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If you're a first-time grower, have never grown before. I will describe how to germinate Mazhar Bhai White Rhino feminized seeds.   


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I've never grown by eye only before, so I'm really excited to see how this goes. Honestly, the seed does not look very impressive at all. I don't even know if it's going to germinate, so I'm also going to germinate some regular seeds, just in case my feminized seed doesn't work out for me.


one feminized seed - two others unknown


I'm going to use the wet paper towel technique to get this seed started about its seaweed extract with filtered water with pH down to 6.8.  I'm going to let my paper towels soaked in water for a bit, then I'm gonna drop my seeds in and sprinkle some Mykos (hydroponic nutrients), on top is my coryza is a fungus that attaches to the plant's roots, they're way better than the roots at retrieving nutrients from the soil.


easy sprout method - cannabis seeds


They also grow faster and go deeper than roots, they create a symbiotic relationship, where they mind the nutrients feeding your plant, in return your plant gives up its starches and sugars.  I'm going to put my wet paper towel with the seeds... inside of a ziploc bag and put it somewhere warm and dark for the next few days. It's a little cold in Southern California right now, so I'm gonna have to use the heat mat to make sure that the seeds stay at a good temperature range.


zip lock bag is all you need to germinate plus dark, moist and warm


It's been 36 hours now, so let's take a look at these seeds and see how they're doing. Looks like the seeds germinated, so it's time to put them in some soil.  I'm going to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I don't really like to bury these seeds too deep, maybe just about the depth of lead of a number two pencil, and I always make sure to plant the seed with the tap room facing down. Last thing I'm gonna do is put a little red star on the feminized seed pot, so I don't lose track of it.  I'm going to turn off the lights and wait for these little seedlings to pop out.


germinated - no problem


plant cannabis seed just below the surface of the soil


Three days later and all three seeds have sprouted through the soil; at this stage the seedlings don't really need too much light so a 100 watt CFL should do just fine. The temperature in the tent is way lower than I'd like it to be.  I mean optimum would probably be between 73 - 80 deg F,  but I will do what I can with what I got.

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Day number two, all of the seedlings are opened up, their baby leaves are orientating themselves towards the light, some of them still have the seed shells still attached ...seedlings are really delicate, as a matter of fact, I believe this is the most delicate time of a plant's life. So, for the next few days, I'm gonna be really careful about adding in a second 100 watt CFL light.


only 3 days later and you're off to the races


I did this to spread the light source a little bit, so the plants don't lean in one direction or the other.


Day number three, all the seedlings are doing great and the true leaves are starting to come out.  You know, I put up two different CFL lights, so the plants wouldn't lean one way or the other, one of them still did, but it's okay. They're still doing good, my tent still a little bit of a mess from last time, I haven't really cleaned it up, but I'm gonna turn on one of my fans ...  pointed away from my seedlings.  This is going to create air turbulence inside my tent... it's going to sway my seedlings back and forth and strengthen my stems.


simple grow setup to start




I have been struggling with the temperature a little bit, it's only in between 68 and 70 deg F and I prefer between 73-83.  Now this low temperature is not going to kill my plant, but it's definitely going to slow down the growth. Temperatures below 60 degrees and above 85 will totally stop the growth.


Day number five, the plants are doing great, the temperatures have gotten a little higher, but they're still on the low side to plant. The seedlings are growing at a fair pace and development is coming along nicely, the soil is a little dry. so today I'm going to water using seaweed extract in demineralized water and keep the pH down to 7.0.


Oh I haven't calibrated this pH meter in a long time, so I'm also going to use the liquid test kit to double-check my reading.  You know, at this point the roots have grown too deep into the soil and they're easily uprooted, so I'm going to use this dropper to gently drip water around the base of the stem.


cheap but effective temperature and humidity monitor


Day number six, the plants are still growing nicely.  I did notice that one of the plants was leaning to side.  I'm going to use a wired floral wood pick to support my stem.


Day number seven, today I noticed that the soil was a little dry so I'm going to water using seaweed extract in our water with pH that is 6.8.  The stems look to be stronger now, so I don't have to use a dropper anymore, but I'm still going to be really gentle when I water them.  The humidity in my tent has been really low, so starting today, I'm gonna start spraying these plants down with regular water twice a day.

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growing medical cannabis is not as hard as you thought


Day number eight, the plants are still under two 100 watt CFL light bulbs.  Temperature and humidity have always been a problem in my tent so I've placed the heat mat underneath the grow tray....this is going to keep the soil warm. so even though the ambient air is 72 degrees, the soil is going to stay around 75 76. I've also been spraying the plants with the demineralized water daily just to keep the humidity up.


marijuana plant growing


Day number 10, the soil is a little dry so today I'm going to water using reverse osmosis filtered water and seaweed extract.


