Thousands upon thousands of people believe that CBD helps them sleep very well to wake up fully energised and refreshed. Here ar


Thousands upon thousands of people believe that CBD helps them sleep very well to wake up fully energised and refreshed. Here are unbiased testimonials from CBD patients in the pay of no one.


"I love CBD for sleep. It's not sedating like a sleeping pill though. It's calming, which can help with falling and staying asleep."


Why not try CBD, if you want a good night's sleep and don't want to be groggy when you wake up?   On top, CBD might be better for you than Vitamin C.  CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient of some strains of cannabis.  CBD is extracted from varieties high in this ingredient.  CBD weed, oil and oral preparations, may or may not contain psychoactive THC.   


The amount of CBD that helps sleep may be as little as a few mg, while some people takes hundreds of mg to good effect.  Some individuals respond well to a mixture of THC and CBD at various ratios and amounts.  1:1 is the most common.  Experienced professionals encourage patients to start off with a small dose (20mg CBD), and increase it every two weeks by another 20 mg  each fortnight until the most favorable results occur.


Since CBD is very safe to use under gram quantities, some practitioners go straight to larger doses.  Then there is the community that has shared their experiences with CBD and sleep.  Read on for a wealth of testimonials on CBD and sleep.

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CBD - The single best thing you can do for your heart?





Depends on why you don't sleep. I have chronic pain and it causes some anxiety. A 16 mg dose of CBD is all I need to sleep better.

This. If you just have trouble sleeping because you can’t shit your brain off, then lower doses will probably work just fine. At least I hope.

500mg -1000mg is required to induce sleep. Anything less will cause alertness.  Doubt many people are going to spend the money to buy 500mg+ of CBD to get one good night of sleep.

It is one of the biggest problems within the CBD industry, accurately prescribing doses. For intermediate to new user's of CBD it has been shown to effective with sleep disorders as low as 100 mg. For frequent users who need CBD for sleep the optimal dosage is around 500mg.


Yep 1000mg is what I use before bed


Morgan Ferdinand
!!!! How do you afford that?

Acacia Blue
I also would like to know this

Too bad that CBD is such are rare compound that is so difficult to synthesize. Wouldn't it be great if you could simply plant it in your backyard instead? /s.  If government would GTFO, CBD would be as cheap & prevalent as zucchini.

You can buy pot/hemp to smoke which has very high CBD/THC ratios, such as these two websites. ---Harletsu strain with 18:1 CBD/THC ratio--- ---PRISM Farms Flourish 21:1 CBD/THC ratio--
So there must be seed strains that can be grown with high CBD, low THC. Not sure how to find/buy these seeds. You can also find wild ditch weed hemp all over Nebraska, and a few other states. The ditch weed is supposed to have high CBD content. Go to one of these states and pick some female plants with seeds. Send the plant's leaves to a testing company to find out the CBD content.

My comment was sarcasm. CBD is a freaking weed. No reason it should be expensive. The best seed that I'm aware of right now would be MMG Candida. Seems to be a very stable 15-20:1 seed.  Problem is that even if it were classified as hemp, they'd throw you in a cage and steal all your property if you tried growing your own in 48 states. Far better to be on prescription narcotics. (that's sarcasm again)

Green Machine 556
I take half a ML which is one dropper before bed and have had the best sleep in a long time

christianne allen
WOW!  According to my partner, it got rid of my restless legs and kicking her all night when used a few hours before bed. As far as sleep quality otherwise, I don't notice much.


Big help for my Sleep Apnea but keep in mind marketers use Medium to publish "news".


I realize this sub isn't a fan of Hemp Bombs brand; but I take their capsules to sleep. 10 mg. Knocks me out.

88 bass
SO is currently Vaping CBD extract 1000mg strength. One 2.3ml vape tube fill up lasts her 4-6 days and loves it.  I love CBD for sleep. It's not sedating like a sleeping pill though. It's calming, which can help with falling and staying asleep.  I prefer a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio for sleep. About 12mg of CBD and 4mg of THC about an hour before bedtime. It's the thickest, most luxurious, delicious sleep too. It can make me a little fuzzy in the morning if I take it too late at night and need to be up early. But if I'm getting my 8 hours in, I feel calm and clear the next day.

A much cheaper alternative would be pure melatonin.

Pushcart ops 
Melatonin gives me nightmares.


Pushcart ops 
That is some assumption. Actually it was with a half of a pill. Some people react differently.
Melatonin is released naturally by the brain, but the more synthetic melatonin that you introduce into your system causes your brain to produce less natural melatonin. So it really isn't a good idea to make it a habitual thing. Furthermore, not all insomnia is caused by a lack of melatonin, so a small dose could easily be way too much for someone who didn't need it.  Bad dreams never killed anyone like lack of sleep can, but people should understand all of the effects that they might experience.

