Justin Trudeau Finally Does Something Right for Canada

Canada Approves Legal Cannabis - United Nations Makes Threats

The UN issued a warning to Canada about legalizing marijuana that was met with a tidal wave of F-Bombs on Reddit,

Legislation that will probably legalize cannabis for use by all adults in Canada has been approved by the Canada's House of Commons in a 200 to 82 vote.

The next step before the recreational use of cannabis or Bill C-45 requires that the Canadian Senate approve this legislation and then the Prime Minister signs off and it goes into the books as the law of the land.  Given that in the Canadian system, the senate is virtually a rubber stamp, and the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned on a pro-marijuana platform, the odds of approval hover  near 100%.


"The UN issued a warning to Canada and the US about legalizing marijuana, which was met with a tidal wave of F-Bombs in reddit, 99% of which disrespected the UN as much as the English Allows.  Even Canadians that had nothing to do with marijuana wanted to punch the UN in the mouth, NHL hockey style, or throw an elbow to the head.  Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee."


Either out of political correctness, or extreme ignorance,  Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, a supporter of Bill C-45, calls the measure’s approval in the House an “important milestone” in the nation’s plans to reduce organized crime and keep cannabis away from children.  The danger in these kind of statements is that it misleads people into thinking that cannabis abuse is a serious issue.  Drug counselors, police, emergency room nurses and doctors will all attest, that marijuana is pretty much.


CA and Nevada State Patient Identification Cards for Tourists - Avoid getting kicked out of Cali.


So it is expected that the Senate will pass the bill and Prime MInister Trudeau will sign, making the possession and personal cultivation of cannabis legal for those 18 and older. The measure would establish a system of licensed brick-and-mortar cannabis retail outlets operating under provincial jurisdiction, while allowing cannabis to be sold online as well.

According to a report released earlier this year by the C.D. Howe Institute, taxes on recreational marijuana is expects to bring in $Canuck 675 million annually.


"Do It CANADA, US DOESN'T HAVE THE BALLS  F*u*k the UN. Nuke it." - Average Canadian Response to UN Threats



420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Canadians that reside in California can apply for a medical marijuana card, get a medical doctor's recommendation or even a cultivation permit for plants.  If a Canadian is caught with marijuana in an airport or on federal lands, like a park, they may easily be deported, despite recreational use being entirely legal for Californians.  Californians with medical marijuana ID are exempt from paying state tax, which could amount to $80 per ounce in some counties.  The application process is 100% online and takes only a few minutes to complete.  Clients don't pay until they are approved.


"I dare the UN to try and stop us. they can't even stop a genocide. they're really kind of a bad joke." - Joe Canada






American drug war wrote the treaty. Pick up the dog shit in your own back yard before you start harping on the laws that make people pick up dog shit. The UN was/is a tool for American hegemony.

The UN profits from the World drug trade & war on said trade, why would they want to cut their profits?

"US & Canada" only because they needed a western country to mention that isn't the UN's primary benefactor. If people in the US want to legalize cannabis, I dare the UN to try and stop us.

I dare the UN to try and stop us. they can't even stop a genocide. they're really kind of a bad joke.

Hell, we'll not only legalize it, but we'll make it mandatory for the rest of the UN nations to smoke everyday if we want to. America LOVES to go spreadin' our freedom around so the UN should be treading lightly about "warning" the US. Particularly with Trump in office.

The UN agency handling it must be feeling like their lifespan is limited and are trying to justify their existence by now focusing on the country that originally introduced these shitty laws in the first place. It was the US that pushed these laws in the UN with devastating consequences in many countries. No wonder people get pissed of with team fucken America.




Treaties hold no legal obligations.

Everyone in this thread should probably be made aware of the fact the the US and its allies used their authority and control over the UN to pass and enact those? UN laws restricting trade of so called illicit substances. The fact that the UN made a statement about legalizing cannabis is only to point out the irony that the country that used its moral authority to ban a bunch of substances is now on the edge of legalizing recreational cannabis use nationwide. By the way, Israel just decriminalized cannabis use as well.


The real shitty thing here is, this is entirely because the oil industry couldn't compete with the cheap and very effective hemp products that were commonplace 60 years ago. Their only option was to create the war on drugs to justify this massive shift in what products we use and they then enlisted the US government to push that agenda worldwide through the UN. Now we are finally reversing course on this sick, inhumane, unconstitutional and generally terrible idea that was the war on drugs, which has actually been a war on the poor.

"...this is entirely because the oil industry couldn't compete with the cheap and very effective hemp products that were commonplace 60 years ago"


You got a list or something, because 60 years ago hemp was illegal... the Tax Stamp Act... just a bit further back  But the haters go way back, it's definitely about control

I believe it was still legal to farm hemp, aka cannabis, from 1930's-1960's since a bunch of bags, uniforms and accessory products were made from hemp, there was additional taxes levied on it to make it less competitive.