Day number 11, the plants haven't really shown any problems. Today I'm going to spray them with playing DI water just to keep the humidity up.


Day number 12, about a week ago I noticed one of my seedlings was leaning over.  I use the wood to prop it up, the stems gotten a lot stronger since then and the plant is holding itself up..... so i don't need the squid pick any more.  I'm going to water the plants with our own filtered water and seaweed extract ph 6.8, It looks like it's doing really good and since this is a feminized seed series... we're only going to move on with a feminized plant.


one week the results - growing MMJ


Day number 28, before we move forward let me tell you what I did in week 3,  so in my last series I completed a whole grow with no nutrients, just Fox Farm soil.  This time around I'm vegging much longer and growing a much bigger plant, so I'm gonna have to add some amendments..... so I'm going to start with my base, Fox Farm Ocean for soil... then I'm going to add Dr. Earth's organic vegetable fertilizer.   


I'm also going to add some earthworm castings.... this is ecoscraps ..... pretty much just compost and I got it from home depot.  Now, I've added a lot of amendments to the soil and the aerated (air) qualities that I really like about Fox Farms soil is gone ... because we put a lot of compost and earthworm castings and these two amendments which hold a lot of water, but not a lot of air.  


bacteria anaerobic and aerobic


They also have the potential to hold a lot of bacteria and this could be good or bad depending on what kind of bacteria it is. Bad bacteria lives in an anaerobic environment where there's no air.  Good bacteria live in an aerobic environment. so I'm going to add / light into the mix and this is going to create little pockets of air in the soil ... which will encourage the good bacteria to grow. so I'm going to mix in the perlite really good.  Then put the soil inside of a 10-gallon container... the last thing I'm going to do is water the soil with a mixture of DI water and seaweed extract.   


trim the terminator bud - secrets of growing

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Fast forward to week number four day number 33. the feminized plant has been in its spot for about three days now and as soon as I put it in the new soil it just blew up its present height and is doing great.   I got my clip on fan inside a tent set on high, keeping it real breezy and making my branches nice and strong. We have pretty good side branches.  Today I'm gonna top my plant. I don't want to have to break out the shears today. so I'm just going to use my fingers to pinch off top terminal bud.


LED grow lights are the bomb.


Growth of a marijuana plant and vegetative stage primarily happens at the terminal bud ...  at the top of the plant the growth.... it is driven by hormones called auxins the plant grows vertically with one main stem, lateral stems are also created, but grows at a much slower pace. When you cut the terminal bud, the oxygen is disrupted and your plant reacts by creating two new stems .... in its place, each one of these stems look to create a new terminal bud and continue to grow as it did before.


and what is scrog?


Day number 37, the plants are moving along nicely.  I've gotten pretty good vertical growth, but most importantly, a lot of side branching is happening .... so I grow in a very small grow space, and one of the more difficult things to deal with is plant size .... especially height, so I'm going to use the S.C.R.O.G. technique to keep this girl. S.C.R.O.G. stands for screen and green and what you do is you just lay down a trellis net over your canopy, and push down any branches that come up. I'm going to use zip ties to secure each corner of the trellis net to each corner post inside my tent.


Day number 39, and all is good .. you know I love using these big ten gallon pots, because it's been awhile since I watered these plants and the soil is still pretty moist.


telling the sex of the plant is easy if you know how.


Day number 41, this plant is moving along pretty fast, I've already grown up past the trellis. I've gotten a lot of branch development all through the plant, from the bottom all the way to the top. The branches at the top, I don't mind too much, but the ones in the bottom, they're not really doing anything. All they're doing is using up the rest of the plant's energy, so these are probably going to come off soon.


Day number 42, this plant is still in vegetative stage, but today it showed its sex, the top layer of the soil is kind of dry, but once you scratch the surface a little bit, you'll notice it's really moist so I'm not gonna water today.


Day number 44, the plant is pretty much on cruise control.  I'm getting pretty good growth through the trials that I put up last week... the top of the plant has also branched off into multiple leading stems ... the soil is a little dry on the surface, but moist just below.


LED - space age technology at your fingertips


Day number 46, the plant is moving along as it should.  Today I'm going to switch out my little 300 watt LED light for this 1200 watt equivalent top shelf light LED, so I completed my last girl with a cheap 300 wide equivalent LED grow light and it did a pretty good job, but there's definitely some limitations to this grow light.   