The Lobster Bandit 
I read study awhile back that said a lot of people didn't get much added benefit from more than .2-.7 mg of melatonin.....


troway 0912
i've read much of the same. the normal approach of 'more is better' doesn't seem to work for melatonin. most brands sell a high mg, 5-10mg in stores, while you can order mcg doses online.  I barely started seeing the 5-10 mg dosages popping up within recent years. I was like wow WTF?! I saw maybe 1-3 MAX about 5 years ago.  I recently got some cbd oil but I am not sure how much to take.  For those of you who use CBD oil for sleep, what dose in mg do you take ?

My buddy uses 50mg per evening, but I bet you could find relief at a much lower dosage. I would start smaller, like around 25mg per day and see how that works for you. It's not going to be an overnight cure either, some people need a week or more before they notice results.

I will try 15mg tonight. I thought it was a one night thing. I didn't know it had to build up in your body.

Where could I order some to ship to Texas? Google searches but not sure what to buy or to trust.

We take about .5 mL of our oil which is equivalent of a little over 50mg of most oils.......

That's a massive dose?

Not really. With a 1oz bottle it lasts me about a month because I do .5mL in the morning and .5mL at night before bed. I could probably drop it if I wanted, but it has helped with everything I needed it for and for $100/month I'm happy

I live in canada and the 15 ML, 500 MG bottle cost me 85$. So I wouldn't be able to afford that.

WoW! half an oz for $85....................You need a new oil............ LOL

I definitely agree with you. But there aren't many Canadian suppliers, so the market seems to still be very expensive.


If you're interested I think our oil is available to order there.......... and it's twice as much for about the same price. Just a thought.  I'm trying to get to sleep quicker and saw something in Time about a company selling a sleep specific CBD vape (hmbldt sleep™). I'm totally new to all this!  Is some CBD better for inducing sleep or is it just a marketing tactic?  Thanks

For me personally. CBD, at the dosage i use for anxiety and pain relief, does not make me sleepy. But it does make me calm/relaxed enough where i can fall asleep easily, if that difference makes sense. I hear that at higher doses than what i take that it does make you quite sleepy/drowsy though, but i've not yet tried to dab that much in one go.

Yes, that makes sense and sounds like something that would help. Thanks.

deedee the cat
What dose do you use?  It probably has to do with what they are putting with the CBD, I don't find CBD itself to cause me to by sleepy unless I take a very large dose. For example some companies mix terpenes with their products to give an entourage effect. Different terpenes produce different effects. This would be my best guess is to figure out which terpene is best for sleep aid and try to find a product that has that terpene in it.  Could be other solutions and this product youre talking about might work as they advertise, but I haven't tried it personally so I don't know for sure.

Tsio X 3
I suffer from DSPD and tried CBD to see if it would help manage my sleep. Absolutely zero. Didn't seem to matter how I took it.  The combination that I'm using right now is melatonin and phenibut (kavinace), and it's easily the most effective at helping to manage my sleep that I've tried so far. Both are over the counter and fairly inexpensive comparatively.

Thanks, I hear good things about phenibut but also that it can be quite addictive?

I haven't found it to be the case. But, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

forrest leemusic

The Lobster Bandit
Cbd doesn't really work for sleep for me, but this might be because of years of using regular cannabis to sleep.  I haven't experiment with higher bedtime doses yet.... I'm wondering if a high dose will work.  There are some companies that add melatonin or valerian to their cbd tinctures and slap a sleep label on it.

The Hemp Barn
Honestly it is kind of hit or miss for people in terms of CBD for sleep. Some say it helps a lot, others say they feel energized from CBD, everyone is unique. Although research shows higher doses should be "sedating" and lower doses of CBD can have an energetic effect similar to coffee.  Hi, I've been reading some information about CBD and I'm very intrigued. I was hoping I could use it to help with my anxiety and my trouble going to sleep. By the time I am able to sleep, I always sleep basically fine, but it's the getting to sleep that's the problem. I've always had the greatest anxiety about going to sleep. So does CBD only help with the quality of sleep, or would it help with putting a person to sleep?

cbd origin 7
I actually use CBD every night before I go to sleep. I find that it helps relax my body and helps my mind calm down. I used to suffer from pretty bad insomnia (often not being able to sleep till 3-5 AM) because I couldn't stop thinking and worrying about everything, but CBD has definitely helped provide me relief


can you share your regimen and elaborate a bit more? similar situation to you but now dealing with post concussion syndrome and its intensified greatly.

I noticed that if I take it a hour before bed, I'm knocked out for the night. If I take it during the day, it will just relax me, but I don't feel sleepy. It's also great for going on the airplane. I'm relaxed on the plane and knocked out on the flight for most of the trip.

