The greatest facts about Weed ever.




*The Founding Fathers - Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and George Washington had large hemp plantations!  Today, Jeff Sessions says these are bad people!


A licensed medical doctor explains why.


*Who wants to run a war room with PMS!!!  Queen Victoria's physicians prescribed cannabis tonics for her menstrual cramps and migraines.

*Hemp was the number one source of fiber in the world for time immortal to 1930 - used for rope, sails, clothing, canvas, bags, tents, jackets.  Cotton was softer and cheaper, but is torn to shreds in a gust, or heavy going, in other words, a weak weapon in tough war.

*When America became independent in 1776, it became the law that every farmer must grow hemp, in the interests of national security, for the army had no garments and rope, while the navy could not set sail.


*Cannabis is quoted in the bible as a treatment for many ailments.  The bible thumpers were doing too much talking instead of reading their good book.  Redic.


*Clothing in Biblical times was made from hemp fiber, while the US made it illegal 2000 years later!   That would make The Shroud of Turin illegal if the fibers turn out to be hemp and not flax fiber!  It's Ungodly!


*Tombs in Western China were unearthed, and found to contain the skeletons of blond Caucasians with an appreciable stash of cannabis.  The cannabinoid profile - which is a measure of the main psychoactive and medicinal ingredients showed that the strain was cultivated and contained a blend of THC d9, THC d8, cannabidiol and cannabinol.  Such a strain with this profile is considered to be highly balanced and medicinal today



*A dirty, filthy pulp and paper - newspaper mogul named William Hurst combined forces with his equally rotten friends "went to Washington" and in effect, created the War on Drugs, entirely constructed to benefit big corporations and rogue elements (black) in the Federal Government.


*Actually, the first War on Drugs focused on alcohol.  When alcohol became legal, they swapped marijuana into its place in the law enforcement sector.  These formerly alcohol inspectors would proceed to wipe the industrial and medical use from the annals of American History.  That is until the Internet arrived and the truth surfaced.


*With a rogue big corporate group, William Hurst acting as the tip of the spear, successfully conspired to make illegal, not only Indian Hemp (the smokable variety, ancestors of today's marijuana).

*Same as calling the cotton in your jeans a dangerous drug.  The Federal Government has called industrial hemp that is used for fiber only - a dangerous drug.  The farce is that industrial hemp is never smoked and has no street value because it isn't psychoactive at all.  


*Liar Liar Pants on Fire. Hurst's Group of Liars included the pulp and paper industry,southern cotton and oil men, working in concert with the soon to be unemployed federal anti-alcohol G-men.


*UN Drug Front.  The US Fed would go on to create UN policy on drugs including marijuana.  Countries that did not go along with the UN policy, were classified as rogue states, with consequences that the CIA would conspire to remove the leadership from said countries.  Very nice, huh*

*It only makes sense, not. When alcohol was prohibited, cannabis was legal.  When alcohol became legal, cannabis was simultaneously declared illegal.

*Say what** During prohibition in the 1920's, the only way a person could buy booze was; if it had cannabis in it, and they had a medical doctor's prescription.  

*The War on Drugs has been shown to be a tool of rogue government operations to generate black budget income and leverage the proceeds 10 times or more through the Wall.  Not only that, the Feds have skimmed $28 trillion out of US budget over the past century. How's that for accounting* This number is now accepted in congress. The gig is up.

*They weren't counting on these facts to come out - on a medical marijuana blog no less, were they*  Wall Street and City of London banks launder much of the World's illegal drug traffic, money, which included marijuana, and by leveraging (lend out 10 or 20x black money deposits)  across the planet, the proceeds they create on the order of several trillion dollars per year.

*The term Marijuana - substituting for cannabis, the real name, was coined by the Federal Government as a propaganda term, borrowed from a Mexican-Spanish term for a smokable non-cannabis herb.

*Yes, Weed was once the most vile and evil of things in America.  Basically the white moron masses were encouraged to become fearsome racists under the early War on Drugs.  The Federal Government used the Reefer madness campaign to insinuate that weed was used rampantly by people of color and hispanics, which was said to cause laziness, deviant behavior, lust for white women, and other satanic activities.  

*Cannabis was in the medical books for the first two hundred years of American history.  The Editors of US Pharmacopeia were reluctant to remove cannabis from the books, many doctors objected, with cannabis prohibition laws and anti-scientific diatribe of the Reefer Madness campaign.  Remember, medicine at that time was more honest and doctors earned a normal salary, not twenty times that of a fine working man. In effect, the pharmaceutical companies bought off the doctors and the entire medical industry with their blood money, plain and simple.  

*The Feds thought you were stupid and they were right.  Despite the blatant, stupid and ridiculous diatribe about cannabis dreamed up by the Federal Government, their program to remove American cannabis from from the historical record worked so very well in its objectives. .  

*Even in the 1960's almost no one, recreational users and scholars alike, were aware that cannabis was an especially powerful medicinal herb, used for centuries round the world, so well did the Feds bury the long, long history of cannabis use in America as a medicine.

Source of Cannabinoids close up

Top 5 Cannabinoids - What are They? What do they Do?

*The US Federal Government has a number of patents that lay claim to the efficacy of cannabis as a highly medicinal substance. Simultaneously, the Federal Government classifies the marijuana as a dangerous drug with no medical value whatsoever.

*The Feds claimed that CBD, a non psychoactive ingredient of some strains of cannabis, is a most dangerous drug - in a category of crack and heroin.  This falsehood literally broke the camel's back, where almost no one at all believes a word that these people say. The Feds lost all credibility due to the fact that CBD has no value as a street drug, it has no reputation whatsoever as a street drug, it's completely non-psychoactive, you can't get high on it period, nor is it toxic, overdose is practically possible, as presented in its natural form.

*The Feds were on drugs when they said CBD is a dangerous drug but its killed no one.  The Fed classified CBD is a most dangerous schedule I drug, the same category as heroin and crack.  However drug death statistics show zero CBD related deaths, while pharmaceutical industry derived opiates deaths are in the tens of thousands per month across the Western World.  Across Canada, fentanyl deaths are about 1,000 per month, extrapolating 10x to the population of the USA, that is about 10,000 deaths per month. That is about 2 times the deaths of the entire Vietnam War (1956 - 1976) - per year.


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