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The major ones being light spread and penetration, but you know it's a low wattage light.. so it gives you a good bang for your buck... this LED operated in three different modes veg, bloom and full spectrum.  Right now, we got a non veg mode, the color spectrum under the setting is white and I love that ... because I can see my plants really good and it doesn't strain my eyes.  The vegetative setting doesn't use that much electricity either.


grow cage - light spectrum - different light at different stages


I'm only pulling 263 at the wall so let's turn on the full-spectrum setting and see what it could do .... this line is super bright I'm meeting about 1,700 micromoles 24 inches from the light .... that's pretty intense power stands for photosynthetically active radiation and this is pretty much the measurement of the light spectrum that your plant needs to create photosynthesis. These measurements are taken in units called micro moles.


Day number 49, it looks like the plan has grown a good 10 inches above the first trellis net. Today I'm going to put up a second trellis net and this was going to help keep up the flowers when they start to get heavy.


LED lights in operation


Day number 50, I checked for temps, humidity, soil, moisture.   I also checked the plants for signs of stress and bugs.


Day number 52 the store was pretty dry on the surface, so I'm probably going to have to water pretty soon ... the plant is starting to grow up past the second trellis net, so I'm just going to push down the stems underneath the net as it grows up past.


LED - white light mode


Day number 54, it looks like the soil is dry up to an inch below the surface so today I'm going to water using our water and seaweed extract with pH down the 6.8.  I'm going to use a two-gallon garden sprayer to evenly water the soil.


Day number 56, you know I have a lot of undergrowth and these branches are really low on the plant they're never going to reach the top of the canopy .....  all they're doing is using up the plant's energy, so today I'm going to cut these off now .... any kind of pruning puts stress on your plant and it usually takes about two to three days for it to recover to get back to its normal growth ...


trimming useless marijuana plant branches - can be used as clones


Today is a transition day, which means I'm going to be changing the light cycle from 18 hours / 6 hours  to 12 / 12 hours, .... the cannabis plant is photosensitive when the plant receives more than 10 hours of darkness,  hormone levels inside the plant rise, these hormone signal the plant to start producing flowers, so I'm going to turn off my lights... so the plants received 12 hours of darkness. When the lights come back on, they're going to be on the 12/ 12 cycle ...

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Today is day one and the flower light schedule is now 12 hours on 12 off ... at my door looks top shelf, LED light is set to blue.


rapid growth of MMJ plants with LED and proper nutrition


Day number three of flowering forward to the next few weeks, this plant is going to concentrate all its energy creating flowers and it's stretching a bit, so I'm going to use the trellis net to train my plant and keep it short (and stocky).


nets make for fat short plants!


Day number five ... it's kind of hard to see the plant under the balloon spectrum, so I switched on the veg mode (LED) as well the colors are true but at least we're not going to be looking at a pink screen. My job for the next few weeks is to maintain an even canopy  .... I'm going to do that by pushing down any branches that stretch up past the trellis.


marijuana buds


The soil is a little dry today so I'm going to water using RO water and a little bit of seaweed extract I'm also going to let about twenty percent of the water run out the bottom of the pot. Day number eight of flowering the plant is stretching and continuing to widen up a bit the flowers have really started to come in now so I don't expect much more stretch on this plant it's just really going to concentrate on creating flowers from this point on.


Day number 11 in flower the soil is a little dry today so I'm going to water reverse osmosis using our modern seaweed extract ph down to 6.8. Day number 14, the plant is in its third week of flour and it's still pretty bushy underneath the canopy so I'm going to go ahead and cut off some of these useless branches and leaves that are really doing anything.


the prize plant has abundant flowers


Day number 17, the plant has stop stretching and is really concentrating on developing nice flowers. Day number 21. Day number 27 this is the end of week for the plant has totally stop stretching, it's putting all its energy into creating fat flowers and creating trichomes.  Well she's also really, really afraid this place was loud, so she's not one of the smelliest plants I have grown, but she's up there. Day number 31 in flour the plant is moving along the buds are fattening up and they're starting to get coated with a nice layer of trichomes.


a wow factor MMJ bud.


The soil is a little dry today as some of the water using our water seaweed extract I'm also going to add a little bit of nutrients this time and be using general hydroponics maxibloom ph 6.8. Day 32 in flowering stage  33 and flowering stage the temperatures inside my 10 are great the humidity is good too, but I usually like a little bit drier during this time I'm going to turn on my mini dehumidifier to try to bring down the humidity a little bit my plan is two and a half feet under the dulux 600 and I have noticed the difference between this light and my lower wattage led the flowers seem to be denser.

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Day number 38 in flower, the soil is a little dry, so I'm going to water using our water seaweed extract, and I'm going to fertilize with Maxie Bloom, the total ppm (parts per million) isn't quite 1200 and the ph 6.8.


