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We had to share this wonderful video about a regular Joe's experience with CBD.  

VapnFagan says he takes a sleeps like a baby with CBD, and it controls his anxiety too.  He had a splitting headache that did not respond to Tylenol and other medications, but CBD did the trick.  So he's all in, and doubled down.  Click on the image to lbe educated on the basics about CBD.  But remember, everyone's experience is not the same, and there are many different kinds of cananbis based medicines that offer different medicinal and recreational experiences.


Alex Dodogne - Gained a lot of respect for you from this video brother . Thank you for showing people the real side of cannabis, great man , keep up the great work !?

Jay White  Thank you this CHANGED my 55 year old moms life who has severe anxiety. She even stopped taking her Xanax. I have been on Xanax 3 bars (6mg) a day for 15 years and I would love it to stop. Seeing her effects (who doesnt drink or do anything) I am going to try this myself now.?

Justin Franks +Jay White Just be sure to speak with your doctor and get a tapering schedule for the Xanax. Benzodiazepines are one of the few drugs whose withdrawal can kill you.?

Lookingoodat381 CBD oil has changed my life! I suffer from bipolar disorder; therefore, the mania, depression, & anxiety is unbearable. I had a doctor's appointment to see a psychiatrist 2 weeks before I tried CBD oil. I didn't want to go on prescription meds due to the terrible side effects. I've tried every natural supplement known to man over the last 2 years & nothing worked. This is my 2 week on CBD oil & this is first time in 10 years that I was able to go to work without anxiety. I can also go out in public without suffering from social anxiety. It's just keeps me calm & relaxed. I was so happy that I was able to cancel my doctor's appointment. I recommend this to anyone & the price is not really that expensive. I pay $29.99 for CBD platinum & I still have some left after 2 weeks of use. So I can estimate it lasts about 3-4 weeks, which is not that bad as I originally thought.?

wanna3737 do you vape it? I prefer vaping.?

lonepanther I prefer to vape it because it works faster that way.?


420 EvaluationsOnline:  While VapnFagan got much of the science right, he was not clear on a couple of things.  You need a doctor's recommendation to purchase CBD that is derrived from tmarijuana - but not hemp.  Also, you cannot test positive for THC when you take CBD without THC, buit beware that there is a residual amount of THC in many CBD products.  Also, it is possible to botch the drug test and get a false positive.  If this happens, you can request a test using GCMS.  Also, athletes who test positive can be cleared if they were taking a product that does not show THC as an ingredient on the label.  

So functionally, in California, Nevada and most of the other medical marijuana states, you'll need a recommendation from a medical doctor to buy CBD products.  You can have a doctor evaluate your conditions and symptoms, now  online, same day   Patients don't  pay unless they're approved.  420Evaluations Online also supplies Cannabis ID Cards, Grower's Permits as well as renewals.  Our documents are accepted in California and Nevada by state law enforcement, cannabis clinics, cooperatives, clinics, online dealers, dispensaries and delivery services.  




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