Where can you smoke marijuana legally in California - and avoid being busted like the Champ?


Even a Champ can't get away with blazing in the wrong place at the wrong time.



If the Champ had a medical marijuana card, this farce of justice could have been avoided. If he was in California, this bust could have happened, even thought recreational marijuana is legal now.

World heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder was arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession this week.  Though he'll easily survive this little ordeal, it comes at the cost of a wasted day, lawyer's fees, a mark on his record - that in extreme circumstances, could affect his ability to travel to a big fight.


"Even with the legalization of recreational marijuana, you can't just drive around and smoke a joint."


The 32-year-old undefeated champ has 37 stoppages in 38 fights, was charged with possession of marijuana and was released on bond of $1000. Wilder was stopped in Tuscaloosa by police.   Officers smelt the drug from the car during a routine traffic stop and then searched his vehicle, finding a minimal amount of marijuana.  Wilder claimed the weed was not his.   

So there you have it, the following viciously stupid headline; 

"World heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder arrested on drug charges."  

All the things Yogi Berra never said about weed.



Isn't that great, having your momma open up the paper and read that kind of stander?  But to be fair, Wilder has been dealt some nice cards of late, he's cashing million dollar paychecks, so he can put his lawyer on it and probably nicely clean up the mess.  Still, having a medical marijuana card might have saved him, or given the officer an excuse to let him go.  

The police have to follow the laws (or should ) of the land, but a lot of police would love to let an "innocent" guy go if they can.  Most police are actually looking for bad guys and only use marijuana as an excuse to look under the hood, to legally investigate a suspect for something more sinister, like hard drugs, illegal guns and whatnot.

After the arrest, Wilder returned to Georgia driving a Rolls Royce then jumped into his Cadillac Escalade to run some errands, surviving the misdemeanour possession charges quite nicely.


This cop might not bust you for pot.




In California and Nevada, arrests have become rare for possession, though it still happens on federal lands.  The Feds don't have to recognize your Cannabis ID Card and can fine or arrest you, but legal ID might persuade some officers to look the other way.  

Now that recreational marijuana is legal, provided that you smoke your marijuana in the confines of your own home, or in a marijuana friendly space.  

Californians are not allowed to smoke marijuana in public unless it's specifically permitted by a local ordinance. You can't pull out a joint in a restaurant, bar or movie theater without getting in shit.  Blazing in the street can fetch you a $100 fine.  Designated places will allow people to smoke on their premises. The travel industry is talking about offering things like buds and breakfasts, catering to the marijuana tourism industry.



Dorian Yates - DMT - Cannabis - London Real

Dorian Yates on DMT and Cannabis 


You need a medical marijuana card  with a medical doctor's recommendation to purchase any kind of product that contains cannabis - until 2018.  The process of getting a legal Cannabis ID Card is easy, and is done cheaply online.  The process takes a few minutes to punch your medical conditions, stress, anxiety, pain, headaches, PMS, etc.  Then a doctor reviews the file online from his tablet.  Once you're approved, then you're asked for payment (don't ever pay in advance).  


How to buy legally - and avoid this guy.




A doctor's recommendation allows you to purchase cannabis based medicines and products (weed) from dispensaries, delivery services, cooperatives, and other points of access.  Come 2018, medical marijuana card holders are tax exempt, and will save $15 per $100 cannabis purchase, so the price of a medical marijuana card is paid for after buying only one ounce.  




World heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder arrested on drug charges

 A lesson from the champ, don't toke and drive.  In any case, you want to have a medical marijuana card handy...


Alabama legalizes CBD oil for treatment of epilepsy, effective June 1

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed legislation into law to allow medical cannabis oil in the state. The law, which will decriminalize possession of cannabidiol produced in other states, will go into effect June 1. The legislation, nicknamed Leni’s Law, follows a similar bill in 2014 that established a CBD oil medical study at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


“As a physician, I believe it is extremely important to give patients with a chronic or debilitating disease the option to consider every possible option for treatment, with Leni’s Law, citizens in Alabama will have access to cannabidiol that may help with treatment. Through a study at UAB, we have seen the benefit of cannabidiol to help with chronic seizures. I hope we will be able to collect information that will determine the efficacy of this substance in other chronic debilitating diseases." - Gov Bentley


Leaders off the field: Former QBs push medical research funding on CBD

Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer and former Chicago Bears QB Jim McMahon talk loudly about the benefits of cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) for those suffering from brain trauma.   

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, in contrast to THC, it does not get you high.  In combination with THC, CBD moderates and balances the effects, making it a very potent medicine, and some recreational users prefer the more functional cerebral effects that the combination produces.

McMahon’s stab at self-medicating could be ahead of its time. Researchers at Johns Hopkins plan to test whether a compound found in hemp - and its notorious cousin, marijuana - proves as effective in treating brain injuries as testimonials claim. Some former players believe cannabidiol, or CBD, could help millions who suffer brain injuries each year, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative disease caused by repeated concussions and found in many former NFL players whose brains have been autopsied.


“I don’t think any of us regret what we did, but there’s no question it comes at a real cost.” - Jake Plummer, retired Denver Bronco

Under the new Cali weed laws, if you don't know what you're doing, you could still be in a heap of trouble





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