CBD - The single best thing you can do for your heart?


CBD - The single best thing you can do for your heart?

"According to the mounting research evidence, CBD might be the single best thing you can do for your heart. "


CBD & Heart Disease  -  Q & A


Is the cardiovascular system a therapeutic target for CBD by medical researchers?  

  • Yes


Is there clinical evidence that CBD is beneficial in an assortment of cardiovascular conditions.

  • Yes


Is CBD legal in the US?

  • Yes, but only if it is extracted from Hemp and not Marijuana


The FDA of the United States considers hemp oil (and its derivative CBD) to be a dietary supplement (not a medication), since they are made from industrial hemp plants. If you live in the US, this means you don't need a prescription and can legally purchase and consume Cannabidiol in any state.


"Accumulating evidence now also suggests that CBD is extremely beneficial in the cardiovascular system. CBD has direct actions on isolated arteries, causing both acute and time-dependent reduction of vessel walls."


How does CBD work in heart disease?

  • It reduces inflammation, reduces anxiety, aids steep, lowers blood sugar, aids detoxification, among other functions.


What is a typical therapeutic dose?

  • Oral anywhere between 20 to 300 mg, one to three times daily.


Are there any side effects?

  • Yes, dizziness is the most common effect. While its a powerful anti-depressant, depression is reported in some cases.  
Nuna and Marijuana CBD Products

California State Lawmen to 'Crucify' California Nun's Marijuana Services?


Can you overdose on CBD.

  • Yes, but death from CBD overdose is approximately zero.  


Is CBD safe?

  • CBD is exceptionally safe.  Though it is definitely not recommended, 3000 mg have been administered in clinical settings without adverse reaction.
  • CBD is declared to be or appear exceptionally safe in literally every medical study or research group.  CBD health care professional's consensus opinion is - CBD has no potential for addiction.  THC can be weakly addictive, less than caffeine, nicotine, opiates, amphetamines.  
  • CBD with THC is used by caregivers in Compassion Clubs as a way to wean patients off hard drugs. It works.  CBD use is associated with a reduction in cigarette, alcohol consumption and hard drug use.


High Blood Pressure can be treated.


Are there any instances of malpractice from recommending CBD?

  • No.  at the date of this report, according to a detailed literature search.


Can CBD get you high?

  • No.  In fact, CBD can stop THC induced psychosis.


What are the effects of CBD on the cardiovascular system?

  • CBD suppresses exercise induced and other types of cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) and reduces infarct size (heart damage) when given at reperfusion (restoration of blood flow).  
  • CBD attenuates (lowers) cardiac dysfunction, oxidative stress (increases blood flow), fibrosis (scar tissue), inflammation and balances cell death signaling pathways in diabetic cardiomyopathy (a blood sugar disorder affecting heart function).
  • Endocannabinoids (the body's own) acting at cannabinoid-1 receptors (found throughout the cells in the entire body) regulate cardiovascular function in hypertension.  CBD is useful to treat endocannabinoid deficiency.
  • CBD protects against Doxorubicin (drug)-Induced Cardiomyopathy (diseased heart muscle) by Modulating (assisting) Mitochondrial (energy) Function and Biogenesis (tissue repair and growth).


What forms do CBD come in?

  • Marijuana and hemp, oil, creams, capsules, patches, edibles, tinctures, infusions.


Where can I buy CBD Oil?


Does CBD harm the liver?

  • No.  Infact, CBD use is associated with a reduction of diseases of the liver, including bile flow.
  • CBD has shown to protect the liver from alcohol induced damage.  Liver disease contributes to cardiovascular disease.


CBD - The greatest single medical ingredient ever?


How much should I pay for CBD products?


What should I look for in a CBD product?

  • A certificate of analysis that shows the CBD content and the presence or absence of THC.


To learn more about Cannabis Based Medicines and Cardiovascular disease, click.....

420EVALUATIONSONLINE:  Though CBD from hemp is legal, If you want to buy CBD from licensed dispensaries, cannabis clubs, marijuana clinics,  and cooperatives, you're going to need a medical marijuana 420 recommendation.   Our Telehealth process takes less than 15 minutes, documents are approved same day.  Everything is done completed 100% online and is in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Medical Board of California.



Is the cardiovascular system a therapeutic target for cannabidiol?

"Preclinical data appear to support a positive role for CBD treatment in the heart, and in peripheral and cerebral vasculature.  Cannabidiol (CBD) has beneficial effects in disorders as wide ranging as diabetes, Huntington's disease, cancer and colitis. Accumulating evidence now also suggests that CBD is beneficial in the cardiovascular system. CBD has direct actions on isolated arteries, causing both acute and time-dependent vasorelaxation."




Accumulating evidence now also suggests that CBD is beneficial in the cardiovascular system. CBD has direct actions on isolated arteries

Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2013 Feb; 75(2): 313–322. - Published online 2012 Jun 1. doi:  10.1111/j.1365-2125.2012.04351.x



“A single ultra low dose of THC before ischemia [Insufficient Blood flow] is a safe and effective treatment that reduces myocardial ischemic [Heart Attack] damage.”  Felsenstein Medical Research Center, Israel

Hardening of the arteries or Arteriosclerosis occurs when vessels become rigid and thick. Arteries are damaged -  through the aging process.




"One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills."

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a common condition where blood flows through arteries at a higher than normal pressure.  Normal blood pressure is 120 +/- 20 (pulse) and 75  +/-  mmHg (no pulse).  People with blood pressure readings above 140/90 are in danger and should be evaluated by a health professional.


"Marijuana Cannabinoids has been found to reduce inflammation of blood vessel lining which widens the pipes and lowers pressure."  Dr. W. Rivers


CBD  - The Best Possible Technical Report - VID - RECOMMENDED !!!

Dr Chris Shade has done it again!!   Amazing information, which excites me no end.
I plan on starting a CBD protocol alongside the Quicksilver products that are mentioned to compliment the CBD healing.





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