Arterial nerves, the origin of much of the pain of Fibromyalgia


Researchers proved that Fibromyalgia pain is real, and most of the pain comes from nerves in the arteries, previously thought to be incapable of generating the numbing pain of the big F.


The announcement should have patients rejoicing worldwide.  The mystery of Fibromyalgia has finally, for the most part, been unraveled.  This discovery offers an explanation; why medical marijuana is effective in the treatment of many Fibromyalgia patients.  

According to some estimates, about 10 million Americans have the F disease, and this group now has hope and direction for treatment. Researchers discover that the main source of pain is generated in the blood vessels, the arteries, especially in the hands, feet and limbs of fibromyalgia sufferers.






Researchers discovered that the main source of pain in Fibromyalgia patients does not stem from the brain.  It turns out that that notion was simply a creation from the minds of doctors and patients.  


Editor's note:  This research discovery should be combined with other breakthrough research on Fibromyalgia.  The cause of the pain can be due to inflamed nerves throughout.  The inflammation causes are many.  The reduction of pain using cannabis, opiates or other forms should provide relief, but the cause should be addressed, which is the cause of inflammation, which, in most cases, comes from CHRONIC exposure to a multitude of sources


no more wild goose chase




These findings mark the end of several decades of wild goose chasing.  Sadly, many of our  doctors blamed the condition on the patients themselves; it was all in their imagination.   The mystery of Fibromyalgia left millions of sufferers searching out relief from pain medications. Now that scientists revealed that the main source of pain stems from a most unlikely place an excess of blood vessels in the hands, legs and foot.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) appraises that fibromyalgia influences more than 10 million people every year in the U.S., with essentially higher event rates in ladies than in men."


The cannabinoids of cannabis, like the psychoactive THC and the non-psychoactive CBD have both analgesic (pain killing) and sleep-promoting effects, which help fibromyalgia patients to manage their symptoms. Many studies worldwide have found that cannabis  based medicines are effective in improving sleep disruption, joint stiffness, anxiety, physical function, pain, depression, and quality of life in individuals with fibromyalgia.


prescription deaths drop in medical marijuana states.




Fibromyalgia characteristically causes intense and unrelenting musculoskeletal pain.  Cannabis has proven effective in offering fibromyalgia sufferers relief, with negligible toxic side effects.

Facial nerves gone wrong, can send victims over the cliff`s edge.



Fibromyalgia patients treated with cannabis were assessed over a seven-month period experienced significant pain intensity improvements, and they were able to reduce the dosage of opioid medications. In one study it was discovered that after four weeks of cannabis treatment, fibromyalgia patients had a significant reduction in both pain and anxiety whereas the placebo group saw no improvements.  


In another study significant reductions in pain and stiffness, and an enhancement of relaxation, an increase in somnolence,  and a better feeling of well being were reported in  fibromyalgia patients only two hours after they smoked or orally consumed cannabis.


"Cannabis was found to be effective in improving sleep quality in patients with fibromyalgia (Dr.'s Ware, Fitzcharles, Joseph & Shir, 2010)."

This discovery may lead to new treatments and research can now focus on a total cure.  To solve the Fibromyalgia mystery, researchers zeroed in on the skin from the hand of one patient who lacked sensory nerve fibers, and had less ability to sense pain from this source. They took skin samples from the hands from several Fibromyalgia patients.  They found an extreme excess amount of nerve fibers called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts.

Until now, scientists had thought that these nerve fibers were responsible exclusively for regulating blood flow, and did not cause the sensation of pain, however, they were mistaken in their assumptions.  These arterial nerves have been shown to create the majority of the hurt; the widespread body pain that Fibromyalgia sufferers feel.

research breakthrough - about time


The breakthrough might solve the perplexing question; why is it that many sufferers have very painful hands and feet, and other tender points throughout the body.  Why does cold weather and dampness aggravate their symptoms?  In addition to the widespread deep tissue pain, many Fibromyalgia patients lethargic, low energy.  Inflammation of the arterial nerves also reduces blood flow, which tells the body all is not well, and this effect can cause the brain to release biochemicals that signal the body to rest.  And in this case, rest beyond a certain point does not help at all, it is a false signal, from a dysfunctional group of nerve cells.


