A Trip to the Dark Side of the Moon



“What kind of fuckery is this?” - Amy Winehouse


Moon Rocks - A Trip to the Moon, Venus, Mars, and out of the solar system.   You have the old weed, the new weaponized strains, shatter, oil, and then you have... moon rocks.

Get your medical marijuana card son.  Now that the California cannabis rules have changed, recreational users won't be able to buy moon rocks, because the THC levels are over the maximum allowed to ordinary folk.  While MoonRocks are "traditionally" a recreational item, they can be used medically, in conditions calling for massive quantities of THC. The basic requirements are that the product be tested for cannabinoids, THC, CBD and others, plus pesticides, mold, bacteria.  


"I'm space walking  I just smoked these Moon Rocks for 420....." - Urban Dictionary

Moon Rocks are called cannabis caviar and are among the very strongest forms of cannabis. To manufacture a moonrock, you dip a potent whole bud - with 15 to 30% THC in hash oil which runs 60 to 90% THC and then coated it with kief which itself has about 50% cannabinoids and is super terpene rich.   


The final product is a 50% plus THC bomb, with exotic terpene and cannabinoid values.  While the buzz will be unmistakably be that of strong weed, but more anabolic, more nuclear.   At the end of the day, depending on your makeup, it's going to be the best or worst high on earth.

For People that Love Gourmet Edibles



"Moon rocks make you feel extraordinarily empathetic and ecstatic.  Basically, if you ever get offered a moon rock, absolutely take it, no questions asked."  - Happy Camper


But beware that buying moon rocks on the street, a host of drugs may be added, really anything, but most commonly MDMA or ecstasy  is added for extra effect. Ecstasy, interestingly is ranked even lower in overall harm as THC, which in turn is massively more safe than alcohol, crack, heroin, tobacco, etc.  


An aside is that while alcohol is very medicinal when used in moderation, it's widespread abuse makes it the most harmful drug of all, ahead of heroin and crack.  Of course synthetic opiates, fentanyls, are easily the most harmful drug that's ever been created and by a wide margin.


At the end of the day, you don't want to be playing around with unknown on the street, best you know or trust the manufacturer.  Don't be playing with opiates, it's real russian roulette. Hit a hotspot (with concentrated fentanyl) and you are dead. This is where the massive overdose statistics comes from.


A final note on drug abuse, doesn't everyone know the truth.  Don't we know the stories about drug abuse and death revolve around crack, opiates, booze, crystal meth?  And while we know a few pot heads and ecstacy flakes, those people are not the ones in the psych clinic, theyr'e not the ones in the morg, and not the ones destined for sure destruction.  


Take care my friend, it's your life, you're the judge and jury on what you do, and you're the one to suffer or enjoy the consequences.



Food for Space Cadettes



In a nutshell: Take a large marijuana bud and soak  it in hash oil. Roll oily bud in Kief which are crystals of cannabinoids and essential oils.  Dust coat with Ecstasy (powder) - optional and not recommended to "non-professionals.


Ingredients: Big nugs (buds) Kief Hash Oil
Apparatus: Tweezers, pastry brush
Instructions: Hold bud with tweezers, Brush hash oil on bud gently until it is thickly layered, Let oil soak in 5 minutes and brush on a little more, Wait 2 minutes for oil to sink in, Roll or dip oil-bud in kief until it won't stick. Let the Moon Rocks dry a bit and you're ready to rock and roll.


Note: Cannabis only Moonrocks are legal in California, and for use by medical patients only.  Other forms and use is illegal, so proceed at your own risk. We suggest you follow the law, though morally, taking substances that are not self harming nor are harmful to others should not be a crime in any moral country, which, of course is not the case in the good old USA.


"The difference between the old weed and Moon Rocks is the difference between a bell pepper and a red hot chile pepper."



If you are asked at a party and are offered Moon Rocks, you want to make sure it's an all marijuana product, a little ecstasy won't cause you to become a statistic but an asshole cutting it with an unknown white powder could ruin your evening  or even end your life. Until fentanyl goes away, the wisdom here is to stay away from anything with white powder in it.




You are a religious and a scholar; what the fuck?” -  M.F. Moonzajer

Girl Scout Cookies are pretty much the go to strain used to make Moon Rocks.  The Girl Scout Cookies strain originates in California with genetics from OG Kush and Durban Poison. This famous strain has a fruity and musky aroma, and effects are often top shelf euphoric and mind bending.  Medicinally GSC is popular for its pain killing properties, the ability to lift nausea, and cure a poor appetite.


"The difference between weed and Moon Rocks, is the difference between Grace Jones and the girl next door.  Google it."



The outer layer of kief on Moon Rocks is exactly the same as alien body armor. Cut a rock and you can see the goods, the beautiful oil THC bud gem in all its glory.


Kief is the fine powder that falls off dried resin glands (trichomes) which make up a large part of the cannabis flower (bud).  Kief is high in THC and the high quantity of terpenes deliver a similar but different effect compared to whole bud, and is described as opium like. Kief from a strain balanced in cannabinoids, with CBD values of a couple of percent (at least) or more.  Kief's terpenes are the thing that makes it elite, the difference between a good wine, full of all kinds of medicinal substances, versus, a cheap bottle of purple hangover juice.


Hash oil is the oil extracted from a marijuana plant.  You can extract the oil in a number of ways, press the flowers under pressure, use a solvent like butane or alcohol or even use a complicated technique using carbon dioxide. You can get hash oil out of the foliage as well but the amounts are about 10% of the bud.  


