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ToO hiGh to diE. Weed and War

"We used to get pretty baked with the Afghan army guys attached to our patrol base to kill the boredom. I had little interest in drugs before the war and pretty much lost all interest after, but on deployment it kinda made sense to get high for whatever reason."



shotgun marijuana


Back in the day, cargo planes were used by soldiers to transport drugs, including marijuana all around the world, to provide an ample supply of weed to Vietnam soldiers.  The same transport system is used by Black Opps to generate black budgets.  Put that in your shotgun and smoke it.


The weed circa 1968 varied from 2-8% THC, with 3-4% being the norm.  The other cannabinoids were higher than today, coming at 1 to 2% depending on the strain.  Testing revealed that some of the hash from the middle east was about 5% d9THC, 5% CBN, 4-5% CBD and  4% d8THC (a non-psychoactive version).  


Since the 1960's,  Today this kind of profile is sought by cannabis professionals for it's balanced medicinal effects.  If you are smoking a very strong strain,you can dial it down, to approximate the concentrations of THC in the old weed by mixing in the leaves 1:1 or 2:1 with the flower.  This drips the concentration of THC, while upping the relative concentration of some of the terpenes and other balancing cannabinoids.  


"My time in Afghanistan is not necessarily the same as the Vietnam war, but it is 95% boredom, 4% jacking off, and 1% sheer terror.  Even combat patrols become kind of samey and you become less and less scared every time you leave the patrol base until you are just bored with the whole deal."




laughI want the old weed.

laughOo... I always got it backwards, now it makes sense. The war on drugs.


laughGotta be high to go to war.

laughI thought you could only shoot up with heroin?


angryThat only applies if you’re in California.

angryThis is the last place I'd want to be stoned. Fuck, a cop lives across the street and we are cool as shit but I still wait until their lights are off before I smoke. I'm 39.

coolI smoked tons of weed in Nam and it was delightful. Although this was last January so I suppose the context is different.

laughAlso my neighbor's lights are off.

blushI almost didn't catch this. Clever as frig.


angryCracked me the fuck up

coolYou, my friend, need a vaporizer.

laughI do need one, I do have a wax pen but the wax industry is dry here now. That being said, it's the idea not the smell that bothers me. Now add bullets and guerilla warfare to the mix, I'd be fucked.

coolI know what you mean. It's important to respect your neighbor. But in a war I think it would help me cope with the anxiety. I would have to adapt to being a morning toker because weed keeps me awake AF if I'm not careful. Not sure about any alertness aspect in an ambush, maybe a good dose of paranoia would be helpful.

laughWax pen? Is that what yinz guys in legal states get to have? Damn, that's interesting.

angryYes! Wax is amazing! It's strong as shit and it's an easy set-up. You're also right about the respect. As far as the Paranoia aspect, you may be onto something. Fight or Flight may kick in at a more appropriate moment but it could also delay it. Lesson of the day is : who the fuck knows?

laughWhen "was that a cop car?" is replaced with "is that a sniper nest?" That's not the kind of paranoia I want lol.


coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolToO hiGh to diE

laughIs that a Meat Puppets reference?

blushAs the old saying goes 'Drop acid not bombs, but if you do drop bombs, smoke pot with your friends out of a gun barrel first.'

angryAh yes, from Sun Tzu's famous book, The Art Of War.

angryThere was an anon who greentexted his uncle's recounting of how he won the Silver Star in Vietnam while tripping balls on acid.

laughThe alien invasion has begun. We gotta stop it bro, but first let's hit the rifle pipe.

cryingThis is beginning to sound a bit like the plot of John Dies at the End.

laughDick door knobs and weird animal experiments will be included.

devilLikely a Cambodian prostitute going by the name of "Uncle Jimmy".


laughCheck out the Whitest Kids You Know series "The Civil War on Drugs" hilarious.

angryI immediately thought of the episode where Sam does this and it turns out the gun was loaded

blushHey, Mary J helps with the PTSD! They’re just self medicating! Better than turning to booze after the war like some of my family members :(

laughYes, of course .. But just so we include those non-wks out there, what's that?

angrySketch comedy show called whitest kids u know. They did a series of sketches called the civil war on drugs about civil war era stoners. Super easy to find on youtube, it’s worth checking out.

coolLittle known fact: Nixon was a mad chiller.

cryingA lot of my friends in the seventies had recently returned from Vietnam.

laughOne of them was just out of the Air Force. He used a pilot's oxygen mask, with a pipe duct-taped to the hose. You would put on the mask and he would shotgun you pretty much the way you see in this video. It was kind of a test of willpower to see how long you could keep the mask on before you had to rip it off and cough for several minutes.

coolMy brother in law, another Vietnam vet, had a similarly rigged mask. I never saw it in use, just discovered it in a closet. At the time I was pretty insensitive to the scent of pot, but that thing reeked.

laughI've heard stories about guys in Vietnam getting high and I guess this video is the smoking gun.

