CA and Nevada State Patient Identification Cards for Tourists - Avoid getting kicked out of Cali.


CA and Nevada State Patient Identification Cards for Tourists - Avoid getting kicked out of Cali.


Canadians, Mexicans, Europeans and others can simply get a California Medical Marijuana Card that allows them to legally buy and possess cannabis in State..


“Another really big issue in California is the residency issue — you don’t have to be a resident to be a patient in California or to participate in collectives or join a dispensary, but you may have visited the doctor’s office or the dispensary and seen the big sign that says ‘Must Have California ID.’ That’s not true. There’s no residency requirement in California. I can’t tell you a law that doesn’t exist.” - San Francisco lawyer Lauren Vazquez.


Canadians and other nationalities that spent appreciable time in the Cali or Nevada can qualify for a medical cannabis card, which might very well stop you from being DEPORTED under the Federal Controlled Substance Act.  

If you are not an American citizen, ask yourself if you should carry a legal medical cannabis doctor's recommendation.  A licensed physician's recommendation allows you to legally possess and buy cannabis in state.  Until 2018, dispensaries can only sell to medical patients with 420 evaluations.  This means that if you are caught by a Federal or State official, there is no possible way that you could have come into the possession of cannabis legally.  


“The DA was like, ‘Residency requirement. No, no, no — there’s nothing like that.  There have never been any prosecutions based [solely] on the fact that someone wasn’t a resident in California.” - Vazquez


Canadians are not on the radar of the Trump administration, but they too can be caught up in the enforcement of illegal activity of foreigners.  




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Reports are that I.C.E. (Immigration, Customs Enforcement) is asking people for their medical cannabis Identification cards and if they use medical cannabis, and if they don't have a doctor's recommendation, they are using that as grounds for deportation, as they are in violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act. This deportation policy applies to permanent residents, Visa holders, and those who are not naturalized nor are natural-born citizens.

Prop. 64, passed last year states that qualified patients or their primary caregivers will be exempted from retail sales tax on medical cannabis if they hold a valid Medical Marijuana Identification Card issued by the policies of the California Department of Public Health at the time of purchase.


Enrollment in the CA state Identification program is a voluntary program.

Under state law, SB (Senate Bill) 420, state Identification cards affords legal protection from cannabis charges for patients and caregivers acting in compliance with guidelines spelled out in SB 420. All of California's 58 counties except Sutter and Colusa have implemented Identification card programs. Patients and caregivers can apply for the card from their county health department. Although we fought hard to keep the Identification program voluntary, California NORML's advice to patients is that they will probably be safer from arrest if they enroll in the state Identification program.

The state Identification card system has safeguards to protect patient privacy. Patient names and addresses are not kept in the state's data base: the only information retained is a personal photo and Identification number.

Patients need not enroll in the CA state program to enjoy legal status as Prop. 215 patients (all that is required under Prop 215 is a valid physician's recommendation or approval). Many doctors are now offering cards with 24-hour verification.

Patients who cannot or don't want state Identification cards can get ID from privately run agencies online. 420EVALUATIONSONLINE's private card program has been in operation since 2015.  ID cards, recommendations and growers permits are available to any resident in California. They are officially recognized by police in California and many places in Nevada, as well as by private providers throughout the state.

Some people think that registering with the state program could expose them to federal harassment or even arrest, since the Drug Enforcement Agency might try to subpoena their records or some such. California NORML, the most knowledgable group, by far, in California in legal matters, believes the perception of Fed danger is overblown. A number of states; Hawaii, Colorado, and Oregon have mandatory registration systems,and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has never subpoenaed their records.

The Drug Enforcement Agency has repeatedly sait they are not interested in pursuing individual patients. To date, thousands of patient records have fallen into the Drug Enforcement Agency hands in the course of raids on medical cannabis clubs and clinics, yet no patient was arrested. (There was an unconfirmed report in 2008 of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) visiting a patient in Los Angeles who multiple records.) In addition, citizen action groups in Northern counties have taken complaints from patients with county cards and subsequently received visits from county employees or had helicopter fly over their properties. However, these incidents are very rare and are are deemed very low risk, in our judgement.


If a county or law enforcement official do not recognize your medical cannabis Identification card, or your doctor's recommendation, you may record the name of the official, the date and time and send pertinent details to California NORML, who will very likely inform the officers of the rules and regulations under the new marijuana laws in California.   


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Canadians, Mexicans, Germans and any other nationality can apply for a California Medical Marijuana Recommendation that allows them to purchase cannabis based medicines legally from any licensed dispensary, delivery service, cannabis clinic, compassion club or cooperative.  Also, in the case of interaction with the police, Cannabis ID could well keep you from getting deported.  Foreigners can apply risk free, as patients don't pay until they are approved by a licensed physician.  




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Expert: You Don't Have to Be a State Resident to Get Medical Marijuana In California Right Now

Potentially tens of thousands of visitors to California could come here for medical reasons, but they are being denied medical marijuana because of a widespread misperception of state law, said San Fran sawyer Lauren Vazquez.

Most every physician’s clinic as well as collective or dispensary think that customers be California residents, but they are throwing away business, she said. There is nothing in state medical marijuana law requiring patients be residents.


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WARNING: Non-citizens should beware that carrying medical marijuana through United States airports can be a dangerous affair. Though TSA and local police have generally been quite tolerant of medical marijuana in baggage in marijuana legal states like Cali, this may no longer be the case.  When they are dealing with non-citizens  carrying marijuana without ID, they may deport on the spot.  So, If you are a foreigner, it is highly recommended that you carry a medical cannabis recommendation with you, and obviously a Californian one.

It is reported that ICE is checking people for marijuana ID cards and ask if they use medical marijuana, and using illegally is still grounds for deportation because they are in violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act. This means permanent residents, Visa holders, and those who are not naturalized nor are a natural born citizen can get kicked out of the country unceremoniously.



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