Music Psych Fitness
It relaxes me but doesn't necessarily make me feel tired. I use valerian root or kava teas for that when necessary.  Thanks for your reply. Maybe you won't be able to answer this, but does it relax you as in make you less anxious? My biggest problem is I overthink stuff way too much and can work myself up into anxiety attacks. If I didn't get tired, would I be less anxious at least?

I have similar issues. It helps me relax book mind and body. It's fantastic for anxiety.

CBD oil (with low THC) has been shown to help with anxiety

Music Psych Fitness
It relaxes my body for sure, but doesn't do much to slow down my mind at night. I'm currently vaping it and think that when I used to smoke actual flower of CBD-only strains it was more effective. YMMV

Hmm good question. I can tell you I definitely sleep much deeper and with vivid dreams thanks to CBD. However I never had any problems drifting off so can't say whether it will help with the speed of getting to sleep. It is relaxing though

CBN is what helps you sleep. At least from my readings.

yes but how to get it?

Smoke weed that's been sitting out for a while. Easiest way

Not sure about this actually. A lot of people in the know are saying it's not that simple...will report back upon research

Hey i'm new here and I actually joined because I was looking for cannabis advice and things pertaining to the efficacy of different strains and forms for sleep. I'm getting a CBN vape cartridge from "Potluck Expo" and CBN hemp capsules from "Hemp for Fitness" in the mail today as they were the only ones with CBN isolate who had third party testing, at least from all my hours of research those are the 2 that I found. I will write my review of it when I use it for a couple days.

Can you give us an update?

Great for relaxation, doesn't make me sleepy, but it does get me physically and mentally ready to rest.

sounds perfect for the office

We use it every night about 30 minutes before bed to sleep through the night instead of being up multiple times like we used to be.

CBD can definitely help to relax your body, and can make it easier to fall asleep. I've read studies that will suggest CBD acts like THC in the way that you experience less REM cycle sleep, which is thought to be when you experience your most vivid dreams. That may be a comforting thought as well. In addition to CBD (or maybe even first), I would also try exercising in the evening. It's a great way to tire out your body naturally, and also has great health benefits. If your body is extremely tired, it might be easier to just plop down and pass out rather than coaxing yourself to sleep. Good luck OP!  
I've been googling for the last hour or so now trying to find out good dosages for insomnia with CBD and didn't know if anyone else uses it for sleep issues and how well they work? And what how do you ingest it whether it be inhaled or what have you.

Old Hippie
I would start with 10 or 15 mg orally and see how that goes.

Relient 1  
So from my understanding the sleep induction is caused by thc, not cbd, cbd actually promotes alertfulness and calms the anxiety brought on by thc. I think you might want to google the differences. Sounds like you need the otherside.


There seems to be so much conflicting opinions on this. When we went to the prescriber, they stated that CBD was what induced sleepiness. I thought it was weird since THC is more involved with the psychoactive effects of cannabis, but since then I've heard quite a few times that CBD helps with sleep. Any advice /u/Old Hippie ?

Old Hippie  
OK, I think I understand this (or maybe not).

CBD does not induce sleepiness, but it's very calming. So it can help people for whom anxiety is a problem. It does not promote "alertfulness"; in fact no aspect of cannabis can do that (it's not a stimulant at all), but certain sativa strains can help you feel "uplifted", though that is all in the mind and not the body.  Both Felicity and I suffer greatly from insomnia, and we essentially use indica strains at relatively high doses to help us sleep. These are purely THC strains, but with a calming effect.  Now there actually is a cannabinoid that induces sleepiness, and it is only one letter off from CBD (so I think that's where the confusion might have come from). That's CBN, which is created naturally as THC degrades, and has nothing to do with CBD.

Thanks for the insight, didn't know about CBN before but it looks very interesting after looking into it! Seems that high THC from indica strains would be the best for promoting sleep since it would be converted to CBN, although it makes me wonder if there's a bit of a time lag before the "sleepy" effect begins to take place after inhaling / ingesting since THC needs to be degraded. Perhaps it might take even longer for edibles to achieve this effect!

Old Hippie  
The degradation occurs over a period of years though. You can artificially speed it up by infusing oil or butter for 12 hours rather than one or two.

What strains have worked the best for your insomnia?

Old Hippie  
Sorry for the delay, ironically I was a bit overmedicated last night so couldn't answer! Personally, I look for almost anything that's indica, because sativas tend to stimulate my thinking and that's what stops me from sleeping. Relaxation and "body highs" are also important for some people. Purple Kush is great, but almost any indica will do, in fact we have a bunch of capsules we make from anonymous indicas (generally stuff we find on sale) and leftovers from years before. These actually work well partly because the THC tends to degrade into CBN, which is sedative in nature.


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