Pg 3 notes that "One exception was the Rens Hemp Company of Wisconsin which was permitted by the US DEA to produce hemp fiber until 1958" So, I guess someone got a monopoly on the hemp production, for twenty years?


"The Board also remains concerned that many of the legal and regulatory frameworks of the states that permit the use of cannabis for medical purposes do not fully comply [with the treaties]...

All Governments that have established programmes for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, or that are considering such initiatives, are reminded of their reporting and licensing obligations under the international drug control treaties. Such programmes must ensure that the prescription of cannabis for medical purposes is performed with competent medical knowledge and supervision and that such prescription is based on sound medical practice."

So, since no research or study has proven that cannabis causes any significant harm to users or society, and the prohibition can be shown to cause significant health risks, particularly to many with certain mental health conditions, it is a sound medical practice to allow adult human beings to decide if they want to use it or not, and provide similar safeguards to public health and safety that would be appropriate for any medicinal herb.

Stop demonizing weed you delusional twits.

Unjust laws should never be followed nor enforced.

"It is a citizen's duty to actively defy laws they believe to be arbitrary." - Mahatma Gandhi

Well considering international law is only enforceable by compliance, I think they'll be good.

No one is going to come and arrest Canada if they decide to go their own way.

True but the real risk is these "laws" are like pork barrel stuff, hidden in trade agreements.
This complicates the issue.

Both the Netherlands and the USA violate international treaties at the moment by not enforcing marijuana prohibition in (parts of) their countries. Let's hope these treaties are soon gone.

Whoever introduced those "international laws" should be hanged.


Fuck the UN. Nuke it.

The UN does a lot of good on the geopolitical scale. You're completely undermining all that because you like smoking weed. I sure hope you grow up a little before you're old enough to vote.

army guy; fuck the un. tied hands of peacekeepers and refused to acknowledge genocides were happening. guys i knew ended up killing themselves over hearing people being raped and murdered in front of them but weren't authorized to do anything.

Yes, and same goes for the US and it's military. The veteran suicide rate is astounding.

i'm always so saddened by it. 22 a day. that's fucking nuts man. i mean i bitch about veterans affairs in canada, but thank christ it's not as fucked up as the US system. buddy of mine in texas lives three blocks from a hospital, but has to drive 20 miles to get treatment.

Besides of getting drunk they apparently also rape children..

I'm sure the UN does a lot of good in Haiti relieving the sexual frustrations of the horny blue helmets. The UN is Satan incarnate. Stop being a Goddamned tool.


Maxime Dub Dub Justin Trudeau talking to his Parliament " Québec is too big and empty ! We need to find a solution ! " Canadian deputies were arguing when Dalton said " make french people there ! " Justin Trudeau answered " Yes, but they don't like our snow, and we ar...


Kirk Firestone Legal cannabis is great. But they should also research and change federal DOT laws to permit some level of THC-1 metabolites in the urine, rather than the tiny, miniscule amount that is now permitted.

Jos Geukens May I add that a lot of marijuana for the Dutch market is grown in Belgium by criminal organisations? I am certainly not happy with the legalisation of drugs. On prescription of a doctor is another case, that's fine by me. Greetings, Jos Geukens

Sheena B Dhar Abhinav Dhar, a country with legalised pot, well developed financial markets and a good immigration system. I truly have an alternative now.

Nik Kravchenko Yeah, sure, weed is known remedy for causing extra .3 of economic growth and .3 inflation reduction,.

Marcus Douglas Justin Trudeau, the softest leader of any country. Not a masculine bone in his body.

Elizabeth Hakobjanyan David M. Dlab trying to make Canada fun place to live?:))))))

Celso Paes de Barros The person who wrote the headline is probably smoking some...

Adriana S. De Lozada Need to state base GDP so growth rates are not misleading. GDP per person works also. Total population is not as useful for a "first-glance" table.

Riccardo Brogelli They've been saying that since the Fake won the last election.

Diego Lima Legalise it, then tax it! Period.




Canada to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018, official says

Trudeau has long promised to legalize recreational pot use and sales. Canada would be the largest developed country to end a nationwide prohibition of recreational marijuana. In the U.S., voters in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada voted last year to approve the use of recreational marijuana, joining Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Uruguay in South America is the only nation to legalize recreational pot.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould declined to confirm the dates provided by the official, but said in a statement the government is committed to introducing legislation this spring that would “legalize, strictly regulate, and restrict access to cannabis.”


“This will be done in a careful way to keep it out of the hands of children and youth, and to stop criminals from profiting, In order to meet our commitment to legalize, the legislation will need to pass through the parliamentary process in a timely fashion.”   



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