“We previously thought that these arterial nerve endings were involved exclusively in regulating blood flow at the subconscious level (no pain capability), yet we were presented with evidences that the (arterial) blood vessel endings also contribute to our conscious sense of touch… and the pain (associated with Fibromyalgia).  This mismanaged blood flow might be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue, which is thought to come from a buildup of lactic acid which contributes to low levels of inflammation, as seen in fibromyalgia patients. This, in turn, may contribute to the hyperactivity in the brain as seen in FM.”- Dr. Delph L. Rice, Neuroscientist  - Paraphrase


Current treatments for Fibromyalgia have been ineffective.  The therapies include narcotic (addictive) pain medicines; anti-seizure drugs, antidepressants.  Some doctors simply prescribe more rest and exercise.  Now that the cause of Fibromyalgia has been pinpointed, patients can look to the future with hope.


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  To purchase cannabis based medicines, patches, tinctures, CBD, THC, special formulations contain cannabinoids in California, everyone must have a medical recommendation from a licensed physician - that is until 2018, when any adult may purchase cannabis under the new marijuana laws.   Thanks to the Governor and the Medical Board of California, the process to become a medical cannabis card holder can be done 100% online, in minutes.  


Our process is simple and patients simply answer a few required questions about their conditions and symptoms and the doctor reviews the file remotely on his tablet.  Most applications are processed the same day or even in a few minutes, depending on the volume of patients.  We also provide grower's permits and renewals all online.  Note that applicants are not required to pay until they are approved.  Documents are used in California and some places in Nevada (for tax exemption of up to 35%) at dispensaries, delivery services, cannabis clubs, cooperatives and other points of access.





“When are they ever going to figure out that the symptoms (of Fibromyalgia) are not all in your head?  Whenever something doesn’t fit in their tiny-weeny little understanding, they belittle us, the patients and tell us we are crazy.  We have suffered through this disease since they were born.  They prescribed SSRIs for everything, and we all know this is not the answer, any more than a lobotomy or hysterectomy is.” - Understandably Frustrated Patient




Now patients can simply print out peer reviewed journals (see further reading section) and drop them at their doctor's office.  If they don't read the material due to a lack of time ,then they, in effect, lack the time to help their patients.  If you do this, make sure that the papers you print out are medical doctors, have a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry or come from a renowned clinic or institution.   This action often stops the average GP in his tracks and gets him thinking.  


The body produces its own cannabinoids, whose function is to  dial up or down, the function of many systems and bodily functions.  The cannabinoids in marijuana work by shoring up the supply, when something goes wrong in our system, for whatever reason, genetic, chemical exposure, cannabinoid blockers, diet, age, disease.  


Some cannabinoids tend to balance, which means that they are probably only used by the body when required when the dosage is low.  Cannabinoids are particularly effective for autoimmune and nervous disorders, which we now know is the root cause of most types of Fibromyalgia.  We know too that NMR of the brain can diagnose the condition, and that the feedback from the inflamed nerves - including the arteries signals the brain, and the patient to feel pain, pain, pain.


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Bonni Goldstein, M.D. is a physician who specializes in cannabis medicine in Los Angeles, California. She specialized in Pediatric Emergency medicine for years before witnessing the amazing benefits of this treatment in an ill loved one. Since then, she has successfully treated thousands of adult and pediatric patients with cannabis. She regularly speaks about cannabis medicine at conferences and patient groups around the world. She is the owner and medical director of Canna Centers and medical advisor to She is the author of the recently published book, Cannabis Revealed.


Vicki began reading about cannabis as a natural option to treat her pain and came to my office to learn more. She has found that THC-rich medicine taken in small doses (one to two puffs) smoked in a joint two or three times a day eases her pain and insomnia. It also alleviates the anxiety that is so often associated with these medical conditions. Vicki states that she’s a responsible user and knows what affects her mind and body. She does not drive after she smokes and, while she reports sometimes feeling euphoria, she most often feels relaxed and is able to sleep.....




“I have patients with a range of pain syndromes who have failed all their other treatments and for whom Herbal Cannabis has been the only reasonable option that they have that controls their symptoms,” - Dr. Ware.


Fibromyalgia is a disorder where nerves amplify and exaggerate sensations of pain.  Sufferers hurt at the slightest touch.  Researchers debate the cause of Fibromyalgia, with physical and mental stress, environmental and genetic causes being the prime suspects.


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It is very real. These are critical findings for anyone searching for answers.
Clues as to the possible origin/etiology of the disorder.

Johnny Privitera
I experienced bleach poisoning in both hands which caused a lot of pain. I eventually developed FM. Makes me wonder

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