Exotic Kief

Kief is THE most elite form of organic cannabis.  It's concentrated in THC, cannabinoids and is full of the terpenes that is the desert, the cherry on top, the touch of class, the most exotic of highs.


Kief is known as the caviar of cannabis.  Some people equate Kief with Moroccan hashish, but it's only the raw, fresh organic ingredient.  In hashish, some of the terpenes are lost in processing and storage and some of the THC degrades into cannabinol.  Cannabinol (CBN) is a psychedelic cannabinoids in its own right and different kind of mellow, dreamy high. For some select conditions and individuals, it may well be that CBN might work even better than THC.  


On the other hand, fresh Kief full of terpenes is also a special form of cannabis, and the wealth of terpenes work to enhance and moderate the THC and other cannabinoids.   The terpenes in Kief are very beneficial to humans but other critters and bugs don't enjoy terpenes at all. Mosquitos hate essential oils (same as terpenes). Insects, mold, fungus and bacteria for the most part are repelled and / or killed by terpenes.


Kief is the pinnacle of the marijuana experience.  Don't do too much of it though, like you don't get drunk and hungover on four bottles of very fine wine, you drink the one, and repeat the fine experience again.


When you handle cannabis bud, you will notice that sticky pollen stuff sticks to your fingertips.  That is Kief. The concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in Kief can be about 50% higher than the bud, so if you have bud grading 20% THC, then the Kief may be up to 30%.  


"You might not feel like it makes a significant difference, but the fact of the matter is that it DOES have more of the chemicals we want with less other material in it than the plant. If you smoke a gram of weed or a gram of kief made from that same weed, you're inhaling WAY more cannabinoids from the kief. I have no sources, but I'd guess that it's significantly more than the conservative 2x ." - Kief Dude



Dabbing Medical Cannabis


If you look closely at good cannabis, you will notice many tiny crystals about.  These crystals predominantly comprise Kief. The technical word for these these crystals and the tiny cannabis organs make them is trichomes.  There are actually several kinds of trichomes, but the distinction is not really useful, makes little difference to the average person. A trichome under the microscope (20x) looks like a glass mushroom type thing.  Pure trichomes are nearly pure cannabinoids and terpenes. The rest of the dust that makes up Kief, is lower grade fiber and flower components.

They figured out a long time ago how to extract Kief.  It is a simple mechanical process that uses no solvents and there are no impurities what so ever, and there is little loss of terpenes.



Kief is mechanically separated from the plant material.   Therefore it is a pure, solvent-free concentrate without chemical impurities. Other extracts, such as Rick Simpson oil or Live Resin solvents like acetone, butane or alcohol are used and there can be residuals.  Also, much or all of the terpenes can be lost through heating the extract through volatilization.


"Many grinders have a section that filters the weed so only the smallest parts get through. Usually these are the crystals. It's close to a concentrate of weed, and it's very potent and powerful. It more than makes it worth buying a 20$ grinder" - Reddit Dude


There are various ways of harvesting kief. The easiest is by using a three-part grinder, remove the top, place buds between the grinder-teeth, and close, . After a few turns the kief separated from the other vegetative matter and drops to the bottom section.  Vegetative matter in the top can be used in a joint or what have you, and the Kief will concentrate at the bottom but it takes quite a bit of bud to make a sizable quantity.


In the Rif Mountains in Morocco the traditional dry sieve method involves  hammering and filtering budd through a series of finer and finer sieves. The finer the sieve, the finer the end product. In the end, only the potent trichome caps remain.

These labour-intensive methods require old fashioned work and patients.  There is a little art in adjusting the parameters, as that trichome caps will vary so you don't always use the same screen size.  .




A Trip to the Dark Side of the Moon


Kief forms the basis and can be added to many other cannabis products: upgrading a joint or a pipe, e-liquid and to cooking and edibles and more.



One of the most efficient and healthiest ways to use kief is via a vaporizer. Because the active ingredients of THC and cannabinoids  are heated up to a precise, predefined temperature, nothing is lost through overheating and dangerous combustion toxic carbon by-products are kept to near zero levels.   


Also, using a vape is probably twice as efficient as rolling a joint, where one third to half to the THC is wasted.  Adding high grade Kief is like upping the octane level in your fuel several notches, so your meat vehicle can fly in style.




Hashish has been produced from the Sahara through the Indian sub-continent for millennia. In the ages old preparation technique, cannabis was simply rubbed in the palms over and over to form smokable primitive hash balls know as Charas.  A finer version of Charas can be made by hand using Kief.


