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" After taking cannabis oil, a 65 year old grandmother could move again, for the first time in years."

In this article, patients and researchers testify toward the efficacy of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Patient testimonials include parents, teachers, veterans, the old and young.  Medical Marijuana researchers include orthodox doctors, Ph.D.s from notable universities and their quotes - gathered from peer reviewed medical journals.

  • Did Medical Marijuana work for me?

  • How did they get their Marijuana - legally or otherwise?

  • What kind of Cannabis Based Medicine works best for their arthritis.

  • Was their Medical Marijuana use socially accepted?

  • How does Cannabis work to reduce arthritic pain and inflammation?

  • How did I feel, what were the effects from using Marijuana?

  • Were there any bad side effects, did I feel weird or mentally unbalanced?

  • What did my family think about using wacky tobacy?





There are literally thousands of patient testimonials that attest to the efficacy of medical marijuana in the treatment of arthritic pain, pain of all kinds, anxiety, seizures, cramps, AIDS, Cancer and more.  

"It is very very true i suffer from arthritis pain very very badly and it sucks until i get some marijuana in me i refuse to take pills because all that pills do is screw you system all up pills are poison."

Another thing that prospective Marijuana users need to know is that - MARIJUANA WAS PRESCRIBED LEGALLY FOR ARTHRITIC PAIN FROM 1760 TO 1935 in the US of A. In addition, Medical Marijuana has been used for centuries to treat many maladies.  Marijuana and Hemp were made illegal in the 1930's by the federal government and was further demonized by the UN's charter - the global war on drugs.


It is interesting that neither the police, nor the American Pharmacists Association or the American Medical Association ever campaigned against pot.  Only a select few mercenaries and fanatics were hired to exclaim falsely against the traditional wonder medicine that medical marijuana surely is.  To learn more about this sad, silly saga, just google the history of marijuana and read what was said by the G-men and their phony experts on record.



Marijuana works for Broken leg - Arthritis pain

Yes it does I broke my leg and ankle a few years ago and they said that I will most like have arthritis accelerated in my leg. Advil and Tylenol don't work. I smoke some magical herb and I can function normally"  - David Michael Ramirez

Thumbs up, young man with joint pain

Yes it DOES, I'm only 18 but working construction/labor the entire time really does a number on your joints. A good joint at the end of the day fixes ya right up. - Wyatt J. Bottorff


MMJ for Spine Pain?

Hypertension - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide - 2000- 2017


Works wonders for my arthritic spine.- Mark Blanton Marijuana

Best Strains for Arthritis?

I tried street weed and several kinds of medical marijuana.  The strains with balanced CBD and THC worked best for me for pain in my wrists.  I never got really stoned but I felt like laughing all the time. - Won't tell.

Osteoarthritis pain and surgery - legalize marijuana now

I have chondromalacia patellae in both knees osteoarthritis in both. Surgery 3 times for tendon reconstruction in my left knee. And they tell me I'm too young for knee replacements well then f****** legalize. Indica. - Dan Mikitko

Why take a toxic pill instead of Pot?

Tsardakas We don't have any pills in the house. Poison!! The less meds you ingest the better off you are. I can't BELIEVE the number of people who will take a pill with lord only knows what's in it....than eat or smoke a damn plant that came out of the ground! Insanity!!  - Tony Cass


Arthritis Patients at MMJ Clinic


Simple, it works  It does help!! - Brenda Bland


The real reason why Marijuana was public enemy number one

If it were legalized, the big drug manufacturers would lose big bucks. - Barbara Smith

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis & Cannabis Miracle

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 16 and have been using marijuana as a medicine since, I'm now 22. My doctor is aware and supports my decision. No negative health side effects in 7 years, minimal aches and pain since. I have no health insurance and tho not cheap I believe marijuana saved my life. I can't imagine taking pharmaceuticals everyday. Without marijuana as a medicine my quality of life would be severely depressing. - Asa Green

Weed and Bulging Discs

Cures my back Pain due to 4 herniated bulging discs...... love this Herb for Life - Jeremy Stanley

Sick of Recreational Weed rip-offs, pleas for Medical Grade Pot

I just wanna go to a pot shop and buy some good weed in,FL.I'm tired of getting ripped off in da hood. - John Dagenbach

Legal Marijuana is Better

There is also legal medication out there rather than exposing people around you with your marihuana smoke - Valerie Correia

NY Pot Problem

I have arthritis in my back. plus depression..anxiety ..anorexia of 18 years it helps



