Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBG – The Next Big Cannabinoid after CBD


It has not been as well studied, but its a very interesting molecule than might well prove to be superior to CBD and THC in some cases.” - Dr. George Anastassov (paraphrase)


While many people have heard of the medicinal cannabis ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), few have heard of CBG. CBG is non-psychoactive - does not get you stoned.  Some believe CBG may work as well or even better than CBD.


Medical Marijuana research has advanced substantially since legalization in many parts of the world.  Now that Marijuana is no longer partnered with Narcotics (in most places) research budgets are on the rise, with grants in Colorado amounting to $10 million for the year.  Look for that figure to rise as Marijuana revenues hit close to $1 billion last year.


"CBG inhibits GABA uptake more effectively than THC or CBD.  Since GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain, this might explain the antianxiety effects of CBG. It’s an intriguing cannabinoid in many ways, and most certainly worthy of greater study." - Dr. Ethan B Russo


In the past, research focused on THC or strains high in THC including an assortment  other cannabinoids generally found in trace amounts.  Now there is a focus on CBD and strains high in that Cannabinoid.  Into the future, researchers are already targeting other Cannabinoids - including CBG for comprehensive clinical study.

Moon Rocks - A Cosmic Trip


While the market has rapidly responded to CBD demand by creating strains with up to 20% of active ingredient, high CBG strains are practically non-existent.  We're predicting that articles like this one will fuel the demand for CBG and the industry will respond - quickly.

Cannabinoids all start off as CBG

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a minor cannabinoid (<1%) most abundant during the early stages of the marijuana growing cycle.  CBG is a precursor to most other cannabinoids.  Plant genetics, control enzyme release that determines what amounts of the various cannabinoids are produced. 


Hemp contains more CBG than high THC Cannabis Varieties.  CBG is extracted during the flowering stage from buds.  Right now, the low concentration of CBG in most strains, makes makes of CBG extracts an expensive proposition. 


Industrial Hemp was "discovered" to contain significant quantities of CBG and the aim of breeders in the future is to UP the quantity.  Actually, CBG's existence was already known for quite some time, but researchers had a myopic vision, seeing industrial hemp as more or less garbage.  Not true.  You don't have to get high to benefit from Cannabinoids.  On some sites they talk about breeding strains that create greater CBG levels, which is kind of bullshit, sorry to say.  All cannabinoids start as CBG and then are bio-synthesized into d'8THC, d9THC, CBD etc.  So breeders need to figure out how to block synthesis process and stop CBG from converting. 


Why Researchers think CBG might be as good or better than CBD


Researchers found that CBG had neuroprotective effects in mice with Huntington's disease. 

Not only that, it slowed down the progression of colon cancer in animal studies.  Other studies show efficacy as a painkiller and anti-depressant.  Study results suggest that CBG marijuana strains might be effective in the treatment of psoriasis, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and skin diseases.

CBG is effective or may be effective in a range of treatment and therapies

  • modest antifungal effects
  • inhibiting keratinocyte proliferation (skin protein) - treatment of psoriasis
  • CBG shows promising results to fight breast cancer, works in conjunction with l-limonene (citrus terpene found in cannabis),
  • CBG and CBD cannabinoids can powerfully inhibit MRSA (bacteria superbug)


-  Dr. Ethan B Russo, British Journal of Pharmacology


Cannabigerol - the mama of all cannabinoids


Chemists and Doctors in California and Oregon are testing Marijuana strains comprehensively and use the results, the cannabinoid profile quantitated, to match make relationships; patient and strain.  Right now the focus is on THC and CBD but the process will become more sophisticated as more exotic strains (abundant in CBC, CBG, etc.) come on to the market.

The strain Mikey Kush exists. tested with high levels of CBG, but with THC levels of 28.6%. CBG marijuana strains are becoming more popular in Europe, and some of these varieties will be on the shelf in America soon. As the research reports and patient testimonials come in, growers will respond to demand by refining the existing CBG strains.

Medical Studies - Clinical Trials - Research Reports on the Medical Properties of CBG


Effect of Non-psychotropic Plant-derived Cannabinoids on Bladder Contractility: Focus on Cannabigerol.


CBG reduced human bladder contractions more than THC and CBD.

Cannabis preparations may be useful to treat bladder dysfunction. The rank order of efficacy was CBG=THCV>CBD>CBDV. BG also reduced contractions in the human bladder (acetylcholine-induced).



Colon carcinogenesis is inhibited by the TRPM8 antagonist cannabigerol, a Cannabis-derived non-psychotropic cannabinoid.


CBG hampers colon cancer progression in vivo and selectively inhibits the growth of CRC cells, CBG should be considered translationally in CRC prevention and cure.


Neuroprotective properties of cannabigerol in Huntington's disease: studies in R6/2 mice and 3-nitropropionate-lesioned mice.


CBG was extremely active as neuro-protectant in mice, improving motor deficits and preserving striatal neurons against 3NP toxicity.  In conclusion, our results open new research avenues for the use of CBG, alone or in combination with other phytocannabinoids or therapies, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as HD.


A cannabigerol derivative suppresses immune responses and protects mice from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis


This study highlights the therapeutic potential of CBG (VCE-003)  as an agent for the treatment of human immune diseases with both inflammatory and autoimmune components.

 A reduction in cell infiltrates, mainly CD4+ T cells, was observed, and Th1 and Th17 responses were inhibited in the spinal cord of VCE-003-treated mice, accompanied by weaker microglial activation, structural preservation of myelin sheets and reduced axonal damage.


AXIM Biotech To Begin Human Clinical Trials on CBG For Psoriasis




“Depending on the results of the trial (to treat psoriasis), we could go two ways, We could go forward with an over-the-counter cosmetic product in about 6-12 months or we could file for a new drug application (NDA)". - Dr. Anastassov




CBG is the stem cell of cannabinoids. it's the primary biosynthetic precursor of THC, CBD and CBC (cannabichromene), Only found in trace amounts in the plant, CBG has not been well studied since its discovery. CBG only binds slightly to the CB1 receptors (which creates a psychoactive response). It also appears to interact with the CB2 receptors of the body and immune system, but more research is needed to clarify and confirm these suggestions.


Does anyone know of any high Cannabigerol CBG strains of marijuana in existence? I would like to try higher quantities of it.


"There are a few listed on seedfinder with ratings. The top 2 shown there are Bleu Berries (White Label) and Eldorado (Sativa Seedbank). They have 1.8% and 1.5% CBG from tests."  -


Strains at SeedFinder with CBG values

  • Mikey Kush
  • Amnesiac
  • Auto CBG
  • CBD René
  • Jamaica/Panama
  • Laughing Tiger
  • Quantum Kush
  • Skunk NL
  • Wonder Kush


420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  If you would like to buy a Medical Marijuana strain high in CBG, you need to have a licensed Medical Physicians Recommendation.  At 420EOL we have a doctor on call to do a 420 evaluation online.  Simply  fill out the 420 form, it takes a few minutes and we'll email you the doctor's findings. We also handle MMJ ID Cards and Cultivation Permits.  Verification services are 24/7, so you prove to any Dispensary, Marijuana cooperative, Club or others that you're an MMJ patient. 



Time course of cannabinoid accumulation and chemotype development during the growth of Cannabis sativa L



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