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California State Lawmen to 'Crucify' California Nun's Marijuana Services?


"Our mission is to put prayers for healing intention into every jar and every bottle of natural medicine we make, and to help spread the good word about cannabis."


In the Name of Jesus : John 2:1-11


Jesus’ mother said, “They have no more wine.”
Jesus replied.“Woman, why do you involve me? My hour has not yet come.”
His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”
Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water.”
Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”
They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine.


"Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the poor wine after the guests are drunk, but you have saved the best till now.”


California Law Man Crucify the Sisters of the Valley's Marijuana Services


So, without doubt then, according to scripture in the bible, the son of god made wine for the people.  Overruling God, US lawmakers rebuffed Jesus ways and declared winemaking a sin from 1920 to 1933.  Enter three Californian sisters declare Marijuana is Recommended by God to treat the poor and ill. 


"Now. how do we get the Mayor of Merced and Hub Walsh, and some of the other lawmaking hicks to read this? To believe it? To know it? Every time I say the origins of the laws were racist, they put their heads up like peacocks and say 'What? Huh? No way!'.  - Flying Nuns on Facebook


While Sisters Abbey, Kate and Darcy had a thriving Medical Marijuana Business, until California lawmakers ruled their congregation's practices (MMJ business) illegal. The Nuns believe that Cannabis is god's gift, an herb that put on this earth for his children. They make their Cannabis medicines according to ancient traditions by timing production with moon cycles, and blessing each item with a prayer of healing intentions and love.   Even though the state of California banned the drug last year, the nuns have continued to produce their remedies.


"We’re not accepting their ban. It’s against the will of the people, and that makes it unnatural and immoral." - Sister Kate


These Catholic Nuns, known as Sisters of the Valley grow large quantities of Cannabis.  Thought their medical cannabis strains are not strongly psychoactive (don't contain much THC) they are still declared illegal by the State.  The nuns weed is high in CBD, a MMJ component that is non-psychoactive but highly medicinal. The nun's operation is very sophisticated, organic and tuned as they say, to mother earth.  An on-site visit revealed that preparation techniques, knowledge and skills are world class.  Would you expect anything else from God's disciples?




Sister Darcy said: “Our medicine is medicine and its non-psychoactive. We are dealing with what’s actually considered hemp, but really we advocate for whole plant legislation."


The sister's believe that their Cannabis Medicines cure aches, pains, anxiety, cramps.  In Jesus's image, they infuse High CBD extracts into wine.  They declare that one glass of medicinal wine after a hard day's work brings them heaven on Earth.

“We’re trying to do something that’s more activist-based, that’s more planet-based, Mother Earth-friendly.”

An eyebrow raising issue is the Nuns admit they are their own best customers, and smoke fairly large quantities of cannabis.


Medical Marijuana and Fractures


The sisters MMJ product line includes: oils,  and moisturisers made from the drug, which they say can cure ailments like back pain and migraines.

The Sister's of the Valley's Product Line Includes:


CBD Infused Oil

CBD-infused oil is made with organic Cannabis plant material and coconut oil - just place a drop, like any tincture, under the tongue.


CBD Tincture

The Sisters’ CBD tincture is with food-grade alcohol, blessed and turned morning and night according to the moon's cycle. CBD-infused oil and the CBD tinctures contain 500 mg of CBD.


CBD Salve

The most popular of the Sisters’ products is the topical CBD salve. The public has been very experimental with this multi-purpose topical and found an amazing number of ways it alleviates suffering and promotes health.


Sage Stick

For thousands of years to present, sacred white sage is burned to chase away dark energies, cleanse the air, to bless. The Sisters make their sage sticks on the farm by hand, in the twilight hours


Clary Sage Spray

The aroma-therapeutic effects of the clary sage are calming, stress banishing, balancing.


Palo Santo Holy Wood

Palo Santo is a mystical, sweet smelling citrus tree used to clear the energies and calm the home or work-environment.


The Flying Nuns on Facebook


** These products are not psychoactive, they will not get a person ‘high’, and they will not cause a person to fail a drug test.."


"18 million views. 18 MILLION VIEWS! WTH? We sold more today than we normally sell in ten days. Holy Holy! That's all I have to say. Holy, Holy!"  


"We have our own Holy Trinity, that is honoring Mother Earth and honoring people in two ways, through making medicines and healing them. The third thing is progressive activism where we are dedicating portions every week to the good fight for the poor people that surround us."


"We found out that it cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash, toothaches. We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine, it’s a prayerful environment, it’s a prayerful time.”

How the Three Nuns got Started


In their own words, the sisters are not officially affiliated with any traditional earthly religion.  Then again, what man made entity certified Jesus?  


It could be an elaborate marketing scam set up by a couple of fake nuns, but the by now famous Nuns have few detractors.  The English Newspaper, the Guardian opined that “the women seem sincere in their belief in the healing properties of CBD and their desire to heal the poor (health) in the tradition of a Mother Theresa.


Sister Kate, 55, said she took to started growing marijuana after a bad divorce. She used Weed to help treat her nephew for heroin addiction.  Based on that positive experience, she became to believe deeply  in the heavenly healing properties of God's herb.  Sister Kate describes her practice as more than a sisterhood and feminist movement.  Their product treats everyone.  Theirs is a place for women to work in harmony and do something beneficial for the community.


The practice of donning Nun outfits came, kind or as an accident.  Upon hearing that US congress had classified Pizza as a vegetable, Kate jokingly replied, by the same logic, well then I'm a nun. So she put on a Nun outfit and started protesting various causes which was to include Marijuana.  She found that the garb garnered the kind of attention she liked.  A standing up on moral issues got more respect as a Nun. 


Soon after, she met young Darcy (24) who joined the order after a mere 30 minute chat.

The Sisters Abbey is a regular  three-bedroom house next to the railroad the town-countryside near Merced, in a (Sister Kate calls the frequent noise from passing trains “part of our penance”  When visitors come knocking, Sister Kate asks them to wait outside until she bless them with sage smoke from burning wood from a Russian tree donated by a shaman.


The congregation's mission was to heal pain and Marijuana, the non-psychoactive kind, was chosen as a main sacrilege.  They try to emulate Catholic Nun's standards of excellence as seen in the olden days. "


“They stood for something. I’m trying to bring that back.”


420 EVALUATIONS ONLINE:  If you would like to try the Sister's Godly herb products, after you pray, you must also get permission from the State of California.  Thankfully Medical Marijuana patients, new and old, can get licensed Medical Doctor's Recommendations online.  This process is quicker and cheaper than a clinic visit.  Just click here to get started 




We also provide customers with Recommendation Renewals, Verification 24/7, Cannabis Grower's Permits and Marijuana ID Cards.  Everything is done 100% online and patients only pay when they are officially approved.




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