cryingI can’t fucking imagine being high in the middle a swampy war-ridden hellhole. That would immediately induce a panic attack for me. I’d imagine something along the lines of that scene in Apocalypse Now where the entire squadron along the river is high on acid. How fucking goddamn surreal that situation would be to find yourself in.

angryYeah, it always puzzled me, even though I talked to a ton of people who had done it in those circumstances. Psychedelics aren't what you would think you would turn to if you are basically stuck in hell.

laughThat's pretty much it. I'm not going to pretend that my time in Afghanistan compared in any way to the Vietnam war but it is 95% boredom, 4% jacking off, and 1% sheer terror. Even combat patrols become kind of samey and you become less and less scared every time you leave the patrol base until you are just bored with the whole deal. We used to get pretty baked with the Afghan army guys attached to our patrol base to kill the boredom. I had little interest in drugs before the war and pretty much lost all interest after but on deployment it kinda made sense to get high for whatever reason.

cryingThis is the funniest part to me everyone in this thread acting like weed now is even comparable to back in nam days.. my dad's friend who served at that time recently was telling me a story of him and his wife indulging on a trip to Colorado and absolutely hated it because it's legitimately not even close to the same experience. Dude said they didn't leave the room until it wore off and he was constantly checking the windows.

laughI want the old weed. I don't want to be fucked up. I want the edge transformed slightly. I'm anxious by nature and can't fuck with weed anymore.

blushI feel the same way. I want weed that is less potent.

laughNot sure if you live somewhere with medical/legal, but you can definitely get weaker strains pretty easily.  You could also just like, take one small hit.

blushJohnny, roll a ball of hash, and make sure it's the bomb, cause the devil's got the kind of stuff they smoked in vietnam. you'll get a million smackeroos in cash if you can cope, but if you can't, the devil gets your dope!

coolThe devil packed a bong with a little Acapulco gold.
And resin flew from his fingertips as he fired up his bowl.
He filled that chamber all the way and he took a mighty hit.
And as they passed it back and forth it gave them both a coughing fit.

laughGotta love the taste of sweet Mary Jane, devils in the backyard frying his brain, something something diggity dang, hold on tight it’ll hit you like a tank!

blushIt’s been awhile since I heard it but it’s from a parody of a Charlie Daniels song. It’s called the devil went down to Jamaica if I recall correctly.

laughPretty sure it's the FCC. That net neutering and shit.

cryingSeriously. I literally cannot think of a worse place to be high than in the fucking Vietnam War.
EDIT: Specifically stoned - I personally get twinges of paranoia when I'm smoking weed.

angryIt’s gotta beat being sober.

cryingHmm that's a tough one actually.

laughi came in high as balls to someone stabbing 20+ people in my high school senior year. don't wake and bake kids.

Yeah but that weed was dirt, nothing like it is now. I don't think you could get weed as week as it was in the 60's even if you tried. Now LSD on the other hand, that's a whole different story.

laughMe two seconds after clicking: "I'm a woman, this actually is totally straight, what's gay about a hot naked man?"

Me ten seconds after clicking: "...oh. That."

coolMy grandfather always said the gun oil made the high so much better. When you ask him what he did in Vietnam, his answer is “I smoked dope and I killed people.”

angryProlly not one of them is over 20. Poor bastards, what a horrible situation to be in.

blushIt really is super sad. All they wanted to do was come home. And a lot of them never did. And the ones who did, either came back with mental and physical trauma, or were treated like trash for being in an unpopular conflict...or both.  Or if you really look at it, you don't ever come back from war. Not really.

laughI can't imagine how they justified the draft in an overseas war against a country that was never going to take the fight to American soil.

coolIt's easy to justify war when you're not in it and expect to win in a month. No one considers the logistics of just about anything before really doing it.

laughWar is one thing, but the draft is something else entirely.

cryingI can't imagine being drafted into the Korean War. Most of those dudes had already fought in wwii. I would have been pissed.

blushI was around during this time. I was in the last year of the draft lottery (number 352, so I didn't have to go). I knew a lot of guys who had recently returned from the war. I never witnessed any of them being "treated like trash." They didn't get the hero's welcome that servicemen got at the end of WWII, and I heard some comments along those lines, but I never encountered anyone who looked down on returning Vietnam vets or treated them abusively.  I think that it's mostly a trope that got started by the movies and TV.

laugh"Vietnam wasn't a real war. My war [wwII] was. You guys are a disgrace to the country."

"You vietnam guys are just a bunch of losers"

angrylaugh"You were in vietnam!? How many babies did you kill."

"I don't date war lovers."

laughJust a few of the remarks I heard after returning from the war in 68, there were lots more. Finally I learned to keep the fact of me being a vietnam veteran to myself, for decades. By no means was it all just movies and TV mouthing off.  



American soldiers in Vietnam shotgunning marijuana [70s]   Source material in part, a treasure trove of laughs and off beat gallows humour.

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