Since Moon rocks are triple or more in THC content than bud, it follows that the price is much higher too.  Since you need to prepare moon rocks and there can be pricey additives, the price of moon rocks can be $1000 per ounce, though it is feasible to produce a decent product around $650 per ounce.  


"Haha I remember the first time me and my buddy candy flipped and redosed too much MDMA-weed mixture, to calm down and we were just up in my kitchen talking shit not being able to complete a sentence. I'd say half a sentence, forget what I was saying and just wing it with some random other half of a sentence. My buddy didn't even notice and I'm pretty sure he was doing the same thing, it was madness. At one  his head turned in to a Jack playing card and I'm pretty sure I started speaking spanish at one . I don't speak spanish."


"Moon Rocks or Cannabis Caviar is actually about 5x more expensive by weight than choice Black Sea caviar, and is about the same price as gold, which runs about $1200 per oz (2017)."

"What? Um, I'm just kind if kidding about this whole thing. Cannàbis is absolutely neuroprotective, and if You abuse MDMA and are having negative symptoms, I think high-CBD Cannàbis could help with healing. But if you use MDMA respectfully you don't run into those problems. Just don't abuse it. Whether you smoke weed while on it is up to you." - Reddit




A final word on MDMA, since this is lower harm drug, lower than almost any pharmaceutical you can name, is this not a candidate for the elderly who are chronically depressed?  Is there potential in using microdoses? Just a though for you up and coming Einsteins to work out.


You consume Moon Rocks the same way as regular marijuana; a joint, a water pipe, pack a bowl or vape.  Since it's very potent, you can break a rock up with a knife and consume a smaller portion. Since this form of medicine is very expensive, you'll want figure out ways to save every little bit.  Moon Rocks can also be used in edibles, thought if you make your own, it is better just to add the kief, oil and bud to the edible directly.


420Evaluationsonline - Joe Rogan said in a July 2018 podcast, you want to get your medical marijuana card son.  Joe has a private jet, but without a medical recommendation, he can't buy concentrates, nor exotic forms of cannabis at his local dispensary.   While Joe is an experimentalist, he won't be changing street sources for things like moon rocks, and neither should you.

The process of getting a medical marijuana card is cheap, you can do it online in minutes and your recommendation will be emailed, probably within the hour for immediate use.  You can access all the strains over 18%, and save $20 to $40 per ounce in tax. Also, students with a medical card can become legal to buy at the local cannabis club, dispensary or on line delivery service.  

If you grow marijuana at home, your recommendation also allows for the cultivation of more plants, up to four times more in practice, provided your recommendation and condition requires that amount of weed to be grown.  Also it you review your cultivation articles, you can optimize your home grow, so that the plants deliver not only the most THC, but also CBD.

Now that CBD from hemp sources is illegal (so much for reasonable laws), you may grow high CBD strains at home under the new laws.   

At the end of the day, if are a weed consumer and you have pain, inflammation, nervous conditions mental or physical, crohn's, epilepsy, stress, cramps, headache, appetite issues and other conditions and symptoms, a medical marijuana card is a no brainer.




Smoking weed before/while taking Ecstacy could protect your brain against MDMA Neurotoxicity!


Anybody ever mix MDMA and a weed edible?


*** Sounds like a win-win situation

*** Stoners all know this, they just keep forgetting to tell everyone.

*** Dude it isn't our job to guide you in all things... and people call stoners lazy. Sheesh.

*** Interesting. It once took me a good half hour to roll a joint while on Ecstacy. But at least I now know it was worth it!

*** Use the come up for prepping jays and your station

*** I rolled the best blunt of my life last saturday while rolling.

*** I'm thinking of rolling the day after New Years with my closest friends, and I'm also picking up some edibles soon. We're just planning on staying in my apartment and just hanging out, so I was thinking the edible would bring out the more chill side of MDMA. Does anybody have experience with this?

*** Another (maybe better) option would be to roll just like normal, then eat the edible like 3 hours after dropping the rolls, so that the weed can chill out the comedown.

*** Any other suggestions are welcome

*** I ate the edible with dinner, two s of molly about an hour later. both peaked at the same time, it was AMAZING. Bassnectar came on stage and I lost myself for like 2 hours just blissing out. good times

*** Eating them on the comedown would be a great way to chill out. Happy rolling!

*** I've only ever eaten them at the tail end of a molly night, and find them to be the world's greatest sleeping pill. There is a definite tripped out edge added to the molly, though. I would imagine if you kept the dosage relatively low they would go nicely together.

*** I've mixed MDMA and Reclaim Caps(BHO Reclaim, pretty much the same thing as an edible). Its okay, I find that the weed makes me tired and chills me out too much for what I want to be doing(raving).

*** But with what you are doing, it would be great.

*** I would personally avoid it. Weed makes me a bit antisocial and I wouldn't like that and the double memory loss from the two. To unlock the chill side of MDMA all you need to do is take a bit less than normal. 100mg will not make you too energetic and lends itself well to chilling with friends.

*** Sounds like a dope ass plan, have fun .. I'd eat em at the same time to see how they synergize. also the edible may have a longer duration based on my experience so I wouldn't take them so late

*** Definitely eat them at the tail end of the roll, will be awesome. Smoke a bit on the peak though.

*** I have always wanted to do this but never got around to it, i would definitely take them at the same time cause I love smoking weed throughout my rolls cause I can never get too high, but I feel like an edible might achieve that in an awesome way. Go for it dude


*** I ate a brownie one time then went to Loaded festival (dubstep), Which had a stacked lineup and then took .2 probably an hour after the brownie kicked in, and another .2 about 3 hours later. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! that was also the first time I ever took molly too.



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