now we’re going to strain it out, the bowl in the strainer were in the freezer as well for a while, so everything is cold which is pretty much what we want and then we’ll let that drain for a little bit.



We have good color, so I think even with the long soak, we were able to keep the chlorophyll out, we may have picked up some lipids and alkaline, though which is it’s ok we’ll go ahead and winterize this stuff so it won't be a big deal, and we’re also going to wash out our stuff, so as it’s draining we will take the time to wash it with more alcohol, frozen alcohol as it goes. Then we’re going to filter it again through a coffee filter, so shouldn’t be any kind of issue here, and it’s going to take a while to drain, so we’ll go ahead and be back in a minute.


"Chlorophyll is green pigment/s found in plants, in cananbis extractis, chlorophyll is removed for a better taste or appearance."


Alright, that’s been draining for a bit now, we want to press it out.  I will squeeze out all I can, which is going to be nearly nothing, everything we can out of here see if I either press, probably got some vegetable oil in there,  like I said, we’ll winterize it, not a big deal. That will do it, take that, grab our jar, use another strainer for a finer mesh, oh boy!


I got my alcohol real quick and add it to the bowl, roll it around, pick up anything we left wasting what not, so forth what have you. Put it right in there. Alright, oh look we're out of that, there we go I’m pretty good we don’t need that guy anymore, alright, so for the moment throw the lid on this stick it back in the freezer. I’m going to wash out my bowl and then we’re going to run another filter, so I’ll be back in just a minute.


We got everything cleaned out and prepped, coffee filter put in let's go ahead and add our liquid here, we got a foul up give me a minute. Okay, I already cleaned up my bowl and here we are, so we’re basically just moving it along, this way I won’t have any waste. It’s a good color, I’m pretty happy with it. Just let this drip fro a while and we’ll be back.



Marijuana moonshine - the original medicine.


Hey guys, here’s our finished product well not quite finished, we’re going to winterize it by putting it back in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours, so colors pretty good on it can’t complain, I’m pretty happy, so yeah, stay tuned an we’ll evaporate this shit off.


After 48 hours of winterizing, here’s what we got.  We apparently did not need to winterize our filtering job as it was apparently completely successful in the first place. There are no lipids and fats in here, it is just a clear, pristine, pee colored liquid, so this we know, you let warm completely to room temperature, you do not want to start boiling this frozen cold alcohol, that is super duper duper dangerous.  So don’t do it instead just going to sit here warm up once it’s a room temp, well go ahead and show you how to boil that off.


Hey guys alright, so we got ourselves a 750 watt hot plate pot, a couple of jar lids in the bottom there to lift the jar up off the bottom of the pot, we’ve got a candy fry thermometer and then water and this what we’re going to use to evaporate, notice I have the exhaust that’s normally connected to my light turned on and exhaust fan set on full-blast blowing blowing the air outside. You know evaporating alcohol can be dangerous, so yeah we got that set up and we’ve got our stuff is lovely color ain’t it?






Any-hoo, get this guy in here, set them down make sure its stable and get the lid off or not.  It appears to be a little awkward for me, there we go nice and solid, pop off the lid and this is at room temperature, it’s not cold anymore.  We are going to turn this to about medium, so we’re shooting for about anywhere between 120 and 150 degrees F.  We don’t want to burn the oil and we already decarboxylated the trim before we used it, so we don’t want to over decarboxylate either, so we're going to go with the lower temperatures, it doesn’t have to be at a boil, it’ll just take a little longer, we’ll be patient, so I’ll pop in every so often and see how she’s going.


We are five hours in and about halfway done, I’ve had to add water several times just to keep the level up high enough, we’ve been floating right at about 130, 135 degrees F and yeah, so just about halfway finished a little swirl put it right on back, so keep in mind 5 hours its been and were halfway done,  it took 2 hours for the pot and everything to heat up I set it to about medium and waited you want to do this slow and low.