Today, we certainly don't want to use our hands, unless we're stuck in nowhere and have a ton of bud about.  Professionals use what is called a pollen press, pollen here is slang for Kief, which again is the concentration of trichomes, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.  As the Kief is pressed under pressure, it heats up and infuses the trichomes into the oily resin. The end product can be smoked in a pipe, added to a joint, or serve for a raw material for other cannabis based products.



Many people still consume cannabis via joint. Just mix it with the buds before rolling the joint. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some kief carefully on the moist outside of a rolled joint - and be sure to catch any that doesn't stick..



This is one of the best ways of smoking kief, especially hashish made from kief. Of course, you can upgrade by sprinkling some Kief on bud and smoke it in a pipe or bong.  Rookies should take care to not use too much Kief and greenout, which is like eating a fine meal and wolfing down so much desert they throw up.


"Once I unknowingly took a giant bong rip that I believed to be topped with some kief so when I cleared it my friend told me "you just smoked an entire bowl kief" and the moment he finished saying that I could not stop coughing for over a minute and felt that I would throw up from all the coughing I was doing .only good thing was that I was rolling night so that hit helped me sleep and I could now actually handle smoking pure kief. But you are right,not knowing what you're smoking is not a good feeling." - Kief Dude



Cooking and baking with cannabis is becoming quite and art form.  Whole shows are dedicated to edibles and the delightful and differing effects of edibles.  Pretty much any edible recipe that uses bud can be substituted with Kief. Kief cannabutter is not all the rage.  Just go to our cannabutter recipe and take it from there. As with all edibles, it is important to gauge the dose and take it slow.  Remember, start with a very small piece and wait an hour, otherwise you could be a couch mummy for many hours.



Moon rocks consist of whole dried bud dipped in hash oil (BHO or Rick Simpson Oil) and sprinkled with kief on top. That's it.  Check out our article on everything you need to know about moon rocks and take it from there.





If you enjoy vaping, kief is an interesting alternative. Making your own e-liquid you need propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, a coffee filter and two saucepans.


"Mix propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine in a ratio of 1:1, plus the kief, in one of the saucepans. Fill the other saucepan with water and put it on the stove. Place the saucepan with the kief on top of it. Now light the stove and wait till the steam starts melting the kief mixture. To inject home-made e-liquids into an e-cigarette, it is best to use a syringe."



You can use kief to improve your coffee or tea. This only works with hot drinks, because the cannabinoids first need to be activated, or decarboxylated, no heat, no buzz, so make sure the brew is hot for at least 15 minutes.   Consider doing experiments, like adding Kief to strong peppermint and other types of teas full of terpenes.  Google different tea herbs and find out for yourself the ingredients and paly around with it.    



420EVALUATIONSONLINE  Better get your California Medical ID son, sister if you want to buy concentrated cannabis like Kief, because the new laws don't allow recreational users to buy the best strains (over 18%) and any of the exotic concentrates.  Medical patients also don't have to pay much of the tax and save, $20,$30, or $40 per ounce. In addition, patients with licensed medical doctor's recommendation can buy, possess and grow much more cannabis legally. So get your medical marijuana card son.




Kief in Edibles - Testimonials  & Reddit - Testimonials


Everybody unfamiliar with straight kief, please take small hits. Not because you will get too high, but because if you don't expect the harshness and accidentally volcano that shit, you will never see it again and you have seriously fucked up.

Be extra careful not to volcano kief


Well, it's really not. Intensity varies for everyone, so some might say "It's outrageously different from just smoking buds". The kief you collect in your catcher would have normally been on the buds you smoke anyway. It's not 100% trichomes, its other small particles of the bud as well. I don't personally go out of my way to collect kief anymore because I get plenty high without the hassle. Some people have gigantic stashes of kief that they hoard for a rainy day. Nothing wrong there either. If I ever have a bit of kief in my catcher that I notice, I'll put it between some green in the bowl. Just one ent's opinion.


No, it's not like saying that, at all.Making a comparison of bho to bud smoking is a world different than the comparison of kief to bud smoking. Kief isn't processed like bho or hash. It's a raw collection of trichomes and small plant particles that slip through the screen(s). Trichomes aren't pure thc either., and kief is not processed (as I stated above) so I'm not sure THC is the only thing that gets you high when you're smoking kief, and Cannabidiol is stored heavily in trichomes, which produces different effects than THC. All the active chemicals that get you high aren't exclusively found in trichomes. Some are found in the bud. THC may be the primary psychoactive, but it isn't the only one. Here are some others.



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