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Dabbing is a potent drug delivery system where vaporized cannabis oil, waxy extracts or other derivatives are inhaled for either recreational use or medicinal benefit.


Traditional consumption of marijuana involves smoking the herb in a hand-rolled cigarette or some kind of pipe.  More recently, edible Cannabis products have become popular.  Now, a whole "new" way to conveniently administer Cannabis was born. But is dabbing a good thing to do?  Are the urban myths about dabbing true or false? How does Dabbing really compare with other routes of administration.


In reality, dabbing is not really a new practice, in fact, it's been around since the 1970s. What's new is its rising popularity, which is probably due to the availability of legal medical marijuana and derivatives.

Dabbing Basics

When you dab, you're consuming a vaporized concentrated extract, oil or waxy resin.  These extracts are usually manufactured using a solvent (like butane) that pulls out the herb's oils, terpenes, cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and other components.  Since pesticides can also be pulled out in the solvent extraction process to, you definitely want to use lab tested MMJ products. 


In dabbing, the concentrated vapor yields a more potent and rapid delivery over most other methods.  In other words, dabbing will get you get medicated  - big time and in a hurry.


How to Dab

Get a blow torch.

Preheat an inert surface, like glass or titanium metal. (called the nail)

Put a dab of oil or wax on the nail surface and inhale the rising vapor.



The vapor can also be drawn through a water pipe, which removes some of the water soluble components. which may or may not be a good thing.


Another variation is to put hash oil or concentrated Cannabis product into a Vap, which essentially does the same thing as the crude, original dab method.


Note: In their "wisdom", some manufacturers use aluminum (melts at 600C) or solder which can vaporize somewhat while you are inhaling.  Aluminum and heavy metal poisoning, therefore are a real issue.  Go with a nail with a high melting point, like titanium, or stainless steel.  Tungsten would be great.  Ceramics without a glaze are nifty components as well.

Dabbing by the Numbers

Regular joints with street weed generally have a concentration of 15-20%, while hash oil clicks in at 60 to 90%.  It's the difference between wine and whiskey metaphorically speaking. Also, when fools start playing with flammable extraction solvents and using blow torches, you know there is going to be trouble.  This conjecture is borne out in fact, as the LA Drug Enforcement Agency reported 49 explosions related to marijuana administration processes gone wrong.

"We saw an emergence of dabs over the last three years, At a minimum, dabs are four times as strong as a joint, and the high is administered all at once." - John Stogner, University Professor

Why Dab?

Some of the advantages are obvious.  It is a quick and easy way to medicate. There is little smoke so there is less fear of lung damage. We say fear, because modest marijuana smoking has been shown to actually be beneficial for some types of cancer and asthma. dabbing does not smell like Pot, and you're less likely to offend a neighbor.  dabbing is perfect, If you have a chronic condition, like AIDS or severe pain, you will want strong medicine now and not in a while. 

What's bad about Dabbing?

If your cannabis oil or wax is extracted sprayed pot and contains residual solvents, like butane, you're going to be medicating and polluting yourself at the same time.  It could easily be a case of one step forward and three steps back.  Butane, for example, is a commonly used solvent and it is very toxic and carcinogenic.  Other crap like pesticides can cause serious damage to the lungs, liver and kidneys.


A Trip to the Dark Side of the Moon


Another issues is overdose.  Too much THC can cause rapid heartbeat, loss of consciousness, tingling skin sensations, paranoia and hallucinations. THC vulnerable individuals need to dab lab tested high or balanced CBD oil and lay off the street weed.  Wax tends to be high in THC so you want to look at the certificate of analysis to be sure what cannabinoid levels you are really dealing with.


Dabbing is a more expensive way to dose marijuana and it could annoy people that don't like to play around with tools and equipment.  Some people worry that Dabbing might be addictive as it reminds them of cocaine.  The good news is that crime and drug abuse statistics do now show a significant problem in this area.  Of course people with addictive personalities, need to watch it.  We venture to say that sugar addiction is probably a thousand times more likely than a serious dabbing addiction. So stay away from sugar.


How Dabs Are Made - Oil, Shatter, Wax

To make a dab, most often the buds are cut into fine pieces and a solvent is used to pull out the active ingredients.  Solvents used include benzene, butane, hexane, methanol, ethanol, petroleum-ether, naphtha, dichloromethane and even petroleum fuels (egad). The solvent is "blown off" or evaporated by a variety of techniques with only the active ingredients, the oil and waxy components remaining.  In some cases, the extracts are filtered to remove things like non-tasty chlorophyll.


You can use carbon dioxide to extract marijuana's active ingredients, and some say that this is the best and least toxic method.  As an analytical chemist, this writer prefers ethanol and vegetable oil extraction techniques over the more complicated and slightly denaturing CO2 process.


"All the solvent components - except ethanol and consumable oils -  should be considered harmful and flammable, and some of them, such as hexane and benzene, may be neurotoxic. Both naphtha and petroleum-ether are considered potential cancer hazards according to their manufacturers. Moreover, products sold as naphtha may contain added impurities which may have serious harmful properties."

"As extraction solvents, ethanol and olive oil were shown to perform the best, extracting the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids present in cannabis plant material very efficiently. Additionally these solvents are safe for consumption." - Dr Arno Hazekamp


Suffice it to say, you realize by now that you definitely don't want residual solvents in your Dab.


Words of Wisdom about Dabbing?

"As in many electrical devices, most of the individual components are held together by solder. This is concerning because when that heating element begins to warm up the solder, that metal can begin off-gassing. The last thing someone who is conscious of their health wants to be concerned about is inhaling anything other than cannabis vapor.” - blog


“Many vaporizers use aluminum heaters, which are perfectly fine, but if any sort of moisture happens to get down into the heating chamber, that metal will begin to oxidize and it can rust. Obviously you don’t want to inhale something that’s rusted.” - blog

"If you’re vaporizing for health reasons, you want to stay below 365 degrees. One of our major goals was to create a vaporizer that would give consumers that thick, tasty vapor without having to crank the temperature above 365 degrees.”- Shen, marijuana expert of sorts


"I’ve been enjoying the Conversion Stone while smoking out of my bong and the purity and taste of the hit is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced." -  won't say


"Can they make their own concentrate? Yes, legally, It's up to local authorities, cities and towns and counties."  - Postlethwait


"You have to have a very high THC tolerance, we're not really recommending it." - Starbuds




"If there's already a predisposition [to mental illness], putting a concentrated toxic substance into the brain can be dangerous." - Feds, authors of Reefer Madness


"It's not for beginners." - Medicine Man's Nelson


“A powerful, concentrated form of marijuana is quickly gaining popularity along the East Coast—but unlike typical marijuana, it may carry the risk of overdose.” - Hysterical Media



Dabbing, especially with a Vap, is an excellent, safe way to medicate lab tested medical marijuana oil extracts, wax and other concentrates.  In fact, Dabbing is a superior dosing technique for those requiring highly potent medication. Those with THC intolerance obviously should not Dabb with common hash oil and seek out lab tested CBD oil. 


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