The more patient you are in every step of the process of making this stuff the better the result at the end is going to be, so make it worthwhile and just make sure your day is free and you’re not going anywhere  because you don’t want to leave this unattended. This can be dangerous if not careful we have enough exhaust and everything, though we should be just fine plus we're doing a lower heat were not boiling anything, so everything’s looking good we will be back, I’m going to say probably 3 to 4 hours and we’ll be ready to add propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and get that heated up and will see what we come out with I’m curious to see what we end up with here.

Okie dokie, so we ended up with three and a half grams of some very, very high quality oil, the majority of the alcohol is gone there might be just a touch left, but that’ll evaporate out here shortly, came out very nice, so alright let me get my e-juice measured out and we’ll see where we go from here.


I got my VG PG mix here 50/50,  we’re going for about 16 grams of PG, 16 grams of VG comes out to about 8 to 1 ratio, you can go stronger.  I will be using this in an atomizer not a clearomizer or anything like that, just a straight AD, so a little weaker is what I want it’s going in an RDA and I’ll be taking a huge hit.  Don’t want to make a mess. Alright and we’ll put that back in the bath and let it warm up and mix it together be back in a minute.

Alright, so we added in our 30 grams of VG PG mix and it was a little thick, it was just a little thick, so we added another 20 grams VG PG, so that should come out to right about 50 grams of VG PG mix and we’re going to leave this.  We’ll put this back in the water bath and let it heat up and we’re shooting for like 170 to 190 degrees F.  It should get it hot enough, then we’ll mix the crap out of it, should get it to blend just fine and that’ll be that will bottle it up and leave it sit till tomorrow when I try it, so be back here a little bit.


Alright, we are pretty well done, I might let this sit for a little longer,  probably don’t have to, so she is the finished product, but it separates, that’s why you shake the fuck out of it in a bottle,  It’s oil suspended in oil, so not a big deal. I’m going to let this sit for a little bit, put in a new bottle and make me up a new coil, and put it in my RDA and we’ll see how it is okay.


We now have a finished product, it looks weird, it tastes like it si supposed to though.  You know it’s that cannabis taste, if you ever had a pot brownie or an edible, it’s got that same kind of flavor to it. Put a little juice in there and squeeze that extra back out,  yeah I mean it’s oil covered in oil, what you are going to do, but it taste just nice and it’s potent and good.  


If you can make a good cup of coffee, you can make good CBD Oil


RDA style dripper, can be used for e-juice or wax/bho/concentrates

About 5 good puffs will give you the same effect as a dab out of an RDA, so I would not recommend using a cartomizer with this juice, it’s just going to burn through coils too fast, it’s going to gunk up the cotton and just burn out the coil, so I’d recommend just using this on an RDA like this one, I got a tsunami on here Geek vape works just fine, ration came out about 10 to 1, we got 10 grams of juice every gram of a concentrate we had there.




As for e-juice to be 100% successful, I won’t be adding flavoring, it tastes just fine the way it is and yeah it works great. I am extraordinarily pleased. But keep in mind, your stuff will tear up a coil pretty fast pop the top off here and take a look this is a new coil.  It’s got about a middle of this stuff through it and it is nasty, nasty looking,  it’s a good vape, I cannot bitch.


No complaints at all guys,, so yeah it’s a worthwhile juice to make, you don’t get a lot of juice out of it,  4 or 5 good puffs, which is about half a milliliter (ml) of juice gives very nice effect, no complaints there. Get that good throat head.  We ended up with about 45 or 50 ml totally e-juice, which isn’t bad, not great, but our concentrate ended up being basically shattered, when we added in your PG VG - then bam,  the stone is good is a good high.



Don’t expect one hit to get you off unless you’re a lightweight, but a good 4 or 5 hits will do the job for anybody.  I’ve had my friends and family try it out and everybody is very pleased and very impressed, so it’s not bad guys, you would try it its fun remember to be careful can be dangerous, All in all it works awesome guys, thanks for hanging out with me and checking my video (see further reading) out.






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