- Alecia Marie Geer

Osteoarthritis Pain Semi- normalized

I am a patient with Osteoarthritis (and other health issues) and Marj. helps a lot with the arthritis. I am more likely to get up and move around and get things done while I feel semi-normal..- P.j. Chaffin

Laws against Medical Weed are Stupid

I can go buy a gun but this plant is illegal , just stupid. allow people to grow a garden if they want. let's take the criminal aspect out all the way. its a plant. people just need to get over the hate. blessings, - Joan K Fleming

Weed and Knee Pain

Hmm... is that about that rarely heard of herbal balm that would cure wounds when applied on the skin? Or is it only about smoking herbs? Because... When my knees start to hurt, maybe if i get stoned i'll forget, but yet, it'll still hurt if i climb stairs :P (as usual... no changes) - Matthieu Simard

Husband and Wife share Marijuana and Arthritis.

Me and my husband smoke it and it helps his foot that everyone in it shattered he now has arthritis up his leg down he says it helps him take away the pain. - Teresa Kincer

AIDS Patients says MMJ is AWESOME

AWESOME...The narcotics "Schedule C" don't work and I still have to take NSAIDs on top of Vicodin. Osteoarthritis in both hands, both hands have had the same extensor mechanism realignment surgery and one is great while the other feels like it did before surgery. All for Medical Marijuana...Ask me - It works! - Paula Meadows

Knows it help ME.

I know it helps.. It won't take away all my pain but it definitely makes it bearable. With arthritis in my hands and throughout my spine and fibro, it does make a big difference. And it's all I will do!! Was so over medicated by Dr that I had no appetite at all and dropped over 40 lbs. And not overweight to begin with. I refuse to take prescription meds which have such awful side effects and kills your brain and eats up your insides. Like alcohol!!!! - Carol Webb

Started using Medical Cannabis at age 46

I was just recently at age 48, diagnosed with arthritis in the neck and back, it's slowly spreading to elbows and wrists, Sour D, choice one, purple haze ! Mary Ann R Strohl

Sick and Tired - She can't get Cannabis Legally for her arthritis

It's about damn time.Have suffered with arthritis most my life; tired of feeling like an outlaw, & deprived of the medicine I need, & not just for arthritis. - Karen Berry

Metal plate in head - Marijuana is Number One!

Yeah, i wish i could live somewhere i could get bud prescribed because i have a metal plate in my head and with allot of temperature changes i have illogical thinking and allot of headaches, mj gets rid of it. thank god for the number one cure for everything. when will the united states stop being so ignorant and make marijuana legalized all ready. - Gerardo Coronado

Homemade Cannabis Cream for Arthritis

I make cream for Arthritis from cannabis - Oscar Rivera

Surgery Fuck up - hate Doctor's Pain Killers, want Marijuana, it works

I had a surgeon screw up my knee really bad. Cooked all of the cartilage, so my knee is bone on bone. Been on the horrible pain pill train. Vicodin, oxy, morphine. Only thing that works is herb. Sucks that i live in TX. Considering relocation to a state that allows medical - Corey Ayres

Bible Thumpers need to pay Attention

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide - 2000- 2017


Yea and these people will refuse to believe that because they look at as a drug .... that's why it will never go legal where i live because of the bible humpers - Brent Curry


California Nuns and THC Free Marijuana

55 year old uses Exercise and MMJ to treat Arthritis Issues

Hell yes...I am 55 w/degenerative disk disease, bone spurs and arthritis. I have been a on n off toker since age 19. I cycle an 18 speed bike everyday weather permitting, lift weights and it helps with sleep, pain and stiffness  - Donna Marie Camiso

Pills are stupid, MMJ is the Choice

Unreal they don't get it coz they want the pills crap that has bad side effects and lose all the money they make on pilssssssssssssssssssssss man this poissesme offffffffffffffffff can ya tell lol f - Margie Syput

Happy Grandma can move again with Medical Marijuana

Just look at that happy face !!!!!!!!! It tells you more then 1000 words. That 65 years old Thai grandmother had Arthritis pain for many years hips knee leg foot she was not able to go out of her house. After taking nineoil with cannabis oil , that is when she started to move again.- Facebook user

Pills Kill me, Pot works

"It is very very true i suffer from arthritis pain very very badly and it sucks until i get some marijuana in me i refuse to take pills because all that pills do is screw you system all up pills are poison." - Jeff Lonewolf Robb

Weed Good for Arthritis

You need to be smoking Bonnie Beltran - Enks Laws

Why would you hate pot?

Pot could help ease pain and suffering?!?! Is that why the right wing zealots hate it so much? - Paul Pothier


DEA hypocrites hold Medical Weed  Patents saying it works!