Day number 40 in flowering, this is pretty much the end of week six, and I got about three more weeks before I harvest, so at the beginning a week 7, I'm going to completely flush out the soil.


kick ass crop of medical weed


Day number 44, this plant is now using all of its energy to create fat flowers and trichomes it's really starting to get frosty now. For the next few days I'm gonna try really hard to keep the humidity under 55 and a temperature under 83-75 would be optimum, but i don't use an air conditioner for my grow so we'll see how that goes.


We're getting really close to harvest, so today I'm going to use floor clean to completely flush out any salt or any bill that may have developed for fertilizing, now I grow in a 10 gallon container and it's going to take about 20 gallons of water to flush this plant out and I can't really move this plant around right now because the bugs are so happy that if I move just a bit the branches the break luckily i thought i had my part is sitting inside of a ten-gallon cement mixing tub I'm going to wrap a fountain pump with cheesecloth and put it inside of the cement mixer so it pumps out all the runoff into a five gallon bucket.


buds, buds,. buds


Day number 48, the plant is still packing on weight and trichomes.


Day number 52 in flower, and it looks like its working pretty good, because the plant started turn yellow, so there's no more nutrients left in that soil. Soil is a little dry today,  so I'm going to water using plain reverse osmosis water.


Day number 63 in flower, most of the leaves have now turned either a lime green or yellow and the leaves around the flowers have turned purple the trichomes are about seventy percent milky white and thirty percent amber, so I think it's about time to harvest.


how to harvest medical marijuana


I'm going to turn off my door like 600 watt LED for 24 hours before I chop down the plants, this plant veg for six weeks and floured 49 today's harvest day the canopy is 36 inches by 24 inches and the plants about 30 inches tall my plants been in this to buy for growth space for five months and it really shows this tent is a mess.

I'm going to dry my flowers in this tent, so before I go any further, I have to clean up, but not only do i have to clean, I also have to disinfect.  OK, so I'm going to take down my light because I'm not using it right now, and I'm also going to hang up my drying rack. Alright, so let's get to work.  I like keeping it real simple, so only use a few tools when I trim.  

I used the big shears for the branches and the other two shears for everything else. By the way guys, always list my tools and equipment in the description section. so don't forget to check that out all right.   I'm going to cut the flower off from the branch directly below  .... and the  first thing I'm going to do is remove all the fan leaves off of it.  The ones that don't have any trichomes on them ...  you can rip these off, or you can use your detailing shears to clip them off.  It took four hours to trim this small plant.

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trimming tools


This plant is for frosty even the trim soon sticky and covered in trichomes alright so i have all the flowers loaded up on Iraq and now I'm just going to turn off the lights and I'm going to try to maintain a good environment and a good environment is about 75 degrees and no more than fifty five percent humidity ok so the plan has been harvested it's been trimmed and is now drying on a drying rack so let's go take a look at the plant structure and the root development.


marijuana buds


Alright, so the flowers have been in the tent for five days ... you know and I'm going to be honest with you, I had a really hard time with humidity and temperature ... the flowers dried too quickly and actually ended up over drying.  Yeah, it kind of sucks, but hopefully it doesn't affect the taste and smoke too badly, so now that the flowers are dry, it's time to cure.  I usually cure in glass jars, but a buddy hooked me up with a hundred of these turkey bags, so I'm gonna give them a try and see how they work.


These bags are pretty big and they're supposed to be able to hold up to 25 pounds of weight, there are also other proof, so that's always good.  Buddy bags sells their products online on the website and also on Amazon.  


drying and curing mmj


It doesn't look like much, but the odds are pretty good that denser buds are heavy, so let's wait it out and see what we got. The scale is showing negative 19, because i added an empty body bag and tare it out  to 20 (subtracting the weight of the empty bag) and the total weight is 219 grams. That's almost half a pound.  


These are the densest flowers I've ever grown, they're pretty heavy too, this small bud alone is four grams. The trichome production on this planet was also pretty good.   Now this is the biggest weight I've ever pulled from one plant and I think a lot of it has to do with the light.  This LED model 600 is the shit.


You know guys, there's nothing better than smoking marijuana that you grew. So let's roll one up!


plant anatomy marijuana


Note: the sturdy branch structure of this virile plant - that produced more than 200 grams of highly potent medical marijuana.

How to tell the difference between a female, a male and a shemale cannabis plant!



marijuana root systems.


The well developed root structure of this "perfect" medical plant.


the stash is in hand


Bagging the buds that came from but one feminized seed.


one plant = 219 grams, worth about $2000 plus


An analytical balance, while unnecessary for home growers, it's a lovely luxury to have.


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