CBD Oil Obviously Kills Cancer - Joe Rogan and an MMA star fighter passionately tell their informative and heartfelt stories


CBD Killing Tumor

"We started to give my father CBD oil, and the biopsy and graphic showed that 90% of the cancer was dead and the last 10% was completely surrounded by dead cells, which the remaining cancer was likely to die soon as well."


Joe Rogan discusses with MMA fighter Joe Schilling, how marijuana and cannabis oil killed cancer in their family and friends.    This article is paraphrased.  See the further reading section for sources.

During the Manhoof training camp, my dad died.   My dad and I had like a weird relationship.  We had a falling out, hadn't spoke in like 10 years.   He came to one of my fights and I found out he had cancer.   My reaction was that I really didn't care.  I hated him, like we had some really bad issues.  My buddy, took me into timeline therapy.  He said, think of a time when you were really proud, think of a time when you were really happy.  And everything seemed intense to revolve around my dad.  It was really weird, after going through it, I lost all resentment toward my father.  It was like this chip on my shoulder my whole life fell off.  

For a long time, I used to think about my dad before a fight, you know, to shove it up his ass, to show him I did it my way and won, and fuck him and his loser attitude.  I realized that the anger I was tapping into was holding me back, it was a handicap more than anything.  After the timeline therapy, I went from completely hating him to completely forgiving him.

I was able to visit my dad in the hospital. My dad's prognosis was, the was going to die soon from the cancer.   We ended up starting our relationship all over again, there were no apologies needed, just move on.  I had a good relationship in the end but the guy still was an asshole and pigheaded.  He agreed to Cannabis Oil therapy, with CBD but not THC.  There was cancer in his lung, cancer in his brain, cancer in his chest, a massive tumor was on his neck.  We gave CBD oil to him for something like 7 months.  He decided against chemo, he did not want to do it.  We got him vitamins and supplements and he would not take them.  He would not eat properly, only taking in ice cream and cake and shit like that.  We was on a ton of opiate painkillers that were killing him too.  

With all that crazy shit, the doctors did their tests and graphs, you know the things that they do, and amazingly, 90% of the cancer was gone.  I have no doubt what so ever that it was the CBD oil that killed the cancer because he was doing absolutely nothing else correctly.  The 10% of the cancer that was still alive was surrounded by dead cells and was going to die out too.  

"In the end the fighter's dad died from malnutrition and not cancer, because there wasn't much left.  If you look at the amount of opiates his father consumed, the behavior, the refusal to eat, it's the mirror of a heroin junkies last days, death from complete exhaustion."

Joe Rogan chimes in saying, CBD oil works for my friend's mother who has stage 4 cancer.  My friend is ultra straight and would never ever have anything to do with marijuana.  But he would try CBD because he was in full desperation mode, had heard many good stories, and learned that CBD is not psychoactive.  Mom had undergone chemo, her immune system was so compromised that the prognosis was death from chemo, if she continued.   Joe's friend reported that in two months, the cancer mass was reduced by 30%, her pain went away, and she could sleep.  

Joe says, there are so many stories out there now, miracles, fairy tales that you have to try it.  Then when you think about it, the government is depriving cancer sufferers from a medicine that is very effective with almost no bad side effects. It makes you so fucking angry when we have these assholes working for the government making laws against Cannabis, for no purpose other than to cater to lobby groups and big corporations who manipulate the laws for their benefit and fuck the public.  The enemies of marijuana are actively trying to suppress information, slander and intimidate people.  One of the best ways to heal people, they're keeping it illegal, and act is criminal.  It's the government that is criminal doing a fucking horrible crime.

In another case, the fighter had friend that was terminal with cancer.  So they asked the doctor if he could try marijuana.  The doctor said sure, we can prescribe Marinol, which is a synthetic form of THC.   The fighter asked, why didn't you recommend marijuana in the first place.  Doctor's answer: We're not allowed to.  Both Joe and the fighter agree that the synthetic marinol is not nearly as good as the real thing, it's just another way for the pharmaceutical industry to fuck things up.



The fighter also lost his nephew the same night his father died.  All of this two weeks before a fight, a fight, if won, might pay for his son's entire university education, or pay off the mortgage on the house.  His coach gave Joe a pep talk.  Not the kind of pep talk that a pro coach dreams up to psyche up a multi-million dollar contract athletes.  It is the kind of talk that is real and matter of fact.  If Joe does not get his head together, he could end up with brain damage and a ruined career.  Who's going to take care of him and his family.  It is no fun walking around with concussion syndrome for months or years.  This is a moment shared by those who have to go into a life or death battle, no matter the weather.  Coach told him, what would your family want right now.  What do you want right now?  Do you want to cry about it.   

Joe knocked our his fearsome foe, who was not too badly hurt and lived to fight another day too.

It is life as we know it.  We have to stand up and handle life, but the added man made stress on top, over taxation and over regulation, the intrusion on freedom, the chemicals in food, cosmetics, the crooked bankers and corrupt government.  All of this is not our birthright.  


mma athletes find cannabis works very well with training.


Medical Cancer Institute - Approved Medical Marijuana Treatments in Cancer

Medical Cancer Institute - Approved Medical Marijuana Treatments in Cancer

Right now, at the core of the MMA movement is some real freedom fighters who are standing up for thing like medical marijuana.

How about you?



The many ways CBD inhibits cancer.   

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Dorian Yates on DMT and Cannabis 

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