I Got Caught Buying Weed Online


I Got Caught Buying Weed Online


The takeaways from this fiasco.


1 You can buy marijuana over the internet without getting ripped off.

2 If you don't have a medical marijuana card, you can be busted for buying marijuana illegally in California.

3 Over consuming while playing loud music could attract police.

4 The police don't necessarily want to bust you, if you behave.

5 Possessing 1 ounce or less protects you from tough police action.

6 The quality of on-line marijuana is unknown if the supplier is unknown.


So basically guys, I got caught buying weed online ...  me and my friend did it and it was kind of both of our doing, was really insane.  This is one of the craziest like, you know, one of the craziest stories.  

This took place months before the first bindweed story and my friend was the one who actually bought the weed. He’s the one who showed us how to do everything, he gave us the weed suppliers web address.  He knows everything they do, like everything to do with the legal shit on the internet; he basically is an internet genius, he can make so much money off the internet and he knows how to just use the internet to its full potential.  He would get a lot of weed and sell it and made shit loads of money off the internet, which is funny to me.  

Basically what happened was, he had me over and he was getting an ounce through the website he uses, and there is a certain guy on the website that he gets it through and shit like that and he ordered it - simple as that.   You know he did it through different currency, just quickly and that was the end of it.

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His parents let him smoke and in two weeks, they were actually going out to a haunted town that we lived by, and it’s a very haunted.  They were going out to this town to spend like two nights out there.

So the estimated arrival date of this weed that was showing up was actually around the same time his parents were gone, which was perfect , so I told him if he was to buy the weed, I would you know hook him up with like 30 bucks, if he could give me some.  He had a whole ounce, he had plenty to spare and that’s what I did, though, you know the weed came two weeks later... he invited me over...

I came over really late it was 8:00 and he was already smoking.  The whole fucking house was like it was a hot-box and he lives in a townhouse, so it smells like weed and simple as that.  So I go over there and this area actually look like it’s gated off and shit, and he shares the house with another person, not the house, but like we’re literally four feet away from another house, and it’s lie almost kind of like one house with two houses ... inside it’s really hard to explain, but he was in a townhouse complex...

I got there and I gave him the 30 bucks, he hooked me up with way more than I needed, he hooked me up like eighth, which is so nice of him, and yeah we just started smoking immediately, and he actually had plans to sell it.  Believe it or not.

I’m not down to sell, I’m just not into it, he asked me if I wanted to help sell it for him, and I wasn’t down with that   At that time I had a job...

So basically, what happened was is was the neighbours who smelled the weed and I smelled it too.  When I was walking up his driveway, it reeked.  Basically, he had a whole ounce laying in the living room, he was freely smoking a blunt in his living room and I wasn’t surprised .... he’s going to stop the smoke detectors ... I know that’s very unheard of, but I’m sure he probably could.  

beavis and butthead


But the neighbours smelled weed and we didn’t know this for a fact at the time, but we, I’ll tell you why we knew in a minute so when I was walking up the driveway.  Like I said it, was very strong and the smell was super potent, I was like,


“Yo, dude It reeks out there”, he said, “nothing’s going to happen my neighbours love me”.

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Well, he didn’t know that for a fact, because someone called the fucking cops and someone called the cops saying that they smelled cannabis, and that they heard music playing, and that’s true, because I actually, my friend was blasting music when I walked in.  

He was playing, fucking,  I’m try it out by Skrillex, you ever heard that song, it’s like super insane dubstep song like it’s from black ops to that one map in the casino, if you go in that room, that’s the song and we walked in he was blaring it through his fucking sound system.  It was hilarious.  But they called the cops; one officer showed up and I saw the officer through the front window of the living room and I screamed like;


“Bro! Cop, Cop, Bro, Bro Cop”


And I was just screaming and was almost like I was singing a song I was saying it so fast and my friend quickly through his ounce under the recliner like he slid it under the recliner chair. I took my backpack and put it under there too, and it was just really scary.

So the cop comes up to the door and there was no choice, as you know his parents were out of town, we’re both minors, we could’ve gotten in serious trouble. My friend opened the door and the cop was like;


“What’s going on here? You guys having a party?”


Like immediately didn’t even say like how you guys doing today, or what’s your names, he literally said what’s going on guys, are you having a party and we’re like no I’m like there’s no cars here and my friends like we’re not having a party he’s like “really? Because it reeks like weed”. And my friend likes “what? ...Weed? Like what’s weed?” Like he was just, the way my friend was attempting to play off like being like he was playing dumb to the point.... where even I thought like dude you’re fucking idiot.


So the cop straight up and said “don’t play dumb with me, I smell weed can I come in and search the house?”, now my friend straight up just said;


“Look officer, I don’t want you to search my house, but I’ll tell you right now, I do have marijuana”...


And the cop asked “how much?’ and my friend looked at me and I didn’t say like anything at that point, I didn’t know what my friend was going to do right now is completely up to him and my friend basically said, he’s like “over five grams”, and the cop was like “can I see it?” and my friend went over to the recliner chair got out the ounce left my backpack under there, thank fucking God and he comes over with the ounce and my the officer was like; “that’s a little bit more than you think”.  And the officer said that’s a lot more than you think, and my friend set the ounce down by the door, and the officer is like; can I come in the house and my friends say's, like yeah sure. So the officer comes in and this is what he said to us, you know nice cop for the wind.


“ Thank God, I’m willing to call the station and say that there was no noise and no cannabis smell if you guys are willing to never do this again” - the officer said;


And of course we’re going to say yes, but this is a shitty part after we said yes and thanked him, he asked for both of our parents phone numbers and then asked where my friend got it and my friend was not trying to lie to this cop he basically told him everything right there, right then.

He was like I got it from a website, it’s called the Deep Web if you’ve ever heard of it and the officer was like yeah I have and I’m pretty surprised he actually did like he knew about it and shit he gave him all the addresses of the website, he gave him the package it came in with the address on it and I’m not sure if the cops ever ended up doing anything with it, but we got caught we basically got caught up buying this weed online and it was insane.

There’s not much more to the story, they got both of our parent's phone numbers. They called his mom and said something, they never called mine once again thank God I got lucky.

They told his mom that like I don't’ know if it’s illegal, but they basically said like you can’t leave your kid home alone like that for 2 days like he was smoking illegal drugs like you can’t let him do that anymore and they basically just let them off with a warning thing thank fucking God once again.

Obviously, all the weed was confiscated and it was just an insane experience.

I’m out. Peace!

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  • Your friend is fucking retarded?.

  • Tell him to come back with a warrant. Do not self incriminate. You made so many mistakes here.?

  • So you're the reason why the Silk Road was shut down. Sad face?.

  • 1) the pot smell qualifies as probable cause 2) minor home alone - the cop could have entered the house legally even if he answered no.?

  • Of course the cop was "cool" He kept his mouth shut and took that shit home lol probably still buys from them too haha! Everyone has a side hustle.

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