Yet the dumbass DEA refuses to take it off Schedule 1 list. But the GOV'T has owned the patent for close to 50 year. - Rasheed McPherson

Not all Doctors comfortable with Medical Marijuana, yet

But even Medical Professional won't admit the truth or support legal OMMP laws or people abiding by them. Kaiser, Providence, OHSU, and most doctors who diagnose and treat these diseases do it with narcotics and refuse anything to do to assist with Medical Marijuana even in legal states.- Sheila Pori-Hudson

Miracle - After pregnancy arthritic pain treated with Vap and Cannabis

"Its amazing for pain. After my ectopic pregnancy last year, i couldn't walk some days without medical mj. I would vape hash and it instantly took my pain away. Much healthier and less addictive than opiates." - Valerie Nicole Actually Lyn,

Senator Used Cannabis for Pain while in Office

"Now don’t tell anybody I broke the law," he told the group. "They’ll bust down my door and, you know, and take whatever’s inside and use it for evidence against me. The bottom line is that… there’s definitely cannabis in there, and it makes sure that I can sleep now." -  GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Move over Rover, The Big Old Cannabis Dog is Moving in.



Whoopi Goldberg Pain Free


Marijuana Love

Don't you guys get it? Marijuana heals! Love the Herb  - Sonny L. Voisey

Cannabis the Evil Crusade against the Wonder Drug

"Funny how they been telling us for years how pot had all these side effects and how it was such a terrible drug..............

And now they want to force feed us pills by the assload that cause more problems than 2 million joints could do..I have smoked pot since i was 12 years old and my 1st joint was with my father,who is also one of my best friends and would never do anything that would be a detriment to myself.He knew then what people are learning now, Almost everyone smokes pot to one extent or another,whether they try it and don't like it or become lifelong fans of the wonder drug.

Some old people will never change their ways so it is left up to the young generations to educate the masses on the wonders and glory that is eases pain,doesn't prevent it and it also makes it easier to focus on the task at hand and not to mention its a great social drug....everyone has a few friends that they have nothing in common with other than a doobie..and there's nothing wrong with that because a friend with weed is a friend indeed and we just need to lay the right seed in the heads of the next generations  - Benjamin Michael Marvin

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420EVALUATIONSONLINE Services:  In California, medical doctors familiar with the benefits of cannabis often recommend medical marijuana to their patients to treat all forms of arthritis.  420EVALUATIONSONLINE provides patients online access to licensed medical physicians that evaluate patients symptoms and conditions quickly.  

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Skin creams containing 5% each of CBD and THC



Now you can legally possess, use and purchase medical marijuana from any licensed dispensary, cooperative or delivery service in California.




Medical Doctor and Grow Operation


10 marijuana strains for arthritis pain management

Harlequin, Cannatonic, ACDC, Acapulco Gold, Double Dream, White Berry, Burmese Kush, Death Bubba, Canna-Tsu, Girl Scout Cookies

1 in 3 Americans Would Use Medical Marijuana. Are You One Of Them?

It’s not just people desperate for pain relief who are embracing marijuana, however—the stigma is lifting in the medical community as well, in part because marijuana could help ease the country's massive opioid problem. "Medical marijuana is not the most addictive of medicines nor the most dangerous, and it's safer than many drugs in use. Plus, there are times when it can provide relief when little else does," says David Katz, MD, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center.

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians prescribed medical marijuana use it to manage arthritis. Yet its potential as a treatment is still debated.

“There is currently no good study of the use of medical marijuana for the use of rheumatic diseases, which means that we have no studies that will speak to the good or the negative, the efficacy or side effects either in the short or the long term.” - Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles.

Bob Dylan would surely say, you don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows.

Marijuana Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers

Anecdotal evidence for relief of arthritic pain using marijuana.

Strong anecdotal evidence exists showing that medical marijuana can certainly help to treat the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Patients who have opted to use medical marijuana report increased mobility, less pain and less reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

Juicing raw cannabis helped a young woman named Kristen who was diagnosed at the age of 16 with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Her condition developed into an autoimmune disorder that left her bedridden for four years. She claims that after only one month, her pain stopped and her recovery began.

House Republican says he used medical marijuana while in office

"I tried it two weeks ago, and it's the first time in a year and a half that I had a decent night's sleep because the arthritis pain was gone." - Rohrabacher

Expression of cannabinoid receptor 2 and its inhibitory effects on synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritis.

CONCLUSION: These difficult to read research papers conclude that the clinical evidence demonstrates; cannabinoids affect receptors that reduce pain and inflammation.


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